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September, 1813, at Stockholm 1813-14, at Berné rinė, dau. of Robert Green, Esq., of Normanton ; 1814-18, at Copenhagen 1821-2; Chargé d'Affaires b. 1802 ; s. 1826. Educated at Emmanuel Coll., at Washington 1822-5; British Minister at Frank. Cambridge (B.A. 1824, M.A. 1828); appointed fort 1828-9, at Madrid 1829-31 ; Under-Secretary Rector of Croft 1826; is a Magistrate for co. of State for Foreign Affairs 1842-54 ; sworn a Leicester.-Cadeby, near Hinckley, Leicestershire. Member of the Privy Council 1854.–Travellers' Club; 78, Eaton Place, S.W.

ADYE, Willett Lawrence, Esq.(of Merly House). Heir, his son Henry, b. 1837.

Eldest son of the late Major James Pattison Adye,

R.A., by Jane, dau, of the late T. Mortimer ADDINGTON, Hon. William Wells.

Kelson, Esq., of Sevenoaks; 6. 1818; m. 1856 (See Sidmouth.)

Elizabeth, younger dau. of the late Robert Ross,
Esq., of Cargenholm, co. Kirkcudbright. Is a

Magistrate for Dorset, and Lord of the manors of ADDISON, Thomas-Batty, Esq. (of Preston). Corfe Mullen and Corfe St. Nicholas, in that

Eldest son of the late John Addison, Esq. (Barrister county. This family was formerly of Doddington, at Law), by Agnes, dau. of Thonias Batty, Esq., in Kent, and afterwards of the island of St. Chrisof Avenham House, Preston; b. 1787 ; 8. 1837. topher, W.I. -- Merly House, near Wimborne, Educated at Charterhouse ; called to the Bar at the Dorset. Inner Temple 1808 ; is a Magistrate for Lancashire. Heir, his son Henry Ralph Willett, 6. 1857. This family is originally from Westmoreland, but has been settled in Preston since the earlier part of AFFLECK, Sir Robert, Bart. (cr. 1782). the 17th century.-23, Winchley Square, Preston, Second but eldest surviving son of the late Rev. Lancashire ; 27, Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, W. Sir Robert Affleck, Bart., by Maria, dau. of Sir E.

Heir Pres., bis niece Anne Agnes, only child of Impey ; b. 1805 ; s. his brother as 6th Bart. 1854 ; his late brother John Addison, Esq., Barrister at m. 1850 Maria Emily, eldest dau. of Edmund S. Law, Judge of County Courts for North Lancashire Burton, Esq., of Churchill, co. Northampton. Is (who d. 1859), m. 1845 Colonel John Crofton.

a Magistrate for co. Cambridge. The ist Bart.

served under Admiral Rodney. The family has ADEANE, Henry John, Esq. (of Babraham). been located in Suffolk since the seventeenth cen. Eldest son of late H. J. Adeane, Esq. (who was M.P.

tury.-Dalham Hall, near Newmarket, Cambridgefor Cambridgeshire 1830-2), by Matilda, dau. of

shire; Fingringhoe, near Colchester, Essex, 1st Lord Stanley of Alderley ; b. 1833 ; s. 1847.

Heir, his son Robert, 6. 1852.
Educated at Harrow; is Captain Cambridgeshire
Militia ; formerly Lieutenant 62nd Foot; a Magis-

AFFLECK, Lady. trate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Cambridge ; elected

Everina Frances, dau. of F. Ellis, Esq. ; m. 1st M.P. for Cambridgeshire 1857.-Babraham, near 1834 the Rev. Sir George Affleck, Bart., who d. Cambridge; Arthur's,, Brookes', and Boodle's Clubs, 1854 ; 2nd (as 2nd wife) 1858 the Rev. William S.W. ; 8, Seamore Place, w.

Whewell, D.D., Master of Trinity Coll., Cambridge.

-Trinity Lodge, Cambridge. ADEY, Daniel Goodson, Esq. (of the Cell).

Eldest son of the late Daniel Adey, Esq., of Seddle AGAR, Sir Emanuel Felix, K.J.J. (cr. 1812). wood and Combe, co. Gloucester; b. 1787 ; m.

