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Gynecologist to St. Joseph's Hospital and the

Memphis City Hospital.

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Every Physician Knows.

In the North American Practitioner, under the head of "Intestinal Antisepsis," reported by Dr. Pettingill, of New York City, we find some excellent experiences and from which the following is selected:


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Every physician knows full well the advantages to be derived from the use of antikamnia in very many diseases, but a number of them are still lacking a knowledge of the fact that antikamnia in combination with various remedies, has a peculiarly happy effect; particularly is this the case when combined with salol. Salol is a most valuable remedy in many affections, and its usefulness seems to be enhanced by combining it with antikamnia. The rheumatoid conditions so often seen in various manifestations are wonderfully relieved by the use of this combination. After fevers, inflammations, etc., there frequently remain various painful and annoying conditions which may contiuue, viz.: the severe headaches which occur after meningitis, a stitch in the side following pleurisy, the precordial pain of pericarditis and the painful stiffness of the joints which remains after a rheumatic attack-all these conditions are relieved by this combination called Antikamnia & Salol Tablets' containing 2 grs. each of antikamnia and of salol and the dose of which is one or two every two or three hours. They are also recommended highly in the treatment of cases of both acute and chronic cystitis. The pain and burning is relieved to a marked degree. Salol makes the uric acid and clears it up. This remedy is a reliable one in the treatment of diarrhea, entero-colitis, dysentery, etc. In dysentery, where there are bloody, slimy discharges, with tormina and tenesmus, a good dose of sulphate of magnesia, followed by two antikamnia and salol tablets every three hours, will give results that are gratifying."



Colchicin, 1-50 grain. A powerful alterative and resolvent, glandular and hepatic stimulant, and Phytolaccin, 1-10 grain. succedaneum to the iodides. Indicated in all conditions dependent upon perSolanin, 1-3 grain. Soda verted tissue metabolism; in lymphatic engorgements and functional visceral Salicylate, 10 grains. Io- disturbances; in lingering rheumatic pains which are "worse at night." Bone, dic Acid, equal to 7-32 periosteal and visceral symptoms of late syphilis; for the removal of all inflamgrains Iodine. Aromatic matory, plastic and gouty deposits. Cordial. Dose, 1 to 2 drams in water. 8-oz. bottle, $1.00.

A remedy in sciatica, megrim, neuralgias, lumbago and muscular pains; the gouty and rheumatic diathesis; acute and chronic rheumatism and gout; chronic eczema and psoriasis, and all dermic disorders in which there is underlying blood taint. An hepatic stimulant increasing the quantity and fluidity of the bile. Relieves hepatic and intertinal torpor; does not cause the unpleasant gastric symptoms of potassium iodide.


Each drachm contains

Proto-Chlor. Iron 1-8 gr.; Bi-Chlor. Mercury, 1-128 gr.; Chloride Arsenic, 1280 gr.; Calisaya Cordial. Dose, 1 to 2 drachms. 12-oz. bottle, $1.00.

An oxygen-carrying ferruginous preparation, suitable for prolonged treatment of children, adults and the aged. Indicated in anemia and bodily weak ness, convalescence from acute diseases and surgical operations; boys and girls at the age of puberty, and the climacteric period in women. In children with chorea, rickets, or who are backward in development, or in whom there exists an aversion to meats and fats. Prolonged administration never causes “iron headache." As an adjuvant for potassium iodide the undesirable manifestations known as iodism can be removed.

