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Creswell, of Sidbury.

Smythe, of Hilton.
Buccleugh, Duke of.
Cureton, of Brook House.

Smythe-Owen, of Condover Park.
Selkirk, Earl of.
Curtis, of Caynham Court.

Sparkes, of Bridgenorth.
Elibank, Lord.
Davenport, of Davenport.

Tayleur, of Buntingsdale.
Napier, Lord.

Davies, of Marrington Hall. Taylor, of Chyknell. Polwarth, Lord.

Dickin, of Loppington House. Thorneycroft, of Hadly Park. Elliott, of Linthill. Dod, of Cloverly.

Thursby-Pelham, of Cound Hall. Johnstone, of The Hangingshaw. Drury, of Pontesbury.

Topp, of Whitton Hall.
Murray, of Philiphaugh.
Dymock, of Penley Hall.

Tyrwhitt, of Stanley Hall.
Plummer, of Sunderland Hall. Edwardes, of Sansaw Hall.

Vaughan, of Burlton Hall.
Pringle, of New Hall.
Ethelston, of Whitchurch.

Vepables, of Oakhurst.
Pringle, of The Stayning.
Eyton, of Eyton.

Venables, of Woodbill.
Pringle, of Torwoodlee.

Ffoulkes, of Llandyssil Rectory. Wakeman, of Hinton Hall.
Pringle, of Whytbank.

Freme, of Wrentnall House. Walcot, of Bitterley Court.
Russell, of Ashiesteel.
Gatacre, of Gatacre.

Walford, of Roden House.
Scott, of Gala.
Godsal, of Iscoyd Park.

Warren, of Market Drayton.
Gore, of Porkington.

Whitmore, of A pley Park.

Hamilton - Russell, of Burwaton Wingfield, of Onslow Hall.

House. (See Orkney and Shelland.)

Wright, of Halston Hall.
Hanmer, of Hanmer Hall.

Wynn, of Llanvorda Hall.
Harnage, of Belswardyne House,
Harries, of Cruckton Hall.

SKYE, ISLE OF. Sutherland, Duke of.

Harrop, of Gatton Lodge.
Bradford, Earl of.

Stuart, of Grishernish.
Haywood, of Kemsey Manor.
Kilmorey, Earl of.
Herbert, of Orleton.

Powis, Earl of.

Hill, of Prees Hall.
Boyne, Viscount.
Hill, of Springfield.

Sligo, Marquis of.
Hill, Viscount.
Hunt, of Boreatton.

Mountmorres, Viscount.
Berwick, Lord.
Jenkins, of Bicton Hall.

Armstrong, of Chaffpool.
Forester, Lord.
Johnson, of Belmont House.

Booth, of Lissadel and Earsfiell.
Kenyon, Lord.
Justice, of Hinstock Hall.

Brinkley, of Ardagh.
Wenlock, Lord.
Kenrick, of Woore.

Cogan, of Lisconny House.
Windsor, Baroness.
Kenyon, of Walford.

Cooper, of Cooper's Hill,
Ackers, of Heath House.
Kinchant, of Park Hall.

Cooper, of Markree Castle.
Acton, of Aldenham.
Knight, of Downton Castle.

Crofton, of Longford House. Acton, of Gatacre Park. Kynaston, of Hardwicke Hall.

Duke, of New Park.
Aldersey, of Spurstow Hall. Lawley, of Bourton Cottage.

Ffolliott, of Holly brook.
Atcherley, of Marton.
Lechmere, of Ludford.

Gethin, of Ballindoon.
Benson, of Lutwyche Hall.
Leeke, of Longford Hall.

Gore, of Willow Brook.
Betton, of Overton House.
Leighton, of Loton Park.

Griffith, of Port Royal.
Borough, of Chetwyod Park. Lloyd, of Aston Hall.

Griffith, of Castle Neyno. Botfield, of Decker Hill and Hop- Lloyd, of Leaton Knolls.

Hall-Dare, of Temple House. ton Court. Lovett, of Belmont.

