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Propelling power de ART. XIV. When vessels are fitted with fixed coal bunkers or with fuel-oil tanks or fixed bunkers, or hav

ath double-bottom fuel compartments which can not be used to stow cargo or stores, and ing fuel-oil compart- when such bunkers, tanks, and fuel compartments have been certified by official ments that can not b3 marking to be spaces for the vessel's fuel, the deduction for propelling power may used to stow cargo or either be in accordance with the provisions of Article XIII above, or by deducting stores.

the actual tonnage of the spaces enumerated in Art. XII, Sec. 2 as measured in accordance with the following provisions, as the owner of the vessel may elect: Measure the mean length of the engine and boiler room, including the coal bunkers. Ascertain the area of three transverse sections of the ship (as set forth in the rules given in Articles VIII or IX for the calculation of the gross tonnage) to the deck which covers the engine. One of these three sections must pass through the middle of the aforesaid length, and the two others through the two extremities. Add to the sum of the two extreme sections four times the middle one, and multiply the sum thus obtained by the third of the distance between the sections. This product divided by 100 if the measurements are taken in English feet, or by 2.83 if they are taken in meters, gives the tonnage of the space measured. If the engines, boilers, and bunkers are in separate compartments, measure each compartment, as above set forth, and add together the results of the several measurements. The bunkers measured for fuel deductions shall include only those bunkers that are absolutely permanent, from which the coal can be trimmed directly into the engine room or stokehole, and into which access can be obtained only through the ordinary coal chutes on deck and from doors opening into the engine room or stokehole. Thwartship bunkers that can be in any way extended are not to be included in the measurements for deductions. When any portion of the engine or boiler rooms is occupied by a tank for fresh water. the space considered to be within the engine and boiler rooms shall be reduced by the space taken up by the tank for fresh water.

The contents of the shaft trunk shall be measured by ascertaining, and multiplying together, the mean length, breadth, and height. The product divided by 100, or 2.83, according as the measurements are taken in English feet or in meters, gives the tonnage of such space. When the shafts of screw propellers pass through open Apaces not inclosed within tunnels, the spaces allowed in lieu of tunnels must be of reasonable dimensions suitable for the vessel in question.

The tonnage of the following spaces below the deck or covering of the first or lowest tier of side-to-side erections, if any, on the upper deck, as defined by Art. IV, section 3, is ascertained by the same method, viz: (a) The spaces framed in around the funnels. (6) The spaces required for the admission of light and air into the engine room. (c) The spaces, if any, necessary for the proper working of the engines. RULES APPLYING TO VESSELS OF WAR, OTHER THAN ARMY AND NAVY TRANSPORTS, COLLIERS, SUPPLY SHIPS, AND HOSPITAL - SHIPS.

1) Spaces occupied by the donkey engine and boiler when used in connection with the main engines for propelling the ship and when situated within the boundary of the engine room or of the casing above the engine room. (e) Fuel-oil tanks and double

bottom compartments fitted for the stowage of fuel oil. No space may be de ART. XV. Under no circumstances shall any space which has not been included ducted unless included in the gross tonnage be deducted from gross tonnage. in gross tonnage.

Deducted spaces, it The use of the whole or any portion of a deducted space, other than fuel spaces used, must be added to deducted under Article XIII, to stow cargo of any kind or stores other than boatswain's net tonnage.

stores, or to provide passenger accommodations, shall be evidence that the entire space thus wholly or partially occupied is a part of the actual earning capacity of the ship, and the entire space shall be added to, and become a permanent part of, the net

tonnage upon which Panama Canal tolls shall be collected Officials that may ART. XVI. Only such officials as are authorized in the several foreign countries measure vessels and and in the United States to measure vessels and to issue tonnage certificates for purissue certificates.

poses of national registry, and such other officials as are authorized by the President of the United States, or by those acting for him, to measure vessels and to issue Panama Canal tonnage certificates, shall have authority to measure vessels for Panama naviga

tion or to issue Panama tonnage certificates." Tonnage certificates ART. XVII. Tonnage certificates presented at the Panama Canal shall be subject issued under these rules to

rules to correction by the official or officials authorized by the President of the United may be corrected by officials at the Panama States, or by those acting for him, to administer these measurement rules, in so far as Canal.

may be necessary to make the certificates conform to these rules. Panama Canal ton- ART XVIII. The Panama Canal tonnage certificates issued by the measurement nage certificates

authorities of the United States and the several foreign countries shall correspond in substance and form to the sample certificate appended to these rules. Blank certificates in English will be furnished by the Secretary of War or the Governor of the Panama Canal upon request of the measurement authorities of foreign countries. The measurement authorities of any foreign country may also provide themselves with Panama Canal measurement certificates printed in English or in the language of the foreign country, provided such certificates strictly correspond in substance and form to the sample certificate appended to these rules.

ART. XIX. The toll on warships, other than Army and Navy transports, colliers, Tolls upon warships supply ships, and hospital ships, shall be based upon their tonnage of actual displaces

shall be levied upon

actual displacement ment at the time of their application for passage through the canal. The displace-upon arrival at canal. ment tonnage of such warships shall be their displacement before the vessels have taken on such coal, fuel oil, stores, or supplies as may be purchased and taken on board after arrival at the canal for transit through the same.

ART. XX. “Warships” in the meaning of Articles XIX to XXIV shall be consid- "Warships" defined. ered to be all vessels of war, other than Army and Navy transports, colliers, hospital ships, and supply ships, as defined in Article I. Warships are vessels of Government ownership that are being employed by their owners for military or naval purposes.

ART. XXI. Every warship, other than Army and Navy transports, colliers, sup- dor determination of ply ships, and hospital ships (as defined in Art. I) upon applying for passage through anchor at station desig the Panama Canal shall, in order to facilitate the ascertainment of its mean draft, be nated by governor of anchored or placed at such station or location as shall be designated by the Governor Panama Canal. of the Panama Canal or by the officials authorized to act for him. ART. XXII. The commander of every warship, other than Army and Navy trans

Commander of each

warship to exhibit vesports, colliers, supply ships, and hospital ships (as defined in Art. 1), applying for sel’s displacement scale passage through the Panama Canal shall exhibit for examination by the Governor of and curves. the Panama Canal or by the officials authorized to act for the Governor of the Panama Canal an official document containing the vessel's curve of displacement, its curves for addition to displacement for change of trim, and a scale so arranged that the displacement at any given mean draft is shown. Such document or documents shall be issued and be certified as correct by competent authorities of the Government to which the vessel belongs. ART. XXIII. The actual displacement of warships shall be determined from their to Actual. displacement

to be determined, and official displacement scale and curves, and shall be expressed in tons of 2,240 pounds. to be expressed in ton Should the displacement scale and curves of a warship show or state the vessel's dis- of 2,240 pounds. placement tonnage in metric tons of 2,204.62 pounds, the tonnage so expressed shall be multiplied by 0.9842 for the purpose of converting the tonnage into tons of 2,240 pounds. ART. XXIV. Should any warship, other than Army and Navy transports, colliers, di

Rule for determining

displacement of a war supply ships, and hospital ships (as defined in Article I) apply for passage through ship not supplied with the Panama Canal and, for reasons satisfactory to the Governor of the Panama Canal, displacement scale and not have on board the duly certified document or documents specified in Article curves. XXII. the Governor of the Panama Canal, or the officials authorized to act for him. shall then determine the displacement of the vessel, using such reliable data as may be available, or by taking such dimensions of the vessel and using such approximate methods as may be considered necessary and practicable. The displacement tanDage so determined shall be considered to be the displacement of the vessel.




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6) Bridge space................................
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