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Chapter 41, 114 50, I, IV 30, II 36, XII 25, I; 41, 14H 25, II 43, II 30, III 30, VI 36, I 43, I 41, 14R 43, Subtitle A 30, VII 50, I, IV 18, IV 26, I

Federal Property Management Regulations System
Fish and Wildlife Service, United States
Geological Survey
Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service
Indian Affairs, Bureau of
Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Land Management Bureau
Surface Mining and Reclamation Appeals, Board of
Mines, Bureau of
National Park Service
Reclamation, Bureau of
Saline Water, Office of
Secretary of the Interior, Office of
Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, Office of
United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Water Resources Research, Office of
Internal Revenue Service
International Boundary and Water Commission, United

States and Mexico
International Communication Agency
International Development, Agency for
International Joint Commission, United States and Canada
International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board
International Regulatory Agencies (Fishing and Whaling)
International Trade Commission, United States
Interstate Commerce Commission

Transport Mobilization Staff
Interstate Land Sales Registration, Office of
Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
Justice Department

Alien Property, Office of
Drug Enforcement Administration
Federal Claims Collection Standards
Federal Prison Industries
Federal Procurement Regulations System
Immigration and Naturalization Service

Prisons, Bureau of
Labor Department

Benefits Review Board
Employees' Compensation Appeals Board
Employment and Training Administration
Employment Standards Administration
Federal Contract Compliance, Office of
Federal Procurement Regulations System
Labor-Management Relations, Office of the Assistant

Labor-Management Standards Enforcement, Office of
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Pension and Welfare Benefit Programs
Public Contracts
Secretary of Labor, Office of
Wage and Hour Division

Worker's Compensation Programs, Office of
Labor Management Relations, Office of Assistant Secretary
Labor-Management Standards Enforcement, Office of
Land Management, Bureau of
Legal Services Corporation
Library of Congress

Copyright Office
Low-Emission Vehicle Certification Board
Low-Income Housing, Department of Housing and Urban

Management and Budget, Office of
Marine Mammal Commission
Maritime Administration

22, XI 22, V; 41, 19 22, II; 41, 7 22, IV 5, V 50, III 19, II 49, X 32A, VIII 24, IX 20, VIII 28, I; 41, 128 8, II 21, II 4, II 28, III 41, 28 8, I 28, V

20, VII
20, IV
20, V
20, VI
41, 60
41, 29, 50

29, II 29, IV 30, I 29, XVII 29, XXV 41, 50 29, Subtitle A 29, V 20, I 29, II 29, IV 43, II 45, XVI 36, VII 37, II 40, IV

24, VIII
5, III; 34, I
50, V
46, II

Chapter 32A, XVIII 32A, XVIII 5, XIV 30, I 30, VI 1, IV 31, I

24, XV
14, V; 41, 18
15, II
45, XVII
24, XXIV

45, XIX
12, VII

45, XX 45, XI 49, V 45, XIV 29, I 50, II, IV 29, X 15, IX; 50, II, VI 36, I 29, III 45, VI; 41, 25 32, XXII 32, XXI

Maritime Administrator, Office of

National Shipping Authority
Merit Systems Protection Board
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Mines, Bureau of
Miscellaneous Agencies
Monetary Offices
Mortgage Insurance and Loan Programs Under the

Emergency Homeowners' Relief Act, Department of

Housing and Urban Development
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Bureau of Standards
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
National Commission on Neighborhoods
National Commission on the Observance of International

Women's Year
National Credit Union Administration
National Fire Prevention and Control Administration,

Department of Commerce
National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Institute of Education
National Labor Relations Board
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Mediation Board
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Park Service
National Railroad Adjustment Board
National Science Foundation
National Security Agency, Central Security Service
National Security Council
National Security Council and Office of Science and

Technology Policy
National Shipping Authority
National Telecommunications and Information

National Transportation Safety Board
Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission
Navy Department
Neighborhoods, National Commission on
Neighborhoods, Voluntary Associations and Consumer

