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Preliminary articles of peace signed at Versailles-laid before both barifes

of parliament.-Address of ibanks moved by Mr. Thomas Pirt.- Amend-
ment proposed by Lord Jobu Cavendisb.-Second amendment proposed by
Lord Norib.- List of the principal speakers for and against the criginal
address. - T'he peace defended on three grounds.-18. From the deplorable
fare af she finances-of the navyof the army. -2dly. On the meriis
of the articles of the several treaties.- Defence of the French irealy-
of the cellion of part of the Newfoundland fisbery, and of the isands of
St. Pierre and Miquelon--of the restoration of St. Lucia; and of ibe
cision of Tobago -- ofibe cession of Senegal, and the refioration of
Goree of ibe restoration of tbe French continental fenlemenis in the East-
Indies~ of the abrogation of the articles relative in Dunkirk. --D-fenice
of the Spanijb ireary-of the session of East and Wir Florida and Aíi-
norca.--Defence of the provisional treaty with the Americans - of ibe
line of boundaries--of ibe ferilement of ibe fifbcries--of ile 18" ms pro-
cured for be loyaliis.-dly. On the faclions and interefid norities of
sboje wbo prereded 19 d'approve of it.- Argumentis irged by the opposite
fue in support of ibe amendments.-- Arguments aliud in dilence of ibe peace
replied to ix the same order. - Dorb amendments carried in the House of



Commons, by a majority of 16.- Amendment 10 tbe address in the House of

Lords moved by Lord Carlife, and negatived by a majority of 13.-

List of speakers in the debate.-Resolution of cenfure on ibe peace moved
in the House of Commons by Lord John Cavendish, and carried by a me-

jority of 17.

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Lord Shelburne's refignarion, and chancellor of exchequer's declaration to

what account be continued to hold bis office. -— Minifterial interregnur-

mifcbiefs resulting therefrom--conje&tures on the caufes.- Address 15 bis

Majesty for the same restrictions to be observed, previous 10 obe sub of

April, respecting granting penfions, as are directed by an att of last je tens

subsequent 10 that time.- Dobare thereon.-- Account of pensions granted.-

Animadversions on them. Mr. Coke's notice of bis intention to move ca

address on the unsesiled fare of the ministry.--Its effects-unsuccessful.-

Makes bis molion-received with approbation.-Ministers attempe in ex-

culpate themselves answered.-Coalition abused; and an addition, so is

dijadvantage, proposed to the address.— Ibis attack repelled, with great

dexterity, by Mr. Fox. -Allufions baving been made, in the debate, 16 fl-

cret ailvisers of rbe crown, a gentleman alluded 10 avows, and justifies bis

conduct. --Reply.-- Address presented. -- Anfuer.- Mr. Pitt reigns-quera

tioned respecting any new arrangement being made. His answer 105 ja-

iisfactory.- Earl of Surry's motion on the occafionobjetlions to it-wité-

drawn.-He proposes another, which is benner approved; it is bowni

puitponed.--- Report to the disadvantage of the coalition party-disclaimed

by Lord Norib.-- Fieb in vectives against the coalition.-Heads of jufii-

cation insisted on by that pariy.--Negociation again opened 10 form an at

ministration-succeeds.- List of the new minisry.115 firfl objects. —Dij.

ficulties obstructing a commercial intercourse with ibe States of America.-

Sieps taken to remove them.--Loan of rwelve millions brought fortuard

-objemed 10-juftified.-Mr. Pitt's morion for a reform of ibe par.

liamentary representation-debate thereon-division - loft by a majority of

144.--- Earl Shelburne condemns the loan.-Resolution proposed for ibe on.

#487 of future loans.--The loan justified, and former ministry blamed.-

Proposed resolutions discussed, and rejected. - Duke of Ricbmond's metier,

refpering danger to be apprehended from putting the great feal in commifin

so the judge 5071-Heads of bis speech, wbich embraces füriher objetis.- Mo.

rion objefted 19---Wirbdrarn. - Another propofed-debated-negatived.-

Animadversions on the original morion. Message recommending a separar

establishment for the Prince of Wales- 50,000l. seuled on bim-and

60,00cl. vored as a temporary aid.--Heads of ibe bill for regulating (er.

tain ofices in ibe exchequer.-Clause offered 10 exempo Lord Tburlow from

jes operation-debated-agreed 10- rejeiled on the report by a majority of

8.-Cine of the frien - Speecb.- Eaß India affairs left unserkid.


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Extraits of letters from Vice Admiral Sir Edward Hughes, K. B. commander

in chief of his Majesly's ships employed in the East-Indies, to Mr. Stephens ;
received the 6th of April, 1783


Account of the capture of ibe Solitaire, a French 64 gun pip, by sbe Ruby,

Capiain Collins


Extract of a letter from Almiral Pigot 10. Mr. Stephens, dated tbe 3d of

March 1783

Extrait of a letter from Rear Admiral Rowley, commander in chief of his,

Majesly's Bips ar Famaica, dared the yeb of February, 1783, 10 Mr.


