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$ 0.0 Supersedure of prior documents ance of certain functions relating to the and exceptions.

compensation of federal prisoners for (a) Supersedure of documents relat

injuries (26 F.R. 10574). ing to departmental organization and

(10) No. 259–62 of December 28, 1961, functions. The following-described or

concerning responsibility for performders are incorporated in this part and

ance of certain functions relating to the are hereby superseded:

Immigration and Nationality Laws (27 (1) No. 175-59 of January 19, 1959

F.R. 538). (effective April 1, 1959), relating to the

(11) No. 264-62 of March 19, 1962, organization of the Department of Jus

providing for resolution of disagreements tice (24 F.R. 2452).

concerning assignment of mail or cases. (2) No. 211-60 of September 12, 1960,

(12) No. 270-62 of May 8, 1962, relatcontaining amendments to Order No.

ing to advance and evacuation payments 175–59 of January 19, 1960 (25 F.R.

and special allowances. 8967).

Any existing delegation of authority (3) No. 218–61 of January 6, 1961, re- made pursuant to the foregoing superlating to apportionment, reapportion- seded orders shall continue in force and ment, and allotment of appropriations effect until modified or revoked: Pro(26 F.R. 311).

vided, That nothing in this section shall (4) No. 238–61 of March 17, 1961, re- be construed to modify the provisions of lating to President's Committee on Equal any other part of this title, or to modify Employment Opportunity (26 F.R. 2534). any orders or regulations of the Attor

(5) No. 241-61 of March 29, 1961, au- ney General issued pursuant to Exthorizing Assistant Attorneys General to ecutive Order No. 10450 of April 27, accept certain offers in compromise (26 1953, or No. 10501 of November 5, 1953, F.R. 2808).

as amended. (6) No. 245–61 of May 9, 1961, pro- (b) Existing delegations or assignviding for the performance of the duties ments to U.S. Attorneys or U.S. Marof certain offices in case of vacancy shals. Unless otherwise indicated herein therein (26 F.R. 4177).

this part shall not be construed as super(7) No. 247-61 of August 10, 1961, au- seding any part of any document making thorizing officers of Immigration and an assignment or delegation to United Naturalization Service to perform func- States Attorneys or United States tions of deputy marshals while accom- Marshals. panying commercial aircraft (26 F.R. 7614).

Subpart A-Organizational Structure (8) No. 249–61 of September 1, 1961, of the Department of Justice providing for transfer of the Office of Alien Property to Civil Division (26 F.R.

$ 0.1 Organizational units. 8400).

The Department of Justice shall con(9) No. 253-61 of November 2, 1961, sist of the following principal offices, delegating responsibility for perform- divisions, bureaus, and boards:


act as disbursing officers for the Office Office of the Attorney General.

of Alien Property. Office of the Deputy Attorney General.

(g) [Reserved] Office of the Solicitor General. Office of Legal Counsel.

(h) Perform or supervise the performOffice of the Pardon Attorney.

ance of other duties required by statute DIVISIONS

or Executive order. Antitrust Division.

[Order No. 271–62, 27 F.R. 5162, June 1, 1962, Civil Division.

as amended by Order No. 366-66, 31 F.R. Civil Rights Division.

10391, Aug. 2, 1966] Criminal Division. Internal Security Division.

$ 0.6 Executive Assistant. Land and Natural Resources Division. Tax Division.

The Executive Assistant to the AttorAdministrative Division.

ney General established in the Office of

the Attorney General shall: BUREAUS Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(a) Assist the Attorney General in the Bureau of Prisons.

review of Executive orders, opinions, inImmigration and Naturalization Service. terpretations, decisions of the Board of Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Immigration Appeals, pardon matters, BOARDS

antitrust complaints and consent de

crees, contracts, agreements, and proBoard of Immigration Appeals.

posed offers in compromise, and other Board of Parole.

matters submitted for the Attorney Gen[Order No. 271–62, 27 F.R. 5162, June 1, 1962,

eral's action. as amended by Order No. 397–68, 33 F.R. 9817,

(b) Exercise the power and authority July 9, 1968]

vested in the Attorney General by section 5003 of title 18 of the United States

Code, upon certification by the Director Subpart B-Office of the Attorney of the Bureau of Prisons that proper and General

adequate treatment facilities and per

sonnel are available, to contract with $ 0.5 Attorney General.

State or Territorial officials for the cusThe Attorney General shall:

tody, care, subsistence, education, treat(a) Supervise and direct the admin- ment, and training of State or Territorial istration and operation of the Depart- prisoners. ment of Justice, including the offices of (c) Perform such other duties and United States Attorneys and United functions as may be specially assigned States Marshals, which are within the from time to time by the Attorney Department of Justice.

General. (b) Represent the United States in legal matters generally.

$ 0.7 Director of Public Information. (c) Furnish advice and opinions, for- There shall be in the Office of the mal and informal, on legal matters to the Attorney General a Director of Public President and the Cabinet and to the Information who shall: heads of the executive departments and (a) Handle matters pertaining to reagencies of the Government, as provided lations with the public generally. by law.

