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Lièvre (E.) Collections Célèbres d'Euvres

d'Art, dessinées et gravées d'après les originaux, textes par MM. de
Saulcy, Du Sommerard, Henry Cole, C.B., A. W. Franks, Baron de
Witte, etc. 2 vols. folio, 100 fine plates of Art Treasures (pub. at £8. 8s),
hf. bd. morocco, £2. 16s
Paris, 1866-69

the rare second volume, half morocco, uncut, for sale separately, £1. 108 1869

le même ouvrage, GRAND PAPIER VELIN, 2 vols. roy. folio, PROOFS BEFORE LETTERS (pub. at £16. 16s), uncut, £5. 1866-69

A beautiful and attractive work, containing etchings of objects of virta: Arms, Jewels, Furniture, Crystals, Enamels, Porcelain, the work chiefly of great artists of the Renaissance, and exhibiting the highest form of Art as applied to things used in the ordinary transactions of life. The objects were selected from the finest collections of Europe, amongst which may be mentioned Baron James de Rothschild and A. de Beaumont, le Comte de Nieuwerkerke, Marquis of Hertford, M. Carpentier, le Musée Imperial du Louvre, M. Spitzer, etc. The text was written by persons who had made the various subjects a special study, such as M. Beaumont for the Armour-M. Mantz for Jewellery and Watches-MM. Sauzay and Bartz for Furniture, etc. So far as the etcher's work is concerned, it has received eulogy from all sides, for the perfection with which it reproduces and seems to convey the most delicate lights and shades. Even the colourist's hand could hardly satisfy the eye and the perceptions more than these plain illustrations, in which any one with artistic feeling can almost discern the very hues and tints of the originals.

Lièvre's English Art Treasures: WORKS OF ART IN

THE COLLECTIONS OF ENGLAND, drawn by EDOUARD LIÈVRE, engraved by Bracquemond, Courtry, Flameng, Greux, Le Rat, etc. folio, 50 fine plates of Objects of Art and Virtu, with descriptive English text (subscription price £10. 10s), in portfolio, £2. Holloway and Son, 1871

the same, hf. bd. morocco, £2. 10s


the same, LARGE PAPER PROOFS (only 100 copies printed at £15. 15s), in portfolio, £3. 1871

This very beautiful book was issued for Subscribers only; a few copies were printed in excess and of these remain a limited number. For a short time only can this grand work be had at the reduced price affixed.

The fifty plates are apportioned thus:-Arms and Armour 15 objects, Pottery 5, Miniatures 6, Watches 3, Furniture 9, Jewellery 10, Various (Bronzes, Cutlery, Hunting Cups, Ivories, Fan, etc.) 14—in all 63 objects on 50 plates.

Lièvre. French and English Art Treasures;

the two works together, 3 vols. royal folio, LARGE PAPER, PROOFS,
half orange morocco, top edges gilt, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, £12. 128
Paris, 1866-69; London, 1871

Lippmann (F.) The Art of Wood-Engraving

IN ITALY in the Fifteenth Century, impl. 8vo. illustrated, hf. bd. 208


"We have perhaps said enough in praise of the acute criticisms and insight of Dr. Lippmann who has produced a curious and readable monograph on a subject which might easily be made excessively dry and dull. We can also speak highly of the technical knowledge shown in 'Wood-Engraving in Italy in the Fifteenth Century'."-The Athenæum, March 1st, 1890.

Lisbon. Publications Publications of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Lisbon:

COLLECÇAO de Noticias para a Historia e Geographia das Nações Ultramarinas que vivem nos dominios portuguezes, 7 vols. sm. 4to. sd. £1. 2s 6d 1812-1856 An important collection of Documents, including a rare series of early navigators and a great number of valuable narratives first published here from the original MSS. A large part of the matter relates to America, and includes the letters of Vespucci, the Jornada de Maranhas of Albuquerque, Anchieta's Natural History of the province of St. Vincent, early notices of Brazil, etc. etc.

