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7-2101.19 Inspection.


(a) All workmanship (if not otherwise designated by the specifications) shall be subject to inspection and examination by Government inspectors at any and all times during dismantling or demolition and at any and all places where such dismantling or demolition are carried on. The Contractor shall be responsible for any damage to property caused by unworkmanlike performance or by defective workmanship. Any unsatisfactory facilities, materials, and equipment, used by the Contractor, shall be replaced with satisfactory facilities, materials, and equipment, and the Contractor shall promptly segregate and remove such unsatisfactory items from the premises. If the Contractor fails to proceed at once in a workmanlike manner with the performance of the work or with the correction of defective workmanship, the Government may by contract or otherwise, replace such facilities, materials, and equipment or correct such workmanship and charge the cost thereof to the Contractor, and may terminate the right of the Contractor to proceed as provided in the “Termination for Default Damages for Delay Time Extensions" clause of this contract, the Contractor and surety being liable for any damage to the same extent as provided in said clause for terminations thereunder.

(b) The Contractor shall furnish promptly without additional charge, all reasonable facilities, labor, and materials necessary for the safe and convenient inspection by Government inspectors. All inspection by the Government shall be performed in such manner as to not unnecessarily delay the work.

(End of clause)

7-2101.20 Operations and Storage Areas. Insert the clause in 7-602.35.
7-2101.21 Cleaning Up.


The Contractor shall at all times keep the dismantling or demolition area, including storage areas used by him, free from accumulations of waste material or rubbish and prior to completion of the work remove from the premises any rubbish and all tools, scaffolding, equipment, and materials not the property of the Government. Upon completion of the dismantling or demolition, the Contractor shall leave the premises in a clean, neat and workmanlike condition satisfactory to the Contracting Officer.

(End of clause)

7-2101.22 Accident Prevention. Insert the clause in 7-602.42(a). In contracts involving work of long duration or of hazardous character, add the paragraph (e) in 7-602.42(b).

7-2101.23 Composition of Contractor. Insert the clause in 7-602.32.

7-2101.24 Renegotiation. In accordance with 7-103.13, insert the appropriate clause therein.

7-2101.25 Liquidated Damages. Insert the clause in 7-603.39. The rate of liquidated damages will be determined in accordance with 18-113.

7-2101.26 Pricing of Adjustments. Insert the clause in 7-103.26. 7-2101.27 Federal, State and Local Taxes. Insert the clause in 7-103.10(a).

7-2101.28 Equal Opportunity. In accordance with 7-103.18(a), insert the clause therein.

7-2101.29 Affirmative Action for Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Viernam Era. Insert the clause in 7-103.27.



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7-2101.30 Affirmative Action for Handicapped Workers. In accordance with 12-1302(a), insert the clause in 7-103.28.

7-2101.31 Covenant Against Contingent Fees. Insert the clause in 7-103.20. 7-2101.32 Officials Not to Benefit. Insert the clause in 7-103.19. 7-2101.33 Value Engineering Incentive. Insert the clause in 7-602.50.

7-2102 Clauses to be Used When Applicable in Contracts for Dismantling, Demolition, or Removal of Improvements.

7-2102.1 Service Contract Act of 1965. In accordance with 4-502, and Section XII, Part 10, insert the appropriate clause in 7-1903.41(a) or (b).

7-2102.2 Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Aci Overtime Compensation. In accordance with 12-301 and 12–302, insert the clause in 7-103.16(a).

7-2102.3 Additional Bond or Other Security. If the contract will require the contractor to furnish a performance bond or other security (see 4-503 and 7-2101.2), insert the following clause:


If any surety upon any bond furnished in connection with this contract becomes unacceptable to the Government, or if any such surety fails to furnish reports as to his financial condition from time to time as requested by the Government, or if the contract price is increased to such an extent that the penal sum of any bond becomes inadequate in the opinion of the Contracting Of. ficer, the Contractor shall promptly furnish such additional security as may be required from time to time to protect the interests of the Government.

(End of clause)

7-2102.4 Availability of Utility Services. Insert the following clause in contracts for performance at Government installations when it is determined that one or more utility systems and supplies are adequate for the needs and use of both the Government and the contractor and it is advantageous to the Government to furnish such utility services.


(a) The Government will make available to the Contractor, from existing outlets and supplies, all reasonably required amounts of utilities as specified in the Schedule or specifications. Except as otherwise provided in the Schedule or specifications, each utility shall be charged to or paid for by the Contractor at prevailing rates charged to the Government or, where the utility is produced by the Government, at reasonable rates as determined by the Contracting Officer

(b) The Contractor shall carefully conserve utilities furnished without charge. The Contractor, at his own expense and in a workmanlike manner satisfactory to the Contracting Officer, shall install and maintain all necessary temporary connections and distribution lines and, if necessary to determine charges, all meters required to measure the amount of each utility used; and he shall remove the same prior to final acceptance of the dismantling or demolition.

