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paper for.

Choctaw Indians (see also Five Civilized Page. Cigar,

Page. Tribes, Okla.),

duty on, bands, lithographically printed.. 145 appropriation for Old Goodland school,

cases, cutters, holders, etc...

149 Okla., from tribal funds...

94 Cigarette Beetle, for common schools...

95, 599

appropriation for investigating......... 433, 1104 for fulfilling treaties with.

96, 600 Cigarette Books, etc., for monument to Green McCurtain, de

duty on...

152 ceased chief of, from tribal funds...

97 Cigarettes, for paying Gabe Parker for furniture,

duty on

132 Armstrong Academy, Okla., from

152 tribal funds. 597

753 for hospital, from tribal funds..

special tax on manufactures of..

601 lands of Chickasaw and, set aside for sana


special tax on manufactures of.

753 time extended for classification of surface,

Cigars, Cigarettes, and Cheroots,
etc., of segregated coal and asphalt
duty on...,

132 lands.


withdrawal for home consumption of, made appropriation for unfinished work, from

in bonded manufacturing warehouses
tribal funde.

from imported tobacco...

198 Choctaw Indians, Miss.,

duty and internal revenue tax to be paid. 198 name of William C. Adams substituted for

stamp to indicate character, origin of Mitchell C. Adams, jr., on rolls of... 780

tobacco, and place of manufacture.. 198 Cholera,

Cinchona Bark, etc., appropriation for prevention of epidemic.. 24,

on free list...

154 624,837 alkaloids or salts of..

161 deficiency appropriation for prevention of Cincinnati, Ohio, epidemic.


appropriation for assistant treasurer's ofChosen,


476, 1018 appropriation for interpreters at consulates

condemned cannon granted to Union

452, 1125
Veteran Legion.

1204 for marshals, consular courts. 452, 1125 terms of court at....

1188 for expenses of American prisoners... 452, 1125 Cinematograph Pictures, for prison expenses.. 452, 1125

151 Chretien, Felicite Neda,

duty on negative films for.
positive films for..

151 payment of Court of Claims findings to administratrix of..


Cinnamon, Christ Church On-the-Hill, Poplar, Mont.,

duty on, chips...

135 land granted to....


117 Christ Episcopal Church, S. C.,


137 payment of Court of Claims findings to.... 981 Circuit Courts of Appeals, Christianson, Bernard,

appropriation for circuit judges.. 506, 1047 pension.

for clerks.

506, 1047 Christman, Frederika L. M. (widow),

for messenger, etc., eighth circuit.... 506, 1047 pension increased.. 1406 for law books, etc., for..

507, 1048 Christy, William D.,

cases in appeals and writs of error from pension increased.


supreme courts of Hawaii and Porto Chromate of Iron, or Chromic Ore,


804 on free list..

156 decrees, etc., in bankruptcy proceedings Chrome Brick,

and cases, and controversies arising duty on.

in, final...

804 Chrome or Chromium Metal,

review and determination by certiorari duty on.


from Supreme Court allowed; conChrome, Yellow, Green, and all Chromium


804 Colors,

jurisdiction to review final decisions of duty on.

district courts.

803 Chromic Acid,

extended to Porto Rico..

803 on free list.. 152 exceptions.....

803 Chromium,

decisions final in designated cases. 803 on free list, hydroxide of, crude.... 156 trade-mark appeals added.,

804 Chronometers,

orders to prevent unfair methods of comduty on, and parts thereof..


petition in commerce to be enforced Chugach National Forest, Alaska,


720 appropriation for maintenance, etc., of. 426, 1096 application of Federal Trade Commission Church, Albert L.,

for; transmittal of findings..... 720 pension increased.

1272 decree on findings; modifications by Church, Cora J. (daughter),


720 pension..

1365 to be final; review by Supreme Court. 720 Church, Orange S.,

applications to set aside; procedure..... 720 pension increased. 1389 exclusive jurisdiction in..

720 Churchill, John A.,

precedence and expediting to be given.. 720 pension increased.. 1575 antitrust liabilities not affected...

721 Chute, Levi,

jurisdiction, etc., in enforcing provisions pension increased.

of Antitrust Act....

735 Cider,

judgment and decrees final.

735 duty on......


133 review by Supreme Court..