COLLECÇAO de opusculos reimpressos, relativos à historia das Navegações Viagens e Conquistas dos Portuguezes, 4 parts forming vol. I, 4to. sd. 88 1844-1875

CONTENTS:-Relação do descobrimento da Florida—Relação das coisas que D. Christovam da Gama fez nos reinos de Preste João; por Miguel de Castanhoso-Historia da provincia Santa Cruz, a que vulgarmente chamam Brasil, feita por Pero de Magalhães de Gandavo-Breve relação da embaixada que D. João Bermudes trouxe do imperador da Ethiopia, chamado vulgarmente Preste João.

MONUMENTOS INEDITOS para a historia das Conquistas dos Portuguezes em Africa, Asia e America, publicados sob a direcção dos socios effectivos Rodrigo José de Lima Felner e Raymundo Antonio de Bulhão Pato:HISTORIA DA ASIA: LENDAS DA INDIA, Accoens de Vasco da Gama, Nuno da Cunha, Alboquerque, Duarte de Menezes, e outros, até o anno de 1550, por GASPAR CORREA;-4 vols. in 8, ito. plates, maps and portraits, sewed, £2.58

1858-66 Correa was an old Portuguese Chronicler, whose work, written about 1560, remained unpublished till it appeared as above in the series of Monumentos Ineditos.

SUBSIDIOS para a historia da India portugueza, contendo-O livro dos pesos, medidas e moedas; por Antonio Nunes-II. O Tombo do Estado da India; por Simão Botelho-III. Lembranças das coisas da India em 1525;—in 1 vol. 4to. sd. 6s 1868 BOCARRO (Antonio) Decada 13 da Historia da India, 2 parts or vols. 4to. sd.



ALBUQUERQUE (Affonso de) Cartas, seguidas de documentos que as elucidam, Vol. I, 4to. sd. 6s 1884 DOCUMENTOS remettidos da India ou Livros das Monções, 3 vols. 4to. sd. 178 6d 1880-85 CASTRO (João de) Roteiro de Lisboa a Goa, annotado por João de Andrade Corvo, 8vo. with maps and other illustrations, sd. 98 1882 ANDRADE CORVO (João de) Estudos sobre as Provincias Ultramarinas, 4 vols 8vo. sd. 15s 1883-87

London Marriage Licences, 1521-1869, transcribed

by the late COL. CHESTER, D.C.L., edited by JOSEPH FOSTER, alphabetically arranged, with a complete Index to Females, in one compact volume of 856 pages, double columns, super-royal 8vo. (pub. at £3. 38), extra cloth, 218


"They throw a flood of light on the genealogies of the diocese of London, and especially of London itself. I regard them as one of my greatest genealogical treasures."-J. L. CHESTER, February 16th, 1880.

The "Marriage Licences," in the original MS., consist of five folio volumes, of about 400 pages each, finely written and carefully indexed, from the following Offices, viz. :—

The Bishop of London's Office, 1521 to 1828. Also the Dean and Chapter

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These Marriage Licences are now printed in strictly alphabetical order, as the only method of practical working value to the student, exhibiting, as it does, all the marriage entries under any given name at a glance.

To genealogists, lawyers, and students, both historical and biographical, the extreme value of such records as these yield a fund of absolutely original information.

A complete Index, containing references to 25,000 marriages, accompanies the work.

The best Pictorial Work on London, illustrated with 207 copper-plates, published at £26. 5s, now reduced to £6. 6s.

