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The author maintains that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share common origins, values, and ethical code. He goes to great lengths to familiarize the reader with the basic tenets and moral teachings of the 3 Abrahamic Religions through a systematic search based on the bible (Old & New Testaments), the Quran, and related texts with their commentaries. The book is well-referenced with English as well as Arabic sources mainly utilised.
The common historical roots of the three Abrahamic Religions are not in dispute as they all originated within relatively narrow geographical confines in the ancient Near East. God, Yhwh, Allah all designate the same entity and, prior to that, we had Bel, Baal, and many others depending on the epoch and the terrain.
The devil remains, however, in the details. It would indeed be marvelous if men would somehow someday miraculously realize how relatively trivial the differences among the major faiths are (might as well inlude Buddhism, Hinduism, Bahai'sm, and many others) and that they all contain a core of valid ethical teachings tried and true over extended periods of time and across tremendous expanses.
Yes Islam, Judaism, and Christianity do share a great deal but greater still are the shared values WITHIN each faith and yet we see time and again christians warring against christians (Reformation and Counter-Reformation), muslims against muslims (Sunni versus Shia) and on and on and on. A seemingly trivial theological dispute (try the doctrines of Trinity, Reincarnation, Filioque, etc) could and did lead to major schisms and endless blood shed.
The author's attempt to broach the dilemma from the standpoint of a devout adherent to one of the great faiths is commendable but, in my opinion, would not offer a realistic alternative to a much simpler solution promulgated by our Founding Fathers and enshrined in the great American Constitution: separate Church and State!

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