(b) Disseminate information to the (d) Appear in person to represent the press, the radio and television services, Government in the Supreme Court of the public, members of Congress, offthe United States, or in any other court, cials of government, schools, colleges, in which he may deem it appropriate. and civic organizations.

(e) Take possession and dispose of (c) Coordinate the relations of the certain unclaimed, privately-owned, per- Department of Justice with news media. sonal property (including abandoned (d) Serve as a central agency for inproperty), under the authority dele- formation relating to the work and gated to him by the Administrator of activities of all agencies of the DepartGeneral Services (16 F.R. 7335).

ment. (f) Designate, pursuant to Executive (e) Prepare public statements and Orders No. 9788 of October 4, 1946, and news releases. No. 10254 of June 15, 1951, officers and (f) Coordinate departmental publicaagencies of the Department of Justice to tions.

$ 0.8

$ 0.10 Fiscal Review Committee.

The Fiscal Review Committee shall be a part of the Office of the Attorney General and shall be composed of the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, and the Assistant Attorney General for Administration. The Committee shall establish budget policy and review budget estimates to determine whether they conform to departmental and budget policy.

Committee on Incentive Awards. The Committee on Incentive Awards shall be a part of the Office of the Attorney General and shall:

(a) Consist of the Deputy Attorney General, who shall be the chairman thereof, the Executive Assistant to the Attorney General, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Assistant Attorney General for Administration, who shall be the Secretary of the Committee.

(b) Consider and make recommendations to the Attorney General concerning honorary awards and cash awards in excess of $500 to be granted for suggestions or inventions, sustained superior performance, or special acts or services in the public interest.

(c) Consider and make recommendations to the Attorney General for transmittal to the Civil Service Commission and the President for Presidential awards under section 304(b) of the Government Employees Incentive Awards Act, 68 Stat. 1113.

(d) Act upon recommendations for outstanding performance ratings under the Performance Rating Plan of the Department. $ 0.9 Young American Medals Commit

tee. There shall be in the Office of the Attorney General a Young American Medals Committee, which shall be composed of three members, one of whom shall be the Director of Public Information, who shall be the Executive Secretary of the Committee. The Chairman of the Committee shall be designated by the Attorney General. The Committee shall issue regulations relating to the establishment of the Young American Medal for Bravery and Young American Medal for Service provided for by the act of August 3, 1950, 64 Stat. 397, and governing the requirements and procedures for the award of such medals. The regulations of the Committee in effect on the effective date of this part shall continue in effect until amended, modified, or revoked by the Committee.

$ 0.11 Approval of Executive Orders,

Proclamations, and Similar Docu

ments. The Deputy Attorney General, the Solicitor General, and the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel are individually authorized to perform the functions vested in the Attorney General by section 2 of Executive Order No. 11030, relating to the approval of proposed Executive orders and proclamtions as to form and legality. Each of those officers is also authorized to approve as to form and legality other proposed Presidential documents which are submitted for the consideration of the Attorney General in advance of their being presented for the consideration of the President. [Order No. 276–62, 27 F.R. 6735, July 17, 1962]

Subpart C-Office of the Deputy

Attorney General $ 0.15 Deputy Attorney General.

The Deputy Attorney General is authorized to exercise all the power and authority of the Attorney General specified in $ 0.5 of Subpart B of this part, unless any such power or authority is required by law to be exercised by the Attorney General personally.

The Deputy Attorney General shall act as Attorney General and perform all the duties of the Office of Attorney General in case of a vacancy in that office or in case of the absence or disability of the Attorney General and shall:


(a) Maintain liaison between the De- shall provide general executive assistpartment and the Congress.

ance and supervision to the offices of the (b) Assist the Attorney General in United States Attorneys, and coordinate the over-all supervision and direction of and direct the relationship of agencies the Department, including coordination of the Department with such offices. of the activities of the departmental divi

Subpart DOffice of the Solicitor sions and other units.

General (c) Assist the Attorney General in the formulation of departmental policies and $ 0.20

General functions. programs, and in the development of

Subject to the general supervision and ways and means of effectuating them.

direction of the Attorney General, the (d) Keep currently informed concern

following-described matters are ing the operations of the Department, and bring to the consideration of the At

signed to, and shall be conducted, hantorney General matters requiring his

dled, or supervised by, the Solicitor Gen

eral, in consultation with each agency personal attention or action.

or official concerned: (e) Administer the Attorney General's

(a) Conducting, or assigning and suRecruitment Program for Honor Law

pervising, all Supreme Court cases, Graduates.

including appeals, petitions for and in (f) Approve Incentive Awards.

opposition to certiorari, briefs and argu(g) Prepare, for the consideration of the Attorney General, recommendations

ments, and, in accordance with $ 0.163,

settlement thereof. for Presidential appointments to judicial positions and positions within the De