LONDON.-Wilkinson's Londina Illustrata ; or Graphic and Historical Illustrations of the most Interesting and Curious Architectural Monuments of the City and Suburbs of London and Westminster, e.g. Monasteries, Churches, Charitable Foundations, Palaces, Halls, Courts, Processions, Places of early Amusements, Theatres, and old Houses (now mostly destroyed), 2 vols. impl. 4to. containing 207 copper-plate engravings, with Historical and Descriptive Letterpress, hf. bound morocco, uncut, top edges gilt 1808-1825

This interesting and curious Antiquarian work cost the enterprising publisher more than twenty years of undeviating labour and many thousand pounds. Every rare old Print and Drawing, illustrative of London Topography, which he could discover, by the most active and diligent research, was made subservient to his purpose; and of many ancient buildings the Engravings contained in these volumes are now the only known records. What adds considerably to the value of the work, is that the letterpress gives extracts from Parish Registers and Muni. mental Documents not easily accessible elsewhere.

Lady Charlotte Guest's Mabinogion :

THE MABINOGION, OR ANCIENT ROMANCES OF WALES, from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest, and other ancient Welsh MSS. with an English. translation and notes; by Lady CHARLOTTE GUEST. 3 vols. royal 8vo. facsimiles of MSS. and vignettes, half morocco, uncut, £3. 3 1838-49

Lady Charlotte Guest's Mabinogion :


PAPER, 3 vols. imperial Svo. facsimiles and woodcuts, brown morocco extra, gilt edges by Bedford, very rare, £12. 12s 1838-49

The Mabinogion, from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest,

translated into English by LADY CHARLOTTE GUEST, in 1 vol. large 8vo. pp. xx and 504, with 46 woodcuts (pub. at 21s), hf. bd. morocco, gilt tops, 158 1877

One of the 100 great books on Mr. William Morris's List.

"The first edition of Lady Guest's 'Mabinogion' was published in 1838, and although it created great interest at the time of publication, it is almost unknown to the present generation of readers. The result, however, of its appearance was a revival of the study of Arthurian romance. Tennyson's Idylls are in no slight degree founded upon the Mabinogion.' and the subject has become one of general interest. Under these circumstances Lady Guest has very wisely determined upon the republication of the work in a popular form, and the volume, containing a perfect treasure house of Arthurian legend, will, we are sure, be received with delight by the immense section of society who have learnt to feel a deep interest in the heroes of the Round Table. The tales are fanciful, wild, and full of adventure. The manner in which the knights triumph over foes natural and supernatural is wonderful; and all lovers of fairy lore, of the Arabian Nights, and of the doings of those now almost forgotten friends of our boyhood, the Seven Champions of Christendom, will read with delight this delightful collection of Welsh traditionary lore."-Standard, May 21st, 1877.

"Lady Charlotte Guest having brought to the performance of her task not only the necessary literary ability, but a considerable amount of enthusiasm, the old Welsh tales are placed before us in a manner that is likely to secure for them the attention of a large and important class of readers. Indeed, the reputation of the work has already been fully established, as it is now nearly forty years since the publication of the first edition, and in that time the legends have found their way into the hands of students both in this country and on the continent, and have in many instances been made the basis of other efforts. The present edition is designed to meet the requirements of a wider circle of readers, but at the same time it is by no means of what is usually regarded as the popular order of books, seeing that it is issued in the form of a handsome volume, the general appearance of which at once suggests the good taste of those by whom it has been designed and prepared. Beautifully printed on good paper, with wide margins, charmingly illustrated and handsomely bound, the book is one for careful usage and quiet perusal in the study, where its literary merits are likely to be duly appreciated. Lady Charlotte Guest has certainly placed the lovers of legendary lore under very considerable obligations by her well-directed labours, the result of which we heartily welcome."-The Rock, June 15th, 1877

Madras and Burmese Art-Ware, permanent Photographs of, oblong folio, 50 plates of various objects of Eastern Art, cloth, 35s London, Autotype Co. 1886, Only a small edition has been printed for the India Office.

