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IN AL ' APPEAL TO THE YOUNG READER. 131 con fail tions; what though any thing thus dear and usefet tok ful, should ensnare your immortal soul, yet part will be with it; yes, part with it, though it cost you as and this much exquisite torture to do so, as it would to andew tear the tender eye from its socket, and to cut then away the right hand and foot from the body they ore dal support and adorn. Part with the dear cause of The destruction, though, through its loss, the rest of om your days were even to be spent in misery and

want. Yet mind not the miseries of an hour, to en escape those of eternity; mind not all that a feeChan ble body can endure, to escape the worm that ne

ver dieth, and the fire that never shall be quench

Better, far better, were it for you, to go, if alul, through pain, and want, and wretchedness, to heaven, than through comfort, and ease,

and prosperity, to hell.” Solemn and awakening ng?

charge ! O that it were felt by every heart! Aw

WW, awful warning, repeated six times by a comdanza assionate Saviour, that there the fire never shall

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be quenched.

Will you, my


O may the cro

still thunder in

you, my young friend, listen to his * Will you, if you have not yet done so, give your youth to God, and receive the en Jesus as your all in all? If you refuse,

lay the God of mercy grant, that 'wherever you go in your mad career of business or of plea

the words of Christ may follow you, and under in your ear, that in that dismal whither sin and folly lead the soul, the ver shall be quenched! Flee, then, from

e for your life! Flee for your soul! If motives have not moved you, what can en you, if this warning of the Lord's canflee from the dear delights of sin, that are

you over to perdition! They conduct

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it! Flee for your
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PRAYER FOR GRACE TO to that hell, where the fire never, never shall be quenched. Flee from sins, that have ruled yuuu to the present hour! or they will shortly fix you where the worm of remorse and despair can ne. ver, never die. · Flee, or ere long the fire of hell, flashing in your face, will tell you, that your day of grace is past; and the worm that never dieth, rising in your soul, will sting you with huge, in. expressible, and everlasting sorrows. A PRAYER, IMPLORING GRACE TO PAY DEVOUT ATTEN



O thou great and beneficent Father of all, while I draw near to thee in prayer, stoop, for Jesus's !!! sake, to accept my feeble offering. Humiliation 2 should be mine in these solemn seasons, while infinite condescension is thine. I have passed nilap but a few fleeting years in this world, yet, per haps, have already seen many more than I shall be ever see again; and, O Lord, what folly, misery, pie in and madness, have marked much of my mortal u thi course! Instead of seeking first thy kingdom does and its righteousness, many of my early year have been devoted to a thousand trifling vani- adi ties; and, negligent of laying up my treasus in heaven, I have sought that felicity among... 600 follies of time and sense, which can be found i.

hen he found in me thee alone.

Thou, O gracious Lord, hast an eternal, im alterinmutable right to teach me what to choose, and cond what to shun Listening to thy word, may well make true piety my early and immediate choc, There and may I have strength from thee to count ". She things loss, that I may win Christ. If I shou: have to pass over a painful path to heaven, still th the let me tread that path, assured, that one hour r his

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BECOME ALTOGETHER A CHRISTIAN. 133 neres glory there will compensate all the sorrows of hare in the way. May I follow those who trod a thorny shorty of way before me, and who are inheriting the proDesperat mises. Let me count no sufferings too heavy to the blue be endured on his account, who bore the cross theta for me. When the world tempts me; when reliat neki gion is despised, and this vile heart would be wild be negligent of its blessings: then let me think of Ts. his dying love and of his various admonitions ; DETTE - then let me gladly make the most painful sacriDADE fices, so that I may but escape the never-dying

worm, and be a partaker in his righteousness, 2017 and an heir of thy kingdom. Impress deeply

on my heart, that the time is short; and may I rejoice or weep, possess or want, as a traveller 10 eternity. May Ī, from this time, cry unto thee,

Father, thou art the guide of my youth. May. de blessings be mine which rest on the hume, the pure in heart, and the peaceful. May hunger and thirst after righteousness, and feel those desires, which nothing but thy love can

satisły, and may I be filled. May I consider my A latter end, and when the solemn hour of separa

" from all mortal things arrives, then, O my

look down upon me, and show a father's

Cheer my departing spirit with thy smile. joys like those of Lazarus, then be mine, ministering angels surround my astonished

; and conduct it through the wondrous, but, y me, untrodden path, that leads from earth to

en. There may I join the company, whose es are washed in Jesus's blood; and there for celebrate thy love, and pay my grateful ho

to the Lamb that was slain. Gracious der, for his sake answer, and more than aner, these my humble prayers Amen.

clay God, look down upon

02. love. Cheer my de Jo Let joys like tho

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§ 1. History relates, that one of those happy and triumphant saints, who passed through the sorrows of martyrdom, to the glories of heaven, just before he expired, lifting up his burning hands from the midst of the flames, exclaim. ed, “None but Christ, none but Christ!” In this, and ten thousand other instances, martyrdom itself was cheerfully borne, through love to the adorable Saviour: but whence sprung this fervent love? The apostle's words reply, We love him, because he first loved us. My young friend, let me call your attention to this most pleasing and most powerful motive, for devoting your youth to God. Martyrs loved their God, because he had first loved them.- Martyrs died for their Redeemer, because he had first died for them; but consider, I beseech you, that all which was done for them, was done for you. That love which won their hearts, has been manifested for you as well as them. God in the gospel, is as kind to you as he was to them; heaven as open to you as it was to them; and Jesus died for you as well as for them. Spend then, a few serious moments, in meditating on divine love. I have glanced at this subject before, but now entreat you to consider more fully the love of God, and the love of Christ.

§ 2. In the works of the Most High you may discern his love. The fruits we gather, the sum. mers we enjoy, the harvests we reap, the air we

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THE LOVE OF GOD IN GIVING CHRIST. 135 breathe ; are all proofs of the love of God. Your healthful days, your easy nights, your food, your raiment, your tender friends; all these are gifts

from the God of love. He crowns successive JESUS sea

seasons with his goodness; and seed-time and | harvest, summer and winter, are fraught with his www blessings. In infancy, childhood, and youth,

you have experienced his kindness. UnnumberDied mercies descended from him to you, before glonel von

you could be conscious whence they came; and the streams of his kindness have continued full

even to your present day; and should you choose ISL. 1bim as your God and portion, then his kindness les will endure while eternal ages roll. It is in the

gilt of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, that his sun divinest love is manifested. “God so loved the

world, that he gave his only-begotten Son, that To whosoever believeth in him should not perish, 110819 but have everlasting life.” 10 .33. The gift of Christ is uniformly represent

in the scriptures, as caused by the love of God.

blessed book assures us, that the divine Re. biscy deemer did all that he did, and endured all that

adured, in consequence of the love of God a ruined world. The testimony of the Lord

brist to this momentous truth, is given in Id8 just quoted; his inspired apostles as.

e same. “God commendeth his love to. usus, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ

rus." "Herein is love, not that we loved but that he loved us, and sent his Son to we propitiation for our sins.” Does the motive yer, enhance the value of a gift? how then

you value Jesus, the best gift of God! In

suspel the infinite Lord of lords is displayed, het John, iii. 16. Rom. v. 8. 1 John, iv. 10.

Party. That blessed book assi

col, W he endured, in conseque

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ben Jesus Christ to this 1 God By the words just quo $1 sert the same. “Go

Tip God, but that he sub, be the propitiation more of a giver, enhan t should you value

Im the gospel the

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