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List of Abbreviations to be used in Radio Communications Continued.

Abbre viation.


Answer or Notice.

QRL Are you receiving badly? Shall I send 20 I am receiving badly. Please send 20 for adjustmenti

for adjustment: QRM Are you being interfered with?

I am being interfered with.
Are the atmospherics strong?

Atmospherics are very strong.
QRO Shall I increase power?

Increase power. ORP Shall I decrease power?

Decrease power. QRQ Bhall I send faster?

Sand faster.
QRS Shall I send slower?

Bend slower.
Shall I stop sending?

Stop sending.
QRU Have you anything for mor

I have nothing for you.
Are you ready?

I am ready. All right now.
OR W Are you busy?

I am busy (or, I am busy with ......). Please

do not interfero. QRX Shall I stand by?

Stand by. I will call you when required. ORY When will be my turul

Your turn will be No. QRZ Are my signals weak?

Your signals are weak. QSA Are my signals strong?

Your signals are strong.
(Ls my tone bad?

The tone is bad.
Is my spark bad?

The spark is bad.
QBC Is my spacing bad?

Your spacing is bad.
QAD What is your time?

My time is
QSF Is transmission to be in alternato order or in Transmission will be in alternate order.

series? QSG

Transmission will be in series of 5 messages. QBA

Transmission will be in series of 10 messages. OBJ What rate shall I collect for

Collect QBK Is the last radiogram cancellod?

The last radiogram is cancelled. OBL Did you get my receipt?

Please acknowledge. QSH What is your true course?

My true course is ...... degrees.
Q8N Are you in communication with land?

I am not in communication with land.
QSO Are you in communication with any ship or sta- I am in communication with (through

tion (or: with ......)?
QSP Shall I informa that you are calling him? Inform that I am calling him.
OsQ Is ...... calling met

You are being called by QSR Will you forward the radiogram!

I will forward the radiogram.
QST Have you received the general call!

General call to all stations.
Please call me when you have Anished (or: at WW call when I have finished.

QBV is public correspondence being handled? Publio correspondence is being handled. Please

do not interfere. Q8W Shall I increase my spark frequency?

Increase your spark frequency.
QBY Shall I send on a wavo length ol...... meters? Let us change to the wave length of

Shall I decrease my spark frequency?

Decrease your spark frequency.


Public correspondence is any radio work, official or private, handled on commercial wave lengths.

When an abbreviation is followed by a mark of interrogation, it refers to the question indicated for that abbreviation.





What is the name of your station?
B Q R A Campania This is the Campania.
A Q R G?

To what line do you belong?
B Q R G Cunard Q RZ I belong to the Cunard Line. Your signals are weak.

Station A then increases the power of its transmitter and sends:
A Q R K?

How are you receiving? B Q R K

I am receiving well. Q RB 80

The distance between our stations is 80 nautical miles. Q R C 62

My true bearing is 62 degrees, etc. Extract from the International Telegraph Convention, signed at St. Petersburg, July International tele. 10-22, 1875.

graph con vention.

Ante, pp. 1676, 1710. (See Article 17 of the convention.)

The High Contracting Parties concede to all persons the right to correspond by

Right of correspondmeans of the international telegraphs.



Secrecy and safe transmission.

They bind themselves to take all the necessary measures for the purpose of insuring the secrecy of the correspondence and its safe transmission.

[blocks in formation]

They declare, nevertheless, that they accept no responsibility as regards the international telegraph service.


Classes of telegrams.


Telegrams are classed in three categories:

1. State telegrams: those emanating from the Head of the Nation, the Ministers, the Commanders-in-Chief of the Army and Naval forces, and the Diplomatic or Consular Agents of the Contracting Governments, as well as the answers to such telegrams.

2. Service telegrams: those which emanate from the Managements of the Telegraph Service of the Contracting States and which relate either to the international telegraph service or to subjects of public interest determined jointly by such Managements.

3. Private telegrams.
In the transmission, the State telegrams shall have precedence over other telegrams.



Use of secret lan

State telegrams and service telegrams may be issued in secret language, in any comguage.


Private telegrams may be exchanged in secret language between two States which admit of this mode of correspondence.

The States which do not admit of private telegrams in secret language upon the expedition or arrival of the same, shall allow them to pass in transit, except in the casé of suspension defined in article 8.

ARTICLE 7. Stoppage of private telegrams.

The High Contracting Parties reserve the right to stop the transmission of any private telegram which may appear dangerous to the safety of the State, or which may be contrary to the laws of the country, to public order or good morals.

ARTICLE 8. Suspension of serv

Each Government also reserves the right to suspend the international telegraph ice.

service for an indefinite period, if deemed necessary by it, either generally, or only over certain lines and for certain classes of correspondence, of which such Government shall immediately notify all the other Contracting Governments.


Free service.

Telegrams relating to the international telegraph service of the Contracting States shall be transmitted free of charge over the entire systems of such States.



The High Contracting Parties shall render accounts to one another of the charges collected by each of them.

ARTICLE 17. The High Contracting Parties reserve respectively the right to enter among themselves into special arrangements of any kind with regard to points of the service which do not interest the States generally.

Special arrangemenata,

Arbitration Convention between the United States and Uruguay. January 9, 1909.

Signed at Washington, January 9, 1909; ratification advised by the Senate, January 13, 1909; ratified by the President, March 1, 1909; ratified by Uruguay, June 27, 1913; ratifications exchanged at Washington, November 14, 1913; proclaimed, November 15, 1913.



Arbitration with Uruguay.