Son of the late Agar, Esq. ; b. 1783. A Lieu1820 Mary Anne, dau, of the Rev. Carpenter Gape,

tenant-Colonel in the army, retired; was formerly an of St. Albans. Educated at Harrow ; is a Magis.

Officer in the Life Guards; served in the Peninsula ; trate and Dep. Lieut. for Beds, Herts, and the

was M.P. for Sudbury 1807-12; formerly a Clerk Liberty of St. Albans; appointed a Poor Law Com

in the Treasury of the Navy.-Georgiana House, missioner 1834. This family were formerly citizens

Cheltenham ; Junior United Service Club, S.W.; of Calais, whence they came to England, in Queen

7, Stratford Place, W. Mary's reign, and settled at Doddington, Kent, AGAR, Hon. and Venerable James. whence they migrated into Gloucestershire early in the 17th century. The Cell, Markgate Street, near

Third son of the 1st Earl of Normanton, by Jane, Dunstable, Beds.

dau. of Wm. Benson, Esq. ; 6. 1781 ; m. 1829 Heir, his son Francis William, in Holy Orders ;

Louisa, dau. of S. Thompson, Esq., of Greenmount, b. 1821 ; m. 1858 Mary Brooke, 2nd dau. of Thomas

co. Antrin. Educated at Westminster and Ch. Ch., Oliver, Esq., of Child Okeford, co. Dorset.

Oxford (B.A. 1802, M.A. 1805); appointed Rector

of Holywood 1806, Archdeacon of Kilmore 1820.ADLAM, William, Esq. (of the Firs).

Rectory, Holywood, co. Down.
Only son of the late John Adlam, Esq., by Mary | AGAR-ELLIS.
Ann, dau. of Jobn Moore, Esq., of Bristol (a de-
scendant of an old Somersetshire family); b. 1814 ;

(See Clifden, Viscount.) 8. 1858; m. 1848 Sophia Harford, only dau, of AGAR-ROBARTES, Thomas James (of LanhyPhilip Parker, Esq. Is a Magistrate for Somerset.

derock). --The Firs, Chew Magna, near Bristol.

Only son of the late Hon. C. B. Agar, by Anna ADNUTT, Rev. Robert Thomas (of Cadeby).

Maria, only dau. of Thomas Hunt, Esq., of MolEldest son of the late Thomas Adnutt, M.A.,

lington Hall, Cheshire (grand-piece of the last Earl

of Radnor of the Robartes family), and grandson of licctor of Croft, co. Leicester, by Margery Cathe- the 1st Viscount Clifden; b. 1808 ; 8. 1811 ; m.

1839 Juliana, dau. of the late Right Hon. R. Pole Dunotter, co. Kincardine, and grandson of 1st Carew. Educated at Harrow and Ch. Ch., Oxford Marquis ; b. 1816 ; s. 1846 ; m. 1846 Julia, dau. of (B.A. 1830); assumed the additional name of Sir R. M. Jephson, Bart. Is a Magistrate and Robartes in 1826 ; is a Special Deputy Warden of Dep. Lieut. for co. Ayr; was formerly Lieutenant the Standeries ; has been M.P. for E. Cornwall 17th Lancers. - Culzean Castle, near Maybole, since 1847.-Lanhyderock, near Bodmin, Cornwall ; Ayrshire, N.B. ; Burlington Hotel, W. Athenæum Club, s.W.; 1, Dean Street, Park Heir, his son Earl of Cassilis, 6. 1847. Lane, W. Heir, his son Thomas, 1. 184-.

AINSLIE, Sir Robert Sharpe, Bart., F.S.A. (cr.

1804). AGG, William John, Esq. (of Hewletts).

Eldest son of the late General George Ainslie, by Eldest son of_the late Captain Agg, R.E.I.C.'s

Anne, dau. of Samuel Sharpe, Esq. ; b. 1777 ; Engineers, by Edith, dau. of James Gardner, Esq., s. his uncle the late Sir Robert Ainslie, Bart., under of Cheltenham; b. 1802 ; 8. 1827 ; m. 1829 Mary,

a special remainder, 1812. Educated at Trinity dau. of W. Morland, Esq., of West Ilsley, Berks. Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1807); is a Magistrate for Educated at Pembroke Coll., Oxford (B.A, 1821, co. Lincoln. Patronage 2 livings. The 1st Bart. M.A. 1824); is a Magistrate for co. Gloucester,

was Ambassador at Constantinople.-Great TorHewletts, near Cheltenham.

rington, nearWragby, Lincolnshire; 13, Park Street, Heir, his son William, Major 51st foot, b. 1831.

