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son and condition of the Psalmist the case of a soul intangled, and ready to be overwhelmed with the guilt of fin, relieved by a discovery of grace and forgiveness in God, with its deportment upon a participation of that relief. After the exposition of the words of the text, my design and endeavour hath been only to enlarge the portraiture here given us in the Psalm, of a believing soul in and under the condition mentioned ; to render the lines of it more visible, and to make the character given in its description more legible; and withal to give unto others, in the like condition with the Pfalmist, a light to understand and discern themselves in that image and representation, which is here made of them in the person of another. To this end have I been forced to enlarge on the two great heads of Sin and Grace ; especially on the latter here called the forgiveness that is with God. An interest herein, a participation hereof, being our principal concernment in this world, and the sole foundation of all our expectations of a bleffed portion in that which is to come, it certainly requires the best and utmost of our endeavours, as to look into the nature, causes, and effects of it, so especially into the ways and means whereby we may be made partakers of it; and how that participation may be secured unto us unto our peace and consolation; as also in that love, that holiness, that obedience, that fruitfulness in good works, which on the account of


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of this grace, God expe&teth from us, and requireth at our hands. An explication of these things is that which I have designed to ensue and follow after in these discourses, and that with a constant eye, as on the one hand to the sole rule and standard of truth, the facred scriptures, especially that part of it which is under peculiar confideration; fo on the other to the experience and service unto the edificarion of them that do believe, whose spiritual benefit and advantage, without any other confideration in the world, is aimed at in the publishing of them.


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Depths of Trouble on the account of Sin •What those Depths are

5 The Nature and Extent of Supplies of Grace, according

to the Covenant
The Power of in-dwelling Sin
God's Sovereignty in dealing with Believers in their Sins 20
What Sins usually bring Believers into great fpiritual Dif-

Aggravations of these Sins




The second Verse Opened.


Actings of a Believer under Distreffes from Sin

29 The Ways of relieving Souls in Distress

30 Earneftness of a diftreffed Soul in its Applications unto God 33 Grounds of Earneftness in Applications. unto God

-Wherein this Earneftness confifts

36 40

The third Verle Opened.



What first presents itself to a Soul in Distress on the ac

count of Sin, opened in four Propositions 45 Terror arifing from a Sense of the Guilt of Sin God's marking Sin, and Man's Salvation inconfiftent

50 The Soul's Actings towards a Recovery out of the Depths of Sin

54 Sense of Sin, wherein it consists

55 Nature and Causes of Gospel-Convictions of Sia Acknowledgment of Sin, the true Nature of it: 1. It must be free. 2, It must be full. b




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Self-condemnation, wherein it confifts : 1. Self-abhor

rency. 2. Self-judging Miscarriages in Perfons convinced of Sin : 1. Resting

in it. 2. Resting upon it.


The fourth Verse Oponed.



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Three Observations made from this Verse
No approaching unto God without a discovery of For-

77 Forgiveness a great Mystery

80 Testimony of a natural conscience againtt the Forgive

ness of Sin Testimony of the Law against the Forgiveness of Sin False Presumptions of Forgiveness

88 The true Nature of Gofpel-Forgiveness Forgiveness as it relates to the Nature of God

98 as it relates to the free Acts of his Will 100 as it hath respect to the Blood of Christ 106 as it relates to the promise

108 What Faith respects in Forgiveness Forgiveness discovered to Faith alone

112 Reasons thereof

ib. Particular Affurance attainable

119 Duty of Believers, to endeavour after an Aflurance of personal Interest in Forgivenefs

117 Causes and Effects of Assurance

118 Saving Faith where there is no Affurance

119 Discovery of Forgiveness a great Supportment to Sinentangled Souls

121 Effects of the Discovery of Forgiveness in God

124 Means whereby a Discovery of Forgiveness yields Sup

portment Abiding with God, wherein it confifteth

128 Waiting on God from a Discovery of Forgiveness

130 Discovery of Forgiveness prepares the Soul to receive it 132 Vain pretences of Faith discovered

134 Essential properties of God's Nature, how made known 136 Free Acts of God's Will, how they are made known 137 Forgiveness not revealed by the Work of Providence about the first Sin

140 Forgiveness discovered in the firft Promise

144 Sacrifices an Evidence of Forgiveness

146 Forgiveness with God, manifested by his Prescription of Repentance

150 Con

125 188

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Page Confirmation of the Truth of Forgiveness necessary 155 Neceflity of producing Arguments to prove Forgiveness 156 Some Sinners actually pardoned and accepted with God 158 Patience of God towards the World, an Evidence of Forgiveness

164 Experience of the Saints giving Testimony to Forgiveness 170 The Evidence that is in Spiritual Forgiveness

172 Religious Worship of Sinners an Evidence of Forgivenefs with God

182 Especial Ordinances evidencing Forgiveness Prayer for the Pardon of Sin commanded

194 Forgiveness manifested in the New Covenant

196 Nature, Use, and Ends of the first Covenant

198 Reason of Alteration of the first Covenant Forgiveness confirmed by the Oath of God

Name of God Attributes of God's Nature manifesting Forgiveness What it is to give Glory to God

213 Glory arising to God by Forgiveness

217 Forgiveness manifested in the Death of Christ

218 Our Obligations to mutual Forgiveness proves Forgive. ness in God

129 Properties of Divine Forgiveness

234 Forgivenels believed by few

243 Exhortations unto Believing

257 Terms of Peace with God equal and holy

270 Certainty of the final Ruin of them who Believe not ib. Exhortation to Believing enforced

234 Rules to be observed by them who would come to Stability in Obedience

288 Christ the only Judge of our Spiritual condition 289 Self-Condemnation consistent with Gospel-Juftitication and Peace

291 Gospel- Affurance wherein it confifteth

292 Sense of Sin consistent with Affurance

293 Sorrow of Sin consistent with Aflurance

294 Sense of the Power of Sin consistent with Affurance 296 Fears and Temptations consistent with Affurance ib. The Nature and Effects of Gospel-Assurance in Believers 297 Waiting necessary to obtain Peace

300 Search of Sin necessary to Confolation

303 Unbelief and Jealousy distinguished their different Effects

309 Differences between Faith and Spiritual Sense Spiritual Sense, wherein it confifts




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