(End of clause)



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CONTRACT CLAUSES AND SOLICITATION PROVISIONS 7-2102.5 Misplaced Material. If the contract involves work on or adjacent to a navigable stream, insert the clause in 7-603.32.

7-2102.6 Signal Lights. If the contract involves the use of marine equipment, insert the clause in 7-603.33.

7-2102.7 Military Security. In accordance with 7-104.12, insert the clause set forth therein in contracts involving classified facilities except in those contracts to be performed outside the United States, its possessions and Puerto Rico.

7-2102.8 Identification of Employees. In accordance with 7-603.34, insert the clause set forth therein where identification is required for security or other reasons.

7-2102.9 Interest. In accordance with E-620, insert the clause in 7-104.39.

7-2102.10 Examination of Records by Comptroller General. In accordance with 7-104.15, insert the clause therein in negotiated contracts in excess of $10,000.

7-2102.11 Utilization of Small Business Concerns. In accordance with 1-707.3(a), insert the clause in 7-104.14(a).

7-2102.12 Small Business Subcontracting Program. In contracts which may exceed $500,000 and which contain the clause in 7-104.14(a), insert the following clause:


(a) The Contractor agrees to establish and conduct a small business subcontracting program which will enable small business concerns to be considered fairly as subcontractors, including suppliers, under this contract. In this connection, the Contractor shall designate an individual to (i) maintain liaison with the Government on small business matters, and (ii) administer the Contractor's Small Business Subcontracting Program.

(b) Notwithstanding the instructions on DD Form 1140-1, prior to completion of the contract and as soon as the final information is available, the Contractor shall submit a one-time completed DD Form 1140-1 to the Government addressees prescribed thereon. The DD Form 1140-1 shall show the prime contract number in lieu of identifying a quarterly report period. This subparagraph (b) is not applicable if the Contractor is a small business concern.

(c) The Contractor further agrees (i) to insert the "Utilization of Small Business Concerns" clause in subcontracts which offer substantial subcontracting opportunities, and (ii) to insert in each such subcontract exceeding $500,000 a clause conforming substantially to the language of this clause except that subcontractors shall submit DD Form 1140-1 direct to the Government addressees prescribed on the Form. The Contractor will notify the Contracting Officer of the name and address of each subcontractor that will be required to submit a report on DD Form 1140-1.

(End of clause)

7-2102.13 Utilization of Minority Business Enterprises. In accordance with 1-332.2, insert the clause in 7-104.36(a).

7-2102.14 Minority Business Enterprises Subcontracting Program. In accordance with 1-332.2, insert the clause in 7-104.36(b).

7-2102.15 Payment of Interest on Contractors' Claims. In accordance with 1-333, insert the clause in 7-104.82.

7-2102.16 Gratuities. In accordance with 7-104.16, insert the clause therein.

7-2102.17 Convict Labor. In accordance with Section XII, Part 2, insert the clause in 7-104.17.

7-2102.18 Price Reduction for Defective Cost or Pricing Data. In accordance with 7-104.29, insert the appropriate clause therein.



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7-2102.19 Audit by Department of Defense. In accordance with 7–104.41, insert the clause therein.

7-2102.20 Subcontractor Cost or Pricing Data. In accordance with 7-104.42, insert the appropriate clause therein.

7-2102.21 Clean Air and Water. In accordance with 1-2302.2, insert the clause in 7-103.29.

7-2102.22 Privacy Act. In accordance with 1-327.1, insert the clause in 7-104.96.



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Definitions ......

8-101.1 Amount of Claim or Settlement ................
8-101.2 Common items ....
8-101.3 Continued portion of the contract...................
8-101.4 Contractor-acquired property .........................
8-101.5 Contractor inventory .....
8-101.6 Disbursing Officer .......
8-101.7 Effective date of termination......................
8-101.8 Government-furnished property ......................
8-101.9 Material ...............
8-101.10 Other work .........
8-101.12 Pla
8-101.13 Plant equipment .............................
8-101.14 Prime contract...........
8-101.15 Industrial plant equipment ......................
8-101.16 Salvage ..
8-101.17 Scrap .............
8-101.18 Serviceable or usable property ......
8-101.19 Settlement agreement............
8-101.20 Settlement proposal...........
8-101.21 Special machinery and equipment.........
8-101.22 Special tooling ............
8-101.23 Special test equipment ................
8-101.24 Subcontract ...............
8-101.25 Termination claim ............
8-101.26 Termination inventory.............
8-101.27 Terminated portion of the contract...........
8-101.28 Unadjusted contract changes

Part 2-General Principles
Scope of Part .............
Authority of Contracting Officers ...........
Prior Notification of Significant Contract Terminations .............
Notice of Termination.
Methods of Settlement ................
Duties of Prime Contractor After Receipt of Notice of Ter-


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