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Tas sole design of this little volume, is to arge the young to yield themselves to God. It interferes not with the minor distinctions that divide the followers of the Saviour; but inculcates that heartfelt Religion, whose importance they all unite in acknow



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The Author of the book has no expectation of its being applauded for elegance of language, or the beauties of imagination. He has not written seeking

wan applause as his reward; for what is human applause the applause of a world whose duration

a span; - of a world that will soon vanish away te smoke ; -- of a world whose very existence may it to forgotten by the soul, in the distant and

hable scenes of eternity. The minister of the gospel meets with the best commendation, not when the disa

course he may have delivered from the pulpit the press is much admired, much applauded, but

sinner becomes dissatisfied with himself 018 pursuits ; when the prodigal says, “I will and go to my father;" when the pepitent weeps

t over the crimes that have been brought to lew. Such applause the writer covets, and for

does not hesitate to pray. He freely con: that it is his desire to do something for pro

л. В

when the sinner becomes au and h

in secret o

bis review. Such app! such he does not hesitate fesses, that it is his

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