Keogh, of Riverstown.
Boughey, of Aqualate.
Lyster, of Rowton Castle.

Knox-Gore, of Belleek Manor. Boughton, of Downton Hall. Mainwaring, of Oteley Park. MacDermot, of Coolavin. Boughton-Knight, of Downton. Milman, of Moor Park.

Martin, of Bloomfield,
Bradford, of Weston Hall.
Morris, of The Hurst.

O'Connor, of Cairnsfoot.
Bridgeman, of Knockin.
Moultrie, of Aston Hall.

Olpherts, of Mountshannon.
Brooke, of Haughton Hall.
Mytton, of Cleobury North.

Orme, of Enniscrone. Broughton, of Tunstall Hall. Mytton, of Shipton.

Parke, of Dunally. Browne, of Mellington Hall. Oakeley, of Oakeley.

Perceval, of Temple House.
Browne, of The Woodlands.
Ormsby.Gore, of Porkington.

Somers, of Chaffpool.
Buchanan, of Hales Hall.
Owen, of Woodhouse.

Wood, of Woodville.
Bulkeley-Owen, of Tedsmore Hall. Percy, of Hodnet Hall.

Wynne, of Haslewood.
Burton, of Longner Hall.

Plowden, of Plowden.
Carew, of Pentrepant.
Powys, of Berwick House.

Charlton, of A pley Castle.
Pritchard, of Broseley,

Carnarvon, Earl of. Cheney, of Badger Hall.

Rocke, of Clungunford House. Cavan, Earl of. Childe-Pemberton, of Millichope. Rogers, of The Holme.

Cork, Earl of.
Clerke, of Heath House.

Sandford, of The Isle and of Edgton. Egremont, Countess of.
Clive, of Styche.
Sandford, of Sandford Hall.

Lovelace, Earl of.
Cludde, of Orleton.
Scott, of Betton-le-Strange.

Poulett, Earl.
Corbet, of Acton Reynald Hall and Severne, of Wallop Hall.

Bath and Wells, Bishop of.
Corbet Castle.
Sitwell, of Ferney Hall.

Bridport, Lord.
Corbet, of Adderley Hall.
Slaney, of Walford Manor.

Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord. Corbet, of Sundorne Castle.

Smith, of Halesowen Grange. Poltimore, Lord. Cornewall, of Delbury Hall. Smith, of Tilly Park.

Portman, Lord. Cotes, of Woodcote and Pychford. Symthe, of Acton Burnel.

Talbot de Malahide, Lord.

Taunton, Lord.
Knyfton, of Upbill.

Warry, of Shapwick House.
A cladd, cf Fairfield.

Lambart, of Sharpbam Park. Way, of Ashton Lodge,
Acland, of Holnicote.
Lambert, of Misterton.

Welman, of Norton Manor.
Adair, of Heatherton Park,

Lambert, of Waterdale House. Wilson, of Claverton Manor.
Adlam, of The Firs.
Lean, of Ridge.

Wood, of Hill House.
Baker, of West Hay.

Lee-Lee, of Dillington House. Yea, of Pyrland Hall.
Bampfylde, of Hartington Park. Leir, of Uphill.
Band, of Wookey House.
Lethbridge, of Eastbrooke House.

Batten, of Thorn Faulcon.

Lethbridge, of Sandhill Park. Sutherland, Duke of.
Beckett, of Ringwell House. Llewellin, of Oakfield.

Anglesey, Marquis of.
Bere, of Milverton.
Lovelace, of Ashley Combe.

Dartniouth, Earl of.
Bolton, of Green Park.
Luttrell, of Dunster Castle.

Dudley, Earl of.
Boultbee, of Taunton.
Malpas, of Somerton.

Ferrers, Earl.
Bouverie, of Brymore.
Marsb, of Nethersole.

Harrowby, Earl of.
Broadmead, of Olands.
Master, of Kuole Park.

Lichfield, Earl of.
Bullock, of North Coker.
Medlycott, of Venn House.

