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Mr. STEED. When the extra units for the telephone and telegraph were granted the first time, that was paid out of this item, was it not?


Mr. STEED. Has that been shifted over to the regular telephone and telegraph item under this bill?

Mr. ROBERTS. We are asking you to do that.

Mr. STEED. How much extra charge was made on this fund this year for this item?

Mr. MEGILL. Under this resolution?
Mr. STEED. Yes; for 10,000 extra units.
Mr. Gibson. It will run approximately $170,000.
Mr. MEGILL. That is our estimate.

Mr. GIBSON. I figured it by taking last year's appropriation and adding one-eighth.

Mr. STEED. Where does that show on this tabulation on page 17 of your statement ?

Mr. MEGILL. That is under another item, "Telephone and telegraph," that we are coming to.

Mr. STEED. When did this become effective?

Mr. MEGILL. The additional 10,000 units became effective in the last Congress and it was indicated in the resolution that it should be made permanent law. For that reason this committee is being requested by the clerk to include it in the list of resolutions to be made permanent law, and if that is done we will credit the Members with the other 10,000 units. Otherwise we cannot, as the resolution of one Congress is not binding on the next Congress.

Mr. ROBERTS. The resolution was approved July 25, 1962.

EXPENSES UNDER HOUSE RESOLUTION 348 Mr. STEED. What has been used out of the $5,000 under House Resolution 348 on page 34 of the bill? Has any money been used under that item?

Mr. GIBSON. In the 87th Congress, Mr. Chairman, out of the $5,000 appropriated they had a balance of $4,273.97, so very little was expended.

Mr. STEED. Has any been expended since?
Mr. GIBSON. In the 88th Congress?
Mr. STEED. Yes.

Mr. GIBSON. I do not believe so; no, sir. None has been expended in the 88th Congress.


Mr. STEED. Could you summarize the major reasons why you are asking for this increase of $225,000 this year over last year for this appropriation ?

Mr. Gibson. Under “Miscellaneous items” we ask the increase for the following reasons:

We ask for $125,000 to cover retirement and insurance items.

We ask for $100,000 for the debts we experienced in the prior years which we have to make up.

The retirement ran $1.3 million-plus. We had to take 7 percent, which is roughly $95,000. And the insurance expense for 1962 was $86,000, and we figured there were 3,900 employees at an average of $6.50 each it would come to about $25,000. That is how we arrived at this figure.


Mr. MEGILL. Mr. Chairman, returning to item (18), I have an interesting figure here of the number of Members who are actually expending money under a contract. There are only 224 Members utilizing that. There is a potential of 436 Members, of course. So if you take the difference between the potential expenditure and the actual expenditure you have a saving of $282,128.84. There is a similar saving in the office expense, but not as much.

Mr. STEED. It is true, though, that some Members have the equivalent space provided in existing Federal buildings?

Mr. MEGILL. That is true. We do not have that figure but we could get that and supply it.

Mr. ROBERTS. They could still spend the $1,200. They could have another office.

Mr. MEGILL. The law provides they may have space in only two Federal buildings. They can spend the $1,200 under one contract and then they can have an office in the Federal building without an expenditure from these funds in another place, but they cannot have more than two offices under the law.

Many Members wonder just what type of equipment should be put in these offices. The policy of the Post Office Department which has been enunciated sets forth the categories that the Postmaster espects to be supplied. He names the items and states they should not be inferior to any other office in the building. I could supply you the items if you want them.

Mr. STEED. You might do that for the committee. I do not think we need put them in the record. Mr. Horan, do you have any questions?

Mr. HORAN. Mr. Chairman, I think we should have a memorandum on these automobiles for the information of the committee.

(Discussion off the record.) Mr. Horan. I think that is all I have. Of course you have revised these figures so much I hope we have them straight now,

Mr. MEGILL. On the miscellaneous items? The new revised statement we submitted was to give you the latest information.

Mr. STEED. Mr. Langen.


Mr. LANGEN. How many cars do we rent in all these categories?

Mr. ROBERTS. We rent three cars, one for the Speaker, one for the majority leader, and one for the minority leader; and one for the Sergeant at Arms. There are cars owned by the House of Representatives, the Clerk's car, the Stationery truck, the Folding Room truck, the Postmaster's car, and the postal truck.

Mr. MEGILL. And the former Speaker's car.

Mr. LANGEN. Why do they appear in the miscellaneous items rather than in the regular expenses of the Clerk's Office, for example, in the category they would seem to belong?