Stimulant to the peptic and hydrochloric glandular system of the stomach, especially serviceabl in the impaired appetite, nausea, vomiting and other gastric symptoms of alcoholic subjects. I


Nascent Chemic Union A genito-urinary sedative, an active diuretic; solvent and flush indicated of Maizenic Acid-from for the relief and prevention of renal colic; a sedative in the acute stages of Green Corn silk with gonorrhea, cystitis and epididymitis; in dropsical effusions due to enfeebled Lithium, forming Maiz- heart or renal diseases. As a solvent in the varied manifestations of gout, enate - Lithium. Two goutiness and neurotic lithemia, periodical migrainous headache, epigastric grains to drachm. Dose, oppression, cardiac palpitation, irregular, weak or intermittent pulse; irrita1 to 2 drachms. 8 oz. bot- bility, moodiness, insomnia and other nervous symptoms of uric-acidemia. tle, $1.00. Decidedly better, more economical, extensive in action and definite in results. than mineral waters. Those cases of irritable heart, irregular or intermittent pulse so frequently met with by insurance examiners and found to be due to excess of uric acid, are special indications for Maizo-Lithium. HENRY PHARMACAL CO., LOUISVILLE, KY.

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A Complete Stock of Wood and Metal Cases and Caskets, Cloth Covered Caskets and Burial Robes.




There are several good Aperient Waters; some are better than others;
but the best is acknowledged to be


At least the Paris and Madrid Academies of Medicine and the leading
American Mineral Water Authorities so declare.

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CARABANA is the only natural Antiseptic Aperient Water
Write for analysis, etc., GEO. J. WALLAU, 2 and 4 Stone St., NEW YORK.

to the Sole Importer

Tyree's Antiseptic Powder

Contains sod. bor., alumen, ac. carbol., glycerin, the cryst. principles of thyme, eucalyptus, gaultheria and mentha.

For leucorrhea, gonorrhea, vaginitis, pruritus and ulcerated conditions of the mucous membrane, one to two teaspoonfuls to a pint of water three or four times a day. For scrofulous, syphilitic and varicose ulcers, apply the powder full strength or dilute with boracic acid. As an ointment, use from one to three drachms to one ounce of petroleum. For spraying the nose and throat, from twenty-five to one hundred grains to one pint of water (dissolves immediately). For immediate deodorizing and disinfecting, sprinkle the powder direct upon the object affected; the results will be instantaneous. For prickly heat, poison oak, squamous eczema and other conditions of a similar nature, use from one to eight teaspoonfuls to a pint of water (has proven very serviceable for these conditions). As a deodorant and prophylactic in dental work, use one or two teaspoonfuls to a pint of water. For disinfecting offensive cavities, fill them with the powder. For profuse and offensive perspiration, swelling, soreness and burning of the body and feet, use full strength or dilute with water. As a delightful toilet preparation after the bath and shaving, from one to two teaspoonfuls to a pint of water. The price is practically nothing. Ten cents worth will make one gallon of standard solution.

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The Local Treatment of
Erysipelas with Acetozone.

Dear Sir-I had an ugly case of
facial erysipelas in a woman of about
thirty-eight years. I used as a local
application, to begin with, a satu-
rated solution of boric acid, and de-
pended largely upon tincture ferric
chloride as an internal remedy. I
got the attack under control, and
supposed I would have no further
trouble, but all at once the disease
began to spread over the scalp. The
usual remedies did no good, and I
thought that if Acetozone was the
germ destroyer it was represented
to be, it should be of use to me; so
I made a solution of fifteen grains
to two pints of water, and used it
freely on the scalp. I obtained re-
sults at once, and in twenty-four
hours the disease had abated. J.
Knowles, M.D., Logan, Iowa.

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Three Chlorides (liq. ferrisenic, Henry) is suitable for the prolonged treatment of children, adults and the aged; for the cure of anemia and bodily weakness; in convalescence from acute diseases and after surgical operations; for the paleness and impaired appetite of children; boys and girls at the age of puberty and women at the menopause; in children with chorea or rickets, or who are backward in development, in whom exists an aversion to meats and fats. This combination of iron and its corrigents, arsenic and mercury-a ferruginous laxative tonic-is pleasant and assimilable and of non-astringent taste; highly suitable for prolonged administration without its becoming a

G. W. FLAVELL & BRO. disturbing element in the stomach or injuring the teeth.- Medical Essays, Henry.

1005 Spring Garden St. PHILADELPHIA, PA.

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