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belief, and will, and practice; of love to God, ourselves,

and others; of baptism, and infants' right to it; of

covenanting with God.....

The Third Day's Conference.-The confutation of malignant

contradicters and ca villers: proving, fully, the pecessity

of a holy and heavenly heart and life against the foolish

wranglings of the ungodly, and their scorns and re-

proaches of serious Christians....

The Fourth Day's Conference. The resolving and actual con-

version of a sinner; against delay; what to trust to for

pardon of sin; what sins are pardonable ; how after-

sins are pardoned; what to do for grace to keep the

covenant; how to obey the Spirit, and how to know its

motions; what rule to live by; what church to be of;

what means to use; about our callings; whether an

uncertain or unsound person may covenant with God;

the goodness of a holy life; of public confession of sin

The Fifth Day's Conference. -Directions to the converted,

against temptations. 1. Against puzzling difficulties in

religion. 2. Against melancholy and perplexing fears.

3. Doubting your own sincerity. 4. Against carnal se-

curity. 5. Against sensuality, pride, and covetousness.

6. From sects, divisions, and controversies. 7. Why

God will damn so many in hell : what to do in cases

of church divisions, and disputes, and heresies. 8.

Against mistaking the nature of religion, and maiming

it. 9. Against customariness, and coldness, and decay

of zeal. 10. Against temptations to doubtings of the

truth of Christ, the Scripture, or the life to come....

The Sixth Day's Conference.--Instructions for a holy life. 1.

The necessity, reason, and means of holiness. 2. The

parts and practice of a holy life, for instructing others

The Seventh Day's Conference.--Of a holy family, how ne-

cessary, especially the education of children: how to

do it. The duties of husbands, wives, masters, servants,

children, to each other; of subjects. How to spend

every day; how oft, when, and how to pray, &c....

The Eighth Day's Conference.—How to spend the Lord's day

in christian families, and in the church, and in secret

duties. The order of the duties of the day. What

books to read; what ministers to hear. How to under-

stand; how to remember; bow to help affliction ; how to




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