Extrait of a lener from Rear Admiral Digby, commander in chief of his

Majesty's ships and vessels in Norih America, 10 Mr. Siepbens, dared Feb. 8,



Exirust from the Kingston Gazette, received May 2, 1783

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Exeral of a letter from Colonel Deveaux 19 Sir Guy Carleton, dared New

Providence, June 6, 1783, giving an account of the recapture of ibe ba-
hame islands

A memorial of the commanding officers of bis Majesty's provincial regiments and

corps in North America, presented to Sir Guy Carleton in Micrch 1783 (262
Copies of letters from General Carleton and Admiral Dighy, in answer 10 tbcfe

disparched by Robert R. Livingston, Esq ; seercianto for foreign affairs, rela-

rive to be cefation of botilities:
Copy of a letter from his Ezrellency Sir Guy Carleron, bari. 10 shk piefident of
sbe American Congress, relative io bis e t'acuating New York

A care,

circular letter of bis Excellency George Washington, commander in cbief of

ibe armies of the United Slules of America, dared fune 18, 1783 (266 General Wasbingion's farewell orders to the armies of the United States [274 T be address of bis officers 10 his Excellency General Wasbington, commander in

chief of ibe armies of the United States of America
Ceremonial of the introduktion of his Royal Higbness George Auguftus Frederick

Prince of Wales, into the House of Peers, at the meeting of parliament on
Tuesday November 11, 1783

(279 Ceremonial of the investiture of the Knigbes of St. Patrick

[280 Installation oj the Knighes

[:8: Extract of a letter from the president and select committee ai Bombay, to ibe Secret committee of the Court of Directors of she East - India company, dared 271h June, 1783, received overland 21st of November; containing a concise detail of the transactions and occurrences in tvoje parts

(23 Copy of a letter from Mr. Hutchinson to the secret committee of ibe cour; of

Directors, &c. dared Anjenjo, 1916 July, 1783, giving an account of ibe 300jt recent occurrences in sbe Carnatic

[204 A general bill of all the christenings and burials in the cities of Londm, Westminster, &c. for the year 1783

( 96 A complete and aulbenric lift of men of war, boib of France, Spain, ilolland, and England, which bave been eiiber taken or defroyed during the late war

(297 An account of the quantities of all corn and grain exported from, and imported

into England and Scotland, with ibe boun:ies and drawbacks paid, and she duries received ibereon, for one year ended the sob of January, 1784

(301 Prices of Stocks for the year 1783

(303 Supplies granted by parliament for the year 1783

1:04 Ways and means for raising ihe supplies

(303 Taxes for the year 1783


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His Majesly's most gracious speech in both houses of parliament, on tbe closing the setion, July 11, 1782

(310 His Majejly's most gracious speech in both bouses of parliament on opening 'be Sellion, December

[311 The humble address of the lor's spiritual and temporal, in parliament afleme bled, 10 tbe King ; with bis Majesty's answer

(314 The humble address of the commons of Great Britain ro ibe King ; wild bis Majesty's answer

(317 His Majesly's speech on closing the fefion, Fuly 16, 1783

[:18 Preliminary arricles of peace between bis Britannic Majesiy and the Stairs Geox neral of the United Provinces

E-19 The defnitive treaty of peace and friendfip berwveen bis Britannic Majesty and she Most Christian King

(322 Sifarase articles, ard declaration, p. (328.-Courier declaration


The definitive treaty of peace and friendship between his Britannic Majesty and ibe Must Catholic King

(331 Separate articles, p. (336.--Counter-declaration

(333 The definitive treaty of peace and friendship berween bis Britannic Majesty and the united siates of America

(339 Treaty of perpetual peace and friendship berween the Hon. East-India company

and the Pejbwa Madboo Row Pundit Purdban, settled between Mr. David Anderson on the part of the company, and the wbole of the chiefs of the Mahratta nation

1343 Transcript of the rreary between France and the United States of America; rogerber with the ratification of the same by Congress

(346 The petition of the people called Quakers

[350 Warrant by the lord lieutenant general and general governor of Ireland for the jeulement of tbe Genevese in that kingdom

(351 Letter 10 Mr. D’Ivernois, from Mr. Secretary Hamilton, on the same subječt

(354 The bumble address of the lord-mayor, sherifs, commons, and citizens of the

city of Dublin, presented March 11, 1983, to the lord lieutenant ; with bis excellency's answer

[354 í Tbe speech of his excellency the lord lieutenant of Ireland 10 both houses of parliament, Oct. 14, 1783

[356 To the king's mofi excellent majesy: the humble address of the lords Spritual and temporal of Ireland, in parliament assembled

(357 To the King's most excellent Majesy: the bumble address of the knights, cilizens, and burgesses of Ireland, in parliament assembled

(359 The humble address of the lord's spiritual and temporal of Ireland, in Parliameni asembled, 10 bis Ercellency Robert Earl of Northington, lord lieute

[збо The bumble address of the knights, citizens, and burgesses of Ireland, in par. liament allembled, to the same

(362 Translation of the manifeflo published by order of the Empress of Rusia, upon

occasion of her troops entering the peninsula of the Crimea, &c. [363 Heads of the principal axts of parliament passed during the present feffion of parliament, 1783






Charakter of Elizabeth Queen of England; from Dr. Watson's bistory of

Philip III. king of Spain
Gbaracter of the Marechal Lesiliguieres; from the same

3 Character of the Spaniards ; from the same

4 Clarafler of King James the Second ; from Mrs. M. Grabamos bistory of England

5 Description of the Rejangs in the island of Sumatra ; from the history of ibar islund, by W. Marsden, F. R. S.

8 Difference in character bir ween ibe Malays, and other Sumatrans; from the jame author

13 Account

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