Protection, Office of Assistant Secretary for
New Community Development Corporation
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Panama Canal, Canal Zone Regulations
Patent and Trademark Office
Peace Corps
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Pension and Welfare Benefit Programs, Department of

Personnel Management, Office of
Postal Rate Commission
Postal Service, United States
President's Commission on White House Fellowships
Presidential Documents
Prisons, Bureau of
Privacy Protection Study Commission
Procurement Regulations System, Federal
Property Management Regulations System, Federal
Public Contracts, Department of Labor
Public Health Service
Railroad Retirement Board

47, II

49, VIII
25, IV
32, VI
24, XXIV

29, XX
24, VII
10, I; 41, 20
29, XVII
29, XX
22, VII
35, I
37, I
22, III
36, IX
29, XXVI

29, XXV 5, I 39, III 39, I 1, IV 3 28, V 1, IV 41, Subtitle A 41, Subtitle C 41, 50 42, I 20, II


49, IX
43, I
13, V
49, I
7, XVI
42, III
33, IV
41, 14R

47, II
31, IV
17, II
13, I
36, V
42, II; 45, IV
20, III
7, VI
5, XI
15, XX
22, I
22, II; 41, 7
41, 6
7, XII
18, VIII
18, XIII
15, XX


Railway Association, United States
Reclamation, Bureau of
Regional Action Planning Commissions
Research and Special Programs Administration
Rural Electrification Administration
Rural Telephone Bank
Saint Elizabeths Hospital
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Saline Water, Office of
Science and Technology Policy, Office of, and National

Security Council
Secret Service
Securities and Exchange Commission
Selective Service System
Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Social and Rehabilitation Service
Social Security Administration
Soil Conservation Service
Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, United States
Special Representative for Trade Negotiations, Office of
State Department

Agency for International Development

Federal Procurement Regulations System
Statistical Reporting Service, Agriculture Department
Surface Mining and Reclamation Appeals, Board of
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
Tennessee Valley Authority
Trade Negotiations, Office of Special Representative
Transport Mobilization Staff, Interstate Commerce

Transportation, Department of

Coast Guard
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Procurement Regulations System
Federal Railroad Administration
Highway Safety Program Standards
National Defense
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Pesearch and Science Programs Administration
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Secretary, Office of

Urban Mass Transportation Administration
Travel Service, United States
Treasury Department

Administration, Assistant Secretary for
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of
Comptroller of the Currency
Customs Service, United States
Engraving and Printing, Bureau of
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Procurement Regulations System
Fiscal Service
Foreign Assets Control, Office of
Internal Revenue Service
Monetary Offices
Secret Service

Secretary of the Treasury, Office of
Truman, Harry S, Scholarship Foundation
United States and Canada, International Joint Commission
United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
United States Customs Service
United States Fire Administration
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
United States International Trade Commission

33, 1; 46, I, III; 49, IV
14, I
23, I; 49, III
41, 12
49, II
23, II
32A, VII
49, V
49, I
33, IV
49, Subtitle A
49, VI
15, XII

6, VI
27, I
12, I
19, I
31, VI
31, VII
41, 10
31, II
31, V
26, I
31, I
31, IV
31, Subtitle A
22, IV
22, VI; 41, 23
19, I
45, XX
50, I
19, II


United States Metric Board
United States Postal Service
United States Railway Association
United States Soldiers' and Airmen's Home
United States Travel Service
Urban Mass Transportation Administration
Veterans Administration
Wage and Hour Division
Water Resources Council
Water Resources Research, Office of
Welfare-Pension Reports, Office of Labor-Management and
Workers' Compensation Programs, Office of

Chapter 15, V 39, I 49, IX 5, XI 15, XII 49, VI 38, 1; 41, 8 29, V 18, VI 18, IV 29, IV 20, I

Redesignation Table

The following table shows the effect of redesignation and reorganization on the regulations contained in this volume. The Armed Services Procurement Regulations were republished in their entirety with no changes in numbering at 25 F.R. 14077, Dec. 31, 1960.

Subchapter A-Armed Services Procurement Regulations (as reorganized

and redesignated at 19 FR 8778, Dec. 22, 1954)

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