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REGULATION (Continued)



Solicitation provisions and contract clauses


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Sec. 52.000 Scope of part.

Subpart 52.1-Instructions for Using

Provisions and Clauses

52.100 Scope of subpart. 52.101 Using part 52. 52.102 Incorporating provisions and clauses. 52.103 Identification of provisions and

clauses. 52.104 Procedures for modifying and com

pleting provisions and clauses. 52.105 Procedures for using alternates. 52.106 [Reserved] 52.107 Provisions and clauses prescribed in

subpart 52.1.

Subpart 52.2-Text of Provisions and


52.200 Scope of subpart. 52.201 (Reserved] 52.202–1 Definitions. 52.203–1 (Reserved] 52.203–2 Certificate of Independent Price De

termination. 52.203–3 Gratuities. 52.203–4 [Reserved] 52.203–5 Covenant Against Contingent Fees. 52.203–6 Restrictions on Subcontractor

Sales to the Government. 52.203–7 Anti-Kickback Procedures. 52.203–8 Cancellation, Rescission, and Re

covery of Funds for Illegal or Improper

Activity. 52.203–9 [Reserved] 52.203–10 Price or Fee Adjustment for Illegal

or Improper Activity. 52.203-11 Certification and Disclosure Re

garding Payments to Influence Certain

Federal Transactions. 52.203–12 Limitation on Payments to Influ

ence Certain Federal Transactions. 52.204–1 Approval of Contract. 52.204–2 Security Requirements. 52.204–3 Taxpayer identification. 52.204-4 Printed or Copied Double-Sided on

Recycled Paper. 52.204-5 Women-Owned Business (Other

Than Small Business). 52.204–6 Data Universal Numbering System

(DUNS) Number. 52.205–52.206 [Reserved] 52.207–1 Notice of Cost Comparison (Sealed

Bid). 52.207-2 Notice of Cost Comparison (Nego

tiated). 52.207–3 Right of First Refusal of Employ


52.207-4 Economic Purchase Quantity-Sup

plies. 52.207–5 Option to Purchase Equipment. 52.208–1–52.208–3 [Reserved] 52.208-4 Vehicle Lease Payments. 52.208–5 Condition of Leased Vehicles. 52.208_6 Marking of Leased Vehicles. 52.208–7 Tagging of Leased Vehicles. 52.208_8 Helium Requirement Forecast and

Required Sources for Helium. 52.208–9 Contractor Use of Mandatory

Sources of Supply. 52.209–1 Qualification Requirements. 52.2093 First Article Approval-Contractor

Testing. 52.2094 First Article Approval-Govern

ment Testing. 52.209–5 Certification Regarding Debarment,

Suspension, Proposed Debarment, and

Other Responsibility Matters. 52.209_6 Protecting the Government's Inter

est When Subcontracting With Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed

for Debarment. 52.211-1 Availability of Specifications List

ed in the GSA Index of Federal Specifications, Standards and Commercial Item

Descriptions, FPMR Part 101–29. 52.211–2 Availability of Specifications List

ed in the DoD Index of Specifications and Standards (DoDISS) and descriptions listed in the Acquisition Management Systems and Data Requirements Control

List, DoD 5010.12-L. 52.211-3 Availability of Specifications Not

Listed in the GSA Index of Federal Specifications, Standards and Commercial

Item Descriptions. 52.2114 Availability for Examination of

Specifications Not Listed in the GSA
Index of Federal Specifications, Stand-

ards and Commercial Item Descriptions. 52.211-5 Material Requirements. 52.211-6 Brand name or equal. 52.211-7 Alternatives to Government

unique standards. 52.211-8 Time of Delivery. 52.211-9 Desired and Required Time of De

livery. 52.211–10 Commencement, Prosecution, and

Completion of Work. 52.211-11 Liquidated Damages Supplies,

Services, or Research and Development. 52.211–12 Liquidated Damages-Construc

tion. 52.211–13 Time Extensions. 52.211–14 Notice of Priority Rating for Na

tional Defense Use. 52.211–15 Defense Priority and Allocation

Requirements. 52.211–16 Variation in Quantity. 52.211–17 Delivery of Excess Quantities. 52.211-18 Variation in Estimated Quantity.