Westminster, S.W. AGNEW, Sir Andrew, Bart. (cr. 1629).

AINSLIE, Montague, Esq. (of Grizedale). Eldest son of the late Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart. (who was M.P. for co. Wigton 1832-7), by Made

Fourth but eldest surviving son of the late Henry line, dau. of Sir David Carnegie, Bart., M.P., of

Ainslie, Esq., M.D., by Agnes, dau, and co-heiress Southesk, N.B.; b. 1818 ; 3. as 8th Bart. 1849 ;

of William Ford, Esq., of Waterhead, Conistone, m. 1846 Louisa, dau. of 1st Earl of Gainsborough.

and Grizedale ; b. 1792 ; s. 1834; m. 1st 1818 Sophia Educated at Harrow ; is Vice-Lieut. of co. Wigton;

Mary, eldest dau. of George Poyntz Ricketts, Esq., has been M.P. for co. Wigton 'since Feb. 1856;

of the Bengal Civil Service ; 2nd 1834 Mary Ann, served with the 93rd Highlanders during the

eldest dau. of Colin Campbell, Esq., M.D., Physirebellion in Canada in 1838, and was afterwards

cian-General in Bengal. Educated at the CharterCaptain 4th Light Dragoons. This family held the

house and Haileybury Coll. ; appointed to the office of hereditary Sheriff of the county of Wigton

Civil Service in Bengal in 1807, and was Political for upwards of 250 years, prior to 1747, when

Agent in Bundelcund to Earl Amherst and Lord heritable jurisdictions were abolished.-Lochnaw

W. Bentinck, Governors-General of India ; is a Castle, near Stranraer, Wigtonshire, N.B.; Brookes'

Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Lancaster. and Army and Navy Clubs, S.W.; 8, Bolton

-Grizedale, Hawkshead, near Windermere, Lan

cashire. Street, W. Heir, his son Andrew Noel, 6. 1850.

Heir, his son Montague Mordaunt, b. 1823. AGNEW.

AINSWORTH, Peter, Esq. (of Smithills Hall). (See Vans-Agnew.)

Eldest son of the late Richard Ainsworth, Esq.

(who d. 1833), by Sarah, dau. of James Noble, Esq., AILESBURY (Marquis of), George William Frederick Brudenell-Bruce (cr. 1821).

of Lancaster ; b. 1790 ; m. 1815 Elizabeth, dau. of

A. Byrom, Esq., of Fairview, near Liverpool. Is Eldest son of the 1st Marquis, by his 1st wife, Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Lancaster ; was Henrietta Maria, dau, of 1st Lord Berwick; b. M.P. for Bolton 1835-47.-Smithills Hall, near 1804 ; s. 1856 ; m. 1837 Mary Caroline, dau. of Bolton, Lancashire ; Union Club, S.W. 11th Earl of Pembroke, K.G. "Educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford; is a Magistrate and Dep. AIREY, Sir Richard, K.C.B. (or. 1855). Lieut. for Wilts, and Lieutenant-Colonel Wilts Eldest son of the late Lieutenant-General Sir G. Yeomanry; was M.P. for Marlborough 1826-30 ; Airey, G.C.B., by Catharine, dau. of 1st Baroness called to the House of Lords in 1838 as Lord Talbot de Malahide ; b. 1803 ; m. 1838 his cousin Bruce. Patronage 9 livings. Is descended from a Harriet Mary, dau. of 3rd Lord Talbot de Malahide. common ancestor with the Earl of Elgin.-Totten- Educated at Sandhurst; a Major-General in the ham Park, near Marlborough, Wilts ; 78, Pall army ; formerly Lieutenant-Colonel 34th foot; is Mall, S.W.

Quartermaster-General at the Horse Guards ; late Heir Pres., his brother Lord Ernest Augustus Quarterinaster-General in the Crimea, where he (whom see).

served 1854-5 ; has served in North America and AILESBURY, Marchioness Dowager of.

