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For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, and the Bureau of Reclamation, Denver Federal Center, Denver. Colo. 80225, Attention: 922. Price $4.50.


The Federal Reclamation program authorized by the Reclamation Act of 1902 was initially designed to reclaim the desert lands of the western United States by conserving and supplying irrigation water to make them productive.

Over nearly three-quarters of a century, Congress has enlarged the Bureau of Reclamation's mission to include multi-purpose water development to meet the diverse water needs of a maturing economy and an expanding population.

This publication contains a comprehensive legal history of that program evolution. It provides an invaluable reference to what has transpired in the past, as well as a vital foundation for what is yet to come.

Rogers C. B. MORTON,
Secretary of the Interior.


the Burease I, annotament. The

These volumes replace the familiar "green books” heretofore published by the Bureau of Reclamation entitled “Federal Reclamation Laws” which consist of Volume I, annotated (laws through 1946), Volume II (laws 19471958), and the 1965 supplement. The annotations in Volume I, however, have been relied upon as the basic source for interpretative material prior to 1947.

This publication has been designed as a convenient reference work for administrators, lawyers, and others interested in the Federal reclamation laws and related statutes. Although it deals primarily with matters affecting the program responsibilities of the Bureau of Reclamation, it also includes a broad selection of materials involving other Federal water and power programs.

The basic order of appearance is chronological. Acts of Congress are shown by date of enactment, interstate compacts by the date of the Act giving Congressional consent thereto, and Treaties by the date of signing. The Appendix, however, sets forth certain administrative statutes of general application as they appear in the United States Code. All citations to the United States Code are to the 1964 edition.

All amendments have been incorporated into statutes under the date of original enactment except in a few instances where convenience or popular usage have indicated other treatment. For example, the Act of September 19, 1890, relating to structures on navigable waters, was superseded by the Act of March 3, 1899, and is noted under the latter; although Title I of the Federal Power Act appears under the date of June 10, 1920, the remaining titles are shown under the Act of August 26, 1935; the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act appears under the date of August 14, 1946, rather than the Act of March 10, 1934; extracts from the Federal Tort Claims Act appear as codified by the Act of June 25, 1948, rather than as originally enacted in 1946; and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act is shown under the date of July 9, 1956, rather than under the original Act of June 30, 1948.

Amending acts are also reproduced for those statutes dealing primarily with activities of the Bureau of Reclamation, but not for secondarily related laws. Provisions which are repeated in annual appropriation acts are shown under the date of first appearance.

The Index appears in Volume III.

In order to hold down the size of this work within manageable limits, it has been necessary to exclude a number of categories of statutes (except to the extent included in the Appendix) and interpretative material, such as those dealing with personnel, contracting authority and the interpretation of individual contracts, budgeting and accounting, appropriations, Congressional investigations, and State law. References to administrative actions and policy determinations, as distinguished from the strictly legal construction of Federal law, have been omitted except in isolated cases. Annotations of decisions and opinions have been included only to the extent deemed relevant to activities of the Bureau of Reclamation.

For access to some of the omitted material the reader is referred to the following sources published by the Bureau of Reclamation: "Reclamation Project Feasibilities and Authorizations” (1957), “Supplement" (1968); “Bureau of Reclamation Appropriations Acts and Allotments” (1960), "Statistical Supplement” (1966); “Reclamation Project Data” (1961), “Supplement" (1966); and “Reclamation Repayments and Payout Schedules” (1965).

In a work of this magnitude errors and omissions are unavoidable. Suggestions for corrections and additions are invited and should be submitted to the Solicitor, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 20240.

Copies of unpublished material that is annotated may be obtained for a nominal charge in most cases by writing the Solicitor at the above address.

The cut-off date for the statutory and interpretative material included in the main text is December 31, 1966; for the Appendix, it is the end of the 90th Congress in 1968. The issuance of regular supplements is planned which, together with the initial three volumes, will provide a complete up-to-date reference work.



Washington, D.C.
July 1971.

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