Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, Volumes 1-2

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Page 20 - ... available, and a Museum for the collection and exhibition of Colonial and Indian productions ; to facilitate interchange of experiences amongst persons representing all the dependencies of Great Britain; to afford opportunities for the reading of papers, and for holding discussions upon Colonial and Indian subjects generally ; and to undertake scientific, literary, and statistical investigations in connection with the British Empire. But no paper shall be read, or any discussion be permitted...
Page 29 - Ministry in this business, upon the mischief of not having large and liberal ideas in the management of great affairs. Kever have the servants of the state looked at the whole of your complicated interests in one connected view. They have taken things by bits and scraps, some at one time and one pretence, and some at another, just as they pressed, without any sort of regard to their relations or 14.
Page 30 - They never had any kind of system, right or wrong; but only invented occasionally some miserable tale for the day, in order meanly to sneak out of difficulties, into which they had proudly strutted.
Page 138 - Gentlemen, there is a sublime and friendly Destiny by which the human race is guided, — the race never dying, the individual never spared, — to results affecting masses and ages. Men are narrow and selfish, but the Genius or Destiny is not narrow, but beneficent. It is not discovered in their calculated and voluntary activity, but in what befalls, with or without their design.
Page 18 - In the multitude of people is the king's honour: but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince.
Page 150 - That her fair form may stand and shine, Make bright our days and light our dreams, Turning to scorn with lips divine The falsehood of extremes...
Page 20 - To provide a place of meeting for all gentlemen connected with the Colonies and British India, and others taking an interest in Colonial and Indian affairs ; to establish a Reading Room and Library, in which recent and authentic intelligence upon Colonial and Indian subjects may be constantly available, and a Museum for the collection and exhibition of Colonial and Indian productions ; to facilitate interchange of experiences...
Page 164 - Canada and the other British possessions in North America (now forming the Dominion), though apparently blessed with fewer physical advantages than the States to the south, contain a noble race, and are evidently reserved for a lofty destination. Everything there is in proper keeping for the development of the combined physical and mental energies of man. There are to be found at once the hardihood of character which conquers difficulties, the climate which stimulates exertion, and the natural advantages...
Page 22 - And, my Lords, it is possible with your consent, but not without (God forbid that any attempt of the sort should be made without the consent of both parties !), that some of the Colonies which now flourish under the dominion of Her Majesty, and have so much reason to be proud of that dominion, may in process of time find themselves under the stars and stripes of the flag of the United States...
Page 117 - Eccarius in the chair. The Secretary*** read the Minutes of the previous meeting which were confirmed with the alteration suggested by Lawrence.

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