Shrewsbury, Earl of.
Bythesea, of The Hill, Fresbford. Michel, of Huish.

St. Vincent, Viscount.
Carew, of Crowcombe Court. Mildmay, of Hazlegrove.

Lichfield, Bishop of.
Cave, of Cleve Hill.
Miles, of Ford Abbey.

Hatherton, Lord.
Chetham-Strode, of Southill House. Miles, of Kingsweston.

A'Court-Repington, of Amington Clerk, of Burford. Miles, of Leigh Court.

Clerk, of Westholme.

Mogg, of Farrington Manor. Adderley, of Barlaston.
Combe, of Earnshill.
Moody, of Kingsdon.

A lleyne, of Barton-under-Need-
Conolly, of Midford Castle.
Moss, of Hillgrove House.

wood. į Davis, of Hollywood House. Moysey, of Bathealton Court.

Allsop, of Burton-on-Trent.
Dawe, of Ditcheat House.
Napier, of Pennard House.

Amery, of Park House.
Dickenson, of Syston Court. Napier, of Woodlands.

Annesley, of Arley Castle. Dickinson, of King Weston. Neville - Grenville, of Butleigh Adson, of Shugborough. Duckworth, of Orchard Leigh.


Bagnail, of Charlemont Hall. Edgell, of Standerwick Court. Newton, of Barton Grange. Barker, of Albrighton Hall. Elton, of Cleveland Court.

Northcote, of Somerset Court. Bass, of Byrkley Lodge.
Elton, of Whitestaunton.

Notley, of Combe Sydenham. Beech, of The Shawe.
Emery, of Banwell Grange.
Page, of Holebrook.

Best, of Bilston.
Esdaile, of Turbill House.

Paget, of Cranmore and Newberry. Boothby, of the New Lodge.
Fane, of Brympton House.
Perfect, of Woolstone House.

Boycott, of Rudge Hall.
FitzGerald, of Maperton.
Phelips, of Bayford Lodge.

Broughton, of Broughton Hall. Foster-Melliar, of Milton Lodge. Phelips, of Montacute House.

Buller, of Dilhorne Hall. Galton, of Loxton Manor.

Pinney, of Somerton Erleigh. Burne, of Loynton Hall.
Gibbs, of Tyntesfield.

Popham, of Bagborough House. Butler, of Pendeford Hall.
Gore, of Barrow Court.
Porch, of Edgarley.

Butler-Bowdon, of Pleasington. Gore-Langton, of Newton Park and ! Prior, of Halse House.

Cartwright, of the Leasowes. Hatch Beauchamp.

Quantock, of Norton House. Chadwick, of Mavesya Ridware. Grant-Dalton, of Shanks House. Richards, of Langford House. Chetwode, of Oakley. Gyll, of Dundas. St. Aubyn, of Alfoxton.

Chet wynd, of Brocton Hall. Halliday, of Chapel C'leeve. Sampson, of Henbury:

Child, of Rownall Hall and StalHainmond, of Weston-super-Mare. Sanford, of Nyvehead Court.

lington Hall.
Harbin, of Newton.
Scobell, of Kingwell.

Clarke, of Brown's Green.
Tiare, of Brislington,
Sheppard, of Fromefield House.

Clay, of Stapenbill House and Fore-
Harford, of Blaize Castle.
Sheppard, of Keyford House.

mark Hall. Harford, of Stoke Park. Skrine, of Warleigh Manor.

Copeland, of Cliffe Bank Lodge. Helyar, of Coker Court. Slade, of Maunsell Grange.

Coulthart, of Croft House.
ilill, of Heath House.
Slade, of Montys Court.

Coyney, of Weston Coyney.
Hippisley, of Stoneaston.
Smyth, of Ashton Court.

Crewe, of Warslow Hall.
Hoare, of Stourhead.

Smyth-Pigott, of Brockley Court. Curzon, of Hagley Hall. Hobhouse, of Hadspen House. Somerville, of Dinder House.