(b) Authorizing or declining to aupartment.

thorize appeals by the Government to all (h) Draft proposed departmental legis

appellate courts (including petitions for lation, and except as provided in $ 0.105

rehearing en banc) and petitions to such (h), prepare and submit reports and

courts for the issuance of extraordinary recommendations on pending legislation,


(c) Authorizing the filing of all briefs in response to requests of Congressional committees or other agencies, and on

amicus curiae by the Government in all enrolled bills.

appellate courts. (i) [Reserved]

(d) Surveying and listing appellate (j) Approve per-diem allowances, con

cases in the courts of appeals in which currently with the Assistant Attorney

the Government is participating. General for Administration, for travel by [Order No. 271-62, 27 F.R. 5162, June 1, 1962, airplane, train, or boat outside the con- as amended by Order No. 395-68, 33 F.R. tinental United States in excess of the

8339, June 5, 1968] amounts fixed by paragraph 6.2c of the

$ 0.21 Authorizing intervention by the Standardized Government Travel Regu

Government in certain cases. lations. [Order No. 271-62, 27 F.R. 5164, June 1, 1962,

The Solicitor General may in consulas amended by Order No. 275–62, 27 F.R. 6735, tation with each agency or official conJuly 17, 1962]

cerned, authorize intervention by the

Government in cases involving the con$ 0.16 Executive Office for United States stitutionality of acts of Congress.

Attorneys. The Executive Office for United States Subpart E-Office of Legal Counsel Attorneys, established in the Office of the

$ 0.25 General functions. Deputy Attorney General by Order No. 8–53 of April 6, 1953, under the supcr

Subject to the general supervision and vision of the Deputy Attorney General, direction of the Attorney General, the

99-163 0-69-2

Department in all matters concerning the filing of departmental documents with the Office of the Federal Register, and (2) a certifying officer, and an alternate, to certify copies of documents (except those issued by the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization or his designee) required to be filed with the Office of the Federal Register (1 CFR 1.21).

(k) Designating a representative and an alternate representative to serve on the Interagency Committee on International Athletics established by section 1(a) of Executive Order No. 11117 of August 14, 1963.

(1) Providing guidance and assistance to personnel of the Department of Justice in matters relating to ethical conduct, particularly matters subject to the provisions of the conflict of interest laws, Executive Order No. 11222 of May 8, 1965, or Part 45 of this title. (Order No. 271–62, 27 F.R. 5162, June 1, 1962, as amended by Order No. 303–63, 28 F.R. 9387, Aug. 27, 1963; Order No. 343–65, 30 F.R. 7599, June 11, 1965; Order No. 385-67, 32 F.R. 15425, Nov. 4, 1967]

following-described matters are assigned to, and shall be conducted, handled, or supervised by, the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel:

(a) Preparing the formal opinions of the Attorney General; rendering informal opinions and legal advice to the various agencies of the Government; and assisting the Attorney General in the performance of his functions as legal adviser to the President and as a member of, and legal adviser to, the Cabinet.

(b) Preparing and making necessary revisions of proposed Executive orders and proclamations, and advising the Attorney General as to their form and legality prior to their transmission by the Attorney General to the President; and performing like functions with respect to regulations and other similar matters which require the approval of the President or the Attorney General.

(c) Approving proposed orders of the Attorney General, and orders which require the approval of the Attorney General, as to form and legality and as to consistency and conformity with existing orders and memoranda.

(d) [Reserved]

(e) Except as to proposed legislation, acting in a liaison capacity for cooperation with the Council of State Governments.

(f) Coordinating the work of the Department of Justice with respect to the participation of the United States in the United Nations and related international organizations.

(g) Rendering opinions to the Attorney General and to the heads of the various organizational units of the Department on questions of law arising in the administration of the Department.

(h) Coordinating the implementation of recommendations, pertinent to the operations of the Department of Justice, made in the Report on Legal Services and procedure by the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government.

(i) When requested, advising the Attorney General in connection with his review of decisions of the Board of Immigration Appeals and other organizational units of the Department.

(j) Designating within the Office of Legal Counsel (1) a liaison officer, and an alternate, as a representative of the

$ 0.26 Conscientious Objector Section.

There shall be in the Office of Legal Counsel a Conscientious Objector Section, which shall, under the general supervision and direction of the Office of Legal Counsel, carry out the functions, duties, and responsibilities of the Department of Justice arising under or pursuant to section 6(j) of the Universal Military Training and Service Act, as amended (50 U.S.C. App. 456(j)), in accordance with the Attorney General's Order No. 118–56 of June 9, 1956, and such other orders as the Attorney General may issue from time to time. $ 0.27 Office of Administrative Proce

dure. There shall be in the Office of Legal Counsel an Office of Administrative Procedure which shall, under the administrative direction of the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel, carry out the functions and duties assigned to it by the Attorney General's Order No. 142–57 of February 6, 1957, and such other functions and duties as the Attorney General may from time to time assign to it.

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