Major (R. H.) Discoveries of Prince Henry

the NAVIGATOR and their results; being the narrative of the discovery within one century of more than half the world [with new facts in the discovery of the Atlantic Islands, and the discovery and naming of America], Svo. coloured portrait, maps and plates, cloth, 158


Makamat; or, Rhetorical Anecdotes of Abu'l

Kasem al Hariri, of Basra, translated into English Verse and Prose; and illustrated with Annotations, by the Rev. T. PRESTON, 8vo. cloth, 16s 1850

Manks Society's Publications :

A complete set of the MANKS SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS, from the commence. ment, 29 vols. 8vo. cloth, £12. 12s Douglas, 1859-79

Vols. I-XIX and XXIII, 20 vols. 8vo. cloth, £6. 6s
Vols. I-XVI, XVIII and XIX, 18 vols. 8vo. cloth, £5. 5s


1 Sacheverell's Account of the Isle of Man, edited by Rev. J. Cumming, 78 6d 1849 2 Manx Grammar, by Kelly, edited by Rev. W. Gill, 38 6d

1859 3 Legislation of Three of the Thirteen Stanley's, Kings of Man; edited by Rev. W. Mackensie, facsimiles, 12s 6d 1860 4-7-9 Oliver's Monumenta Insula Manniæ, 3 vols. 21s 1860 5 Oswald's Vestigia Insula Manniæ, antiquiora; Armorial Bearings of the Isle of Man, coloured facsimiles, plates, 12s 1860 6 Feltham's Tour through Man, in 1879-8, edited by Rev. B. Airy, maps, 108

8 Harrison's Bibliotheca Monensis, a Bibliographical Account of Works relating to the Isle of Man, 78 6d 1861 10 Challoner's Treatise of the Isle of Man, in 6 chapters (1656), edited, with notes, by Rev. J. Cumming, portrait of Fairfax, plates in facsimile, 78 6d 1863 11 Waldron's Description of the Isle of Man, printed in 1731, edited, with Notes, by Harrison, 10s


12 Parr's Abstract of the Laws, Custom's, and Ordinances of the Isle of Man, Vol. I, edited by Gell, 78 6d 1867

13 Kelly's Manx-English and English-Manx Dictionary


14 Feltham and Wright's Monumental Inscriptions in the Isle of Man, plates

15 Cumming. Collection of Memoirs on the Antiquities of the Isle of Man, plates


16 Harrison, Mona Miscellany, a collection of Proverbs, Sayings, Ballads, Customs, Superstitions, Legends, peculiar to the Isle of Man 1869

17 Clay and Crellin's Currency of the Isle of Man, many plates of Coins and Bank Notes


1869 18 Harrison's Old Historians of Man: Cam, den, Speed, Dugdale, Cox, Wilson, Willis, and Grose, 16 maps and plates, 78 6d 19 Records of the Tynwald and St. John's Chapels in the Isle of Man, by Harrison, with an account of the Duke of Atholl taking possession of the Island in 1736; also a Lay of Ancient Mona, with plates,

78 6d

1874 20 Manx Miscellanies, Vol. I, containing selections from "Paradise Lost," translated into Manx, by the Rev. T. Christian -Diary of James, VIIth Earl of Derby, who was beheaded at Bolton-on-theMoors, Oct. 15th, 1651, etc. etc. with 2 plates

21 Mona Miscellany, Second Series, with 2 plates, and Music to one song

22, 23 Chronica Regum Manniæ et Insularum

from the MS. in the Brit. Mus. with notes by P. A. Munch, revised and with English translation etc., by Dr. Goss, plates, 2 vols.

24 Bibliotheca Monensis, an account of works relating to the Isle of Man, new edition by W. Harrison

25-27 Blundell (W.) History of the I. of Man, written 1648-56, edited from the MS. by W. Herrison, 2 vols.

26 Illiam Dhôme and the Manx Rebellion, 1651, to Records relating William Christian of Ronaldsway, by W. Harrison 28 Records of S. Mark's Chapel, Malew, I. of Man, 1771-1864, from original documents of Rev. J. T. Clarke, Chaplain, by W. Harrison

29 Church Notes, Sodor and Man


ELLIOT (D. G.) THE FELIDE, OR FAMILY OF THE CATS, 11 parts, forming one vol. impl. folio, 42 superbly coloured plates of Lions, Tigers, Leopards, etc. (subscription price £27. 10s), half mor., uncut, £24. 1878-83 The graceful forms and beautifully coloured dress of the living members of the Felidæ excite the admiration of all who see them, and they afford most attractive subjects for pictorial representation.

