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The Foundation and the Spiritual Building diftinguished 315
Complaints Fruitless and Heartless to be avoided
Hafty Expreflions concerning God to be avoided

323 Judgments of Men's States in the Hand of Christ alone 325 The least Appearance of Grace to be improved

326 Afflictions a Cause of Spiritual Disquietments

329 Means of the Aggravations of Afriction

332 Rules to be observed concerning AMictions

336 Objections against Believing, from the State of the Soul 341 Two different Estates whereunto all Men belong 342 Saving Grace specifically distinct from common Grace 344 Difference between the State of Grace and Nature difcernible

347 Believers may know themselves to be Born of God

352 Rules whereby men may Judge of their Condition in respect to inherent Grace

354 Objections from Weakness in Duty, and the Power of Sin


Verses 5th and 6th Opened,

375 Waiting the first Fruit of Faith in a way of Duty

379 on God wherein it consists

380 God himself the Object of our Waiting

Waiting on God, whence fo neceffary
Çonsiderations of God's Being and Attributes, rendering
Waiting neceffary

Of God's Righteousness in his Judgments 406

Of our Condition tending to Humble us 408 Supportment in Trouble, from the Word of Promise



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1. OUT, of the depths have I cried unto thee, o

Lord. 2. Lord, hear my voice, let thine ears be attentive to

the voice of my fupplications. 3. If thou, Lord, shouldst mark iniquities, O Lord, who

mall stand? 4. But there is forgiveness with thee : That thou mayest

be feared. si I wait for the Lord, my foul doth wait, and in his

word do I hope. 6. My soul waiteth for the Lord, more than they that

watch for the morning, I say, more than they that

watch for the morning. 7. Let Ifrael hope in the Lord, for with the Lord there

is mercy, and with him is plenteous redemption. 8. And he shall redeem Ifrael from all his iniquities.

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hear my

thine ears

the depth O Lord, through my manifold fins and have Icried provocations I have brought myself inunto thee O to great distresses. Mine iniquities are alm. Lord ways before me, and I am ready to be over

whelmed with them, as with a flood of voice, let

waters, for they have brought me into depths be attentive wherein I am ready to be swallowed up. But to the voice yet, although my distress be great and perplications. plexing, I do not, I dare pot, utterly del

pond and cast away all hopes of relief or recovery ; nor do I seek unto any other remedy, way or means of relief, but I apply myself to thee Jehovah, to thee alone : And in my application unto thee, the greatness and urgency of my troubles makes my soul urgent, earnest, and pressing in my fupplications. Whilft I have no rest, I can give thee no rest; Oh therefore attend and hearken unto the voice of my crying and supplications !

Ver: 3:

2:1f thou IT is trueO Lord, thou great and terrible,

if thou me Should mark ini. condition, with any man living, with the best quities, of thy saints, according to the

strict and exact Thaliband? tenor of the law, which first represents itself

to my guilty conscience, and troubled soul ; if thou shouldst take notice of, observe, and keep in remembrance, mine, or their, or the iniquity of any one, to the end that thou

mighift mightft deal with them, and recompense unto them according to the sentence thereof; there would be neither for me, nor them, any the least expectation of deliverance; all flesh must fail before thee, and the spirits which thou hast made, and that to eternity ; for who could stand before thee, when thou shouldīt so execute thy displeasure.

Ver. 4

4. Bus


UT, O Lord, this is not absolutely there is

and universally the state of things be- forgivetween thy Majesty and poor fioners; thou mets with art in thy nature infinitely good and gracious, thou may ready and free in the purposes of thy will to be feared. receive them: And there is such a bleffed way made for the exercise of the holy inclinations and purposes of thy heart towards them, in the mediation and blood of thy dear : Son, that they have assured foundations of concluding and believing, that there is pardon and forgiveness with thee for them; and which, in the way of thine appointments, they may be partakers of. This way therefore will I, with all that fear thee, persist in : I will not give over, leave thee, or turn from thee, through my fears, discouragements, and despondencies; but will abide constantly in the observation of the worship which thou hast prescribed ; and the performance of the obedience which thou dost require; having great encouragements so to do.

Ver. 5.

Lord, my


5. I wait forgivenels that is with thee, O Lord do for the I wait with all patience, quietness and perse- Joul doth verance: In this work is my whole foul en wait, and

in his word gaged; even in an earnest expectation of thy do I hope.


approach unto me, in a way of grace, and mercy. And for my encouragement therein, haft thou given out unto me a blessed word of grace, a faithful word of promise, wherein

my hope is fixed.

for the

for the

for the

Ver 6.

EA, in the performance and discharge 6. My soul

of this duty, my foul is intent upon thee, waiteth

and in its whole frame turned towards thee,

and that with such diligence and watchfulness Lord, more than they in looking out after every way, and means of that watch thy appearance, of thy manifestation of thymorning,

felf, and coming unto me, that I excell there1 say more in those who with longing defire, heedfulness, that watch and earnest expectation, do wait and watch

for the appearance of the morning; and that morning. either that they may rest from their night

watches, or have light for the duties of thy
worship in the temple, which they are most
delightful in.

Ver. 7, 8.
HEREIN have I found that reft, peace,

and satisfaction unto my own soul, that I cannot but invite and encourage others,

in the like condition, to take the same course inthe Lord with me: Let then all the Israel of God, all for with

that fear him, learn this of me, and from my the Lord, experience. Be not hasty in your distresses; mercy, and despond not, despair not, turn not aside unto with him

other remedies; but hope in the Lord; for I is plente,

can now, in an especial manner, give testimony demption. unto this, that there is mercy with him suited Jhall re

unto your relief : Yea, whatever your distress deem If

be, the redemption that is with him, is so rael from bounteous, plenteous, and unsearchable, that all his ina niquities.

the undoubted issue of your performance of this duty will be, that you shall be delivered from the guilt of all your sins, and the perplexities of all your iroubles.


7. Les

Ous re.

8. And he

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