Circuit Courts of AppealsContinued. Page. City Delivery, Postal Service-Continued. Page. jurisdiction, etc., to enforce, set aside, or

deficiency appropriation for supplies...... 796 modify orders of Commission' or

for carriers, etc..

1159 Board final...

736 allowance in case of injury, etc., to carrier to decide appeals from district courts on

while on duty.....

301 questions of law in awards of boards

carriers assigned to collection service and of arbitration of railway employees'

pay reduced, to have grade restored. 1227 controversies...

107 experimental combined wagon and city Circuit Judges,

collection and delivery service auappropriation for....

506, 1047

300 for expenses, outside official residence 55, City Refuse, D. C.,

654, 867

appropriation for disposal of; night soil... 529, 904 Circuits, Judicial,

for investigating plans for collecting, etc. 529 districts included in first; Porto Rico added 803 | City, Roscoe, Circuses,


1596 special tax imposed on proprietors of.... 751 Civet, payment required for each State, etc.... 751 duty on.

118 Citizens in Merico, American,


117 appropriation for relief, etc., of..... 238, 346

Civic Leagues, etc., deficiency appropriation for relief, etc.... 208 income tax not levied on, not organized for reimbursing Army for relief, etc.,

for profit, etc....

172 destitute ..

313 Civil Service Commission. Citizens Trust and Guaranty Company,

appropriation for Commissioners, secredeficiency appropriation for payment to;

tary, clerks, etc..

465, 1007 indemnity bond.. 321 for field examiners, etc.

465, 1007 Citizenship,

details from executive departments admission of aliens serving in Navy, etc.,


465, 1007 to, without previous declaration of

transfer of employees..

465, 1007 intention... 395 for xpert examiners.

465, 1007 established, of George Edward Lerrigo.... 1476 for establishing, etc., system of effirequirement for watch officers of vessels

ciency ratings...

465 registered for foreign commerce may

report as to administrative needs of
be suspended; conditions..

the service...

465 suits in United States courts based on di

restriction on pay:

465 verse, the fact may be shown at any

for Division of Efficiency.

1007 stage..

956 appointment of chief by the President; Citric Acid,

duties, etc.

1008 duty on.... 114 for traveling, etc., expenses..

465, 1008 Citron or Citron Peel,

details for ratings, etc., in departduty on...

ments suspended...

465 Citronella or Lemon Grass,

for expenses of examinations, fourthduty on, oil .....

class postmasters..

46U Citrus Canker,

for field examiners for local boards, deficiency appropriation for investigating,


466, 1008 797 for contingent expenses.

492, 1033 Citrus Fruits (see also Tropical Fruits),

for rent

493, 1034 appropriation for investigating insects

for printing and binding for......... 69, 672, 880 affecting.....

433, 1104 deficiency appropriation for expenses of for improving methods of utilizing by

examinations, fourth class post-
products of...


208 City Delivery Division, Post Office Department,

for traveling, etc., expenses. appropriation for superintendent, clerks,

for stationery..

312 495, 1036 for printing and binding..

328, 1154 City Delivery, Postal Service,

Civil Service Laws, etc., appropriation for letter carriers..

299 collectors of internal revenue, and marpromotions.....


shals may appoint, etc., bonded for substitute, auxiliary, and temporary

deputies without regard to....... 208 carriers..

299 Civil War, Women of the, for new offices...

299 deficiency appropriation for memorial pay of substitutes rated.


building in District of Columbia, to for horse hire and vehicles.

commemorate services of..

233 for car fare and bicycles...

299 personnel of commission, erecting monufor street car collections..

ment to..

326 for Detroit River service.

299 Clack, Thomas J., for incidental expenses..

pension increased.....

1381 for special delivery:

299 Clackamas, Oreg., for experimental,' in minor towns and

appropriation for new fish cultural station. 665 villages....

299 sale of old fich hatchery site; proceeds. 665 for supplies..

303 Claims (see also Omnibus Claims Act), deficiency appropriation for.

333 appropriation for expenses, defending for substitute, etc., carriers.

236, 324
suits in..

5, 652, 865 for horse hire, etc.. 324 for defense in French spoliation..

52, 652 for car fare and bicycles.

324 for defense in Indian depredation.. 52, 652, 865 for carriers, etc., new offices..

324 for arbitrating outstanding British and for special delivery fees..

573, 578
American pecuniary..