52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors-Commer

cial Items. 52.212–2 Evaluation-Commercial Items. 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifi

cations Commercial Items. 52.2124 Contract Terms and Conditions

Commercial Items. 52.212–5 Contract Terms and Conditions Re

quired to Implement Statutes or Execu

tive Orders—Commercial Items. 52.213-1 Fast Payment Procedure. 52.213-2 Invoices. 52.213-3 Notice to Supplier. 52.213-4 Terms and Conditions-Simplified

Acquisitions (Other Than Commercial

Items). 52.214-1 Solicitation Definitions-Sealed

Bidding. 52.214-2 (Reserved] 52.214-3 Amendments to Invitations for

Bids. 52.2144 False Statements in Bids. 52.214-5 Submission of Bids. 52.214-6 Explanation to Prospective Bidders. 52.214–7 Late Submissions, Modifications,

and Withdrawals of Bids. 52.214-8 (Reserved) 52.214-9 Failure to Submit Bid. 52.214-10 Contract Award-Sealed Bidding. 52.214–11 (Reserved] 52.214-12 Preparation of Bids. 52.214-13 Telegraphic Bids. 52.214-14 Place of Performance-Sealed Bid

ding. 52.214-15 Period for Acceptance of Bids. 52.214–16 Minimum Bid Acceptance Period. 52.214-17 (Reserved) 52.214–18 Preparation of Bids-Construction. 52.214–19 Contract Award-Sealed Bidding

Construction. 52.214–20 Bid Samples. 52.214-21 Descriptive Literature. 52.214-22 Evaluation of Bids for Multiple

Awards. 52.214-23 Late Submissions, Modifications,

and Withdrawals of Technical Proposals

Under Two-Step Sealed Bidding. 52.214-24 Multiple Technical Proposals. 52.214-25 Step Two of Two-Step Sealed Bid

ding. 52.214-26 Audit and Records-Sealed Bid

ding. 52.214-27 Price Reduction for Defective Cost

or Pricing Data-Modifications-Sealed

Bidding. 52.214–28 Subcontractor Cost or Pricing

Data-Modifications-Sealed Bidding. 52.214-29 Order of Precedence-Sealed Bid

ding. 52.214-30 Annual Representations and Cer

tifications-Sealed Bidding. 52.214 31 Facsimile Bids. 52.214_32 Late Submissions, Modifications,

and Withdrawals of Bids (Overseas). 52.214-33 Late Submissions, Modifications,

and Withdrawals of Technical Proposals

Under Two-Step Sealed Bidding (Over

seas). 52.214

34 Submission of Offers in the

English Language. 52.214 35 Submission of Offers in U.S. Cur

rency. 52.215-1 Instructions to Offerors—Competi

tive Acquisition. 52.215-2 Audit and Records-Negotiation. 52.2153 Request for Information or Solici

tation for Planning Purposes. 52.2154 (Reserved] 52.215-5 Facsimile Proposals. 52.215-6 Place of Performance. 52.215-7 Annual Representations and Cer

tifications—Negotiation. 52.2158 Order of Precedence_Uniform Con

tract Format. 52.215-9 Changes or Additions to Make-or

Buy Program. 52.215-10 Price Reduction for Defective Cost

or Pricing Data. 52.215-11 Price Reduction for Defective Cost

or Pricing Data-Modifications. 52.215-12 Subcontractor Cost or

Pricing Data. 52.215-13 Subcontractor Cost or

Pricing Data-Modifications. 52.215-14 Integrity of Unit Prices. 52.215-15 Pension adjustments and asset re

versions. 52.215–16 Facilities Capital Cost of Money. 52.215-17 Waiver of Facilities Capital Cost

of Money. 52.215–18 Reversion or Adjustment of Plans

for Postretirement Benefits (PRB) Other

Than Pensions. 52.215-19 Notification of Ownership

Changes. 52.215–20 Requirements for Cost or Pricing

Data or Information Other Than Cost or

Pricing Data. 52.215–21 Requirements for Cost or Pricing

Data or Information Other Than Cost or

Pricing Data-Modifications. 52.215-22—52.215–42 (Reserved] 52.216-1 Type of Contract. 52.216-2 Economic Price Adjustment

Standard Supplies. 52.216-3 Economic Price Adjustment

Semistandard Supplies. 52.216 4 Economic Price Adjustment-Labor

and Material. 52.216-5 Price Redetermination-Prospec

tive. 52.216-6 Price Redetermination-Retro

active. 52.216-7 Allowable Cost and Payment. 52.216-8 Fixed Fee. 52.216-9 Fixed Fee_Construction. 52.216-10 Incentive Fee. 52.216-11 Cost Contract-No Fee. 52.216–12 Cost-Sharing Contract-No Fee. 52.216-13 Allowable Cost and Payment-Fa

cilities. 52.216–14 Allowable Cost and Payment-Fa

cilities Use.

