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AND SUPPORT IN DEATH. 243 no where is thy sting! O grave, where is thy vicche tory! Thanks be to God, who giveth us the vic

tory through our Lord Jesus Christ. way! At length, O most merciful Father! the so

lemn hour will come, and I must die. O in that Tito bour, when my flesh and heart fail, be thou the roh strength of my heart; may thy rod and thy staff the comfort me! O in that hour, when all the ten

derness of sorrowing friends will avail me not, be thou more to me than all the world! Disperse, by thy presence, the gloom that shades the grave; and brighten that otherwise dark valley with the

sweet dawnings of immortal day! Cheer my dei parting spirit with the consolations of thy love; mit and may thine everlasting arms be my support! In the last hours of dissolving nature, enable me testify the value of thy love, and may those,

witness my dying moments, see me favourwith such blessings as shall make them feel dit early piety is real wisdom. Gladly may I my farewell of earth, and leave friends and

ed without regret, assured of going to dearhet, better friends above. Then may He, who

ted for me, be the foundation of all my hope;

aning my languishing and dying head uptil

compassionate arm, may I breathe my last, and sleep in Jesus.

d when, O Lord, I am numbered with the When my last hour is finished, and all the sorrows of life concluded for ever, O then se ministering angels, that watch thy chileps, become my convoy to the abodes of

nd may iny joyful spirit, though bele sweet converse of those it held most low, yet find that it shall for ever hold

ter converse with angelic friends.

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jis and leaning my ! 1 Pon bis compas.

And when, O Di: dead, when my lis joys or sorrows te may those ministeri Ejd dren's steps, become pieli bliss! And may 1 Thops reft of the sweet cou

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244 PRAYER — ADMISSION TO HEAVEN. Then may an abundant entrance be administered unto me into the everlasting kingdom of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May he introduce me into thy presence; there, with all thy saints of ancient days, in glorious happiness to wait the still fuller accomplishment of thy promises when time itself shall finish. There, O my God, may I exult in thy presence, even while those I left behind attend this feeble body to its last long home. While they, with affectionate tears, commit “ earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” O may I be rejoicing in having reached that land where a sigh was never uttered, nor a tear ever shed. And, merciful Father, if friends or relatives should survive me that know thee not, O may my death be their life! and may they go from my grave to prepare for their own!

And when the period for that state of intermediate glory, which thy word reveals, shall have past, may my sleeping dust arise to the resurrection of life; enraptured may I view the Judge eternal on his great white throne; with gladness may I hear the last trumpet sound, and the last thunders roll; with pleasure see the last lightnings play, and the stormy scenes of time conclude. And 0 from the kind hand of Jesus, may even I receive that crown of life, which fadeth not away; the crown, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give, at that day, to all that love his appearing.

Then, ő my most gracious God, fixed in eternal rest, then, blessed with all the bliss of heaven, may I with all thy ransomed family unite in rendering thee praises for those infinite won. ders of redeeming love, for which eternity itself will never praise thee enough. Then may I and NO GOOD WITHOUT RELIGION.. 245 www millions more unite in that sweet song, “Worthy na is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and che riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, Tallir: and glory, and blessing. Blessing, and honour, nina ** and glory, and power, be to him that sitteth upir on the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and On ever." Amen.




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briefly to dis

1. THOSE, considerations from which I have and on aitherto endeavoured to show the infinite impor

ace of early piety, have been mostly of a pleas

kind; but if you be one on whom all these have been urged in vain, permit me now more ispod cheriy to display the value of religion, by pre

schuing to your view some of the dreadful evils
to which the want of it will expose you.
Consider the words of the Lord Jesus to an
lable youth, “ One thing thou lackest.He
anted that one thing, which is of infinitely more

uportance than every thing united besides. flestumble religion is the best of blessings, and the

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Be wanted that one Dies is importance !

want of it

God that it would, (11 of every thing, odlican never sur CD world your ow

etet in life; it could

"Is worse than hunger, poverty, and pain,

And all the transitory ills below.”
igion is so truly the one important blessing,

It would, in the end, make up for the want
dry thing, while all earthly blessings united -
never supply its want. "Were the whole

your own, it could not give you real peace 11:e; it could not quiet the stings of conscience;

246 IRRELIGION DEPRIVES THE SOUL it could not ease you in the hour of pain, nor support you on the bed of death; nor obtain for you a place in heaven. If you possess friends, the most faithful, endeared, and affectionate, yet they cannot supply the want of his friendship, whose favour is better than life. They cannot drive sickness, pain, or death away; nor cheer your trembling soul when going to meet an in. jured God; or when standing at his awful bar. Helpless comforters would they then be; nor could their prayers, or tears, or agonies, arrest the dreadful sentence, Depart from me, ye cursed.Neither in God's sight will any personal, any mental, or even any moral recommendations stand in the stead of humble piety. You must be born again," or never enter heaven. Without that divine change, God will look upon you as an object of abhorrence; and all that is most pleasing in human esteem, will no more recommend you to him, than dressing a putrid corpse in fine apparel would do to recommend it to man. The richest dress could not make such a melancholy object pleasing; but if life, and the bloom of health and youth were restored to it, then it would be so, though in the meanest garb. While destitute of religion, you, in the divine sight, are only a disgusting mass of corruption and iniquity; nor can the bloom of health and youth, or the charms of beauty, nor the attractions of all the pleasing endowments imaginable, hide from the eye of God the loathsomeness of ruling sin. He is declared to hate all workers of iniquity. (Ps. v. 5.) Even to be satisfied with being almost a Christian, is to continue destitute of all real good; you would then be like a whited sepulchre, fair without, but within full of uncleanness. In


OF NUMBERLESS BLESSINGS. - 240 hour s'this way you would go to hell, as it were, by the atb; Bi gate of heaven. But if your nature were renewFou pied, and the divine image formed on your soul, and afc- then though you were on earth most despised,

of bis 2 yet God would approve and love you. life 124 $2. The want of religion is a want which de7 2625; o prives you of a thousand benefits and comforts. ing 0 You live, without true wisdom, for the fear of the cat i Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge her tal of the Holy is understanding. They must be of 2000 strangers to wisdom who are strangers to Christ, it from the wisdom and the power of God. You want the Till forgiveness of sins; all your crimes are upon you,

PAULES and the least of them is heavy enough to sink miets. " you to hell. Forgiveness is the portion of those heareas who have come to Jesus for it. “You want comwok up a posure of mind and inward peace. The peace that is which passeth all understanding cannot be yours. moter - You may be asleep in sin. _Your conscience trid elp may be seared as with a hot iron; or you may adil Det ve indulging dreams of future happiness, which uch a Bs never will be realized ; but the true peace of a and the humble and pious mind cannot be yours till you to it bé are Christ's. He left the blessed legacy of Peace, the 1° not to the world but to his own. You want ne signal peace with God. There is no peace, saith my God, on and to the wicked o the wicked.


You are naturally alienated from od Pocket God by sin

rod by sin, and till reconciled to him, God must actions

de to you an awful Judge, and you a rebel, de

be to you an le, brusne sving his severe displeasure ; and boundless as Erulingo Dis love is to those that return to him by Christ, ting yet to othe

Yet to others he is a consuming fire. — You want being his father

uis latherly care. In the hour of distress you

e no God to go to that you can justly call zhier Jour friend and Father. His children may ap

Prov. ix. 10. • Isa. lvii. 21. Heb. xii. 29.

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