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14 BARLAEI (C.) Rerum per Octennium in BRASILIA et alibi nuper gestarum sub Praefectura Illustrissimi Comitis I. Mauritii Nassoviae, etc. Comitis, Historia, folio, with numerous fine folding plates and maps, hf. calf


Amst. 1647 15 COXE (Daniel) A Description of the English Province of CAROLANA, By the Spaniards call'd FLORIDA, and by the French La LOUISIANE. As also of the Great and Famous River Meschabee or Missisipi, the Five vast Navigable Lakes of Fresh Water, and the Parts Adjacent, 12mo. large folding map, original calf, from the Aylesbury library 1727

The Preface gives an insight into the feeling between Great Britain and France on Colonial questions during the time of William and Mary, and might be studied with advantage to-day.


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16 GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA, Histoire de la Conquéte de la Floride ou relation de ce qui s'est passé dans la découverte de ce Pays par Ferdinand de Soto, traduite en François par P. RICHELET, 2 vols. in 1, 18mo. original calf gilt, from the Aylesbury collection Paris, 1709 17 LAON SIEUR DAIGREMONT (I. de) Relation du Voyage des Francois fait au Cap du Nord en Amerique, 12mo. folding maps and plates, original calf, from the Aylesbury library Paris, 1654 18 LESCARBOT (Marc) Histoire de la NOVVELLE FRANCE contenant Navigations, découvertes, & habitations faites par les François és Indes Occidentales & Nouvelle France souz l'avou & authorité de noz Rois Tres-Chrétiens, & les diverses fortunes d'iceux en l'execution de ces choses, depuis cent ans jusques à hui, with the three original folding maps, mounted on cloth, including the large " Figvre de la Terre Nevve," all in fine condition-LES MVSES DE LA NOVVELLE FRANCE-2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. First Edition of the two parts, green morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf, very rare Paris, Jean Milot [on the title to the Muses, Millot], 1609 35 0 0 another copy, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. with three maps, fine copy in the original vellum binding, from the Aylesbury collection Paris, 1609 20 LONG (J.) Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of the North American Indians .. to which is added a Vocabulary of the Chippeway Language, etc. 4to. map; calf gilt 1791

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21 NIAGARA. A large WATER-COLOUR PAINTING representing one side of the Horseshoe Fall from the American side of the river; by W. E. FRIEND; 28 inches in height, by 22 in breadth, in a large gilt frame

A very fine piece of work which deserves a high place among the numerous illustrations of the famous Fall.

£ s. d.

4 8 0

Mr. Friend's name is not recorded among the artists in the
American Cyclopædia.

22 OUSELEY (W. Gore) Views in South America, impl. folio, fine large
lithographic plates of views in Brazil, cloth

another copy, having the plates coloured, cloth

McLean, n. d.
n. d.

GREAT COUNTRY and RIVER of the AMAZONES in America. Drawn out
of divers Authors. . . . with a mapp of the River, and of its Provinces,
being the place which Sir WALTER RAWLEIGH intended to conquer,
when he made his Voyage to Guiana. Translated by WILLIAM
HAMILTON, Sm. 8vo. folded map, very fine copy in original calf, from the
Aylesbury library, with bookplate

Printed for John Starkey at the Miter in Fleet-st. near Temple-Barre, 1661 24 REEVES (John) History of the Government of the Island of Newfoundland; with an Appendix of Acts of Parliament respecting the Trade and Fishery, 8vo. (corner of title torn off), bds. uncut J. Sewell, 1793

3 10 0


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(1854) 20 00

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3 10 0



25 PERU: a True and Particular Relation of the dreadful Earthquake which happened at Lima, 8vo. maps and plates, calf 1748

This book gives a most entertaining account of Peru and its Inhabitants, descriptions of their dress, pleasures, etc.

