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Part 0 Organization of the Department of Justice. 1 Executive clemency. 2 Parole, release, supervision, and recommitment of prisoners, youth offenders,

and juvenile delinquents. 3 Gambling devices. 4 Procedure governing applications for certificates of exemption. 5 Administration and enforcement of Foreign Agents Registration Act of

1938, as amended. 6 Traffic in contraband articles in Federal penal and correctional institutions. 7 Rewards for capture of escaped Federal prisoners. 10 Registration of certain organizations carrying on activities within the United

States. 11 Registration of Communist organizations and members thereof. 12 Registration of certain persons having knowledge of foreign espionage,

counterespionage, or sabotage matters under the Act of August 1, 1956. 14 Administrative claims under Federal Tort Claims Act. 15 Defense of suits against Federal employees arising out of their operation of

motor vehicles. 16 Production or disclosure of material or information. 21 Witness fees. 41 Designation of organizations in connection with the Federal Employee

Security Program.
Nondiscrimination; equal employment opportunity; policies and procedures.
Recovery of cost of hospital and medical care and treatment furnished by

the United States.
44 Employee-Management cooperation in the Department of Justice.

Standards of conduct. 46 Employee Grievances. 47 Reconsideration and review of adverse actions in the Department of Justice. 49 Antitrust Civil Process Act. 50 Statements of policy. Appendix-Memorandum re the conflict of interest provisions of Public Law

87–849, 76 Stat. 1119, Approved October 23, 1962.

42 43


Cross References: Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury: See Customs

Duties, 19 CFR Chapter I.
Bureau of Internal Revenue, Department of the Treasury: See Internal Revenue, 26 CFR

Chapter I.
Employees' Benefits: See Title 20.
Federal Trade Commission: See Commercial Practices, 16 CFR Chapter I.
The Tax Court of the United States: See 26 CFR Chapter II.

Note: Other regulations issued by the Department of Justice appear in Title 8;Title 4.

SUPPLEMENTAL PUBLICATIONS: The official opinions of the Attorneys General of the United

States. (Op. A. G.) Irregular, 1789—; Washington, v. 14, 1852—



DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Sec. 0.0 Supersedure of prior documents and

Subpart A-Organizational Structure of the

Department of Justice Organizational units. Subpart B-Office of the Attorney General 0.5 Attorney General. 0.6 Executive Assistant. 0.7 Director of Public Information. 0.8 Committee on Incentive Awards. 0.9 Young American Medals Committee. 0.10

Fiscal Review Committee. 0.11

Approval of Executive Orders, Procla

mations, and similar Documents. Subpart Office of the Deputy Attorney General 0.15 Deputy Attorney General. 0.16 Executive Office for United States At


[blocks in formation]

Subpart D-Office of the Solicitor General 0.20 General functions. 0.21

Authorizing intervention by the Gov

ernment in certain cases.

Subpart M-Land and Natural Resources

Division 0.65 General functions. 0.66 Delegation respecting title opinions. 0.67 Delegation respecting conveyances for

public-airport purposes.

[blocks in formation]

Subpart N— Tax Division 0.70 General functions. 0.71 Delegation respecting immunity


Subpart O Administrative Division 0.75 General functions. 0.76 Libraries. 0.77 Delegations. 0.782 Authority-Civilian Employee's

Claims. 0.79 Administrative supervision over cer

tain agencies. 0.80 Authority with respect to certain

personal property. 0.81 Selection and assignment of em

ployees for training. 0.82 Appointment of grievance commit

tees. 0.83 Principal Compliance Officer. 0.84 Redelegation of authority.

[blocks in formation]

Subpart Civil Division General functions. Certain civil litigation. Alien Property matters. Subpart 1—Civil Rights Division General functions. Assistance to other Federal agencies. Special assignments.

Appendix to Subpart 0 Subpart P-Federal Bureau of Investigation 0.85 General functions. 0.86 Seizure of gambling devices. 0.87 Representation on committee for

0.45 0.46 0.47

visit-exchange. 0.88 Certificates for expenses of unforeseen


0.50 0.51 0.53

[blocks in formation]

functions and duties of certain of-

fices in case of vacancy therein.

0.133 Designating officials to perform the

functions and duties of certain of-

fices in case of absence therein or

in case of inability or disqualifica-

tion to act.

0.134 Vacancy in the Office of Director, Bu-

reau of Narcotics and Dangerous


Sec. 0.172 Approval by Attorney General of re

delegations. 0.173 continuing effect of existing delega

tions and redelegations. 0.174 Definition of "gross amount of origi

nal claim". 0.175 Interest on monetary limits. 0.178 Judgments, fines, penalties, and for

feitures. 0.179 Authority; Federal tort claims. Appendix to Subpart W— Redelegations of au

thority to compromise and close civil claims

Subpart X-Orders and Memoranda 0.180 Orders of the Attorney General. 0.181 Department memoranda. 0.182 Distribution of orders and memo

randa. 0.183 Documents of a temporary nature or

limited effect. 0.184 Submission of proposed orders to Of

fice of Legal Counsel. 0.185 Requirements for documents. 0.186 Documents issued by heads of or

ganizational units. 0.187 Permanent record and file of certain


Subpart Y-Sections and Sub-units 0.190 Changes within organizational units. 0.191 Continuance in effect of the existing

organization of departmental units. Subpart 7–Jurisdictional Disagreements 0.195 Procedure with respect to jurisdic

tional disagreements. 0.196 Procedure for resolving disagreements

concerning mail case assignments.


Subpart AA—Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous


0.200 General functions. 0.201 Redelegation of authority. 0.202 Applicability of existing departmental


AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 0 issued under 80 Stat. 379; 5 U.S.C. 301, sec. 2, Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1950, 64 Stat. 1261; 3 CFR, 1949–1953 Comp., unless otherwise noted.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part o contained in Order No. 271-62, 27 F.R. 5162, June 1, 1962; Order No. 327-64, 29 F.R. 15918, Nov. 28, 1964; Order No. 348–65, 30 F.R. 12941, Oct. 12, 1965, unless otherwise noted.

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