Experiment Station Record, Volume 7

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Page 441 - That for the purpose of paying the necessary expenses of conducting investigations and experiments and printing and distributing the results as hereinbefore prescribed, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars per annum is hereby appropriated to each State, to be specially provided for by Congress in the appropriations from year to year, and to each Territory entitled under the provisions of section...
Page 441 - That in order to aid in acquiring and diffusing among the people of the United States useful and practical information on subjects connected with agriculture, and to promote scientific investigation and experiment respecting the principles and applications of agricultural science...
Page 424 - ... than with silage as the succulent food. The yield of milk was, however, in a much greater degree increased by grazing than by any other change in the food ; and with us, at any rate, the influence of roots comes next in order to that of grass, though far behind it, in this respect. But with grazing, as has been shown, the percentage composition of the milk is considerably reduced ; though, owing to the greatly increased quantity yielded, the amount of constituents removed in the milk whilst grazing...
Page 396 - It is evident that the chlorophyll formation has a close connection with the amount of nitrogen assimilated, but that the carbon assimilation is not in proportion to the chlorophyll formed, if there be not a sufficiency of the necessary mineral constituents available.
Page 779 - Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin.
Page 724 - ... distribution of such valuable seeds, bulbs, shrubs, vines, cuttings, and plants, the best he can obtain at public or private sale, and such as shall be suitable for the respective localities to which the same are to be apportioned, and in which same are to be distributed as hereinafter stated, and such seeds so purchased shall include a variety of vegetable and flower seeds suitable for planting and culture in the various sections of the United States...
Page 420 - Thus, the entire bodies, even of store or lean animals, may contain more fat than nitrogenous compounds, while those of fattened animals may contain several times as much. That of the fat ox contained more than twice as much, that of the moderately fat sheep nearly three times, of the very fat sheep more than four times, and of the moderately fattened pig about four times as much fat as nitrogenous substance.
Page 425 - ... per cent. of nitrogen in the increase. According to the calculations it results that, of the total nitrogen consumed in foods rich in that substance, such as oilcakes and leguminous seeds, there will generally be less than 5 per cent. retained in the fattening increase in live-weight. In the case of the cereal grains, on the other hand, which are much less rich in nitrogen, a much larger proportion of the total amount consumed will be retained in the increase—generally perhaps about 10 per...
Page 424 - ... of corn per day. It seems safe to conclude, that the loss of combined nitrogen by gaseous emanations from the lungs and skin is, for all practical purposes, quantitatively immaterial. The sweat would seem to be a more important source of loss in animals submitted to much muscular exercise. But, even in their case, it does not seem to be large; whilst in that of the animals of the farm fed for the production of meat or milk it would presumably be much less material. We now come to the consideration...
Page 723 - Agriculture setting aside $10,000 for the purpose of making "investigations concerning the feasibility of extending the demands of foreign markets for the agricultural products of the United States.

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