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to fuccour them that are tempted. In the days of His flesh He offered up prayers and fupplications with ftrong crying and tears unto Him that was able to fave, and He was heard and His ears are ever open to the prayers of His fervants, His arm is ever ftretched forth in defence of the heirs of falvation. Look up then to Chrift, ye who, though deeply confcious of your fins, are humbly labouring through the fanctification of His Spirit to serve Him in faith and holinefs; look up to your glorified King with confidence and joy. From His throne in the heaven of heavens He is beholding you for good. By night and by day He watches over you; fhields you from evil, fupports you under trials, delivers you from temptation. Fly to Him for continual protection: plead with Him for never-failing grace. Depend with unshaken reliance on His promife, on His power, on His wifdom, on His love. He who fpared not His own life for you, fhall He not give you all things? All things are yours: whether the world, or life, or death, or things prefent, or things to come, all things are yours: all things are ordained and controlled and directed for your happiness, because ye are Chrift's (b). But tremble ye unrepenting (b) 1 Cor. iii. 21.23.



finners, ye who defpife and difobey the gofpel: tremble to behold that Saviour whom ye reject exalted to the dominion of the universe. By your perfeverance in tranfgreffion you compel Him to be your enemy. You range yourselves in battle array against your. Judge: you turn a deaf ear to His offers of forgiveness: you pluck down death and mifery everlasting with your own hands upon yourselves. What is your confidence? Do you provoke the Almighty to anger? Are you ftronger than He? Thofe whom His love cannot reclaim His indignation fhall overwhelm. Jefus, the Lamb of God, facrificed for your fins, you defpife. Look to Jefus the Son of God, Himself one with the Father, feated on His Father's throne. Behold the dawning of the great day. Behold, He cometh with clouds; and every eye fhall fee Him! Behold the day when the fun fhall become black as fack-cloth, and the moon as blood: when the fars Shall fall from heaven, and the heaven fhall depart as a feroll when it is rolled together, and every mountain and island shall be moved out of their places: when all the enemies of Chrift, kings of the earth, and great men, and rich men, and chief captains, and mighty men, and every bondman and every freeman, fhall bide themfelves in the dens and in the rocks of Dd 4


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the mountains; and shall say to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face ́of Him that fitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. For the great day of His wrath is come: and who shall be able to ftand (i)? Listen even yet to the voice of mercy. Bend the stubborn knee, bow down the hardened heart. He ftill waits to be gracious. But the season of trial will have an end. His Spirit will not always strive with man. Your time of trial may be expiring. Humble yourself before Chrift, the Lord of heaven and earth: truft in His atoning blood: pray without ceafing for His grace: and fave yourselves, while yet you may, from the refurrection of damnation.

(i) Rev. i, 7. vi, 12—17.


An Expofition of the fecond Part of the Lef fon appointed for the Burial Service.

I COR. XV. 20.

Now is Chrift rifen from the Dead, and become the first fruits of them that flept.

IN the preceding difcourfe I laid before you

the fubftance of St. Paul's arguments in the earlier part of the chapter under our confideration; together with fuch reflections tending to your edification and your comfort as appeared naturally to flow from the fubject. The apoftle had earneftly infifted on the truth of the refurrection of Christ as the groundwork of Chriftian faith, and the pledge of the future resurrection of all men at their appointed time and in their proper order. He had reminded the Corinthians of the leading


feature in the divine plan of redemption; that the great Deliverer who fhould provide the means of restoration for fallen man should himself be man: that the victorious enemy of the human race fhould be defpoiled of his fovereignty, fhould be caft into everlafting perdition, by a Being who should manifeft Himself in the flefh, who should be clothed in that nature, which the tempter by his triumph over our firft parents had corrupted and enslaved. He had enlarged on the import, the extent, and the duration, of the mediatorial kingdom of our Lord: and had marked with particular energy that complete demonstration of the Redeemer's univerfal power, that fource of inexpreffible confolation and inextinguishable happiness to His fervants, the total deftruction of death. He proceeds unto the conclufion of the chapter ftill to prefs these awakening truths on the Chriftians to whom he addreffed his epiftle; and by that epiftle, being dead, he yet Speaketh to us, and shall continue to speak the words of falvation to the extremities of the earth, until his Lord fhall return in the clouds to call the living and the dead to judgement. He confirms the doctrine of the refurrection by additional reasonings; and vindicates it from the cavils of objectors by

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