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Section XV-Contract Cost Principles and Procedures
Part 1-Applicability.
Part 2-Cost Type Contracts with Commercial Organizations.
Part 3-Grants and Contracts With Educational Institutions.
Part 4-Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts.
Part 5-Contracts for Industrial Facilities.
Part 6-Reserved.
Part 7-Grants and Contracts with State and Local Governments.
Part 8–Training and Other Services-Educational Institutions.

Section XVI–Procurement Forms
Part 1-Forms for Supply and Services Contracts.
Part 2–Additional Forms for Negotiated Procurements.
Part 3—Purchase and Delivery Order Forms.
Part 4-Construction and Architect-Engineer Forms and Formats.
Part 5-Special Contract and Order Formats and Forms.
Part 6-Forms for Coordinated Procurement.
Part 1-Contract Termination Forms.
Part 8-Miscellaneous Forms.

Section XVII-Extraordinary Contractual Actions
Part 1-General.
Part 2-Requests for Contractual Adjustment.
Part 3-Residual Powers.
Part 4-Records of Requests and Dispositions.
Part 5-Act and Executive Order.

Section XVIII-Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts.
Part 1-General Provisions.
Part 2–Formal Advertising.
Part 3–Negotiations.
Part 4-Architect-Engineer Selection Procedures.
Part 5-Foreign Purchases and Construction in Foreign Countries.
Part 6–Termination of Contracts.
Part 7-Labor Standards for Contracts Involving onstruction
Part 8-Bonds.
Part 9-Patents, Data, and Copyrights.
Part 10–Taxes.

Section XIX- Transportation
Part 1 - Introduction.
Part 2—Planning and Solicitation.
Part 3–Evaluation of Bids and Proposals.
Part 4-Contract Administration.


Section XX- Administrative Matters
Part 1-Execution of Contracts.
Part 2-Uniform Procurement Instrument Identification Numbers.
Part 3—Uniform Contract Line Item Numbering System.
Part 4-Distribution of Procurement Documents.
Part 5— Contract Administration Services for Non-DOD Organizations.
Part 6—Contract Administration Services by Non-DOD Organizations.
Part 7-Assignment of Contract Administration.
Part 8-Correspondence and Visits.
Part 9-Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer (CACO).

Section XXI — Procurement Management Reporting System
Part 1 - Individual Procurement Action Report (DD Form 350).
Part 2–Monthly Procurement Summary (DD Form 1057).
Part 3-Report of Individual Contract Profit Plan (DD Form 1499).
Part 4–Report of Contract Completion (DD Form 1500).

Section XXII-Service Contracts
Part 1-Service Contracts in General.
Part 2—Procurement of Expert or Consultant Services.
Part 3–Engineering and Technical Services.
Part 4—Stevedoring Contracts.
Part 5—Procurement of Mortuary Services.
Part 6-Shipment or Storage of Personal Property.
Part 7-Contracts for Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services.
Part 8-Procurement of Refuse Service.
Part 9–Educational Service Agreements.
Part 10—Communication Services.

Section XXIII–Subcontracting Policies and Procedures
Part 1-Review of Contractors' Procurement Systems.
Part 2-Requirement for Consent to Subcontracts.

Section XXIV—Disposition of Personal Property in Possession of Contractors
Part 1-General.
Part 2-Methods of Disposal.
Part 3-Forms, Instructions, and Reports.

Section XXV-Production Surveillance and Reporting
Part 1-Production Surveillance.
Part 2-Production Reporting.

Section XXVI-Contract Modifications
Part 1-General.
Part 2-Change Orders.
Part 3–Supplemental Agreements.
Part 4-Novation Agreements and Change of Name Agreements.
Part 5-Modifications to Letter Contracts.
Part 6—Issuance of Shipping Instructions.
Part 7-Other Modifications.
Part 8-Notification of Changes.



Appendix A-Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
Part 1-Charter.
Part 2-Rules.

