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OBJECTIONS TO EARLY and foolish, that you would not, for the same, de ny your perishing body even the food of a single day. Without inquiring into the secret things of God, remember these are his decrees, “ He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned." “ Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.He that believeth on the Son, hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not the Son, shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth' on him." “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.”

Obj. 18. I do not see that early religion comes to much : many that once professed it have for. saken it, and become worse than ever. .

Ans. You must be sadly blinded by ignorance, prejudice, and sin, if you do not perceive that it is early piety which is commonly the most eminent, even in the present world. Some instances of this were mentioned in chapter 9, and ma. ny might be added; for most who adorn religion are converted young. It is true, a young hypocrite may prove an old apostate. If men in youth wear religion as a form or mask, they will proba bly cast it aside; and then be more profligate than ever. One devil might appear to have left them, but seven to have taken possession of them: but not thus is it with the possessors of real, youthful piety. Their path is that of the just, shining more and more unto the perfect day.

Obj. 19. But I do not believe that God will be so strict as he is represented. Nor do I believe that he will be offended with me for following my pleasures, and gratifying the inclinations of the nature he has given me.

Mark, xvi. 10. John, vi, 53. iii. 36. Luké, xiii8


339 Ans. So then your objections come to infideliFor these tv at last. You do not believe what God de inalty clares; for he in his own word represents himself Er stay thus righteously strict; he there assures you that is dat the end of a life of vanity is eternal death. You SHUM do not believe God, but listen to the tempter in 11 14:59 preference to him. Thus was the world at first 30 ( ruined. The tempter said to our parent, “Ye - D' shall not surely die.” The lie was believed, and en and they were undone. As for following the incli12. nations of your nature, you might safely do so, bidea 1 if your nature were what it was, when man came ilering from his Creator's hands: then were his dispoare nositions holy; but now your nature is corrupt and cadly fallen ; its dispositions earthly, sensual, and devil

ish. The heart is deceitful above all things, and ed to desperately wicked, as is shown Chap. 2. § 4. It tapet hy would be as safe for a man, in a fit of raging mad.

Dess, to follow the suggestions of his disordered 's mind, as for you, in your fallen state, to follow 20lt those of corrupt nature. obry Obj. 20. After all that can be urged, I am deLa termined not to relinquish my pleasures, and bele come a poor melancholy creature. I will venthat ture eternity. I will have my own way. mor y Ans. Alas! if these are your feelings, it is your De own way, and the downward road; it is not Eestly God's, nor will it lead you to him. But if you sites have your way, depend upon it, by and by he 2300 will have his. You have your day of sin, and operating your Judge will have his day of retribution. wat het And what will you do in that day of visitation !


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of your coming to Christ ?",


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$. 1. It is related, that a pious minister of the 17th century, having finished prayer, observed a young gentleman just shut into one of the pews, Hau who discovered much uneasiness, and seemed

All the to wish to get out again. The minister felt il fat bis peculiar desire to detain him, and turning Om baffe wards one of the members of his church, who beffe.

loud "Brosat in the gallery, he asked him aloud .."

et fors! ther, do you repent of your coming to “ No, Sir," he replied: "I never was bappy," dd SC then: I only repent that I did not come to him jou i sooner.The minister turned towards the op; athis posite gallery, and addressed himself to an agree member. “Brother, do you repent mal,

epent that you do came to Christ ?” “No, Sir,” said he: 1

he: "I have Abbri known the Lord from my youth up." He

in » He then of the looked down upon the young man, whose atten

man whose atten. Alle tion was fully engaged, and, fixing his eyes up imech on him, said, “ Young man, are you "

2. willing 10 All for come to Christ?” This unexpected address in the pulpit, exciting the observation of all, so ale praful fected him, that he sat down and hid hi The person who sat next him encourage to rise, and answer the question. The repeated it .-" Young man, are you w come to Christ?” With a tremulous vo replied, “ Yes, Sir.” “But when, Sir?” the minister, in a solemn and loud tone. - yout 1410ly answered, “Now, Sir.” “Then stay, pider

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INTERESTING ANECDOTE. 341 | said he, “and hear the word of God, which you

will find in 2 Cor. vi. 2: Behold, now is the accepted time ; behold, now is the day of salvation." By this sermon he was greatly affected: he went into the vestry, after service, dissolved in tears. That unwillingness to stay, which he had discovered, was occasioned by the injunction of his father, who threatened, that, if ever he went to hear the fanatics, he would turn him out of doors. Having now heard, and being unable to conceal the feelings of his mind, he was afraid to meet his father. The minister sat down and wrote an affectionate letter to him, which had so good an effect, that both father and mother came lo hear for themselves. They were both brought to the knowledge of the truth; and father, mo. ther, and son, were together received with uni. versal joy into the church.

Does this young man now repent that he listened immediately to the message of God ? Far from it. God rewarded his immediate compliance, by bringing his parents also to the knowledge of the truth.

§ 2. Already have you been entreated to make the same choice; and have you done so ? or are you still for putting it off a little longer ? O! if you are, be assured that delay is one of the most successful of Satan's infernal stratagems for ru. Ining immortal souls; hell, it is to be feared, is filled with delayers. Multitudes that did not intend to live and die neglecting Christ, yet have been persuaded to delay a little longer, and still a little longer, till death overtook them unprepared. Not merely then do I beseech you to give your youth to God, but to do so without delay : consider the dreadful evils of delaying.


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EVILS OF DELAYING While you delay, your life is going'; every hings ar sabbath leaves you one season of mercy Jess. com Your heart is hardening; and every day there is less hope of your conversion than there was the one day before. While you delay, you are grieving the Spirit of God, and tempting him to leave you for ever; and, if he should, you will be un. done for ever. The oftener he has called, the seldomer he will call. The oftener you have slighted, or quenched, the impressions he has made on your heart, the less probability there is of your ever partaking of the grace of God. While you delay, you continue in your lost and wretched state; all your sins are upon you. You mger on the brink of hell. You put off seeking we mercy, but cannot put off the approach of judga hea ment. Alas! your judgment lingereth not, and your damnation slumbereth not. You lie down at night with no security that you shall n in hell before the morning dawns. You rise the morning to pursue vour business, or your wat amusements, with no certainty of being our endless misery when the evening comes Wat istici would you think of a man playing, while drowning, instead of accepting ". that should snatch him from destriction! how ruinous' would be his folly! but, 0 : much more ruinous is yours, while you put attending to those things which belong to everlasting peace! An hour improved may be to you more than a thousand woll

While you delay, you let Satan have h it is enough for him, if you will but put off ing to Christ; for he knows full well, tho forget it, that death will soon put this on er. While you delay, you live withou


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estriction? Alas! folly! but, O! how peritt

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thousand worlds.

ou will but put off turn. Not VS full well, though you were al on put this off for ev..

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