Whereas an Arbitration Convention between the United States of America and the Republic of Uruguay was concluded and signed by Preamble. their respective Plenipotentiaries at Washington, on the ninth day of January, one thousand nine hundred and nine, the original of which Convention, being in the English and Spanish languages, is word for word as follows: The Government of the United El Gobierno de la República

Contracting Powers. States of America, signatory of del Uruguay adherente al conthe two conventions for the Pa- venio de Julio 29 de 1899, y sig. Vol. 36, p. 2199.

Vol. 32, p. 1779. cific Settlement of International natario del de Octubre 18 de 1907, Disputes, concluded at The ajustados en El Haya para el Hague, respectively, on July 29, arreglo pacífico de conflictos in1899, and October 18, 1907, and ternacionales, y el Gobierno de los the Government of the Republic Estados Unidos de América, sigof Uruguay, adherent to the said natario de ambos convenios; convention of July 29, 1899, and signatory of the said convention of October 18, 1907;

Taking into consideration that Tomando en consideración que by Article XIX of the conven- con arreglo á los artículos XIX

Vol. 32, p. 1789. tion of July 29, 1899, and by Ar- del convenio de 29 de Julio de

Vol. 36, p. 2221. ticle XL of the convention of 1899, y XL del convenio de OcOctober 18, 1907, the High Con- tubre 18 de 1907, las Altas Partes tracting Parties have reserved to Contratantes se han reservado el themselves the right of conclud- derecho de ajustar acuerdos, con ing Agreements, with a view to objeto de acudir al arbitrage en referring to arbitration all ques- todas las cuestiones que considtions which they shall consider eren posible someter å este propossible to submit to such treat- cedimiento; ment;

Have authorized the Under- Han autorizado á los infrasigned to conclude the following scritos para concluir el siguiente Convention:


[blocks in formation]

Differences which may arise of Las diferencias de carácter le- Certain disputes to a legal nature, or relating to the gal ó relativas á la interpre- manent Court of Arbiinterpretation of treaties exist- tación de tratados existentes entre tration at The Hague. ing between the two Contracting las dos Partes Contratantes, que Parties, and which it may not puedan suscitarse entre ambas y have been possible to settle by que no haya sido posible arreglar diplomacy, shall be referred to por la via diplomática, serán the Permanent Court of Arbitra- sometidas al Tribunal Permation established at The Hague by nente de Arbitrage establecido en

be submitted to Per

96497°-VOL 38—PT 2-33

the convention of the 29th July, El Haya por el convenio de 29 de 1899, for the pacific settlement of Julio de 1899, para el arreglo painternational disputes, and main- cífico de conflictos

internatained by The Hague Convention cionales y mantenido por el conof the 18th October, 1907; pro- venio de El Haya de 18 de Ocvided, nevertheless, that they do tubre de 1907, siempre que no not affect the vital interests, the afecten los intereses vitales, la inindependence, or the honor of the dependencia, ó la honra de Los two Contracting States, and do Estados Contratantes y no comnot concern the interests of third prometan los intereses de terceras Parties.


[blocks in formation]

Special agreements In each individual case the En cada caso particular las
defining matters in
dispute, etc. High Contracting Parties, before Altas Partes Contratantes, antes

appealing to the Permanent Court de apelar al Tribunal Permanente
of Arbitration, shall conclude de Arbitrage, firmarán un com-
a special Agreement, defining promiso especial que determine
clearly the matter in dispute, the claramente la materia del litigio,
scope of the powers of the arbi- el alcance de los poderes de los
trators, and the periods to be fixed arbitros, y los plazos que se fijen
for the formation of the Arbitral para la constitución del Tribunal
Tribunal and the several stages Arbitral y sus procedimientos.
of the procedure. It is under- Queda entendido que
stood that on the part of the acuerdos especiales, en lo que con-
United States such special agree- cierne al Uruguay quedan sujetos
m will be made by the Presi- á las formalides requeridas por
dent of the United States, by and su constitución y leyes, y por lo
with the advice and consent of que toca á los Estados Unidos, los
the Senate thereof, and on the llevará a cabo el Presidente de
part of Uruguay shall be subject los Estados Unidos con el acuerdo
to the procedure required by the y consentimiento del Senado.
Constitution and laws thereof.

[blocks in formation]


The present Convention is con- El presento acuerdo subsistirá cluded for a period of five years por un período de cinco años y and shall remain in force there- permanecerá en vigor hasta un after until one year's notice of año despues de que cualquiera de termination shall be given by las Partes haya notificado á la either Party.

otra su terminación.

[blocks in formation]

The present Convention shall El presente Convenio será ratibe ratified by the President of the ficado por el Presidente de UruUnited States of America, by and guay, conforme á la constitución with the advice and consent of y leyes de la República, y por the Senate thereof; and by the Presidente de los Estados Unidos President of Uruguay in accord- de América de acuerdo y con el ance with the Constitution and consentimiento del Senado. El laws thereof. The ratifications canje de las ratificaciones tendrá shall be exchanged at Washing- lugar en Washington tan pronto ton as soon as possible, and the como sea posible y este Convenio Convention shall take effect on entrará en vijencia desde la fecha the date of the exchange of its en que se haga el canje de ratifiratifications.

Exchange of ratificar tions.


Done in duplicate in the Eng- Fecho, por duplicado, en lengua Signatures. lish and Spanish languages at Inglesa y Española, en Washing: Washington, this 9th day of Jan- ton, el dia 9 de Enero del año mil uary, one thousand nine hundred novecientos nueve. and nine.

[blocks in formation]

Ratifications exchanged.


And whereas the said Convention has been duly ratified on both parts, and the ratifications of the two Governments were exchanged in the City of Washington, on the fourteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and thirteen;

Now, therefore, be it known that I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States of America, have caused the said Convention to be made public, to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the City of Washington this fifteenth day of November

in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and. [SEAL] thirteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and thirty-eighth.

By the President:

Secretary of State.

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