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MEDITATIONS ON THE star, that blazes and expires - thou wilt be mine her still, my God, and my portion for ever."

And now, were it possible to call from the dead some that have died in youth, 0, what a confirmation would they give, to all that has been urg: ed upon you here! They who have followed Jesus while young, might say to you, “ Follow him we followed, We soon embraced his gos. pel, yet not one hour too soon. Early as we be: gan with religion, we began much too lale; and could we have felt grief in heaven, we should have grieved, that we did not sooner know, and love; and serve our Lord. Death cut us down in the morning of our days, yet we did not die too soon; for we had bowed betimes at the feet of Jesus; and had found eternal life in him. He wastitu our sins away: he renewed our hearts ; and pada while pared heaven for us, and us for heaven. He taught us to set our affections on things above We saw others engaged with all their hearts, the shadowy concerns of time; we pitied and trod the path of life. We smiled in utan en Divine grace made us conquerors over the grans aina and now we rest from all our labours. Fear is a long, long, happy home. Follow our and he will be your Lord. Receive him, au will receive you. Commit your souls to and all will be well with you, for time an eternity.

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ome. Follow our Lord, me

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CONCLUDED WITH PRAYER. Come, O my soul, and in serious medital again review these pleasing motives thyself, thy all, to God. I am passing thi the world like an eagle through the air.

ese pleasing motives for yielding Boat ra

I am passing through day, through the air. I am and

ADVANTAGES OF EARLY PIETY. 199 young, but youth and health have vanished from millions, and will soon vanish from me. Could I now gain the throne and become the ruler of this mighty kingdom, yet, in a little while, a throne and a kingdom would be of no importance to me; but I hear of things that will concern me for ever, of blessings that may, enrich me for ever. I hear of treasures of eternal worth; treasures, like those which angels enjoy, and which make even angels happy. Thrones and kingdoms upon earth never will be mine, even for a fleeting hour; but these far better riches may be mine “when rolling years shall cease to move ;" these may be mine through one eternal day. O, let me glance again at this list of blessings! Forgiveness, how much I need it! Forgiveness so free, and full, and entire, that though my sins are as scarlet they shall be white as snow. – Peace with God; peace even in this troublesome world; peace far above all that earth can impart, and which “nothing earthly gives or can destroy." The love of Jesus; love, stronger than death, and more lasting than time; love, which was mani. fested for me when he groaned on Calvary; and love, which would be manifested to me, infinite vears beyond the day, when it shall be said, The judgment is finished, the world, the sun, the stars, are no more. Adoption into the family of God, and the privilege of becoming a child of the Most High; the dear object of his eternal love. 0, precious blessing! what more precious can even an archangel possess! what higher privilege! what nobler honour! Can he go higher than to say, I am a child of God ? O my soul, wonder and adore! The highest distinctions of archangels themselves may be thine; and thou

200 MEDITATIONS ON THE ADVANTAGES mayst have the privilege of saying, Now, even ser in this dying world, am I a child of God; and it is doth not yet appear what I shall be, but I know, that when he shall appear, I shall be like him, and see him as he is. — Eren here, I may enjoy it his kindness and his care; know him as my. Both father, and rejoice in him as my portion; even here, may have an interest in all his exceeding and great and precious promises ; and in the heights, and depths, and lengths, and breadths, of his immeasurable and everlasting love. Even here, I may look to Jesus as my elder brother, my wil he friend, my Saviour, my Shepherd, my forerun. ner, my guide, my guard, my boast, my bliss, my, King, my God. But, beyond all the scenes of time, his word reveals a brighter world. There I may possess an inheritance, incorruptible, une defiled, and that fadeth not away; an inherit; ance, compared with whose pure delights, the sweetest earthly pleasure is but bitter pam compared with whose wealth, the treasures of the kings are poverty itself;- and compared with whose duration, ten thousand times ten thousand years are as the twinkling of an eye. All this, and infinitely more than any tongue can express, heart can conceive, I may possess. Whendes invites me to go to him, and take his yoke, invites me to make all this my own. And ca date ma thou hesitate, O my soul, or canst thou, Shall I refuse so kind an invitation? Shals lose all these eternal treasures, for the things of som a moment, that perish in the using? O, let the the ta not act so base, so foolish, so unprofitable ! · I see, indeed, that godliness is profitable na atha

things; and would be infinitely profitable to use som Without it I had better never have been boste divide

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OF EARLY PIETY, AND PRAYER. 201 ving, No Without it I must be a mere cumberer of the Blol Gol ground. Then my very being would be a curse be built to myself; and I should be a curse to my friends, wil het and a curse to the world ; but with it, in my re. humble sphere, I should be enabled to glorify mot bizz my God; I should live to my blessed Redeemer;

nomi and might die'leaning, as it were, my languishing this on head for support upon his Almighty arm. Links Great and blessed God, from revolving these realise things in my mind, to thee would I turn. O, let - Dire them not be lost upon me; let these precious or booze blessings all be mine. Deny me other treasures,

11 thou wilt but give me these. Let me “win mihi Christ," and know him as mine; and know all that the blessings which flow from his love, either on olla earth, or in heaven, as also mine. Give me the

comfort of hope; the assurance of faith ; and the can heaven of holy love; that heaven in the soul, on

earth, which is the forerunner and the earnest of an eternal heaven within me, and around me, when time shall be no more. Let me not have

ely a wavering hope, but a strong unshaken udence that thou art my God; that thy prom, are my charter; thy love my portion; thy

dom my inheritance. While early religion thena w tbus profitable and honourable, and desirable,

Il be my immediate choice. Let me not, by
y, make repentance more bitter, and conver-
more difficult; but may I feel true humility
sorrow for having wasted, and worse than
u, so much of my life; and again, let me

thee to give me grace, gladly to yield the thee; or if, O compassionate Father, thou that I have been led to this happy choice,

whirm me in it, and never let sin or the divide the bands which bind my soul to

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delay, make b)sion more and hall and sorrow 0 1 wasted, so muc.

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then, confirm me in



EARLY PIETY THB . thee; but may I be blest in Jesus, and humbly The and faithfully cleave to him. Grant me but any these blessings, and then make whatever pleases the thee, welcome to me. Let afflictions be welcome, ten as the chastisement of thy hand; and pain, as an sent to meeten me for the rest, where there shalluts, be no more pain. If thou art pleased to prolongador my days, let life be welcome for the sake of liv. las ing to my Lord. But if thou hast determined for otherwise respecting me, if a few weeks or months als are to finish my pilgrimage below, let even early cost death be welcome, as a speedier removal to etelu sir nal life; and let those years, which are taken taste from my mortal course, be added to that eternal ashich day, to which thou hast promised to conduct all to the humble followers of thy Son. Great God, Wibula thou seest nothing in me, to add weight to these skolos requests; and never wilt thou see such worthi-th" if ness in a creature so unworthy; but grant me for his sake whose blood was shed to wash away soula my sins. Amen.



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“On parent knees, a helpless, new-born child,
Weeping thou sat'st, while all around thee smil'ds
So live, that, sinking in thy last long sleep,

weep." the Calm thou mayst smile, when all around thee weep." § 1. As another reason for early piety, gladde sath at some of the pleasures which true relig yields. It is the common delusion of the wor that religion is a melancholy thing; unsuitable

e young and sprightly; and of such a nacho

the world, then the

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