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318 ." THE YOUNG READER ENTREATED engage in the same business. In the house of bot It God they sit in the same seats, and hear the same and I truths; but hereafter they will be parted far asub. Ma der. The last great separating day is hastening kora on; and then shall they mingle together no more. klima No more sball they occupy the same seats ; nor Etern dwell in the same houses ; nor pursue the same in employments. All this will be for ever done ceptie with ; and a distance wide indeed, will part them sinn for eternity. O! as you would then have the dis- korist tinction of belonging to Jesus, embrace his gos. Se pour pel now! As ever you would share the happl- of ness of those who meet in glory, I beseech you to any by coming to Christ, secure it now! How bap those pily will they meet there, who have trodden the the same path of humble religion here! How happily gent will the pious child meet his parents! the faith. ful pastor · his flock! relations join relations beliau again ! and friends unite with friends!

And now, my young friend, life and death are Ifanc set before you. “I call heaven and earth to record against you, that I have set before you life and ha and death, blessing and cursing; therefore life.” The only alternative presented to y Religion and heaven: or, Want of Religion and W hell. Which, 0, which is your choice. is your choosing time. You must be a sus a brute here, and an angel or a devil Perhaps you may never again be invited this important choice; and your de day, may be that by which your eternal stä be fixed. Choose then, I entreat you, the life, if you have not already chosen lt. attends it, and happiness is at its end; happened seek

inconceivable, unutterable, and eternas. where your : will you choose ? or have you chosen humo. proue

u an angel or a devil hereafter.

er again be invited to make apple and your decision this .001

our eternal state will fade atreat you, the way of ou


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TO EMBRACE EARLY RELIGION. 319 In the ligion? If you have, let me take you by the onitors hand, and lead you into yonder fair and spacious haweli world. May I imagine that I see you arrived verstrike there? or are you determined never to go thither? hun May I imagine that I see you before the throne

of the Eternal, adorned with the splendours, and

blessed in the raptures of heaven? Ah! is it were but deception ? do you still slight the way that

leads a sinner to glory and to God ? May I ima. hi gine, or is that too happy a supposition, that you w ascribe your early choice of the way of life, to the the blessing of the Most High on this litile volume?

O, if in any instance this be the case, blessed be Dry, God, w.ho gave the disposition to write it! and noblessed be the day thai saw it begun! May I

imagine, that you look on this as the happy zeres by choosing day that led you to Jesus; and thus fix.

ed your joy for an eternity, where days, and years, 15 and ages are no more? O my brother, my sister, Jou may I fancy that I meet you there, with your

great interests and mine secured for ever? nad Blessed hour! blessed scene! O, in the pros. Set De pect of it, let me urge you to make religion your =;" earliest, only choice. It is the best that you can esemo make. Were you prevailed on this day to obey

the gospel, and begin a life of early piety, how ur Columnshappy day would this be to you! The best

and happiest day of your life. The day that you

might look back upon with most pleasure, even eing from a death-bed, and from the eternal world, but Will you then, in God's strength, determine to etermini wake early religion your first concern? and ne

TOL ver more to refuse the Saviour's grace? If you Dosen will, seek help from God in fervent prayer; com. end; mit your soul to Jesus; and then how happily element will you ere long enter endless blessedness, when

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320 BLESSINGS OF DECIDED PIETY this vain and inconstant world, this deceitful and fleeting life, have passed away forever. Then how happy will you be a hundred years hence, wben others are as busy about this world, and you are quite forgotten; and your very tombstone hard. ly to be read by passing travellers. Then, in what inconceivable blessedness will your happy spirit dwell, long after not“ one wretched trace" remains of the hand that has written, or the eye that reads. Choose but religion. Give yourself to Christ, and life or death will be equally a pri. vilege Your last sigh will then be a forerunner of eternal praise; your last pang of eternal raptures; and the paleness of death will be seen on your countenance, but a moment before the glories of eternal life. Yet a few years, and you, if you know the Saviour's grace, shall experience a far more transporting change than any heart can conceive. O, could we see what thirty or forty years will discover, it might then be seen what are the effects upon your heart, of this little book. It might then be known who chose the happy, who the wretched part. Young as you may be, yet a few years and this will be known. O, flee to Jesus. Choose religion. Then will your life be blessed ; your death happy; your eternity glorious. Remember that this is the most important choice you can ever be called to make. On this it depends whether life shall be a blessing or a curse yourself an angel or a devil - God a friend or an enemy; Jesus & kind Saviour, or a dreadful Judge; - heaven your home, or hell your prison; - praise your sweet delight, or cursings and blaspheniy your dreadful employment; angels and glorified saints your beloved associates, or devils and the

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IMPORTANCE OF THE CHOICE. 321 damned your horrid companions; -- Satan a this lay vanquished enemy, or a horrid tormentor. May Horere. the God of heaven lead you to seek your happi. Tras dess in the Lord Jesus and himself! If you liave world. I made early religion your choice, may he lead Ey make you forward to the promised crown; and if you velles are not a partaker of that best of blessings, even 95 FUF now may he soften your heart to penitence, and pe ca direct you to his crucified Son; and thus, at writes." length, bring you to that blessed world, where -ion by hope shall be exchanged for happiness; faith for ill be sight; grief for gladness; danger for safety; han bezit death for life; and where, to complete all, saints comportars will be for ever with the Lord.

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STATED AND ANSWERED, 2 PERHAPS, my young friend, you feel that reli. gion is important; but would be excused from

attending to it at present. Perhaps you strength"Ta en this disinclination, by some of those objections

to early religion which abound in this corrupt For a world. Permit me to enumerate a few of these,

and 10 give them a plain though serious answer.

Objection 1. I am but young; I have time

enough yet ; I do not mean to put religion off for where ever; but why should I begin with it so soon ? ir g* Answer. Young as you are, you are not too com young to die; nor if you die in sin, are you too Flot - young to be lost for ever. Young as you are.

- were you to die with only one of your youthful number sins, upon you, that one would sink you to de. 200 : Struction, Young as you are, you are not too

322 OBJECTIONS TO EARLY young to be called to meet your God, to stand at his judgment-bar, and to be fixed in heaven or hell for ever. In G. Britain, alone, it is computed, that nearly seven thousand persons die every week; numbers of these are the young; and while so many graves are opening every day, may not one soon be opened for you? Why should you promise yourself that you shall see old age, when so few comparatively reach it? But if you should, “he that in his youth reckons it too early to be converted, in his old age may find it too late to be saved.” Few, repent in age. Who are the irreligious crowds that throng our towns and country, but those who neglect God while young? It is a dreadful fact, that few turn to God in age; enough to guard the aged from despair; but so few as to warn the young, not to expect to be made partakers of grace and glo. ry, unless brought to Christ in youth.

Obj. 2. I see many, older than myself, following the world; why should not I do so too?

Ans. Because if they choose destruction, you should not choose it with them. If they abuse the mercies of God, and heap up wrath against the day of wrath, you should not do the same. If you saw some aged neighbours taking the way that would lead them to prison and the gallows, you would not say, “ They ought to know better than I, why should I not follow them ?” And if you see hoary-headed sinners, that have served the devil all their days, serving him still, why then would you make their desperate madness a reason for giving your youth to the devil? God will not inquire of you what they did, but what you did. If your friends, if your relatives, are all the servants of sin, O! be ambitious to be

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