Dyott, of Freeford Hall. Hood, of St. Andries and Wootton. Speke, of Jordans.

Eld, of Seighford Hall. Horner, of Mells Park.

Strachey, of Ashwick Grove. Fitzherbert, of Swinnerton Hall. Hoskyns, of North Perrott. Strachey, of Sutton Court.

Fletcher, of Lawneswood House. Houlton, of Farley Castle. Surtees, of Tainfield House.

Floyer, of Hints Hall. Ireland, of Brislington Hall. Synge, of Weston Lodge.

Forster, of Lysways Hall. Jarrett, of Camerton Court.

Thompson, of Prior Park.

Fryer, of The Wergs. Joliffe, of Ammerdown Park. Thring, of Alford House.

Gaunt, of Highfield House and King, of Pyrland Hall. Tomlin, of Rumwell Hall.

Rudyerd Vale. Kinylake, of Wilton House. Trevelyan, of Nettlecombe Court. Giffard, of Chillington. Kinglake, of Monkton.

Tudway, of The ('edars.

Gisborne, of Yoxal Lodge. Kinglake, of Westor-super-Mare. Tynte, of Halsewell House.

Hacker, of Leek. Knatchbull, of Babington House. Wait, of Woodborougb.

Hall, of Barton Hall. Knight, of Wolverley House. Walcot, of Woodland Villa,

Hardy, of Dunstall Hall.

Harvey, of The Brooms.

Wolferstan, of Statfold Hall. Haywood, of Brownhills.

Wolseley, of Wolseley Hall. Hill, of Dunstall.

Wood, of Bignall Hill. Holland, of Stowe House.

Wood, of Port Hill.
Hordern, of Oxley Manor.

Yonge, of Charnes Hall.
Horsfall, of Bellamour Hall.
Horton, of The Hough.

Howard, of Elford.
Inge, of Thorpe Constantine.

Montrose, Duke of.
Jervis, of Darlaston Hall.

Dunmore, Earl of. Jervis, of Meaford.

Zetland, Earl of.
Jesson, of Oakwood.

Strangford, Viscountess.
Kynnersley, of Loxley Park. Abercromby, Lord.
Lane, of King's Bromley Manor.

Alexander, of Westerton House. Legge, of Patshull.

Bruce, of Stenhouse. Levett, of Milford Hall,

Callander, of Craigforth. Levett, of Wichnor Park.

Drummond, of Blair Drummond. Lister, of Armitage Park.

Edmonstone, of Colzium. Littleton, of Teddesley Park.

Forbes, of Callendar House. Loch, of Tittensor.

Graham, of Airth. Loxdale, of Albrighton.

Hamilton, of Bardowie. McLean, of Walsall.

Hay, of Stirling. Mainwaring, of Whitmore Hall.

Johnstone, of Alva, Manley, of Manley Hall.

McGrigor, of Kernock. Masefield, of Stone.

Moir, of Leckie. Meigh, of Ash Hall.

Murray, of Polmaise. Meynell, of Hoar Cross.

Ramsay, of Sauchie. Mosley, of Rolleston Hall.

Steuart, of Touch House.
Mott, of Wall.

Stirling, of Glorat.
Moysey, of Bathealton Court.
Newdigate, of Byrkley Lodge.

Northen, of Lea House,

Grafton, Duke of. Paget, of Beaudesert.

Hamilton and Brandon, Duke of.
Parker, of Shepstone Lodge. Bristol, Marquis of.
Peel, of Drayton Manor,

Hertford, Marquis of.
Philips, of The Heath House. Ashburnham, Earl of.
Pilkington, of Butterton Hall. Cadogan, Earl.
Pudsey, of Seisdon Hall.

Gosford, Earl of.
Pye, of Clifton Hall.

Stradbroke, Earl of. Radcliffe, of Caverswall Castle. Henniker, Lord. Round, of The Hange.

Huntingfield, Lord. Ryder, of Sandon Hall.

Manners, Lord. Salt, of Weeping Cross.

