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Title 12—Banks and Banking

(This book contains Parts 1 to 299)


CHAPTER 1—Bureau of the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of

the Treasury


CHAPTER 11—Federal Reserve System


Cross References: Farmers Home Administration: See Agriculture, 7 CFR, Chapter

XVIII. Federal Housing Administration: See Housing and Urban Development, 24 CFR, Chapter II. Fiscal Service: See Money and Finance: Treasury, 31 CFR, Chapter II. Monetary Offices: See Money and Finance: Treasury, 31 CFR, Chapter I. Commodity Credit Corporation: See Agriculture, 7 CFR, Chapter XIV. Federal Housing Administration: See Housing and Urban Development, 24 CFR, Parts 275

and 279. Small Business Administration: See Business Credit and Assistance, 13 CFR, Chapter I. Rural Electrification Administration: See Agriculture, 7 CFR, Chapter XVII.





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Investment securities regulations.
National bank loans secured or covered by governmental guaranties.
Description of office, procedures, public information.
Supplemental application procedures for charters, branches, mergers and

Loans made by national banks secured by obligations of the United States.
Interpretive rulings.
Assessment of fees; national banks; District of Columbia banks.
Fiduciary powers of national banks and collective investment funds.
Securities Act disclosure rules.
Employee stock option and stock purchase plans.
Changes in capital structure.
Reports of change in controlling ownership.
Offering circulars—capital debentures and new bank securities.
Required notification to nominate bank directors.
Form and content of financial statements.
Rules of practice and procedures applicable to proceedings relating to cease

and desist orders.
International operations regulation.
Minimum security devices and procedures for national and District banks.

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NOTE: Other regulations issued by the Department of the Treasury appear in Title 19, Chapter I, Title 26, Chapter I, Title 27, Chapter I, Title 31, Title 41, Chapter 10.

SUPPLEMENTAL PUBLICATIONS: Digest of decisions relating to national banks. Comptroller of

the Currency. Irregular. Vol. 14, 1864–1912. Vol. 24, 1913-1926. Vol. 3—, 1927–1931. Vol. 4, 1932–1934. Vol. 5, 1933–1936. Federal laws affecting national banks as of January 1, 1950, complied by Comptroller of the Currency.


REGULATION Sec. 1.1 Authority. 1.2

Scope and application. 1.3 Definitions. 1.4

Type I securities; standards for au

thorized transactions. 1.5 Types II and III securities; purchase

standards. 1.6 Type II securities; authority to deal

in and underwrite. 1.7 Types II and III securities; limita

tions on holdings. 1.8 Prudent banking judgment; credit in

formation required. 1.9 Requests for rulings. 1.10 Convertible securities, 1.11 Amortization of premiums. 1.12 Exceptions. ELIGIBILITY OF SPECIFIC BOND ISSUES POR

PURCHASE BY NATIONAL BANKS 1.106 Miscellaneous rulings. 1.106 Texas Turnpike Authority. 1.109 Commonwealth of Kentucky, Departa

ment of Parks. 1.110 City of Kansas City, Missouri. 1.111 Georgia State Authorities. 1.112 New Jersey Highway Authority. 1.113 The Music Center Lease Company, Los

Angeles, California. 1.114 Federal National Mortgage Associa.

tion. 1.116 Dormitory authority of the Stato of

New York. 1.116 Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. 1.117 City of London, Kentucky. 1.118 Inter-American Development Bank. 1.119 Savings Banks Trust Company, Now

York, New York, 1.121 City of Opelika, Alabama. 1.122 Public Bullding Commission of Obi.

cago. 1.123 Alaska State Development Corpora

tion. 1.124 Virginia Publlo School Authority. 1.125 General State Authority of the Com

monwealth of Pennsylvania. 1.126 Wanapum Hydroelectrio Refunding

Revenue Bonds. 1.127 Washington State Publio School Plant

Facility Bonds and Public Building

Bonds. 1.128 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Tax

Anticipation Notes. 1.129 State Highway and Bridge Authority

of the Commonwealth of Ponnsyl

vania Bonds. 1.130 Callfornia Bond Anticipation Notos. 1.181 District of Columbia Rodovelopment

Land Agency Urban Ronewal Bonds. 1.182 General State Authority of the Oom

monwealth of Pennsylvania Serial

Bonds, 19th Series. 1.133 State of Israel Bonds. 1.134 Jacksonville Expressway Ravenue


Sec. 1.188 Bond anticipation notes issued by tho

New York State Housing Financo

Agency. 1.136 State Public School Building Author

ity of the Commonwealth of Penn

sylvania Series N Bonds. 1.137 Delaware River and Bay Authority

Revenue Bonds. 1.138 Sabine River Authority, State of Lou

Islana, General Obligation Bonds,

Series 1964. 1.139 State of Israel Bonds, third develop

ment issue. 1.140 Richmond-Petersburg Turnpiko

Bonds. 1.141 School Refunding Bonds, Broward

County, Florida. 1.142 City of Atlanta and Fulton County

Recreation Authority (Georgia)

Revenue Bonds, Series 1964. 1.149 Revised ruling on the Music Contor

Lease Company, Los Angeles,

Calltorni&. 1.144 Fresno City-County Community and

Convention Center Authority Rov

enue Bonds. 1.146 Columbia Storage Power Exchange

Revenue Bonds. 1.146 School Building Revenue Bonds, Series

of 1964, of the Corry Area Schools Authority, Erle and Warren Coun

ties, Pennsylvania. 1.147 Merced River Development Revonuo

Bonds. 1.148 Oklahoma City Airport Trustees

Bonde. 1.149 Bonds of the Woods Hole, Martha's

Vineyard, and Nantucket Steamship

Authority. 1.150 Dormitory Bonds of 1962 of the Wi

consin University Building Corpo

ration, 1.161 Wisconsin State Agencies Building

Corporation, 1.152 Chicago Transit Authority Equipment

Trust Certificates, 1.183 Hospital authority of Cobb County.