One hundred and fifty copies only were printed; and the Drawings erased from the stones, thus making it impossible to increase the edition.

Manx Grammar: KELLY'S Manx Grammar, 8vo. (pub.

at 10s 6d), cloth, 38

Reprinted, 1870 Mantchu: MÖLLENDORFF (P. G. von) Manchu Grammar, with

This work has hitherto been very scarce; B. Q. has reprinted a small edition.

analysed text, 4to. vi and 53 pp. sewed, 9s

Shanghai, 1892

This is the first Manchu Grammar in English, and is a work of independent research; the author having gained his mastery of the tongue in Manchuria.

Medals and Orders of England: TANCRED'S


AND HONORARY DISTINCTIONS, Dating from Queen Elizabeth to the present time (including the Orders of Knighthood), by George Tancred (late Captain Scots Greys). One volume, crown 4to. 500 pages, nearly 300 woodcut illustrations, also five coloured plates of ribands and frontispiece of the unique decoration conferred by Queen Elizabeth upon Sir Francis Drake, half bound roan, gilt edges, 1891


This Work, which has taken the Author many years to compile, forms the most complete history of British gallantry, with its attendant rewards, which has yet been written, and it may be affirmed that it will be the Standard Work on this most interesting subject, and should be in the hands of every admirer of the national prowess. Officers and Collectors will find special attention has been bestowed upon the early Regimental and Volunteer Medals, nearly all of which have been illustrated

The Illustrations are taken chiefly from the Medals forming Colonel Murray's Collection.

Henry Merritt: ART CRITICISM and ROMANCE; with Recollections

and 23 Etchings by ANNA LEA MERRITT, 2 vols. post 8vo. portrait and
22 spirited Etchings, some of them illustrate Incidents of Oxford University
Life (pub. at 258), cloth, 108
Kegan Paul & Co., 1879

Vol. I has xxii, 272 pp. and 12 Etchings; Vol. II, x and 362 pp. and 11 Etchings. Of this charming book only 500 were printed, which are now nearly all sold. Mr. John Ruskin and George Eliot speak in the highest terms of this work.

Molière, Œuvres, avec Memoire sur sa Vie,

(par M. de Serre), 6 vols. 4to. portrait, numerous vignettes, and culs-delampe, and 32 plates after designs by Boucher, Blondel, and Oppenor, calf, a fine tall copy, £21. Paris, 1734 First issue, indicated by the word "Comtesse" being spelt "Comteese" at page 260 in the sixth volume.

Euvres, 6 vols. 4to. plates, calf, Etruscan pattern, £14.

1734 another copy, 6 vols. 4to. red morocco extra, gilt edges, by CAPÉ, 1734


"Edition assez belle

The two latter copies are of the corrected issue. dirigée par Marc-Ant. Joly, auteur de plusieurs comedies."Brunet. The plates by the celebrated Boucher give faithful representations of the Costume, Furniture, and Architecture of the period of Louis XV.

The Montagu Cabinet: CATALOGUE (with numerous illustra

tions) of a collection of MILLED ENGLISH COINS, dating from the reign of George I. to that of her present Majesty, and including Patterns and Proofs of Coins of that Period in Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc., formed by H. MONTAGU, Esq., F.S.A., crown 4to. 175 pp. with numerous engravings in the text, cloth, 128 6d


The Book contains 137 Illustrations of the rarest and most interesting Specimens in the Collection, many being unique and unpublished, so that the Work should prove to be of considerable value both to the Student and to the Collector. Printed on one side of the paper only. The Illustrations are from Photographs made direct from the Coins themselves.

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