27 SCHMIDT (Dr. J.) The Stone Sculptures of Copán and Quiriquá, translated
by A. D. Savage, royal folio, woodcuts, and 20 lithographed plates,
hf. bd.
New York, 1883
28 WALKER (Sir Hovenden) A Journal or full Account of the late expedition
to Canada, with an Appendix, 8vo. original calf, from the Aylesbury

"The Expedition to Canada has made such a Noise in London, almost as if the fate of all Britain had depended upon it." These are the opening words of the introduction of an extremely interesting account of this unsuccessful attempt on Canada. The Journal is replete with careful details showing the difficulties and dangers to be encountered in such undertakings at the beginning of the last century. The book is of importance to a New England library.

29 War in New England. THE CAMPAIGN IN VIRGINIA, 1781. An exact Reprint of six rare Pamphlets on the Clinton-Cornwallis controversy, with numerous unpublished MS. notes by Sir Henry Clinton, and unpublished portions of letters from the original MSS. . . etc. compiled, collated, and edited by B. F. STEVENS. 2 vols. roy. 8vo.



American Languages:

30 DORSEY (J. O.) The Cegiha Language. 4to. 794 pages; cloth

Washington, 1890 31 PILLING (J. C.) Bibliography of the Wakashan Languages. 8vo. sd. Washington, 1894 8vo. sd. Washington, 1894 Language, roy. 4to. Washington, 1852

32 POLLARD (J. G.) The Pamunkey Indians of Virginia.

33 RIGGS (S. R.) Grammar and Dictionary of the Dakota

A Dakota-English Dictionary. 4to. 655 pages; cloth

Washington, 1890 35 SAHAGUN (B. de) Evangeliarium, Epistolarium et Lectionarium Aztecum sive Mexicanum, ex ant. Cod. Mexicano, edidit cum glossario, B. Biondelli, roy. 4to. facsimile, hf. cf. 36 THOMAS (Cyrus) The Maya Year. 8vo. sd.

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26 PINART (A. L.) Recueil de Cartes, plans, et vues relatifs aux EtatsUnis et au Canada, New York, Boston, Montreal, Quebec, Louisbourg, 1651-1753, oblong elephant folio, bds. Paris, 1893 10 10 0

The most valuable part of these reproductions is the collection of French maps done for the State between 1679 and 1731, which are now in the archives of the Dépôt de la Marine, and in the Bibliothèque Nationale, and which were exhibited on the occasion of the Columbus anniversary. There are 27 items in the list of Plates, and most of them had been unpublished till now.

Mediolani, 1858
Washington, 1894


37 VETUSTA MONUMENTA. Ancient Monuments illustrative of the History and Antiquities of Great Britain, 6 vols. royal folio, containing 338 fine plates, ORIGINAL IMPRESSIONS, with text; hf. bound russia or morocco, the last few parts of the sixth vol. unbound 1747-1883

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The vol. of extra plates contains:

Nine historical prints representing Kings, Queens, Princes, etc. of the Tudor Family, with Text, 1776; Survey and Ground Plot of the Royal Palace of Whitehall, 1747; West Front of the Chapel of St. Thomas on London Bridge, 1748; Inside



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7 10 0

38 VETUSTA MONUMENTA. 6 vols., as above, and a SUPPLEMENTARY VOLUME containing 38 PORTRAITS and TOPOGRAPHICAL and ANTIQUARIAN PRINTS, engraved by VERTUE and others, published separately at intervals by the Society (as described below);-7 vols. royal folio, sia uniformly half bound in calf neat, the first portion of the sixth vol. hf. bound, the later portion unbound 1747-1883 15 0 0

Antiquaries (Society of)-continued.