312, 795



Page. Clark, Invina G. (widow),

Page. deficiency appropriation for paying judg.

pension increased.

1243 ments, Court of Claims.... 228, 328, 1154 Clark, Mahala M. (widow), for paying Indian depredation. 228, pension..

1272 329, 576, 1154 Clark, Mark, for paying, certified by accounting offi pension increased.

1233 229, 330,576, 1155 Clark, Mary E. (uidow), for arbitrating outstanding British and pension increased..

1580 American pecuniary...

313 Clark, Mary J. (widow), convention between American Republics

pension increased..

1318 for arbitration of....


Clark, Michael A., for Army service prior to April 13, 1861,

pension increased.

1446 not barred by disloyalty.

454 Clark, Matilda D. (widou, payment of, for damages by collisions with

pension increased..

1603 naval vessels, etc.....

1451 Clark, Robert S., reinstatement of Indian depredation, dis

pension increased..

1524 missed by Court of Claims for want of Clark, S. N.,

proof of citizenship or for alienage.. 791 payment of Court of Claims findinge to adlimitations...

ministrator of......

976 Clair, New Brunswick,

Clark, Sarah G., bridge authorized across Saint John River,

payment of Court of Claims findings to adbetween Fort Kent, Me., and..... 581

ministrator of....

976 Clapboards,

Clark, Seth, on free list, wood.

pension increased..

1344 Clapper, Alice (widow),

Clark, Stephen D., pension..

1380 payment of Court of Claims findings to... 972 Clare, William A. N.,

Clark, Thomas, pension increased.

pension increased..

1584 Claremore, Okla., condemned cannon granted to...

Clark, William,

1210 Clark, Agnes (widow),

pension increased..

1480 pension increased..

Clark, Willis D. (father),

1357 Clark, Ai,


1446 pension increased.

Clarke County, Wash.,

1520 Clark, Alexander M.,

Multnomah County, Oreg., and, may pension.....


bridge Columbia River at VanClark, Annia (widow),

couver, Wash....


Clarke, Thomas, pension increased.

1587 Clark, Benjamin,

pension increased.

1301 pension inc reased.


Clarks Fork River, Idaho,
Clark, Benjamin F.,

preliminary examination, etc., of, to be

1062 pension increased.

... 1417 Clark, C. C., Indian Farmer,

Clarksburg, W. Va.,
terms of court at..

702 appropriation for reimbursement to...... 99 Clark, Charles L.,

Clarksburg; W. Va., Methodist Episcopal

Church South, payment of Court of Claims findings to heir of.....

994 972

payment of Court of Claims findings to... Clark, Charles M.,

Clarksburg, W. Va., Presbyterian Church, military record corrected.


payment of Court of Claims adings to.... 994 Clark, Eliza A. (widow),

Clarksdale, Miss., pension....


appropriation for public building.. 7,610 Clark, Eliza M. (widow),

Clarksville, Ark., Methodist Episcopal Church pension increased.


South, Clark, Ephram,

payment of Court of Claims findings to... 965 pension increased.

Clarksville, Tenn., Cumberland Presbyterian 1247

Church, Clark, Felix,

986 pension increased.

payment of Court of Claims findings to...

1501 Clark, George P.,

Clarksville, Tex.,

7 pension increased..


appropriation for public building... Clark, James,

Clasp Knives,
duty on..

126 pension increased.

1254 Clark, James H.,

Clasps, pension increased.

duty on, button, iron or steel...

128 Clark, James S.,


125 payment to legal representatives of........ 1548 Classification Division, Post Office Department, Clark, John E.,

appropriation for superintendent, etc.. 495, 1037 pension increased..


Clatskanie River, Oreg., Clark, John F.,

preliminary examination, etc., of, to be pension increased..


1062 Clark, John W.,

Claus, Frederick, pension increased.. 1480 pension increased.

1337 Clark, Larkin,

Clay County, Mo., payment of Court of Claims findings to ad

may bridge Saint Francis River at Saint
ministrator of....



1226 Clif Stone,

Clay, Henry,
Page. Cleveland National Forest, Cal.,

Page. pension increased...

1537 appropriation for maintenance, etc., of. 426, 1097 Clays,

Cleveland, Ohio, duty on china or kaolin...