Ionian Islands ; was Dep. Adjutant-General 1838Maria, dau. of the late Hon. C. Tollemache, by his

47, and Military Secretary to the Commander-in

Chief 1852-4.-Horse Guards, S.W.; 37, Grosvenor 2nd wife, Gertrude Florinda, dau, of LieutenantGeneral Wm. Gardner; m. 1833 (as 2od wife)

Place, S.W. ; United Service Club, S.W. Charles, 1st Marquis of Ailesbury, K.T., who d.

Heir, his son Richard, b. 1844. 1856.-10, Hertford Street, Mayfair, W.

AIRLIE (Earl of), David Graham Drummond. AILSA (Marquis of), Archibald Kennedy (cr. Ogilvy (cr. 1839). 1831).

Eldest son of the 8th Earl by his 1st wife ClemenEldest son of the late Earl of Cassilis, by Eleanor, tina, only dau. of the late Gavin Drummond, Esq., dau. of the late Alexander Allardyce, Esq., of of Keltie ; b. 1826 ; s. 1849 ; m. 1851 Henrietta

Blanche, dau. of 2nd Lord Stanley of Alderley. Heir, his son Viscount Bury, late M.P. for Educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1847); Norwich, and Captain Scots Fusilier Guards; is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Forfar ; 6. 1832; m. 1855 Sophia, dau. of Sir A. N. McNab, Captain Forfarshire Yeomanry, and a Representa- Bart. tive Peer for Scotland. This title, forfeited in 1715, was restored in 1826.—Cortachy Castle, near ALBEMARLE, Dowager Countess of. Kerriemuir, Forfarshire, N.B.; 27, Berkeley Charlotte Susannah, dau. of the late Sir H. Hunloke, Square, W.

Bart. (ext.) of Wingerworth, co. Derby ; m. 1822 (as Heir, his son Lord Ogilvy, b. 1856.

his 2nd wife) William Charles, 4th Earl of Albe

marle, who d. 1849.—Twickenham, S.W. AITCHISON, Sir John, K.C.B. (cr. 1859).

Son of the late --- Aitchison, Esq. ; 6. 1788 ; entered : ALCOCK, Thomas, Esq. (of Kingswood Warren). the army as Ensign 1805 ; became a Major-General Son of the late Joseph Alcock, Esq., of Roehamp1841, Lieutenant-General and Colonel 72nd foot ton, Surrey; b. 1801 ; m. 1831 Caroline, dau. of 1851 ; served in the Peninsula and in India ; was the late Rear-Admiral Stuart Educated at Harformerly in the Scots Fusilier Guards.-United row; is a Magistrate for Surrey ; was M.P. for Service Club, S.W.; 68, Cadogan Place, S.W. Newton 1826-30, for Ludlow 1839-40, and has sat

for East Surrey since 1847.-Kingswood Warren, AITCHISON, Admiral Robert.

near Epsom, Surrey ; Union and Brookes' Clubs,

S.W.; 7, Suffolk Street, S.W. Son of the late William Aitchison, Esq., by Jane Mylne, dau. of George Mylne, Esq., of Longridge ; | ALCOCK-STAWELL, William St. Leger, Esq. b. 1796; m. lst 1821 Eliza, dau, of Matthew

(of Kilbrittain Castle). Munro, Esq. ; 2nd 1838 Catharine, dau. of Henry Combe Compton, Esq., late M.P. for S. Hants.

Second son of the late Thomas Alcock, Esq., Is a Magistrate for Hants and Dorset ; entered the

Colonel 1st Surrey Militia, by Caroline Catherine Navy 1809, and became a Rear-Admiral in 1852.

Letitia, dau. of 3rd Viscount Doneraile ; 6. 1808 ; -Lyndhurst, Hants; United Service Club, S.W.

m. 1845 Charlotte Harriet Esther, only dau. and heiress of Jonas Stawell, Esq., of Kilbrittain (by

Charlotte, 1st dau. of 2nd Viscount Doneraile), AKERS, Mrs. (of Malling Abbey).

whose name he has assumed. Is a Magistrate for Isabella, dau. of John Larking, Esq., late of Clare co. Cork, and Lieutenant-Colonel North Cork House, Kent ; m. 1821 Aretas Akers, Esq., Justice Rifles; was formerly a Captain Royal Welsh of the Peace and Dep. Lieut. for Kent, who d. Fusiliers, and subsequently Lieutenant-Colonel 1855. This family was formerly of the island of South Cork Militia. Kilbrittain Castle, near St. Vincent, W. Indies, and they purchased Mal- Bandon, co. Cork ; United Service and Junior ling Abbey in 1850.-Malling Abbey, near Maid- United Service Clubs, S.W. stone, Kent.

