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that you felt the power of divine truth, a d a perbera
went on to sin again. The sermons of min e ,
the admonitions of friends, and the ward IDS IN
the Bible, will all be remembered in judg e , Den
and produced, to show how much greater is your hun
guilt, than theirs, who lived in heathen lands

ds, and
heard no tidings of salvation. Then too is will
be known what poor trifles, what base del 184,
you preferred to the love of God and the joys
of heaven. O, think not to escape! God
bring thee into judgment. Though thou shouse
be hardened in life, and even deluded in death,
yet when thou hast had thy day of sin. God will be glade
have his day of vengeance; and when thou hasti
had the pleasure, thou must have the pain we forget
Think not that you have done with the Sibiu
pleasures and follies of past years. You have
not done with them yet; the delight is gone; but I ha
the sad account remains behind. You perhaps
call your youthful sins, frolics, or innocent sports,
or foibles at the worst, but if you are thus deceiv.
ed, God is not. Your slights of religion; ~ your
neglect of his service, and his ways; - your
broken sabbaths ; — your wasted days; ~ your
pride;- your vanity; must all be answered for
on that tremendous day.

$ 5. Know, O young man, if you are a follow er of the world, you must then receive them te ward of all your sinful actions; your riot and revellings, your drunkenness and debar eries, your hardening others in sin, your war songs, your profane words, shall all come to li and insure your damnation. Though you ma be a wanton profligate, or even a scoffing inside yet God will bring you into judgment; and in fidel as you may be, will make you tremble be

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· SINNERS INTO JUDGMENT 289 in the fore that bar, which is the object of your contempt w and ridicule now. Or if you are all that is moCitu ral and amiable in the sight of men, yet if desti

tute of saving grace, God will see in you ten with my thousand unforgiven sins, for which he will con.

demn you then. Know, O young woman! that

God will then bring you also into judgment. w Your sabbaths wasted in indolence or trifling

merriment -- your time squandered on poison. on the ous novels = your heart wrapped up in dress and

gaiety, while God and religion are shut out of it

-- your glass consulted, while the Redeemer is Coneglected - your fondness for worldly delights hot - your forgetfulness of your poor immortal soul

, all these sins and many more, are crying to

heaven against you, and not one, in that awful es day, will be forgotten. Perhaps all who wish Cho you well for ever, strive in vain to impress

your heart; but God will make you listen, God will bring you into judgment. Vain will be the pleas and excuses that now deceive yourself and

others. The Judge will pronounce the dread. For ful sentence; he will say, “ Depart from me, ye

cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the de. edu vil and his angels,” and depart you must. Oh,

dreadful sentence! to depart from Christ, the on

sy source of happiness — to depart from him acJom cursed, laden with the heavy curse and wrath of Baby God, never to be removed to depart from him, =;" accursed, into everlasting fire, and that the fire,

which was prepared for the devil and his angels ! a $ 6. O stop, my young reader! while this sen. Jotence sounds in your ears; stop, and consider home your ways. Can you bear to have it, with all its $0 borrors, pronounced upon you ? If not, O, turn : HD to God. Consider, that if you barden your heart

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against this friendly call, that time is coming when you must remember it. In the latter days, says God, ye shall consider it perfectly. God will then remember the sins and ingratitude of your - youth. At that last day you may call for mercy, and God refuse to listen, as he now calls on you to turn to Christ, and you refuse to hearken. His word says, “Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out mine hand, and no man regarded; but ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof; I also will laugh at your calamity, I will mock when your fear cometh. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me. They would none of my counsel; they despised all my reproof; Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.” Then, when all his terrors are set in array against you, how will you answer him? You cannot say you were not called to serve him, for the lines you are reading would witness against you. You cannot say you were too young, and expected longer time, for he has taught you that the youngest are not too young to die, and that those who seek him early shall find him. Alas, what will you then think of this warning! how tremble before your Maker for the sins of your youth. The Lord Jesus Christ will remember your ingratitude and wickedness; and when they who sought and found him betimes, have entered his eternal rest, while he crowns them with bis everlasting love, you, a poor trembling, unforgiven creature, may knock at the door of mercy, then for ever shut. You may join your voice with

Jer. xxiii. 20. Prov. i. 24-31.

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THEIR HOPELESS STATE AND LATE REGRET. 291, that of foolish millions, in the dismal cry,Lord, Lord, open unto us! Leave us not in endless woe, and infinite despair. Leave us not the prey of devils, and the scorn of hell. Leave us not with. out one glimmering beam of hope, through a dreadful eternity” Alas, vain cry, the Judge will say, I never knew you, depart from me! O, be wise! and guard, by early piety, against the terrors of that day. The eternal Judge will not be thus inexorable, unless, by your choice of sin, you make him so. Give him now your heart, and he will then give you a crown of life which fadeth not away.

$ 7. But if you will not regard this advice, you will then know your cruelty to your own soul. Then you may sadly exclaim, “ God was kind to me; he sought my happiness, and had I listen..

ed to his voice, I should have been for ever hapitb les py. The Son of God was gracious to me. O,

bow numberless were his compassions; had I regarded them, how blessed should I now have

been. The Spirit of God was kind to me; Free though grieved and resisted, how long he strove

with me. O, had I yielded to his gentle influence, no creature surely had been more blessed than I. The servants of God were kind to me. Pious friends warned me, and prayed for me, and wept for me. Faithful ministers taught me, and laboured for my good, and wished for no re

ward, but my salvation. But I, alas! was unkind alume to all these, and cruel to myself. I denied them be all they sought-my happiness; – all they 12W prayed for - to see me snatched from hell. O, 23, 669 had I had but half that compassion for myself, tmely which others had for me, how blessed had I been

Matt. vii. 23.

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292 · ETERNAL RUIN AN AWFUL now!. O, had I let my God, my Redeemer, my Christian friends, or ministers, have their desire, I should now have been rising to eternal glory; u but ungrateful to God, and cruel to myself, I have a undone my own soul with an everlasting des truction. Wretch that I was, to have no pity on a myself, while so many pitied me. Wretch that lima I was, to rusb so madly to eternal flames, wbile so many strove to keep me out; and alas, so obstinately to refuse such blessings, while so many sought to make me a partaker of them."

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§ 1. THERE exists, in many minds, a strong dislike to a faithful representation of those horrors, to which the ungodly are exposed in .. eternal world ; yet the divine Saviour and his apostles, by denanciations of the terrors of a wretched eternity, warn the sinful to flee from the wrath to come. Far, my youthful reader, ani! from loving to dwell on so painful, so dreadius subject. Fain would I have you sweetly colle

sweetly con. strained by the love of Christ to follow him ; but perhaps I address some hardened, or sout thoughtless son or daughter of folly, on w that love has made no impression. O! la me make one effort more for your salvation ; though it is a dreadful reason, let me urge reason more for your accepting the grace And 0, eternal God! now assist me, au terrors alarm that thoughtless soul, W

Cod: now assist me, and by thy love has not affected, nor thy promises

pting the grace of God.

het in thoughtless soul, which thy

thy promises allured. Roe


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