Rendlesham, Lord. Scott, of Great Barr Hall.

Thurlow, Lord. Scott, of The Red House.

Walsingham, Lord. Shirley, of Chartley Castle.

Adair, of Flixton Hall. Smith, of Sandfield Lodge.

Aldis, of Hoxne. Sneyd, of Ashcombe Park.

Alston, of Dennington. Sneyd, of Keele Hall,

Anson, of Grundisburgh Hall. Solly, of Toll-End Hall.

Anstruther, of Hintlesham Hall. Sparrow, of Penn.

Arcedeckne, of Glevering Hall. Spode, of Hawkesyard Park. Baird, of Yardley. Swinfen, of Swinfen Hall.

Baring, of Buchenham House. Talbot, of Alton Towers and In- Barnardiston, of The Ryes. gestre.

Barne, of Sotterley Park. Thorneycroft, of Tettenhall Wood. Bence, of Kentweil Hall. Twemlow, of Betley Court.

Bence, of Thorington Hall. Vernon, of Hilton Park.

Bennet, of Rougham Hall. Ward, of Oaklands.

Berners, of Woolverstone Park. Warren, of Hatherton Hall.

Betts, of Wortham Hall. Webster, of Penns.

Bingham, of Woodbridge Abbey. Whitby, of Creswell Hall.

Blacker, of Toft-Monks House. Whitgreave, of Moseley Court. Blake, of Langham Park. Whitmore, of Colebrook Dale. Bliss, of Brandon Park. Wightwick, of Bloxwich.

Blois, of Cockfield Hall. Williams, of Aldridge.

Boldero, of White House. Willington, of Wincote Hall. Borrett, of Cransford Hall. Wise, of Clayton Hall.

Brereton, of Thetford.

Broke, of Broke Hall,
Brooke, of Sibton Park.
Brooke, of Ufford Place.
Browning, of Ampton Hall.
Bunbury, of Barton Hall.
Burrell, of Stoke Park,
Chevallier, of Aspall.
Chevallier, of The Grove.
Cobbold, of Holywells.
Colvile, of Baylbam.
Corrance, of Parham Hall.
Dawson, of Groton House.
De Grey, of Merton.
De Horsey, of Glemham.
Doughty, of Theberton Hall.
Edgar, of The Red House.
Elwes, of Stoke College.
Fitz-Gerald, of Boulge Hall.
Fonnereau, of Christ Church Par..
Forbes, of Chilton Hall.
Gage, of Hengrave Hall.
Gataker, of Mildenhall.
Gooch, of Benacre Hall.
Graham, of Wherstead Lodge and

Queensbury House.
Gurdon, of Assingtoo.
Gurdon, of Grundisburgh.
Hallifax, of Chadacre Hall.
Hallifax, of Wyken Hall.
Hammond, of Exning Grove.
Harland, of Wherstead Park.
Heigham, of Hunston Hall.
Helsby, of Brook House.
Hervey, of Ickworth Park.
Hollond, of Benhall Lodge.
Homfray, of Stradishall.
Hughes, of The Lodge.
Ireland, of Oweden Hall.
Johnston, of Holton.
Johnston, of Yoxford Grove.
Kelly, of The Chauntry.
Kerrison, of Oakley Park.
Leathes, of Herringfleet Hall.
Lillingston, of Southwold Lotze.
Long, of Hurts Hall.
Martin, of Hemmingstone Hall.
Mayd, of Withersfield.
Metcalfe, of Hawstead House.
Middleton, of Shrubland Park.
Mills, of Stutton.
Mills, of Saxham Hall.
Milner-Gibson, of Theberton House,
Mure, of Herringsweil.
Murray, of Eriswell Lodge.
Oakes, of Nowton Court.
Ord, of Fornham House.
Packe, of Mildenhall.
Paget, of Milford Hall.
Parker, of Clopton Hall.
Parker, of Melford Hall,
Peto, of Somerleyton Hall.
Phillipps, of Bramford Hall.
Phillips, of Great Barton.
Pike-Scrivener, of Sibton Abbey.
Plumridge, of Hopton Hall.
Powlett, of Downham Hall.
Purvis, of Darsham Hall.
Pytches, of Melton.