Mr. MEGILL. Miscellaneous items is the heartbeat of the contingent fund of the House of Representatives. It is your business fund for operating the whole House.


Mr. LANGEN. Is the item for the House restaurant for the repairs ? Mr. ROBERTS. No. That is a lump-sum appropriation. Mr. STEED. Off the record. (Discussion off the record.) Mr. MEGILL. Mr. Chairman, before you leave this item I think it should be mentioned that language should be included to permit us to transfer from 1964 appropriations to 1963, because we are still running short. We are budgeting very, very closely in this item. When we come to the 1965 budget we will have to step it up quite a bit to meet these obligations.

(Discussion off the record.)
Mr. STEED. Any further questions on this item?

If not, we will go to reporting hearings, on page 35 of the bill and page 19 of your statement.


Mr. ROBERTS. For stenographic reports of committee hearings, other than special and select committees, $175,000, the same as that appropriated for 1963.

Mr. STEED. The committee last year cut this item and I believe you had to make a request through the supplemental for $25,000?

Mr. MEGILL. That is right.

Mr. STEED. How much was actually used in 1962? Can you give us that figure?

Mr. Gibson. We expended $174,102.38 as of April 30.

Mr. STEED. Was any of that transferred from the 1963 appropriation?

Mr. GIBSON. Yes.
Mr. STEED. How much?

Mr. Gibson. $25,000. We only got $150,000 and expended $174,00) so we had to transfer to meet the expense.

Mr. STEED. You are dropping the transfer language this year!

Mr. MEGILL. No. I made the statement earlier that the language in the same four items in the bill last year permitting transfer should be in the bill this year.

Mr. STEED. What have you spent this year?

Mr. GIBSON. Very little. This is another thing we have a problem on bills. This year they had to get the committees set up and there was some delay. We have spent roughly $100,000 so far this year. We have a $50,000 balance so far out of the original $150,000.

Mr. STEED. Mr. Horan, do you have any questions?
Mr. HORAN. No.
Mr. STEED. Mr. Langen?
Mr. LANGEN. No questions.

SPECIAL AND SELECT COMMITTEES Mr. ROBERTS. For the information of the committee, we submit for the record a tabulated statement showing the various committee investigations authorized during the 87th and 88th Congresses, as of February 28, 1963. This statement shows the total amounts authorized; the amounts expended, and the unexpended balances. The conmittee should take into consideration that the authorizations are on a session or term basis, whereas the appropriations are on a fiscal year basis.

The total authorized for the 87th Congress as of February 28, 1963, totals $6,724,388.

The total authorized for the 88th Congress as of February 28, 1963, totals $3,443,950.

Investigating and select committees, 87th Cong., Jan. 3, 1961, to Feb. 28, 1963


Amount authorized

Amount expended Jan. 3, 1961, to Feb, 28,


Balance available Mar. 1, 1963

$20, 130. 13 41. 948. 41

28, 573. 31

4, 309.74 6, 438.85 9,408.65 1,047. 28

2, 394.64 19, 224.61 4, 273.97


12, 324. 12

18, 852.28

117, 459. 49

Agriculture (Congressman Cooley, North Carolina, chairman): H. Res. 86, Feb. 9, 1961; H. Res. 94, Feb. 28, 1961; H, Res. 728, July 25, 1962...

$75,000.00 $54, 869.87 Armed Services (Congressman Vinson, Georgia, chairman): H. Res. 78, Feb. 9, 1961; H. Res. 79, Feb. 28, 1961..

150,000.00 108,051.59 Banking and Currency (housing) (Congressman Rains,

Alabama, acting chairman): H. Res. 143. Feb. 9. 1961: H.
Res. 144, Feb. 28, 1961; H. Res. 504, Jan, 24, 1962....

200,000.00 171, 426.69
Banking and Currency (general) (Congressman Spence,
Kentucky, chairman): H. Res. 200, Feb. 15, 1961...

5,000.00 690.26 Campaign Expenditures (Congressman Davis, Georgia, chair. main): H. Res. 756, Aug. 30, 1962....

35,000.00 28, 561. 15 District of Columbia (Congressman McMillan, South Carolina, chairman): H. Res. 189, Mar. 15, 1961...