Georgia 1.164 New York State Housing Mnanoo

Agency. 1.166 Federal National Mortgago Association

Participation Certificates. 1.156 Water Revenue Bonds of the City of

Wheeling, Missouri. 1.167 Elkhart High School Building Corpo

ration. 1.168 Mobile County,

Ala., Board School Commissioners Capital Out

lay School Warrants. 1.159 Bonds of the Dormitory Authority of

the State of New York, 1.160 Export-Import Bank Portfolio Fund

Participation Certificates. 1.181 City of Anaheim (Callfornia) Star

dium, Inc. Lease-Rental Bonds. 1.162 Massachusetts Port Authority Rove

nue Refunding and Improvement Bonds.

Sec. 1.163 State of Kansas Board of Regents

Revenue Bonds. 1.164 Federal National Mortgage Association

Participation Certificates. 1.165 Ilinois Building Authority Bonds. 1.166 New York State Housing Financo

Agency, General Housing Loan

Bonds. 1.167 The Port of New York Authority, Con.

solidated Bonds. 1.168 Commodity Credit Corporation cer

tificates of interest in pools of price

support loans. 1.169 San Diego Stadium Authority Bonds. 1.170 City of Santa Monica Parking Au.

thority Bonds. 1.171 State of Israel Bonds, Development

Investment Issue. 1.172 Federal National Mortgage Associa

tion Participation Certificates. 1.173 Alaska State Housing Authority Reve

Que Bonds. 1.174 Louisiana Capital Construction and

Improvement Commission Publio

Improvement Bonds. 1.175 Florida State Board of Education

Higher Education Bonds. 1.176 Export-Import Bank Portfolio Fund

Participation Certificates. 1.177 State of Obio Highway Improvement

Bonds. 1.178 Memphis TVA Lease Rental Revenue

Bonds. 1.179 General State Authority of the Com.

monwealth of Pennsylvania; State Highway and Bridge Authority of

the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 1.180 Orange County Juvenile Hall Lease

Corporation Leasehold Mortgago

Bonds. 1.181 New York State Housing Financo

Agency. 1.182 Orange County-Westminster Civic

Center Authority Clty Building F&

cilities Revenue Bonds. 1.183 Indiana School Building Corporations. 1.184 Tennessee State School Bond Author.

ity Higher Educational Facilities

Bonds. 1.185 Salamanca Hospital District Authority

(New York) Hospital Construction

Bonds. 1.186 Desert Hospital Authority Revenue

Bonds. 1.187 Santa Clara County Building Author.

ity 1967 Revenue Bonds, Series A, 1.188 Alaska State Housing Authority State

Lease Revenue Bonds. 1.189 Los Angeles County-West Covina Civic

Center Authority, West Covina Administrative and Police Buildings

Revenue Bonds. 1.190 Redevelopment Agency of the City of

Vallejo Marina Vista Project Area

Parking Lease Revenue Bonds. 1.191 Thomaston-Upson County Office

Building Revenue Bonds. 1.192 San Carlos Civic Center Authority

Lease Revenue Bonds.

Sec. 1.193 Los Angeles County-West Covina Civio

Center Authority, Citrus District

Courthouse Revenue Bonds. 1.194 City of Downey Community Hospital

Authority. 1.195 Cudahy Civic Center Authority Rov

enue Bonds. 1.196 Campbell County Utilities and Service

Authority. 1.197 Urban Redevelopment Authority of

Pittsburgh, Residential Land Ro

serve Fund Bonds. 1.198 Visalla Area Hospital Authority Rov

enue Bonds (California). 1.199 Upland Civic Center Building Au

thority Revenue Bonds (California). 1.200 Parking Authority of the City of Up

land (Callfornia) Parking Revenuo

Bonds. 1.201 Bergen County Sewer Authority (New

Jersey). 1.202 Carlsbad Bullding Authority Revenue

Bonds (California). 1.203 Water and Sewer Improvement Bonds,

Series 1967, of the Northwest Hous

ton Water Supply Corp. 1.204 Wisconsin University Building Corpo

ration and the Wisconsin State

Agencies Building Corporation. 1.206 Los Angeles Convention and Exhibl

tion Center Authority. 1.206 Louisiana State Bond and Building

Commission. 1.207 Duval County Hospital Authority, Ma. 1.208 Parking Authority, Beverly Hills, Calli. 1.209 Port Authority of Allegheny County,

Pa. 1.210 Export-Import Bank promissory notes. 1.211 County of Palm Beach, Fla., Court.

house and Jall Certificates of In.

debtedness. 1.212 Los Angeles County Southeast Gen.

eral Hospital Authority. 1.213 Los Angeles County-San Dimas Civia

Center Authority. 1.214 Virginia Public School Authority. 1.215 San Diego City-County Camp Author

ity. 1.216 Hillsborough County Aviation Au

thority, Florida (Post Office Facil

ity). 1.217 Fountain Valley Improvement Au

thority Revenue Bonds. 1.218 San Bernardino Public Safety Au.

thority Revenue Bonds. 1.219 Merced County-Atwater Civic Center

Authority, City Building Facilities

1968, Revenue Bonds. 1.220 Santa Barbara County Public Safety

Authority Revenue Bonds. 1.221 Redevelopment Agency of the City of

Vallejo Library Lease Revenue

Bonds, 1.222 Los Angeles County-Lawndale Build

ing Authority, 1.223 Southeastern Pennsylvania Trans

portation Authority, Rental Reve

enue Bonds (Philadelphia lease). 1.224 Export-Import Bank debentures.

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