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Rabett, of Bramfield Hall.
Raymond, of Bellchamp Hall.
Reade, of Holbrook House,
· Robinson, of Dullingham House.

Rodwell, of Tattiugstone.
Rose, of Leiston Abbey.
Rous, of Henham Hall.
Rowley, of Tendring Hall.
Rushbrooke, of Rush brooke Hall.
Safford, of Mettingham Castle.
Seymour, of Sudbourne Hall.
Shepherd, of Edwardston Hall.
Sheppard, of Ashe High-House.
Squire, of Barton Place.
Suckling, of Barsham,
Tatlock, of Bramfield House.
Thellusson, of Casins House.
Tollemache, of Helmingham Hall.
Tomline, of Orwell Park.
Tyrell, of Plash wood.
Waddington, of Cavenham Hall.
Walford, of Foxborough Hall.
Walford-Gospall, of Bentley.
Walker, of Oakley House.
Weller-Poley, of. Broxted Hall.
Western, of Tattingstone Place.
Whitbread, of Londham Park.
Wilson, of Stowlangtoft Hall.
Witham, of Higham.

Canterbury, Archbishop of.
Somerset, Duke of.
Egmont, Earl of.
Eldon, Earl of.
Lovelace, Earl of.
Lucan, Earl of.
Onslow, Earl.
Somers, Earl of.
Winchester, Bishop of.
Downe, Viscount.
Midleton, Viscount.
Sidmouth, Viscount.
Abinger, Lord.
Grantley, Lord.
Lovaine, Lord.
Monson, Lord.
Abdy, of Chobham Place.
Adams, of Thorpe.
Alcock, of Kingswood Warren.
Antrobus, of Lower Cheam.
Austen, of Shalford House.
Barclay, of Bury Hill.
Barclay, of Eastwick Park.
Barnard, of Park Gate.
Beckford, of Ruxley Lodge.
Bennett, of Thorpe Place.
Best, of Eastbury House.
Bingham, of Laleham House.
Bovill, of Worplesdon.
Bray, of Shere.
Bridges, of Beddington House.
Briscoe, of Fox Hills.
Brodie, of Broome Park.
Brooks, of Woodcote Park.
Browne, of Crouch Oak,
Burdett, of Shrubhurst.

Carew, of Beddington Park. Lowe, of Caterham.
Carter, of Epsom Grove.

Loyd, of Coombe House.
Cavendish, of Lime Grove.

Lushington, of Ockbam Park.
Challoner, of Portnall Park.

Lyall, of Hedley House.
Cohen, of Asgill House.

Mangles, of Poyle Park.
Colebrooke, of Ottershaw Park. Mangles, of Woodbridge.
Cornwall, of Elstead.

Master, of Barrow Green.
Crawford, of Mickleham Hall. Melvill, of Tandridge.
Croker, of West Molesey.

Miller, of Colliers Wood.
Crutchley; of Sunning-Hill Park. Monson, of Gatton Park,
Cubitt, of Denbies.

Moore-Molyneux, of Losely Park.
Currey, of Erlwood.

Mostyn, of Red Hill.
Currie, of Southborough.

Napier, of Scinde House.
Currie, of West Horseley.

Nicholson, of Waverley Abbey.
Dalling, of Burwood Park.

Northey, of Woodcote House.
Daniell, of Esher.

Onslow, of Woodbridge House.
De Crespigny, of Champion Lodge. Owen, of Windlesham House.
De Tessier, of Woodcote Park. Parbury, of Caterham Manor.
Drake, of Oatlands Lodge.

Paxton, of Rock Hills.
Drummond, of Albury Park. Paynter, of Camborne House.
Drummond, of Petersham.

Percy, of Ashburnham Lodge.
Easthope, of Fir Grove.

Pollen, of Little Book ham.
Edmands, of Sutton.