120 appropriation for improvement of harbor.. 36 unwrought, not specially provided for.. 120 for mail chutes, public building ..... 714, 823

wrought, etc., not specially provided for 120 deficiency, appropriation for fog signal on free list, common blue, for crucibles...


224 Gross-Almerode glass-pot... 156 terms of court at..

1187 Clays, etc.,

Cleveland, Tenn., Masonic Lodge, appropriation for investigating structural

payment of Court of Claims findings to.... 986 materials of.

503, 1044 Cleveland, Tenn., Methodist Episcopal Church, Clayton, Charles,

South, pension increased..

1557 payment of Court of Claims findings to.... 986 Clearances, Shipping,

Cleveland Yacht Club Company, to be withheld from vessel believed to be

may bridge Rocky River, Lakewood to carrying supplies, etc., to belliger

Rocky River, Ohio..

1216 ents. punishment for departing without... 1226

on free list, unmanufactured, etc.... 162 enforcement of provisions by land or naval Clifford, Emery W., forces...

pension increased.

1511 jurisdiction included.


Clifton, Harold L., Clearman, William L.

pension increased.

1447 payment of Court of Claims findings to ex

Clifton, Tenn., Cumberland Presbyterian ecutors of....


Church, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho,

payment of Court of Claims findings to.... 986 appropriation for maintenance, etc., of. 426, 1097 Clifton, Tenn., Masonic Lodge, Clements, Ellen A. (widow),

payment of Court of Claims findings to.... 986 pension increased.

1257 Cline, Juriah (widow), Clements, Eugene F.,

pension increased.

1539 pension..

1602 Clingerman, Martha P. (daughter), Clemmerts, Peter S.,


1485 payment of Court of Claims findings to ad

Clinton Ind., ministrator of.

979 Clerical Assistance, etc., to Senators,

deficiency appropriation for public build-

560 appropriation for..

457, 1000

Clinion, Me., deficiency appropriation for..

1152 Clerk Hire, Members, Delegates, and Resident

condemned cannon granted to Grand Army Commissioners,


1208 appropriation for..

461, 1003 Clinton, Mo.. clerks to be placed on roll of employees;

condemned cannon granted to......... 1209 appointment, etc.

461, 1004

Clinton River, Mich., salaries for December, 1913, to be paid De

preliminary examination, etc., of, to be
cember 20....


1060 for October, 1914, to be paid on day of

Clinton, S. C., adjournment..


deficiency appropriation for public buildfor December, 1914, to be paid December

ing... 22.


Clinton, Sarah A. Clerk of the House of Representatives,

repayment for timber and stone entries by. 1475 appropriation for, clerks, etc.

459, 1001

Clock Čases, Clerks and Messengers to Committees, Senate,

duty on, china, not ornamented...... 121

121 appropriation for

455, 997

ornamented, etc... Clerks at Embassies and Legations,

earthenware, non vitrified, not deco


rated, etc. appropriation for.. 444, 1117

120 Clerks, Messengers, and Janitors to Committees,

decorated, etc. House of Representatives,

Clock Dials, appropriation for...

459, 1001

on free list, white glass enamel for....... 157 Clerks, Messengers, etc., Army,

Clock Movements, appropriation for, at headquarters, etc.. 355, 1067 duty on lever...

129 for additional pay on foreign service...355, 1067 marking required on..

129 increase of pay for service in Philip

Clock, William,
355, 1067 pension increased..

employment of Filipinos at lower Clocks,

355, 1067
duty on..

129 duty in War Department by, forbidden. 356, 1067 jewels for movements of..

129 Clerks to Committees, House of Representatives, Clopton, Atwell J., appropriation for, session...

460, 1002 deficiency appropriation for extra services. 1152 Clerks, United States Courts,

Close, Frederick J., appropriation for fees...

54, 654, 867 appointed on Board of Managers, Volunfor assistance in naturalization cases 66, 667, 878

teer Soldiers' Home..

780 deficiency appropriation for fees... 233, 333, 1158 Close, Myron C., double fees, etc., repealed, Oregon, Monpension increased...

1248 tana, and Washington Districts.... 654 | Cloth, Cleveland, Elizabeth H.,

duty on, angora goat hair, etc.

143 payment of Court of Claims findings to.... 984 cattle hair or horse hair..







Coal and Transportation, Navy-Continued. Page. duty on, cotton, determination of

138 deficiency appropriation for.. bleached, etc..


