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UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT of AGRICUT "JRE, WEATHER BUREAU, OFFICE of CHIEF, Washington, D.C., August 1, 1905. Hon. JAMES WILSON, Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the manuscript of a first report, by Prof. Cleveland Abbe, on the Relations Between Climates and Crops, and to recommend its publication as a bulletin of the Weather Bureau.

This paper is not designed as an original investigation, but as a summary of the views of the best experimentalists and observers, so far as those had been published up to 1891. A continuation of this study, bringing the subject up to date, is contemplated; but as the publication of this first portion has been frequently requested, it Seems wise not to delay.

The author has intended to notice only those investigations that have given precise information as to specific plants or crops and specific localities, and has made a thorough search of all the more important literature, in so far as it was accessible to him; it is believed that the numerous extracts given by him will be gratefully received by those who have not access to the same volumes.

The work is prepared with the idea that it will be especially useful

to the teachers of the agricultural colleges and the investigators of the agricultural experiment stations. Therefore only a limited edition is recommended. As the memoir points out the importance of a climatic laboratory and the methods that must be pursued in order to evolve new varieties of crop plants adapted to special climatic conditions, I can but conider that you will recognize this memoir as a proper contribution to agriculture from the Weather Bureau. Very respectfully, WILLIs L. MooRE, Chief U. S. Weather Bureau. Approved: JAMES WILSON, Secretary.

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