Rawson, of The Hurst.
Egerton, of Mountfield Court. Reid, of Ewell Grove.
Elphinstone, of Hackwood.

Ricardo, of Titnest Park.
Evelyn, of Wotton.

Roper-Curzon, of Grove House.
Farmer, of Nonsuch Park.

Roupell, of Roupell Park.
Farquhar, of Polesden Lacey. Russell, of Pembroke Lodge.
Fazakerley, of Burwood House. Salvin, of Sutton Place.
Fletcher, of Ashley Park.

Salwey, of Runuymede Park.
Frederick, of Burwood House. Scarlett, of Abinger Hall.
Fyler, of Woodlands.

Schreiber, of Exeter House.
Gardiner, of Melbourne Lodge. Scriven, of The Priory.
Godwin - Austen, of Chilworth Selwyn, of Pagoda House.

Sillar, of Lester Villa.
Goulburn, of Betchworth House. Smart, of St. Ann's Hill.
Grissell, of Mickleham.

Smith, of Selsdon House.
Grissell, of Norbury Park.

Smith, of Horsham Park.
Grote, of Barrow Green,

Smith, of Peperbarrow Park.
Gurney, of Carshalton.

Somerset, of Heath Lodge.
Hamond, of Haling House.

Sullivan, of Ember Court.
Hankey, of Fetcham Park.

Sumner, of Hatchlands.
Hardwicke, of Oatlands Park. Sumper, of Puttenham Priory
Hare, of Tetworth.

Thrupp, of Merrow House.
Hope, of Deepdene.

Tollemache, of Ham House.
Howard, of Ashstead Park.

Tupper, of Albury.
Hudson, of Camilla Lacy.

Vincent, of Stoke d'Abernon.
Hutton, of Putney Park.

Ward, of Willey Place.
Jephson, of Milford.

Welles, of The Grange.
Jolliffe, of Merstham House. Westcar, of Burwood Cottage.
Kershaw, of the Manor House. Weston, of West-Horseley Place.
Key, of Streatham.

Wight, of Brabeuf Manor.
King, of East Horseley.

Williams, of Limpsfield.
King, of Woburn Park.

Williams, of Tanhurst Lodge.
Knight - Bruce, of Roehampton Wood, of Marden Park.

Young, of Red-Hill Lodge.
Labouchere, of Broome Hall.
Lambert, of Norb on Place.

Langdale, of Garston House.
Lawes, of Kingston Hall.

Devonshire, Duke of.
Lee, of Richmond Old Palace. Norfolk, Duke of.
Lefevre, of Sutton Place.

Richmond, Duke of.
Lefroy, of Ewshott House.

Bristol, Marquis of.
Le Marchant, of Chobham Place. Ashburnham, Earl of.
Leslie-Melville, of Roehampton. Chichester, Earl of.
Leveson Gower, of Titsey Park. De la Warr, Earl.
Login, of Ashburton Lodge. Egmont, Earl of.
Long, of. Hampton Lodge.

March, Earl of.

Newburgh, Countess of.
Hawkins, of Bignor Park.

Gordon, of Embo.
Sheffield, Earl of.
Hill, of West Hoathley.

Matheson, of Achany.
Winterton, Earl of.

Hollist, of Lodsworth House. Reay, of Skibo.
Gage, Viscount.

Hollond, of Allegria.
Chichester, Bishop of.
Hoper, of Thornbill.

TIPPERARY CO. Oxford, Bishop of.

Howard, of Arundel Castle.
Colchester, Lord.

Hunt, of Shermanbury Park. Donoughmore, Earl of.
De la Zouch, Baroness.
Hurst, of Horsham Park.

Avonmore, Viscount.
Leconfield, Lord,

Huskisson-Tighlman, of Eartham. Hawarden, Viscount,
Abbot, of Kidbrooke.
Ingram, of Ades Chailey.

Lismore, Viscount.
Arundell, of Wakehurst Place, King, of Coates House.