569,577, 1146, 1156 filled or coated..


expenses of naval auxiliaries to be paid not bleached, etc.


from, when transportation by caroilcloth..

riers is excessive..

944 tracing..

139 Coal Depots, Naval (see Fuel Depots, Naval). waterproof.

139 Coal Lands, silk stripes..

patents issued with reservation if, to be
silk-striped sleeve linings.

'superseded by unrestricted ones,

window hollande..

land classified as noncoal.

336 cotton, etc., and silk.


provisions for surveys, leases, etc., of, in crinoline...


741 for button forms...

147 Coal Lands, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, hair and hair press cloth..


N. Dak., hair press, not specially provided for. 142 surface entries allowed on reserved.... 681 shirting, of flax, hemp, etc..

appraisal, classification, etc..

682 waterproof, of cotton, etc.

139 Coal Tar, woolen, not specially provided for.. 142 duty on, distillates, not specially provided Cloth-Lined Paper,


115 duty on..


not medicinal, nor colors or dyes 115 Clothing (see Wearing Apparel).

dyes or colors, not specially provided for. 115 Clothing, Army,

products, not medicinal, colors or dyes.. 115 appropriation for, cloth, manufacture,

not colors or dyes, not specially pro-

366, 1078
vided for....

115 for indemnity for destroyed, etc..... 366, 1078 on free list, crude.

156 deficiency appropriation for.. 331 dead oil....

156 for reimbursing relief of flood sufferers,

pitch of..

156 etc., 1913.

products of, anthracene, etc.

156 Clothing, Marine Corps,

wood or other...

156 appropriation for..

411, 949 Coals, Lignites, etc., Clothing, Ready Made,

appropriation for analyzing, etc.. ..... 48, 647 duty on, cotton, etc., not specially provided Coast and Geodetic Survey, for.


appropriation for; advances.. 58, 659, 871 silk..

144 for field expenses, Atlantic and Gulf woolen...


58, 659, 871 Cloths,

limit, outlying islands, etc. 59, 659, 871 duty on mop.. 140 for Pacific Coast.

59, 659, 872 polishing

140 for hydrographic researches, etc... 59, 659, 872 Clough, Daniel W.,

for offshore soundings, Coast Pilot, etc... 59. pension increased....

... 1299 Clover,

for magnetic observations, etc... 59, 659, 872 appropriation for improvement of, etc.. 423, 1092 points to State surveys..

59, 659, 872 Cloves,

for special surveys.

59, 659, 872 duty on.. 135 for miscellaneous.

59, 659, 872 stems, unground.

135 delegates, International Geodetic asCloyd, J. W.,


59, 872 payment of Court of Claims findings to ad

for vessels, repairs, etc...

59, 660, 872 ministrator of.

982 for vessels, officers, and men... 59, 660, 872 Cloyed, Benjamin,

transfer of discarded instruments to pension increased..

Smithsonian Institution.

661 Coach Lace,

for Superintendent, assistants, etc. 59, 660, 872 duty on. · 149 for office force..

59, 660, 872 Coagar, T. J.,

for office expenses.

60, 660, 873 payment of Court of Claims findings to.... 995 for freight elevator.

60 Coal,

for rebuilding printing rooms.

661 on free list, anthracite..... 156 for one-story building.

661 bituminous. 156 for two new vessels..

873 briquets..

156 for printing and binding for. 69, 673, 881 coke....

156 deficiency appropriations for party ex. culm..


231, 1158 fuel compositions of.

156 survey of natural oyster beds, etc., in shale..


waters of Texas by, authorized...... 1196 slack..

156 Coast Artillery, Army, Coal and Asphalt Lands, Okla.,

appropriation for commercial telephone classification, appraisement, etc., of Choc


353, 1065 taw and Chickasaw, to be completed

for equipment of Organized Militia with by December 1, 1913.


dummy guns, etc.. time extended for classification, etc., of Coast Artillery School, Fort Monroe, Va.,

segregated Choctaw and Chickasaw, 767 appropriation for incidental expenses.. 352, 1064 appropriation for expenses. 707 for materials, apparatus, etc..

352, 1064 Coal and Transportation, Navy,

Coast Artillery War Instruction, appropriation for, fuel handling, mainte

appropriation for installation, etc., of nance of depots, water, etc....... 405, 944

methods of..


659, 872


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