Heir, his son Jonas William, 6. 1846.
Heir, her grandson Aretas, b. 1851, eldest son of
her son the late Rev. Aretas Akers, by Frances ALDAM, William, Esq. (of Frickley Hall).
Maria, dau. and co-heiress of Francis Brandram,
Esq., of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Eldest son of the late William Aldam, Esq., by
Sarah, dau. of Thomas Jowitt, Esq., of Leeds ;

6. 1813 ; m. 1845 Mary, dau. of the Rev. Godfrey AKROYD, Edward, Esq. (of Bank Field).

Wright, of Bilham House, near Doncaster. EduEldest son of the late Jonathan Akroyd, Esq. ; cated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1836).; 6. 1810 ; m. 1838 Elizabeth, dau. of the late John called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1839; is Fearby, Esq. Is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. York ; West Riding of Yorkshire ; sole partner in the firm was M.P. for Leeds 1841.7. This family is a of James Akroyd and Son, Worsted Manufacturers,

branch of the family of Pease, of Darlington, and and Chairman of the Leeds, Bradford, and Halifax

took the name of Aldam under the will of KathaRailway Company ; was M.P. for Huddersfield rine Aldam, maternal aunt of the late Wm. Aldam, 1857-9. Patron of 1 living.–Bank Field, near

Esq., by which he succeeded to an estate at WaHalifax ; Denton Park, near Otley, Yorkshire ;

rensworth, parts of which appear by existing titleBrookes' Club, S.W.

deeds to have been in the possession of the family of

Aldam from the 14th century.-Frickley Hall, near ALBEMARLE (Earl of), George Thomas Kep

Doncaster, Yorkshire ; Oxford and Cambridge pel (cr. 1696).

Club, S.W. Second son of the 4th Earl by Elizabeth, dau. of

Heir, his son William Wright, 6. 1853. the 20th Lord De Clifford ; b. 1799; s. his brother as 6th Earl, 1851 ; m. 1831 Susannah, dau. of ALDBOROUGH (Earl of), Benjamin O'Neale Sir C. Trotter, Bart. Educated at Westminster;

Stratford (cr. 1777). is a Major-General unattached ; late a Groom in Elder son of the 5th Earl, by Cornelia Jane, eldest Waiting ; a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for Nor- dau. of Charles Henry Tanby, Esq. ; b. 1808 ; folk; was M.P. East Norfolk 1832-34, and for 8. 1849.

Is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for Lymington 1847-50. Patronage 4 livings.-Quid- co. Wicklow ; late Captain 1st Dragoon Guards. denham Hall

, near Attleborough, Norfolk ; Athe- - Belan Hall, co. Kildare ; Stratford Lodge, co. næum and Brookes' Clubs, S.W.; 95, Park St., W. Wicklow; Junior United Service Club, S.W.

ALDERSEY, Thomas, Esq. (of Aldersey Hall). was present in the Burman, Persian, Turkish, Por.

Second but eldest surviving son of the late Samuel tuguese, Caffre, and Russian wars; received deco. Aldersey, Esq., of Aldersey Hall, Chester, by Lucy, rations and war medals, and was knighted by the dau, of George Baylis, Esq., of Shiffnall; 6. 1830 ; Queen for exploring and surveying in the interior of 8. 1855 ; m. 1856 Rose Sidney, 2nd dau. of the Rev. Africa ; afterwards performed the same duties for G. B. Blomfield, Rector of Stevenage, Herts. Was

the Government in the forests of America ; was on formerly Captain 1st Royal Cheshire Militia. This Staff of Generals Sir Benjamin D’Urban and Sir family have been seated at Aldersey since the Con

William Rowan ; commanded the 14th regiment quest.-Aldersey Hall, Cheshire ; Spurstow Hall,

at the siege and fall of Sevastopol. Descended from near Wbitchurch, Salop.

a common ancestor with the Earls of Stirling ; is Heir, his son Hugh, 6. 1858.

author of several works of Biography, Travels, &c.

