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ing death arising or resulting from the fault, negligence, wrongful act, or wrongful omission of the Contractor, his agents or employees. The Government shall only be responsible for loss or damage to property of third persons, or injury, including death, to such persons in accordance with the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. 2671-2680).

(c) The Contractor warrants that its price includes no cost for insurance or contingency to cover:

(i) loss or damage to rented vehicles for which the Government is responsible under (a)

above; or (ii) third party liabilities for which the Government is responsible under (b) above. (d) At his expense, the Contractor shall maintain insurance for bodily injury and property damage liability covering his own liabilities under (b) above in amounts not less than the following:


Bodily Injury $100,000 per person

$300,000 per occurrence Property Damage $ 10,000 per occurrence (e) At all times during performance, the Contractor shall maintain with the Contracting Officer a current Certificate of Insurance showing at least the insurance required by this clause, and providing for such period as may be prescribed by the laws of the State in which this contract is to be performed and in no event less than thirty (30) days after written notice to the Contracting Officer in the event of cancellation or material change in insurance coverage. Insurance provided hereunder shall also contain the following provision: “The insurer waives any right of subrogation against the United States of America which may arise by reason of any payment under the certification."

(End of clause)

7-1501.5 Marking of Vehicles.


(a) The Government shall be permitted to place upon front and rear bumpers nonpermanent markings as may be required to identify a vehicle as to the using agency or activity.

(b) Placards may be used for temporary identification of vehicles provided they contain no reference to the Contractor which may be construed as advertising or endorsement by the Government of the Contractor.

(c) The Government may place an identification decal on each side of each vehicle. Decals will be of a type which can be removed without damage to the vehicle.

(End of clause)

7-1501.6 Other Required Clauses. Insert the clauses prescribed by 7-103, except for the clauses entitled:

Variation in Quantity,
Responsibility for Supplies,

Payments, and
· Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act.

7-1502 Clauses To Be Used When Applicable. Insert the appropriate clauses prescribed by 7-104.

7-1503 Additional Clauses. Insert the clauses prescribed by 7-105 when it is desired to cover the subject matter thereof in the contract.



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Part 16—Shipment or Storage of Personal Property 7–1600 Scope of Part. This Part sets forth special uniform contract clauses for use in contracts for the preparation of personal property belonging to Department of Defense personnel, for movement or storage, and for the performance of intra-city or intra-area movement except as provided in 22-601.2(a). These clauses are to be used in addition to other required or applicable clauses.

7-1601 Required Clauses. The following clauses shall be inserted in all contracts for the preparation of personal property for movement or storage and performing intra-city or intra-area movement. Overseas commands, except those in Alaska and Hawaii, may modify these clauses when necessary to conform with local trade practices and country (including political subdivisions thereof) laws and regulations.

7-1601.1 Scope of Contract.


The Packing and Containerization Contractor, hereafter referred to as Contractor, shall furnish services and materials for the preparation of personal property (including servicing of appliances) for movement or storage, drayage and related services. Unless otherwise indicated in the Schedule, the Contractor shall (i) furnish all materials except Government-owned containers (Container, Federal Specification PPP-B-580 and Air Cargo), all equipment, plant and labor; and (ii) perform all work in accomplishing containerization of personal property for overseas or domestic movement or storage; stenciling; cooperage; drayage of personal property in connection with other services; and decontainerization of inbound shipments of personal property. Excluded from the scope of this contract is the furnishing of like services or materials which are provided incident to complete movement of personal property when purchased by the Through Government Bill of Lading method.

(End of clause)

7–1601.2 Period of Contract.

(a) The following clause shall be used in contracts covering performance for an entire year.


This contract shall begin 1 January 19– and shall end 31 December 19-, both dates inclusive, provided, however, that any work ordered before, and not completed by, the expiration of this contract period shall be governed by the terms of this contract. Orders requiring commencement of performance more than 15 days after the expiration date shall not be placed under this contract.

(End of clause)

(b) When the period of performance is less than a calendar year, the above clause shall be modified to show the appropriate beginning and ending. However, the date for the end of the contract period shall not be later than 31 December of the year in which contract is awarded.

7-1601.3 Ordering.

(a) Insert the clause in 7-1101. In addition to the designation of each ordering activity, the individuals authorized to place orders for each activity shall be identified by name or position title.




(b) When provisions are made for the placement of oral orders in accordance with 7-1101, required documentation of such oral orders will be in accordance with Departmental instructions.

7-1601.4 Ordering Limitation.


Orders for items of supplies or services required will be placed under this contract by the Government and performed by the Contractor holding the initially awarded contract, to the extent of his guaranteed maximum daily capability. However, the Contractor may accept an additional quantity in excess of his capability to accommodate a single order. Orders for additional requirements will be placed with and performed by the next higher Contractor to the extent of his guaranteed maximum daily capability in a like manner. This procedure will be repeated until the Government's total daily requirement is fulfilled. In the event this procedure does not fulfill the Government's total daily requirement, additional orders may be offered under the contract to Contractors without regard to their guaranteed maximum daily capability.

(End of clause)

7-1601.5 Contract Areas of Performance.


(a) All areas of performance described in (b) below will be considered to include the Contractor's facility regardless of geographical location.

(b) Service shall be performed within the following defined areas of performance which include terminals identified therein: (Define each area of performance as required, see Armed Services Procurement Regulation, paragraph 22-600.2).

(End of clause)

7-1601.6 Requirements. Insert the clause in 7-1102.2(b). Delete paragraph (d) of the clause and substitute the following:

(d) Orders issued during the effective period of this contract and not completed within that time shall be completed by the Contractor within the time specified in the order; and the rights and obligations of the Contractor and the Government respecting those orders shall be governed by the terms of this contract to the same extent as if completed during the effective period of this contract.

