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20. Will purchasers be required to pay any sum other than actual purchase price in connection with their purchase,

or ownership of lots in the subdivision, except taxes, stamps, recording costs and assessments validly imposed by governmental authority? Yes х


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(a) If yes, briefly describe: All accounts are subject to an interest charge of 6% per annum.

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(3) What conditions void the refund? A visit by the Purchaser(s) to the property without exercising

the refund privilege or a purchase by the Purchaser(s) while at the property.

(4) What must purchaser do to get refund? Purchaser(s) may, at any time within six months hereafter,

if this contract is not in default, inspect River Ranch Acres, and if not completely satisfied with his purchase must, while at the property, request a refund in writing on a form provided

by the company, of all monies paid on this contract. This money-back inspection guarantee shall not apply to any contract executed at or after the Purchaser(s) has visited River Ranch Acres.



22. Other pertinent factors that may amplify, explain or add to any answers previously given in this Property

Report: The Seller shall not be required to deliver a warranty deed before six years from the date of the contract or upon payment in full, whichever of these occurs later. Seller shall retain possession of the property until delivery of a warranty deed.

Part II, Question #7.

Portions of land are subject to ponding and retain surface water during rainy season.

Part II, Question #8:

Those portions referred to in Paragraph 7 above will require draining.

Part III, Question #14: Developer is building a lodge which will have accommodations for a hunt club, fishing

club, motel rooms, restaurant and lounge. Developer is also building a marina for boat rentals and dockage. Developer will provide camp grounds to include barbecue and a corral for saddle horses with bridle paths. This complex is located approximately 712 to 8 miles from Unit 1, which is being offered for sale at the present time. Purchaser(s) has a right to membership in and use of the lodge facilities at moderate rates until January 1, 1971. The Seller is under no obligation to maintain these facilities after January 1, 1971.

This property is adjacent to the Avon Park Practice Bombing Range and some tracts may be as close as three miles to an active target area, making it subject to the sounds of low-flying aircraft and attendant noises at various times.





AUGUST 4th, 1964

This Report is filed with the FLORIDA INSTALLMENT LAND SALES

BOARD as required by law, however, the filing does not constitute an endorra

ment of the property and, the Florida Installment Land Sales Board has not,

in any way, passed on the merits of the land being offerod for sale or leaso.




Address: 420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida, Room 258 2. Name of Subdivison: COLLIER LAND ACRES 3. Location: Collier County, State of Florida o) Name population and road distance to nearby towns or communities: Greater Miami area, one million population, 57

miles; Naples, 5000 population, 72 miles: Everglades, 600 population, 43 miles. b) Describe route to subdivision: Proceed along U.S. 41 to approximately 5 miles west of 40-Mile Bend: property

lies approximately 15 miles north of U.S. 41. There are no roads to the property. 4. Will purchaser receive an insurable title? Yes. 5. Is this a homesite development? No. If yes, answer questions a) through d). a) Schools: Elementary

Jr. High

High School

b) Churches: (Denomination and distance of at least three):
c) Hospitals: (Name and distance)
d) State sources of fire and police protection presently available to subdivision:

PART II — LAND USE 6. Describe briefly the present topographical characteristics of the land: The land offered for sale is undeveloped acro

age, being generally flat. On these lands in their natural state are spruce, pine, palmetto, ook and cypress trees. Average

elevation is 10 feet above sea level. Soil is generally classified as a sandy marl type. 7. Are the lands or any portion thereof covered by surface waters in any part of the year? Yes. (See Question 22). 8. a) Will any drainage of said lands be necessary to render them usable? Yes. If yes, what provision has been made for

such drainage. No present plans exist for draining the property. b) Will any filling of said lands be necessary to render them usable? No. 9. Will any subsurface improvement, or special foundation work be necessary to construct one-story commercial or residen

tial structures on the property? No. 10. Summarize all restrictions, Basements or reservations on the property. Prior owners have reserved an undivided 75% interest

in the oil, gas and mineral rights. Sixty-foot rights-of-way easements have been recorded for the general use of the public.

PART III IMPROVEMENTS II. At the time o deed is required to be delivered to purchaser, will all lots or parcels of land in this area be accessible

by conventional automobile over roads? No. 12. Has land ever been platted of record? No. 13. If land has not been platted, has it ever been surveyed? No. 14. What improvements are promised by the subdivider?