6 vols. as above, and FOUR SUPPLEMENTARY_volumes, containing 64
portraits and prints, engraved by VERTUE, BASIRE, etc. (as further
described below);-10 vols. royal and impl. folio, nine in half calf neat,
the first portion of the sixth vol. bound, the latter unbound

Contents of the four vols. of extra plates :-I. Seven large historical prints: Le
Champ du Drap d'Or, 21 by 28 inches; Encampment of the English Forces near
Portsmouth, 24 by 75 inches; Encampment of Henry VIII at Marquison, 19 by 25 inches;
Siege of Boulogne by Henry VIII, 26 by 69 inches; Departure of Henry VIII from
Calais, 26 by 38 inches; Procession of Edward VI from the Tower, 26 by 53 inches;
Civitas Londinum, cir. 1560, a large map, 28 by 75 inches.


Perspective View of the Under Chapel of St. Thomas within London Bridge, 1747 ;
Lincoln's Inn Chapel, 1751; Survey of the Streets, etc. within the Ruins of the City of
London (in 2 sheets); View of the Charity Children in the Strand on the 7th July,
1713, the Thanksgiving day for Peace (in 2 sheets); Plan, and South- and West-
Prospect of St. Martin's Church (3 plates); Petty Cannons Houses at Windsor;
Market Cross at Chichester, 1749; Tesselated Pavement discovered at Stunsfield, near
Woodstock; Portrait of Charles I and his Queen, 1742; Portrait of Sir John Hawk-
wood (Ioannes Acutus Eques), 1771; Views of Mr. Lethiullier's Mummy (2 plates);
Views of the Ruins of the Chapel and Kitchen at Stanton Harcourt (4 plates), 1785.
(The following plates are also included in the volume, but are independent of the
Society of Antiquaries: Magdalen Chapel, near Winchester, proof; Palace of White-
hall, after Hollar; View of London Bridge, after Sam. Scott; Netherclift's facsimiles
of historical documents, viz. Warrants for the Executions of Charles I, and Mary
Queen of Scots, and of the Convocation of the Clergy, 28th year of Henry VIII.)

40 VETUSTA MONUMENTA. Vol. VI, sold separately in portions, as follows: 1. The BAYEUX TAPESTRY. 17 plates. Plain, 20s; Coloured, £2. 10s





II. Collegiate Chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, 28 plates, with text.

III. Nine historical prints, representing Kings, Queens, Princes, etc. of the Tudor
Family, drawn and engraved by George Vertue, with descriptive text


IV. Twenty large plates by Vertue, ctc., being the same as those described above, under number 38.

4. The CHAIR of ST. PETER at Rome. 3 plates (40-42)

5. Illuminations in IRISH BIBLICAL MSS. by the Rev. Dr.
4 plates in colours (43-46)

6. Two Memoirs on the EVANGELIA QUATUOR once belonging
Abbey of LINDAU. 2 plates (47-48)
Lately published:

41 VETUSTA MONUMENTA, Vol. VII (part 1). On the Tomb of an Archbishop
recently opened in the Cathedral Church of Canterbury. By W. H.
ST. JOHN HOPE. Royal folio, 5 large plates printed in colours, some in
gold and colours, and twelve pages of text and woodcuts


1747-1883 20 0 0

2. The LOUTERELL PSALTER, etc. 8 plates (18-25)
3. Memoir on the PAINTED CHAMBER in Westminster Palace, 14 plates,
most of them in colours (26-39), 258. A copy having the first two
plates "foxed "


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1839 1 0 0




42 ARCHEOLOGIA; or, Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity, published by the Society of Antiquaries. 52 vols. COMPLETE and GENERAL INDEX. 53 vols. 4to. with a large number of fine plates; the first thirty vols. uniformly hf. bound in calf neat, the rest uncut as published 1770-1891 24 0 0

to the


£ s. d.



another set, 53 vols., the first forty-eight vols. uniformly whole bound in calf gilt, the rest as published 1770-1891 30 0 0

another set, 53 vols., UNCUT THROUGHOUT, very scarce in this

a series from 1849 to 1891, or vols. XXXIII to LII, with the Index vol., 21 vols. (published at £51. 18s), cloth

1 06

0 10 6

0 10 6

0 15 0

a series from 1877 to 1891, or vols. XLV-LII, with the Index vol. ;-9 vols. (published at £27. 18s), in cloth parts

Vol. LIII in 2 parts, £4. 48; Vol. LIV, part 1, £2. 2s.