Appendix B-Government Property in Possession of Contractors
Part 1 - Introduction.
Part 2–Contractor's Responsibility.
Part 3-Records of Government Property.
Part 4-Identification.
Part 5-Physical Inventories.
Part 6-Care, Maintenance and Utilization.

Appendix C-Government Property in Possession of Nonprofit Contractors
Part 1-Introduction.
Part 2-Contractor's Responsibility.
Part 3-Records of Government Property.
Part 4-Identification.
Part 5-Physical Inventories.
Part 6–Care, Maintenance and Utilization.

Appendix D-Notice and Hearing Under Gratuities Clause (7-104.16)
Appendix E-Defense Contract Financing Regulations
Part 1 - Introduction.
Part 2-Basic Policies.
Part 3-Guaranteed Loans.
Part 4–Advance Payments.
Part 5-Progress Payments Based on Costs.
Part 6-Contract Debts—Interest—Deferred Payments.
Annex 1-V-Loan Guarantee Agreement.
Appendix F-Illustrations of Standard and Department of Defense Forms
Part 1-Standard Forms.
Part 2-Department of Defense Forms.

Appendix G— Avoidance of Organizational Conflicts of Interest
Appendix H-Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedure
Part 1 - Introduction.
Part 2-General Policies.
Part 3—Requisitions, Followups, Cancellations and Requisition Modifiers.
Part 4-Release-Receipt Documentation.
Part 5-Return of Government-Furnished Material (GFM).
Part 6-Codes and Other Data.




Appendix 1 - Material Inspection and Receiving Report
Part 1 - Introduction.
Part 2—PQA on Shipments Between Contractors.
Part 3—Preparation of the DD Form 250 and DD Form 250c.
Part 4-Distribution of DD Form 250 and DD Form 250c.
Part 5-Preparation of the DD Form 250–1 (Loading Report).
Part 6- Preparation of the DD Form 250-1 (Discharge Report).
Part 7-Distribution of the DD Form 250-1.
Part 8-Form Examples.

Appendix J-Authorization for Negotiation
Part 1-General.
Part 2–Special Procedures for JAN for 10 USC 2304(a)(11) thru (16).
Part 3-Reserved.
Part 4-Reserved.
Part 5-Formats for Determinations and Findings.
Part 6–Cost, Cost-Plus-Fixed Fee, or Incentive Type Contracts.
Part 7_Waiving the Submission of Cost or Pricing Data.

Appendix K-Pre-Award Survey Procedures
Part 1 - Introduction.
Part 2-General Provisions.
Part 3–Survey

Appendix L-Department of Defense Directive 5400.7 of February 14, 1975
Appendix M-Records Retention Requirements
Part 1-General.
Part 2–Retention Requirements.

Appendix N-Activity Address Numbers
Appendix 0 See DPC 76-2
Appendix P – DoD Directive 5400.11, (The Privacy Act)
Appendix Q - DoD Foreign Tax Relief Program

Reference to ASPR Manuals and Supplements:
ASPR Manual for Contract Pricing (ASPM No. 1) (15 Sep 75)
ASPR Small Purchase Manual (ASPM No. 2) (31 Mar 76)

ASPR Supplement No. 1 – Guide for Conducting Contractor

Procurement System Review (CSPR) (ASPS No. 1) (31 Mar 77) ASPR Supplement No. 2 – Contract File Maintenance,

Closeout, and Disposition (ASPS No. 2) (1 Apr 70) ASPR Supplement No. 3 – Property Administration (ASPS No. 3) (1 Oct 75) ASPR Supplement No. 4 Procedures for Submission of

Applications To Be Placed on Research and Development

Bidders Mailing Lists (ASPS No. 4) (1 Apr 68) ASPR Supplement No. 5 – Procurement of Utility Services (ASPS No. 5) (1 Oct 74)


Title 32-National Defense

Parts 1 to 39, Volume II
(This book contains DAR Sections VII-XV)

SUBTITLE A-Department of Defense:


CHAPTER 1–Office of the Secretary of Defense (Continued). VII

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