-Westerton House, near Stirling, N.B.; United ALDERSON, Lady.

Service and Athenæum Clubs, S.W. Georgiana, 3rd dau. of the late Rev. Edward Drewe,

Heir, his son Edward Mayne, b. 1847. Rector of Willand, co. Devon, by Caroline, dau. of ALEXANDER, Boyd, Esq. (of Ballochmyle). John Allen, Esq., of Cresselly, co. Pembroke ; m. 1823 Hon. Sir E. H. Alderson (a Baron of the Youngest son of the late Claud Alexander, Esq., Exchequer), who d. 1857.-9, Park Crescent, W.

by Helenora eldest dau, of Sir William Maxwell,

Bart., of Springkell, co. Dumfries; b. 1796 ; 8. to ALDIS, Sir Charles, Knt., M.R.C.I.E. (cr. 1821). South Barr, Renfrewshire, 1845, and to Ballochmyle, Son of the late D. Aldis, Esq., Surgeon, of Hoxne,

Ayrshire, 1853 ; m. 1828 Sophia Elizabeth, 3rd Suffolk; b. 1776; m. 1st 1801 Mary Frances, dau.

dau, of the late Sir Benjamin Hobhouse, Bart., and of R. Berridge, Esq.; 2nd 1830 Mdile. Anne Maria

sister of Lord Broughton, G.C.B. Is a Magistrate Viel. Is a Surgeon in practice, and a Member of

and Dep. Lieut. for co. Renfrew.- Ballochmyle, the Coll. of Surgeons ; late in practice at Hertford ;

near Mauchline, N.B. ; South Barr, near Paisley,

N.B. was formerly on the Medical Staff for prisoners of war.--Hoxne, near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk ;

Heir, his son Claud, an Officer in the Grenadier 13, Old Burlington Street, w.

Guards, 1. 1831. 'Heir, his son Charles James Berridge, M.D., of ALEXANDER, John, Esq. (of Milford House). Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; b. 1808; m. 1835 Arabella, dau. of the late Rev. J. Brome.

Sou of the late John Alexander, Esq., by Chris.

tiada, dau. of Lorenzo Nickson, Esq., of Chapel ALDWORTH, Richard Oliver, Esq. (of New- Izod, co. Kilkenny ; b. 1802 ; m. 1848 Esther, market).

eldest dau. of M. Brinkley, Esq., of Parsonstown, Eldest son of the late Robert Rogers Aldworth,

co. Meath. Educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin Esq., by Elizabeth, dau. of Ven. Archdeacon

(B.A. 1823, M.A. 1825); (High Sheriff 1824); Oliver, of Ardagh ; b. 1794 ; 8. 1836; m. 1824

was M.P. for Carlow borough 1853-9; is claimant Letitia, eldest dau. of the late Viscount Ennis

of the Earldom of Stirling.–Milford House, CarEducated at Rugby and Brasenose Coll.,

low; Kildare Street Club, Dublin ; Carlton Club, Oxford; is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for

S.W. co. Cork (High Sheriff 1832). This family was

Heir, bis son John, b. 1850. formerly settled at Stanlake, Berks.—Newmarket, ALEXANDER, Mrs. (of Portglenone). near Kanturk, co. Cork. Her, bis son Richard William, b. 1825; Lieu

Florinda, 2nd dau. of R. Bagley, Esq., by Alicia,

dau, of the 2nd Lord Castlemaine; m. 1841 Nathatenant-Colonel 7th Royal Fusiliers.

niel, son of the late Rev. Robert Alexander, and ALEXANDER, Sir Robert, Bart. (cr. 1809).

grandson of the late Most Rev. N. Alexander,

D.D., Lord Bishop of Meath, a Magistrate and Eldest son of the late Sir W. Alexander, Bart., by

Dep. Lieut. for co. Antrim, and M.P. for co. Catharine, dau. of J. F. Malpas, Esq.; 6. 1769; Antrim 1841-52, who d. 1854.-Portglenone, near 8. as 2nd Bart. 1823; n. 1807 Eliza, only dau. and

Ballymena, co. Antrim. heiress of John Wallis, Esq., who d. 1845. This family is descended from the old Celtic family of ALFORD, Lady Marian Margaret. Macdonald.—22, St. James's Place, S.W.

