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DECEMBER 7, 1914-MARCH 4, 1915



VOL. 1


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1204. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1916.

1207. Amendment to District of Columbia appropriation act of 1903.

1208. Annual assessment of real estate in District of Columbia.

1209. To amend act for taxation of personal property in D. C.

1210. Manner of paying expenses of government of District of Columbia.

1211. Payment of surgeons for examination of pension claimants.

1212. Settlement of shortages in certain accounts of District of Columbia.

1213. Aids to navigation in Lighthouse Service.

1214. Construction of two revenue cutters.

1215. Life-saving station at mouth of Siuslaw River, Oreg.

1216. Bridge across St. Louis River between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

1217. Extension of time for bridge at St. Louis, Mo.

1218. Procedure in United States courts.

1219. Post Office Department appropriation bill, 1916. 2 pts.

1221. Legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation bill, 1916.

1222. Review of decisions of State courts by Supreme Court.

1223. Bridge across Ohio River near Sciotoville, Ohio.

1224. Divisions of mental hygiene and rural sanitation, Public Health Service.

1225. Bridge across Ohio River near Sciotoville, Ohio.

1227. Legislative reference division of Library of Congress.

1228. Indian appropriation bill, 1916.

1230. Rivers and harbors appropriation bill, 1916.

1237. Amendment to Indian depredation act.

1239. Sale of land to Tempe, Ariz.

1241. Urgent deficiency appropriation bill, 1915 and prior years.

1243. Payment of salaries of employees of Senate and House, Dec. 22, 1914.

1244. Addition to Pike national forest in Colorado.

1245. Extension of time for filing applications for letters patent.

1246. Land patents issued to tain Indians in Washington Sta

1247. Transportation without appraisement of merchandise at Pembina, N. Dak.

1249. Safety of employees and passengers on railroads.

1250. Army appropriation bill, 1916.

1251. Additional land district in California.

1252. International Dry-Farming Congress, Denver, 1915.

1255. Agriculture Department appropriation bill, 1916.

1256. Postponement of sale of fur-seal skins.

1257. Detail of army officer to Panama-California Exposition.

1258. Lobster-rearing station on Atlantic Coast.

1259. Bridge across Ohio River at Metropolis, Ill.

1260. Prohibiting interment in White's Tabernacle Cemetery, D. C.

1264. Register of foreign-built vessels salved by American citizens. 2 pts.

1265. Relief of settlers making entries under act of May 29, 1908.

1267. Bridge across west arm of Rocky River, Ohio.

1268. Channel of Calumet River, Ill.

1269. Nyando, N. Y., to be port of immediate transportation.

1270. Conference report on bill to regulate immigration of aliens.

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