10,000.00 591. 15 Education and Labor (Congressman Powell, New York, chair

main): H. Res. 41, Feb. 23, 1961; H. Res. 149, Feb. 28, 1961.. 633, 000.00 631, 942.72 Export Control (Congressman A. Paul Kitchin, North Caro

lina, chairman): H. Res. 403, Sept. 7, 1961; H. Res. 453, Sept. 19, 1961; H. Res. 704, July 25, 1962..-

50,000.00 47, 605.36 Foreign Affairs (Congressman Morgan, Pennsylvania, chair

man): H. Pes. 60, Feb. 9, 1961; H. Res. 61, Feb. 28, 1961.... 150,000.00 130, 775.39 Foreign Affairs (Congressman Morgan, Pennsylvania, chair

main (interparliamentary): H. Res. 348, June 29, 1961.... 5,000.00 726.03 Government Operations (Congressman Dawson, Illinois,

chairman): H. Res. 70, Mar. 1, 1961; H. Res. 61, Feb. 28, 1961: H. Pes, 592, May 17, 1962.....

1,040,000.00 970, 306. 96 House Administration (Congressman Burleson, Texas, chair

main): H. Res. 158, Feb. 28, 1961; H. Res. 357, June 29, 1961. 30,000.00 17, 675. 88 Interior and Insular Affairs (Congressman Aspinall, Colorado,

chairman): H. Res. 92, Feb. 23, 1961; H. Res. 128, Feb. 28,

60,000.00 41, 147.72
Interstate and Foreign Commerce (Congressman Harris,
Arkansas, chairman): H. Res. 108, Feb. 9, 1961; H. Res. 128,
Feb. 28, 1961.---

435,000.00 317, 540. 51 Interstate and Foreign Commerce (Congressman Harris,

Arkansas, chairman) (aircraft noise): H. Res. 420, Aug. 23, 1961; H. Res. 439, Sept. 7, 1961..

150,000.00 20, 530.95 Judiciary (Congressman Celler, New York, chairman): II.

Res. 56, Feb. 9, 1961; H. Res. 68, Feb. 28, 1961; H. Res. 500,
Jan. 24, 1962......

400,000.00 356, 969. 34 Judiciary (Congressman Celler, New York, chairman) (State

taxation of interstate commerce): H. Res. 204, Feb. 15, 1961; H. Pes. 633, June 21, 1962.....

250,000.00 200, 684. 84 Lost Colony Joint Committee (Congressman Bonner. North

Carolina, chairman): H. Con. Res. 438, May 17, 1962...... 10,000.00 2, 316. 48
Merchant Marine and Fisheries (Congressman Bonner, North

Carolina, chairman): H. Res. 98, Feb. 23, 1961; H. Res. 99,
Feb. 28, 1961..-..

75,000.00 39, 929.79
Post Office and Civil Service (Congressman Murray, Ten-
nessee, chairman): H. Res. 75, Feb. 6, 1961; H. Res. 76, Feb.
28, 1961; H. Res. 705, July 25, 1962.-.-.

125,000.00 105, 506.33 Public Works (Congressman Buckley, New York, chairman): H. Res. 23. Feb. 6, 1961; H. Res. 136, Feb. 28, 1961...

950,000.00 775, 999.74 Public Works (Congressman Buckley, New York, chairman H. Res. 23 and H. Res. 433, Sept. 7, 1961....

150,000.00 111, 507.73 Science and Astronautics (Congressman Miller, California,

chairman): H. Res. 55, Feb. 23, 1961; H. Res. 85, Feb. 28, 1961. 300,000.00 213, 962.32 Small Business (Congressman Patman, Texas, chairman):

H. Res. 46, Feb. 6, 1961; H. Res. 148, Feb, 28, 1961..... 580,000.00 544, 755.97 Un-American Activities (Congressman Walter, Pennsylvania,

chairman): H. Res. 167, Feb. 1, 1961; H. Res. 148, Feb. 28, 1961; H. Res. 513, Jan, 24, 1961...

681,000.00 671, 518.95 Veterans Affairs (Congressman Teague, Texas, chairman):

H. Res. 49, Feb. 9, 1961; H. Res. 50, Feb. 28, 1961; H. Res. 392, Aug. 10, 1961...---------

150,000.00 109,750.73 Ways and Means (Congressman Mills, Arkansas, chairman): H. Res. 291, June 13, 1961....

25,000.00 6,781.25 U.S. Constitution, 175th anniversary (James A, Byrne, Pennsylvania, chairman): H. Res. 517, Jan. 24, 1962, Public Law 86-650...-..

387.73 336.73 Total..

--------------- 6,724, 387. 73 5,682, 462. 43

129, 469.05


49, 315. 16 7,683.52

35,070. 21

19, 493. 67 174,000.26 38, 492.27 86,037.68 35, 244.03

9, 481.05

40, 249.27 18, 218.75

51.00 1,041, 925.30


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