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I desre not (if so may be the will of God) to live any longer in this world, than I may be some way useful in it; and especially to you, to the service of whose souls I have wholly devoted myself, my life and time; nor have I yet seen reason to repent of my having done so.

I have a very gratefnl sense of your friendship and kindness to me, and your acceptance of my labours (such as they have been) amongst you, for now almost twelve years. Above all

, I bless and adore the God of grace, for what good success be has been pleased to give them, either in the converhon or edification of your Souls; and that I have reason to think, that I have not wholly run in vain, and labour'd in vain.

The success of the sermons which I have preached to young people, on new years days, demands a particular thankful acknowledgment to God: and his having been pleased to smile upon them, and bless them in the preaching, bas inclined me to yield, that some of them would be made thus


publick, in hopes, that the same bleffing may ftill attend them from the press; might it be but to one foul ! bow little mould I regard the censures, which I may probably expect from some persons, for publishing these plain discourses; in which the present fashionable Arain of preaching is not so much as aim'd at; neither are they at all suited to humour the zealots of any party.

So long as I can reckon myself sure, of your favourable acceptance and approbation of them, I seek no other patron: and if God will be pleased to make use of them, for the good of any fouls, I covet no other applause.

You will observe, that in disposing these sermons in this volume, I have had no regard to the order in which they were preached; but have so placed them, as, I conceiv'd, the subjects on which they treat, would most naturally follow one another.

To what I have here attempted, let me beg, that you would also add the help of your earnest prayers, for the rising generation; that God would pour his Spirit


upon our feed, and his blessing upon our offspring; and that Christ, our dear Saviour, may have a numerous feed to ferve him, in the next, and in all succeeding ages, 'till time shall be no more. So prays

Your affectionate Friend, and Servant,

In the Gospel of Jesus Chrift,

March 10, 1729-30.


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