1770-1891 35 0 0

1849-91 17 10 O

1877-90 10 10 0

Antiquaries (Society of)—continued.

from the beginning in 1843 to June 1893, inclusive, forming 18 vols.
8vo. with plates and woodcuts (published at £7. 14s 6d)
First Series, 4 vols. 1843-59; Second Series, vols. I-XIV, 1859-93.


54 FUTAWA ALEMGIRI. A Collection of Opinions and Precepts of Moham-
medan Hanafite Law, compiled by Sheikh Nizam and other learned
Men, by command of the Emperor Aurungzeb Alemgir, in Arabic,
6 vols. roy. 4to. (pub. at £9.), sd. 18s, or cloth Calcutta, 1829-36
the same, 6 vols. roy. 4to. half russia


1829-33 56 MIZRA ABU TALEB KHAN, Travels in Europe and Asia, edited by Mirza Hasein Ali, in Arabic, 8vo. hf. bd. Calcutta, 1812 57 Astronomy. BAILY (F.) An account of the Rev. John FLAMSTEED, the first Astronomer Royal, compiled from his own Manuscripts, etc., to which is added his BRITISH CATALOGUE of STARS, WITH THE SUPPLEMENT (pp. 675-751), 4to., half calf


Australasia :

58 COPPINGER (R. W.). Cruise of the "Alert." Four Years in Patagonian, Polynesian and Mascarene Waters (1878-82). Roy. 8vo., with 16 full-page illustrations representing the aborigines of the South Pacific Islands, their weapons, monuments, etc. (pub. at 21s), cloth 1883 59 EDGE-PARTINGTON (J.) An Album of the Weapons, Tools, Ornaments, Articles of Dress, etc., of the Natives of the Pacific Islands. Drawn and described from examples in public and private collections in England, oblong folio, 391 lithographed plates, unbound, in a box

Manchester, Issued for private circulation, 1890

Only 150 copies were printed, very few remain for sale.
A new Series is in preparation, price £1. 11s 6d. Early application is necessary
to secure a copy.

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60 HARRIS (E. C.). New Zealand Berries. Roy. 4to. title and 12 plates representing the blossoms and berries of the trees and shrubs of New Zealand, with a short descriptive text to each engraved on the plate; in Nelson, N. Z., H. D. Jackson (cir. 1885) 61 LETTERS from Settlers and labouring emigrants in the New Zealand Co.'s settlements of Wellington, Nelson and New Plymouth. 12mo. sd. 1843 62 SMYTH (R. Brough) the Gold Fields and mineral districts of Victoria, roy. 8vo. numerous plates and maps, cloth Melbourne, 1869 63 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COLONIST (the) and Settler's Record of British, Foreign and Colonial Intelligence, Vol. I, No. 1 to No. 29, March to September, 1840, folio, cloth 1840 63*TAYLOR (Rev. Rich.). The Past and Present of New Zealand; with its prospects for the future. 8vo. with numerous woodcuts; cloth 1868 64 WALLIS (Captain) An Historical Account of the Colony of NEW SOUTH WALES and its dependent settlements; in illustration of twelve views engraved by W. PRESTON, from drawings taken on the spot, to which is subjoined an accurate Map of Port Macquarie and the newly discovered River Hastings, by J. Oxley, large folio, with map and 12 plates, printed on Whatman drawing paper, boards, uncut

The 6 large folding and 6 full-page plates contained in the above were executed by a convict, who, in default of better material, used the copper from a ship's bottom for engraving purposes.

