Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

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Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1977 - Administrative law

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Page 117 - * * * all functions, powers, and duties, relating to the Coast Guard, of the Secretary of the Treasury and of other officers and offices of the Department of the Treasury" (subsection 6(b)(l), 49 USC 1655(b)).
Page 204 - President on September 1, 1938, with understandings appended, and this section shall apply to all vessels, however propelled, navigating on the high seas, which are registered, enrolled and licensed, or licensed under the laws of the United States, whether permanently, temporarily, or provisionally, including yachts enrolled and licensed, or licensed with the exception of— (a) Ships of war; (b) Government vessels, or vessels in the service of a public authority, which are not engaged in trade;...
Page 125 - ... subchapter. (b) In any case where It Is shown to the satisfaction of the Commandant that the use of any particular equipment, apparatus, or arrangement not specifically required by law is unreasonable or impracticable, the Commandant may permit the use of alternate equipment, apparatus, or arrangement to such an extent and upon such conditions as will Insure, to his satisfaction, a degree of safety consistent with the minimum standards set forth In this subchapter.
Page 206 - USC 672-1), while not carryIng passengers for hire and while not operating outside the line dividing inland waters from the high seas, established in accordance with section 2 of the Act of February 19, 1895, as amended (33 USC 151) ; and...
Page 8 - This is to certify that the abovenamed materials are properly classified, described, packaged, marked and labeled, and are in proper condition for transportation according to the applicable regulations of the Department of Transportation.
Page 317 - Weigh the empty wire basket under water. (ii) Place the pads inside the basket and submerge it so that the top of the basket is at least 2 inches below the surface of the water for 24 hours. The tank shall be locked or sealed during this 24-hour submergence period. It is important that after the pads have once been submerged they shall remain submerged for the duration of the test, and at no time during the course of the test shall they be removed from the tank or otherwise exposed to air. (iii)...
Page 23 - Sea, 1929, means a vessel which carries or is authorized to carry more than twelve passengers. (3) It shall be unlawful knowingly to transport, carry, convey, store, stow, or use on board any vessel fulminates or other detonating compounds in bulk in dry condition, or explosive compositions that ignite spontaneously or undergo marked decomposition when subjected for forty-eight consecutive hours to a temperature of one hundred and sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, or compositions containing an ammonium...
Page 441 - ... drawing numbers and alteration numbers. The manufacturer will be advised whether or not the drawings and specifications appear satisfactory or what corrections appear necessary and then he may proceed with the construction of the preapproval sample in accordance therewith. (c) Preapproval sample.
Page 229 - Powder). VT-276— Thread, Cotton. (b) Copies of the above specifications shall be kept on file by the manufacturer together with the approved plans and certificate of approval. 160.010-2 Types. (a) General. Buoyant apparatus is defined as meaning flotation equipment (other than lifeboats, life buoys, life preservers, and buoyant cushions) designed to support a specified number of persons in the water, and of such construction that it retains its shape and properties and requires no adjustment...
Page 221 - GG of Sheet 1. (e) Drawstrings. The drawstrings at the waist shall extend not less than 8 inches from the edge of the life preserver and shall be secured in the drawstring tunnel as shown by Dwg. No.

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