52.216-15 Predetermined Indirect Cost

Rates. 52.216-16 Incentive Price Revision-Firm

Target. 52.216-17 Incentive Price Revision-Succes

sive Targets. 52.216-18 Ordering. 52.216-19 Order Limitations. 52.216–20 Definite Quantity. 52.216-21 Requirements. 52.216–22 Indefinite Quantity. 52.216-23 Execution and Commencement of

Work. 52.216–24 Limitation of Government Liabil

ity. 52.216–25 Contract Definitization. 52.216–26 Payments of Allowable Costs Be

fore Definitization. 52.216–27 Single or Multiple Awards. 52.216–28 Multiple Awards for Advisory and

Assistance Services. 52.217–1 (Reserved] 52.217—2 Cancellation Under Multiyear Con

tracts. 52.217–3 Evaluation Exclusive of Options. 52.21744 Evaluation of Option Exercised at

Time of Contract Award. 52.217–5 Evaluation of Options. 52.217–6 Option for Increased Quantity. 52.217–7 Option for Increased Quantity

Separately Priced Line Item. 52.217–8 Option to Extend Services. 52.217–9 Option to Extend the Term of the

Contract. 52.218 [Reserved] 52.219–1 Small Business Program Represen

tations. 52.219–2 Equal Low Bids. 52.219_3 Notice of total HUBZone set-aside. 52.219 4 Notice of price evaluation pref

erence for HUBZone small business con

cerns. 52.219_5 Very small business set-aside. 52.219 6 Notice of Total Small Business Set

Aside. 52.219_7 Notice of Partial Small Business

Set-Aside. 52.2198 Utilization of small business con

cerns. 52.219_9 Small, Small Disadvantaged and

Women-Owned Small Business Subcon

tracting Plan. 52.219_10 Incentive Subcontracting Pro

gram. 52.219–11 Special 8(a) Contract Conditions. 52.219-12 Special 8(a) Subcontract Condi

tions. 52.219-13 [Reserved] 52.219_14 Limitations on Subcontracting. 52.219–15 [Reserved] 52.219-16 Liquidated Damages Subcon

tracting Plan. 52.219-17 Section 8(a) Award. 52.219–18 Notification of Competition Lim

ited to Eligible 8(a) Concerns.

52.219–19 Small Business Concern Represen

tation for the Small Business Competi

tiveness Demonstration Program. 52.219–20 Notice of Emerging Small Business

Set-Aside. 52.219–21 Small Business Size Representa

tion for Targeted Industry Categories Under the Small Business Competitive

ness Demonstration Program. 52.219–22 Small Disadvantaged Business

Status. 52.219_23 Notice of Price Evaluation Adjust

ment for Small Disadvantaged Business

Concerns. 52.219–24 Small Disadvantaged Business

Participation Program-Targets. 52.219–25 Small Disadvantaged Business

Participation Program-Disadvantaged

Status and Reporting. 52.219-26 Small Disadvantaged Business

Participation Program Incentive Sub

contracting. 52.221 [Reserved] 52.222-1 Notice to the Government of Labor

Disputes. 52.222–2 Payment for Overtime Premiums. 52.222–3 Convict Labor. 52.2224 Contract Work Hours and Safety

Standards Act-Overtime Compensation. 52.222–5 [Reserved] 52.222-6 Davis-Bacon Act. 52.222–7 Withholding of Funds. 52.222–8 Payrolls and Basic Records. 52.222–9 Apprentices and Trainees. 52.222–10 Compliance With Copeland Act Re

quirements. 52.222–11 Subcontracts (Labor Standards). 52.222–12 Contract Termination-Debar

ment. 52.222–13 Compliance With Davis-Bacon and

Related Act Regulations. 52.222–14 Disputes Concerning Labor Stand

ards. 52.222–15 Certification of Eligibility. 52.222–16 Approval of Wage Rates. 52.222–17 Labor Standards for Construction

Work-Facilities Contracts. 52.222–18 Certification Regarding Knowledge

of Child Labor for Listed End Products. 52.222–19 Child Labor—Cooperation with Au

thorities and Remedies. 52.222–20 Walsh-Healey Public Contracts

Act. 52.222–21 Prohibition of segregated facili

ties. 52.222–22 Previous Contracts and Compli

ance Reports. 52.222–23 Notice of Requirement for Affirm

ative Action to Ensure Equal Employ

ment Opportunity for Construction. 52.222–24 Preaward On-Site Equal Oppor

tunity Compliance Evaluation. 52.222–25 Affirmative Action Compliance. 52.222–26 Equal Opportunity. 52.222–27 Affirmative Action Compliance

Requirements for Construction. 52.222–28 (Reserved]

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