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muscles, and total inability to extend lays down the bandage. Another soft pad the leg is generally observed. The mus. is then put over the upper surface of the cles should be relaxed, by extending the leg, and the other splint applied. The knee, and bending the thigh on the pel. leather straps attached to the splints are vis: they may also be surrounded with fastened with sufficient tightness, to prea roller, a compress being placed just vent any motion of the fractured part. above the upper portion of the broken When the pressure of the splints is painbone. The newly-formed substance ful, soft pads are necessary. which unites the broken ends is of a li. Ruptured tendo Achillis. The large tengamentous or cartilaginous nature, and don of the muscles of the calf of the leg not bony.

is sometimes torn asunder by the violent Fractures of the leg. If they affect both exertion of those muscles. An inability bones, there can be no doubt of the na to extend the ankle, and a consequent imture of the case ; but the symptoms are paired power of progression, follows. more uncertain, when the fibula alone is The ends of the tendon may be approxi. broken. The limb should be laid on its mated by straightening the ankle and outside, with the knee moderately bent. bending the knee. The foot may be Japanned iron, or wooden splints shaped kept in this position by the assistance of to the part, and covered with soft pads, bandages. The case requires about the are employed. The leg having been same degree of confinement as a fracture. placed in the above mentioned position, Some persons have not kept their bed extension is made, if necessary; and the for this accident, but have walked about under splint, covered with its pad, and with a high-heeled shoe. The tendon of having an eighteen-railed bandage laid on the plantaris muscle is sometimes rup. it, is passed under the limb. Having ob. tured, and the accident is attended with served that the ends of the bones are in the symptoms as if the tendo Achillis exact contact, the surgeon places his soap were torn. plaster over the fractured portion, and


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