7-1601.7 Estimated Quantities.


(a) The quantities shown by area of performance for each item in this Invitation for Bids are the Government's estimates of requirements which may be ordered during the period of the contract.

(b) The Government's estimated maximum daily requirements, excluding Saturday; Sunday; National, State and local holidays are listed below by area of performance within each schedule. Bidders must complete the “Bidder's Guaranteed Daily Capability," which must equal or exceed the Government's minimum acceptable daily capability, for all items within an area of performance for which they submit bids. Failure to do so will render the bid nonresponsive.




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Daily Requirement

Daily Capablity
Outbound (Schedule I)

Inbound (Schedule II)
- GCWT -


Intra-City Area

(Schedule III) Area NCWT

NCWT (Repeat for each area listed)

(End of clause)

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7-1601.8 Facilities.


(a) As the minimum standard for qualifications of a Contractor's warehouse, it must have either (i) an acceptable automatic sprinkler system; (ii) an acceptable automatic fire detection and reporting system; or (iii) a fire contents rate (FCR) of not more than $0.60 per one hundred dollars ($100) per year based on eighty percent (80%) co-insurance factors. Installed fire protective systems must be accredited by the cognizant fire insurance rating organization for insurance rate credit. Additionally, the facility will be protected by an adequate water supply for fire fighting and a fire department which is responsive 24 hours a day. Statements from the cognizant fire insurance rating organization, municipal fire department, or local authority, having jurisdiction, will be used as a basis for determining the sufficiency or adequacy of a fire fighting water supply and the responsiveness of a fire department to protect a facility.

(b) The following information shall be furnished by the Contractor upon receipt of award:

Evidence of the following kinds and minimum amounts of insurance covering work herein to be performed by the Contractor. The Contractor shall maintain at least the minimum coverage stated below throughout the contract period. Each policy shall contain an indorsement that cancellation or material change in the policy shall not be effective until after a 30-day written notice is furnished to the Contracting Officer.

(1) Workmen's Compensation Insurance $* ....................
(2) Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Se...................
(3) Automobile Liability Insurance $* ...................

(End of clause)

•The insurance coverage specified in 10-501 is the minimum insurance required. Additional coverage and higher limits may be required by the Contracting Officer.

7-1601.9 Performance.


(a) The services called for hereunder shall be performed in conformance with the latest issue of MIL-STD 212, “Preparation of Household Goods for Shipment or Storage and Related Services," in effect on date of the solicitation, for Schedules I and II, unless otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer. The following are desired minimum stowage factor standards in stuffing of shipping containers:

(1) For Federal Specification PPP-B-580 containers – 5.7 net Ibs. per gross cubic foot of container cube.

(2) For air cargo containers – 8.9 net lbs. per gross cubic foot of container cube. Failure to meet the above standards may be cause for rejection of the services performed unless the Contractor can demonstrate the standards cannot be met. (The term "stuffing" as related to containers means loading of personal property into shipping containers.)




(b) Labor employed to perform pickup and delivery, inventorying, packing, crating, weighing, marking, loading, drayage, unpacking, blocking, bracing, and other services described herein shall be competent in the performance of such services.

(c) Inventory of shipment shall be accomplished pursuant to provisions of the latest issue of MIL-STD 212 in effect on date of solicitation.

(d) All services shall be performed in accordance with the priority order established by the Contracting Officer.

(e) MIL STD 212, “Military Standard-Preparation of Household Goods for Shipment and Storage and Related Services," and applicable specifications referred to therein are available for reference in the local procurement or transportation offices.

(f) When pickup of shipments is part of line-haul service, the Contractor shall perform loading on freight carrier's equipment at Contractor's facility.

(End of clause)

7-1601.10 Time Requirements.


(a) The Contractor shall commence containerization of household goods or unaccompanied baggage at owner's residence or Contractor's facility on the date specified by the Contracting Officer. If containerization is ordered at Contractor's facility, the household goods or unaccompanied baggage shall be picked up on the date and within the hours specified. Unless a longer period is authorized by the Contracting Officer, the maximum containerization time allowed at the Contractor's facility shall be three (3) working days following specified pickup date for household goods and two (2) working days following specified pickup date for unaccompanied baggage.

(b) The Contracting Officer or his designated representative shall normally give the Contractor notice to commence containerization or to pick up household goods or baggage shipments at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the date specified.

(c) Delivery or removal of household goods or unaccompanied baggage to or from owner's residence, or containerization of household goods or unaccompanied baggage at owner's residence, shall commence between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-12m. (noon) or 12m. (noon) - 5:00p.m. as specified, Monday through Friday, officially declared National, State or local holidays excluded. The Contracting Officer may authorize performance of services at other times when agreed to by the owner or his authorized agent and the Contractor.

(d) The Contractor shall accept and pick up inbound shipments of household goods, or unaccompanied baggage, effect delivery thereof to the destination, and shall unload and unpack the same on the date and within the hours specified by the Contracting Officer during the working hours set forth above. The Contractor will notify the Contracting Officer upon arrival of a shipment but no later than the morning of the next workday. Delivery shall be effected within two (2) working days following date of receipt or notification of arrival unless otherwise specified.

(End of clause)

7-1601.11 Demurrage.


The Contractor shall be liable for all demurrage, detention, or other charges accruing as a result of his failure to load or unload trucks, freight cars, freight terminals, vessel piers, or warehouses within the free time allowed under applicable rules and tariffs.

(End of clause)



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