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75. (Sec. 6) All lighters, barges, ferries, tugs, motor boats, sailboats, and similar craft operating in the harbor or waters of any port of entry are required to be licensed as provided in existing regulations, and the Governor may revoke any license so granted for any failure to comply with the anchorage or harbor regulations or to obey the orders issued thereunder by any duly authorized officer, or for any act inimical to the interests of the United States in the present emergency.

(See paragraph 69.)

76. (Sec. 7) No vessel shall depart from any port or place in the Canal Zone on a voyage on which clearance by a port captain is required, unless the port captain shall have been authorized by the Governor to permit the departure.

(See paragraph 69.)


OF CAMERAS, AND SO FORTH, IN THE CANAL ZONE 77. Regulations for the control of photographing, possession of cameras, and so forth, in the Canal Zone were prescribed by the Governor of The Panama Canal on July 31, 1942, under authority of section 14 of title 2, Canal Zone Code, as added by Act December 12, 1941 (ch. 569, 55 Stat. 798; 48 U. S. Code, sec. 1337). The portions of these regulations which govern upon vessels in Canal Zone waters are shown below as paragraphs 78 to 83.

78. (Sec. 1) Areas, Objects, or Structures, Photographing, etc., of Which is Prohibited.


(See paragraph 77.)

79. (Sec. 2) Areas Within Which Photographing, etc., is Prohibited: No person shall make any photograph, sketch, drawing, map, or graphical representation within or upon any of the following areas, objects, installations, or structures in the Canal Zone, without first obtaining the permission of the Governor of The Panama Canal, and promptly submitting the product obtained to the Governor for such action as he may deem necessary:

(a) (1) On board any vessel or other floating craft of any nature in Canal Zone waters. See paragraph (b) hereof.






(10) Any waters, port areas, anchorage basin, canal channel, approach to the canal channel, or mine field of or in the Panama Canal.

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(b) The master of every vessel within Canal Zone waters will be expected to cooperate fully with the Canal Zone authorities in the matter of the prevention of the making, by any person on board such vessel in the waters of the Canal Zone, of any photograph, sketch, drawing, map, or graphical representation in violation of these regulations; and no master of a vessel shall knowingly permit or allow any person on board such vessel in the waters of the Canal Zone to make any photograph, sketch, drawing, map, or graphical representation in violation of these regulations. (See paragraph 77.)

80. (Sec. 3) Areas Within Which Possession of Cameras is Prohibited: No person shall have any camera in his possession within any of the following areas in the Canal Zone, without first obtaining the permission of the Governor of The Panama Canal:

(a) (1) On board any vessel within the waters of the Canal Zone: Provided, That this item shall be subject to the provisions of paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) While on board any vessel in the waters of the Canal Zone no person shall have in his possession, or retain in his possession, any camera except as otherwise provided in these regulations. All persons on board any vessel destined for entry into Canal Zone waters shall, prior to the entry of the vessel into such waters, and all persons embarking on any vessel in Canal Zone waters shall, immediately upon embarkation, deliver to the master of the vessel any and all cameras in the possession of such persons. The master of every vessel shall (a) cause all cameras on board such vessel to be collected and delivered to him prior to each entry of such vessel into Canal Zone waters, shall (b) likewise cause to be collected and delivered to him immediately all cameras brought aboard such vessel in Canal Zone waters whether by embarking passengers or otherwise, and shall (c) retain in his possession the cameras so collected and delivered to him, in a secure and inaccessible place, until a time immediately preceding the final disembarkation of the original possessors thereof or until the vessel has departed from Canal Zone waters. The term “vessel,” as used in this section, shall not include a ferryboat.

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(See paragraph 77.)

81. (Sec. 4) Exception As to Certain Areas and Personnel: None of the provisions of these regulations shall be construed to prohibit:

(a) The possession of cameras in any area by army, navy, or civilian personnel on duty at or employed in such area and habitually residing therein, or by the bona fide guests of any of the foregoing; or

(b) The commanding officer or person in charge of areas where the possession of cameras is generally prohibited, or their representatives, from temporarily receiving for deposit and safeguarding cameras of any person living on or visiting such areas; or

(c) The taking of photographs of or within military or naval reservations, or other areas exclusively assigned or used for military or naval operations by persons lawfully in possession of cameras within such areas under the provisions of these regulations: Provided, that such photographs do not include any military or naval equipment or installations, or any structures, supplies, troops, camouflage, or other thing of military value or any extensive area within such areas: And provided further, That the product obtained shall be submitted promptly to the Governor or to the Commanding Officer of the military or naval reservation or other area upon which it was taken or where the taker resides if he is in the military or naval service or employed by either service, for such action as may be deemed necessary.

(See paragraph 77.)

82. (Sec. 5) Exception As to Activities in Course of Official Duties: None of the provisions of these regulations shall apply to activities of the kind covered by these regulations which are conducted or performed by persons in the service or employ of the United States in the course of their official duties or which may be specifically authorized by or under the direction of the Commanding General, Panama Canal Department, or other competent military or naval authority to be conducted or performed.

(See paragraph 77.)

83. (Sec. 6) Punishment for Violations: Any person who shall violate any of the regulations established hereby shall be punishable, as provided in section 15 of title 2, Canal Zone Code, as added as aforesaid, by a fine of not more than $1,000, or by imprisonment in jail for not more than one year, or by both.

(See paragraph 77.)


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