Yes No

Completion Date

) (X Pavod Roads Graded Roads

() Electrical Service Telephone Connections

Recreational Facilities 15. Is the electricity available? No. 16. Is telephone service available? No. 17. Are there any provisions for maintenance of roads, drainage and canals in the subdivision? No roads, drainage or canals

promised. 18. If this is a building site subdivision, what plans have been made for the disposal of sewage? Give an estimate of the cost

to purchaser: Not offered as a building site subdivision. 19. If this is a building site subdivision, how will purchaser obtain potable drinking water? (Give your estimate of the cost

to purchaser) No. (See Question 22)

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PART IV THE CONTRACT 20. Will purchaser be required to pay any sum other than actual purchase price in connection with their purchase, or

ownership of lots in the subdivision, except taxes, stamps, recording costs and assessments validly imposed by govern

mental authority? No. 21. Is there a refund privilge? Yes.

a) If Yes,

(1) To whom does it run? To the Purchaser.
(2) How long does it last? 30 days from date of purchase.
(3) What conditions void the refund? None.
(4) What must purchaser do to get refund? Request in writing.

PART V — SUBDIVIDER'S SUMMARY 22. Other pertinent factors that may amplify, explain or add to any answers previously given in this Property Report: a) With reference to Question #7, during the rainy season (July to October). portions of land do tend to retain sur

face waters. However, during the winter season it is normally dry.

b) With reference to Question 19. potable drinking water can be obtained by wells costing approximately $150.00. • All distances are from approximate center of subdivision; purchasers should determine actual distance from lot they are offered.


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It reflects information presented by the subdivider of the above subject tract and other information obtained by the Real Estate Division in its investigation and examination of said tract. This report is issued in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 624, Oregon Laws, 1963.

Subdivision reports are issued by the Real Estate Commissioner on subdivisions for the purpose of preventing fraud, misrepresentation or deceit. The Real Estate Commissioner does not regulate or govern the size of parcels, drainage, sanitation, water and the physical aspects of subdivisions. All such matters are regulated and passed on by local public bodies and officials.



A copy of this receipt, as well a copy of the Public Report, shall be given to each prospective purchaser or lessee prior to signing any contract of sale or lease or agreement of sale or lease of real property and prior to accepting any funds from the prospective purchaser or lessee.

A copy of Page No. 1 of this report signed by the prospective purchaser in the space provided below must be retained in the possession of the subdivider.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt
of a copy of this Report consisting of




hercrence No. 38

This application has been filed by Penn Phillips Lands, Inc. (Grayco Trustee), 722 N Loren Avenue, Azusa. Citiil'ornia. The application refers to 5 acre tracts located in Chu'istmüs Valley, Lake County, Oregon. Christmas Valley lies 100 miles norih of the County Seat, Lakeview.

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Located in Sections 21, 22, 30, Township 25 South, Range 18 East Willamette Meridian; Section 7, Tow.ship 27 South, Range 19 East and Section 16, Township 27 South, Range 20 East, Willamette Meridian.

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level, mostly sagebrush cover in relatively remote area.

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ELECTRICITY: Midstate Electric Cooperative, Inc., Lapine,
Oregon. Line costs are charged to the users a pro rata
distance per construction cost basis. The supplier has
formula which is applicable depending on actual extension
construction cost prorated to the number of customers and
the cost of electrical service may be extensive. Users are
advised to contact Midstate office for anticipated monthly
electrical service charge before offering to enter into
purchase agreement. This suggestion is made because of the
possible high cost of extension of service as related to the
existing line.


TELEPHONE: Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Co., PO Box 831,
Bend, Oregon, Distance froni existing lines varies greatly.
Cost of extension will depend on distance from existing
facilities. Prospective purchasers are advised to contact
the telephone company prior to any purchase agreement in
order to assure themselves the telephone charge will not be
greater than would ordinarily be anticipated for the usual
telephone service.


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Purchaser must develop anc. pay for his own water
No mutual water supply to these tracts.


GAS: No natural gas available, bottled gas only.

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EROSION AND DRAINAGE: The Oregon Real Estate Division has

no engineering personnel to make independent judgment of suitable drainage arrangements. Purchaser should make inquiry of subdivider or county sanitatior ofiicer and by personal inspection of the land, There is no public flood control agency in Lake County.


Altitude 4300 to

PRECIPITATION: 13 to 17 inches per year.
4400 feet above sea level.


Subject to frost any month of the year.


66-628 0 - 66 - 29

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