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'There is no Jew or Greek, male or female, slave or free' to God as he is not partial to race, gender or social status. Jacob was a 'gentile.' Gen 25:23. The word is 'goyim' and the KJV rendered it as 'Gentiles, nations, peoples, other.' It is always 'nations.' Two 'nations/goyim' were in Rebeka's womb.
Considering that we have a new and better covenant and that the Mosaic did not annul the previous one God ratified with Abraham and his SEED, one SEED, the Messiah, (Gal 3:17) then we should be able to distinguish that there are no 'gentiles' in our current world. The word was originated to keep the false doctrines that had already been established ongoing according to the RCC. There were never any ethic 'Jews.' If so, WHO was the first 'Jew?'
ALL nationalites are God's people in the New Covenant world. That dividing partition that kept women, the unclean and the other nationalites in the outter court was forever removed in the first century conflagration of Jerualem.
"Isreal is my firstborn SON.' Only those of faith, like Abraham, are 'Israel.' It is not the physical descendants that are Abraham's SEED but the spiritual. Paul explains this dichotomy in Gal 3 & 4.
The bible is about 2 trees, 2 seeds, 2 mts, 2 women, 2 cities. One is diametrically opposed to the other. One was of the flesh and the other is of the spirit.
The 'End of ALL things was NEAR' to them in the first century. 1 Pet 4:7
If your eschatological viewpoint is skewered, then everything else is too.
New Covenant:
New priesthood
New Law
New Name
New wine
New Song
New heaven and earth
New creation
New Jerusalem
'Behold I make ALL things NEW!'
flesh vs spirit

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