Elder dau. of the 2nd Marquis of Northampton; Heir, his son William John, Q.C., and Attorney. m. 1841 Viscount Alford, eldest son of the 1st Earl General to H.R.H, the Prince of Wales ; b. 1809. Brownlow, who d. 1851.-Asbridge, near Berk

hamstead, Herts ; 11, Princes Gate, S.W. ALEXANDER, Sir James Edward, Knight, K.C.L.S., K.J.J. (cr. 1838).

ALINGTON, George Marmaduke, Esq. (of Swil. Eldest son of the late Edward Alexander, Esq., of

lington). Powis, N.B., a Dep. Lieut. for co. Clackmannan, by Eldest son of the late Rev. Marmaduke Alington, Catherine, dau. of John Glas, Esq., Provost of by Ann, dau. of Rev. John Emeris, of Louth ; b. Stirling ; 6. 1803 ; m. 1837 Eveline Marie, 3rd dau. 1798 ; 8. 1840 ; m. 1825 Mary, 3rd dau. of Mathew of Lieutenant-Colonel C. C. Michell, K.ú. Edu. Bancroft Lister, Esq., of Burnwell Park, co. Lin. cated at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, coln. Educated at Westminster and St. John's and at the Royal Military Coll., Sandhurst ; served Coll., Cambridge ; is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. in the Cavalry in India ; appointed Adjutant Body- for co. Lincoln. This family is descended from Sir guard of Sir Thomas Monro, Governor of Madras; Hildebrand d'Alington, who came over with the


Conqueror. Wm. Alington was raised by Charles I. ancient family of Allan, of Buckenball and Brock. to a peerage, which became extinct in Hilde. house, co. Stafford, seated there in 1290.-Blackbrand, 4th Baron ; and the large estates obtained well Hall and Blackwell Grange, near Darlington. by marriage with heiresses of the Argentines ended Heir Pres., his brother George Thomas, 6. 1804. with the female representatives of the elder branch, the present line descending from George, 2nd son ALLCARD, William, Esq. (of Burton Closes). of Sir Giles Alington.--Swinhope, Binbrook, near Eldest son of the late John Allcard, Esq. Is a MarketRaisen, Lincolnshire; University Club, S.W. Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Lancaster, and Heir, his son Charles Argentine, b. 1828.

a Magistrate for co. Derby. - Burton Closes, near Bakewell

, Derbyshire ; Reform Club, W.; 43, Upper ALINGTON, Rev. John (of Letchworth House).

Brook Street, W. Only son of the late Rev. W. Alington, of Twywell, near Thrapston, co. Northampton, by Sarah, dau. of ALLEN, Charles Hugh, Esq. (of Little Haven). John Williamson, Esq., of Baldock, Herts; 6.1795; Third but 2nd surviving son of the late Charles 8. 1822 ; m. 1822 Eliza Frances, dau, of the late Bowen Allen, Esq., by Elizabeth, dau. of John Rt. Hon. Sir T. Plumer. Educated at Westminster Bowen, Esq. ; b. 1831 ; m. 1856 Mary, youngest and Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1816, M.A. 1820). dau, of Thomas Richard Sanders, Esq. Is a MagiIs a Magistrate for Bedfordshire. Letchworth strate for co. Pembroke.---Little Haven, near House, near Hitchin, Herts ; Little Barford Manor, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. near St. Neots, Hunts.

Heir, his son Allen Charles, b. 1857. Heir, his son William, b. 1826.

ALLEN, John, Esq. (of Coleridge House). ALINGTON-PYE, Henry, Esq.

Eldest son of the late Michael Allen, Esq., by Second son of the late Rev. M. Alington, of Swin Agnes Cornish, dau. of John Cornish, Esq., of hope, Lincolnshire, by Anna, dau. of the Rev. E.