£ s. d

65 WILSON (Capt. Henry). Account of the Pelew Islands, in the Western Pacific, by George Keate. 4to. with portraits, maps and plates; calf


4 0 0

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1 4 C

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04 €

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1 10 C 07 €

1821 12 12 (



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66 Autograph of W. Raligh on the title of: Rime et Prose del Torquato Tasso, 18mo. vellum Ferrara, 1583 67 BEAUMONT and FLETCHER'S Works, with notes by Dyce, 11 vols. 8vo. portrait, cloth, or hf. bd. gilt tops, uncut 1843 10 0 ( 68 BERNIER (Francis) Travels in the Mogul Empire, translated by Irving Brock. 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt 1826

0 14 (

69 BEWICK'S WORKS, LARGE ROYAL PAPER, genuine first editions: 1. History of BRITISH BIRDS: Land Birds

2. History of BRITISH BIRDS: Water Birds

3. History of BRITISH BIRDS: a Supplement, part 1, 54 pp.; part 2,
50 pp.; Addenda, 8 pp.


4. History of QUADRUPEDS, very rare


Only 100 copies thus printed.

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6. SELECT FABLES, by Thomas and John Bewick


together 6 vols. royal 8vo. with above 1000 superb woodcuts, first impressions, green morocco extra, gilt edges

A truly splendid set.


The first volume of the Birds is of the first impression, before the announcement of the Quadrupeds on the last page: this state on royal paper is excessively rare. 71 BEWICK'S British Birds, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. QUADRUPEDS, LARGE PAPER

3 vols. royal 8vo. calf





FIVE VOLUMES, royal 8vo. cloth, uncut, 1885-87 Subscription price
The set consists of 5 volumes, royal 8vo.-
Vols. I, II, History of British Birds; Land Birds and Water Birds, with
the woodcuts of the Supplements incorporated, 2 vols.
Vol. III, History of Quadrupeds, 1 vol.
Vol. IV, Æsop's Fables, 1 vol.

Vol. V, Memoir of Thomas Bewick, written by himself, with numerous
woodcuts prepared for a projected History of British Fishes, 1 vol.

As the original editions have become very scarce and very dear this new MEMORIAL EDITION-the first one in a collective form-gives, at a comparatively moderate cost, to the present generation a delightful opportunity of enjoying the artistic truth and vigour of Bewick's famous cuts in all their original beauty. The original blocks were purchased by Mr. Ward's sons and successors, who have now completed the work. Paper expressly prepared for the reception of woodcuts was used; and all the modern improvements of typography have been enlisted in order to secure brilliant and effective impressions.



together 3 vols. royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, half green morocco, gilt tops, 1792-97-1804 12 12 0


73 BEWICK'S General History of Quadrupeds, 8vo. first edition, uncut

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1790



the same, 8vo. very fine tall copy, in old blue morocco extra, gilt
Newcastle, 1791

1790-1821 52 10 0

The last volume is prefaced and annotated by Mr. AUSTIN DOBSON, in whose hands Bewick's papers and correspondence, together with the original MS. of the Memoir," were placed by the late Miss Isabella Bewick's Executors. The "Memoir," which was edited by Miss Jane Bewick in 1862, is now printed more completely.



second edition, cloth, uncut

the same, LARGE PAPER, roy. 8vo. second edition, calf
77 BEWICK'S History of British Birds, first edition, 2 vols. 8vo. calf
Newcastle-on-Tyne, printed by Sol. Hodgson for T. Bewick, 1797-1804
First issue with the announcement of the third edition of the Quadrupeds.
the same, second edition, 2 vols. royal 8vo. original boards, uncut,
very fine clean copy

First edition with uniform date.


1805-7 10 0 0

British Birds, 2 vols. FIRST EDITION


3 vols. 8vo. russia extra, gilt edges

First issue with the announcement of the third edition of the Quadrupeds.

4 vols. 8vo. half calf, top edges gilt, UNCUT

£ s. d.


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1790-97-1804 12 0 0


1790 1820

1790-1820 12 12 O

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