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The title to this subdivision is vested in Lake and Stream

Development Corporation, an Oregon corporation, and Meadow Lake Development Corporation, an Oregon corporation, doing business as

Klamath Forest Estates, Unit #4, subject to:

1. A reservation of all mineral, oil and gas rights

affecting a portion of the subject property as

set forth in a deed from Day Brothers' Lumber

Company to Long Pine Lumber Company recorded

November 21, 1933, Volume 102, page 5, Klamath

[blocks in formation]

G. C. Lorenz and Kathryn C. Lorenz to Crater Lake

Lumber Company, recorded May 25, 1937, Volume 109,

[blocks in formation]

Rex E. Bord, recorded July 19, 1937, Volume 110,

page 28, Klamath County, Oregon.


As set forth in a deed from the Weyerhouser Timber

Company to H. 0. Cox, et al, recorded November 2,

1953, Volume 260, page 12, Klamath County, Oregon:

[blocks in formation]

located upon, over, and

across the w 1/2

of sw 1/4 of Nw 1/4 of Section 25 together

with the perpetual right to use a gate

constructed by grantees.


A mortgage, recorded June 5, 1964, mortgage
Volume 223, page 511, given to secure the payment

[blocks in formation]

The contract of sale provides that the seller will deliver a warranty deed conveying title to the buyer upon fulfillment of the

terms of the contract.


All California purchasers' funds shall be delivered to the

seller by the next business day following receipt, and the seller

shall forthwith execute and deliver a signed real property sales

contract to the buyer or return the purchase money to the buyer.

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for any reason the contract is not so delivered or if the funds are

to be returned, any purchasers' funds, which are held in excess of

twenty-four hours or the next business day, will be impounded in a

neutral escrow depository in accordance with s 11013.4(f) of the

California Business and Professions Code and Regulation 2814.5(1) of

Title 10, California Administrative Code.


There is no regular sewage disposal system to this tract.

The use of septic tanks, pit privies, or cesspools is contemplated as individual disposal systems for this area. The costs of construction and installation of such system will be borne by the lot purchaser.

The Klamath County Health Department has approved the use

of such systems on lot sizes being offered.

Prior to commencing

installation, purchasers should contact this health department for

specifications and requirements.

The cost of installing a pit privy is estimated by two

local contractors at $235 and $247.50.

Septic tanks are estimated to

cost approximately $300 per unit and up depending upon conditions.


The in-tract roads have been dedicated to and accepted by

Klamath County for public use but not for maintenance.

The roads are

to be dirt bladed and graded with crown and bar ditches and culverts

where necessary.

Twenty feet within the 50 foot right-of-way is to

be cleared.

The roadbed is to be 16 feet wide.

The subdivider has

posted a performance bond in the amount of the contract running to

Klamath County.

Under the terms of the original contract for road construc

tion, the roads were to have been completed by December 1, 1965.


contract was not fulfilled.

The subdivider has entered into a new

contract with another contractor which calls for completion by

July 31, 1966.

Klamath County requires that these roads be paved with

asphalt before the county would accept them for maintenance.


cost of bringing said roads to county standards is estimated to be

approximately $6.00 per lineal foot.

The subdivider has agreed to inaintain and repair all roads for a five year period beginning on the date of issuance of the


California Division of Real Estate Public Report and Permit. Maintenance will include scraping said roads at least once each year. has been estimated that the cost of keeping these roads open and passable will be approximately $50 to $75 per miie per year at the

present date.

To further provide for road maintenance in Unit 4, the

developer has formed, as set forth under the Declaration of Restric

tions, Covenants and Conditions (Refer to pages 4 and 5 preceding), the Highway 66, Unit 4 Road Maintenance Association, an unincorporated association, whose membership will consist of lot purchasers.


There is no regular water service to this tract and

purchasers will be required to obtain water from private sources at

their own expense.

Evidence indicates that water may be obtained by drilling

wells to depths of 90 to 200 feet.

It has been estimated that the

cost of drilling and casing a six inch well to a depth of 200 feet to

supply adequate water for domestic use would be $800.

To install an

adequate pump and pressure system will cost approximately $500.


is no positive assurance that any underlying water strata will be

found at a reasonable depth upon each individual parcel.

Costs for

drilling a well may vary due to variances in depths to which drilled

and variance in earth strata encountered. )


There is no regular fire protection for this tract.


Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture, will provide

limited protection in this area in accordance with an agreement with

the Klamath Forest Protective Association.

This agency provides forest

fire protection during the closed fire season only. This agreement

may be cancelled at any time by either party.


There is no electricity to the tract. The nearest electric service to the tract is that of the Pacific Power and Light Company located on Highway 66, approximately 2 1/2 to 3 air line miles in westerly direction from the nearest tract lot. costs to extend lines

to and throughout the tract have not been determined by the company.

The company will construct an extension without cost to the customer,

or customers, when the cost of such extension is not more than fifteen

times the estimated annual revenue.

Construction costs for ey tensions in excess of the free

allowance are estimated by the comrany to be about $1.00 per foot.

In addition, there would be costs of transformers, meter installation

and other miscellaneous costs.

The individual purchasers may be

required to bear some or all of these costs if they wish line

extension to their lot. Lot purchasers may at their expense secure electricity by use of portable electric generators whose estimated


ranges from $104.50 to $395.00.


There is no in-tract natural gas system.

Bottled L. P.

gas will be delivered to the tract by the Klamath Gas Company,

Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Current prices ranging from 29 cents per

gallon for a 50 gallon tank to 21 cents per gallon for a 500 gallon


Gas storage tank rental charges would range from $12.50 per

year for a 50 gallon tank to $40 per year for a 500 gallon tank.


There is no telephone service to the tract.

The Oregon

Washington Telephone company has existing facilities in the town

of Bonanza which is located approximately four miles south of the


The company states that the normal average extension cost is

about $0.25 per lineal foot and that the cost could vary depending upon material and labor prices at the time of construction.

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