Coleridge House, Devon; b. 1800; 8. 1828 ; m. Emeris, of Louth; b. 1800 ; m. 1st 1826 Charlotte 1836 Marianne Catharine, dau. of the late Edmund Mary, 2nd dau. and coheiress of J. Yarborough, Esq., N. W. Fortescue, Esq., of Fallapit, Devon. Is a of Frampton ; 2nd 1854 Albinia Frances, eldest Magistrate and Dep. Lieut, for Devon; formerly dau. of 6th Earl of Buckinghamshire. Educated at a Captain in the North Devon Militia. This family Westminster ; assumed the name and arms of Pye, was formerly of Seveock, near Truro, Cornwall. according to the will of Mrs. Sarah Rowe.—Louth, Coleridge House, near Kingsbridge, Devon. Lincolnshire.

Heir, his son John Michael, b. 1837. Heir, his dau. Charlotte Alington (by his 1st wife), m. 1854 Rev. C. C. Barnard.

ALLEN, Seymour Philipps, Esq. (of Cresselly). ALISON, Sir Archibald, Bart., D.C.L., LL.D.,

Eldest son of the late John Hensleigh Allen, Esq., F.R.S. (cr. 1852).

by Gertrude, dau. of the late Lord Robert Seymour;

b. 1814 ; s. 1843; m. 1843 Catherine, eldest dau. Elder son of the late Rev. A. Alison, Prebendary of

of Newton, 4th Earl of Portsmouth. Educated at Sarum, &c., by Dorothy, dau. of Dr. John Gregory, Harrow and Ch. Ch., Oxford ; is a Magistrate and of Edinburgh ; b. 1792 ; m. 1825 Elizabeth Glen

Dep. Lieut. for co. Pembroke (High Sheriff 1850); cairn, dau. of Colonel P. Tytler, brother of Lord

was formerly Lientenant 1st Life Guards. This Woodhouselee. Educated at Eton and Edinburgh

family is a younger branch of the Allens of Dale University; called to the Scottish Bar 1815 ; is

Castle, co. Pembroke.-- Cresselly, near Pembroke ; Sheriff Principal and a Magistrate for co. Lanark ;

Travellers' and White's Clubs, S.W. author of a History of Europe, &c. ; was formerly

Heir, his son Henry Seymour, b. 1847.
Advocate Depute and Queen's Counsel. This family
is descended, on the father's side, from Edward I., ALLEN, William, Esq. (of Lisconville).
Robert Bruce, and Philip IV., and on the mother's

Eldest son of the late William Allen, Esq., by from the Royal House of Stuart and the Duke of

Mary, dau. of James Low, Esq., of Sally Park, co. Lennox.- Possil House, near Glasgow ; Athenæum

Cork; b. 1807 ; 8. 1854 ; m. 1841 Clara, dau, of Club, S.W. ; 38, Jermyn Street, S.W. Heir, his son Archibald, Lieutenant-Colonel 72nd

Christopher Blunt, Esq., of Derriguin Castle, co. Highlanders; served with distinction in the Crimea

Kerry. Educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin (B.A. and India ; 6. 1826 ; m. 1857 Jaue, dau, of James

1833); is a Magistrate for co. Cork. This family Connell Black, Esq.

was formerly of Greenfield, co. Cork.-Lisconville,

near Kanturk, co. Cork. ALLAN, Robert Henry, Esq., F.S.A. (of Black- Fleir, his son William, 6. 1842.

well). Eldest surviving son of the late Robert Allan, Esq., ALLEYNE, Sir Reynold Abel, Bart. (cr. 1769). of Newbottle, co. Durham, by Hannah, dau. of W. Eldest son of the late Sir J. G. Alleyne, Bart., by Havelock, Esq., of Sunderland (aunt of the late his 2nd wife Jane, dau. of A. Alleyne, Esq. ; b. eminent Commander Sir Henry Havelock, K.C.B.); 1789 ; 8. as 2nd Bart. 1801 ; m. 1810 Rebecca, dau. 0. 1802 ; 8. 1854 ; m, 1841 Elizabeth, dau. of J. of J. Olton, Esq. Educated at Eton ; was formerly Gregson, Esq., of Burdon, co. Durbam. Is a Magis- Lieutenant 16th foot; appointed to H.M.'s Council trate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Durham (High Sheriff in Barbados 1818, and was for thirty years a Mem. 1851), and a Magistrate for N. Riding of Yorkshire. ber of H.M.'s Council in Barbados, and Colonel of This family has been settled in co. Durham for up- the St. Peter's and St. Lucia's regiment of Militia. wards of two centuries, and is descended from the This family were formerly Lords of the Manor of

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