Cashel, Bishop of.
Ashburnham, of Guestling.
Lacy, of Withdeane Hall.

Bloomfield, Lord.
Barttelot, of Stopbam House. Lamb, of Beaufort.

Dupalley, Lord.
Blaauw, of Beechland.
Lennox, of Goodwood.

Adair, of Lougbmore Castle.
Blencowe, of The Hooke,
Luxford, of Higham.

Adams, of Salisbury.
Blunt, of Heathfield Park,
Maher, of Wilson's Lodge.

Armstrong, of Mealiff.
Blunt, of Crabbett.
Margesson, of Offington.

Atkinson, of Ashley Park.
Borrer, of Barrow Hill.

Meyrick, of Rose Hill and Ash- Aylmer, of Derry. Brabazon, of Oaklands.


Bagwell, of Marefield. Bridger, of Buckingham House. Micklethwayt, of Iridge Place. Bagwell-Purefoy, of Greenfield. Broadwood, of Buchan Hill. Mitford, of Pitshill.

Barker, of Kilcooly Abbey.
Broadwood, of Holinbush.
Montefiore, of Worth Park,

Barton, of Grove.
Burrell, of Knepp Castle.
Murrough, of Graffham.

Barton, of Rochestown.
Cabbell, of Aldwick.
Mowatt, of Trotton Park,

Bayly, of Debsborough.
Campion, of Danny Place.
Norman, of Dencoinbe.

Beresford, of Woodhouse.
Carr-Lloyd, of Lancing Park. Noyes, of East Mascalls.

Blackett, of Greenhills. Chevall-Tooke, of Hurston Clays. Oldfield, of Oldfield Lawn.

Briscoe, of Tinvane. Child, of Bouvelles Court.

Papillon, of Crowhurst Place. Browne, of Cappagh White. Cobden, of Dunford. Pechell, of Castle Goring.

Bunbury, of Kilfeacle.
Crofts, of Somting Abbotts. Pelly, of Warnham Court.

Butler, of Drom.
Curteis, of Windmill Hill and Perceval, of Cowdray House. Butler, of Park.
Peasemarsh Place.
Pilkington, of Catsfield Place,

Carden, of Templemore House.
Curzon, of Parbam Park.
Ponsonby, of Woolbeding.

Carrol, of Tulla House.
Darby, of Markley.
Prime, of Walberton House.

Clarke, of Graiguenoe Park.
Davies, of Danehurst.
Reynell-Pack, of Avisford.

Clarke, of The Copse.
Dick, of Port Hall.

Richardson, of Finden Place. Cooke, of Cordangan.
Dickins, of Coolhurst.
Robertson, of Halton.

Cooper, of Killenure.
Domville, of Southfield Lodge. Roper, of Stoke.

Dancer, of Modreeny House. Donovan, of Framfield Place. Scott, of St. Anne's Hill,

De Chabot, of Thomastown. Duke, of Laughton Lodge. Scott, of Hove.

Finch, of Tullamore House. Elphinstone, of Ore Place. Shelley, of Field Place.

Fitzgerald, of Garnavella House. Elwood, of Clayton Priory. Shelley, of Maresfield Park.

Gordon-Moore, of Moresfort. Fetherstonhaugh, of Upper Park. Sheppard, of Folkington Blace. Going, of Ballyphilip. FitzGerald, of Seaford Lodge, Shiffner, of Coombe Place.

Going, of Liskeveen House. Fitzgerald, of Holbrook. Slater, of Newick Park.

Gough, of Rathronan House.
Flood, of Beresford Lodge.
Smith, of The Pirade.

Grene, of Cappamurra.
Ford, of Albourne.
Tancred, of Tillington,

Grene, of Grene Park.
Freeland, of Oaklands.
Thomas, of Bodeam.

Grey, of Bally kisteen.
Freeling, of Ford House.

Thomas, of Ratton and Yapton. Hamerton, of Orchardstown. Freshfield, of Moor Place.

Tredcroft, of Warnham Court and Hartford, of Willington Lodge. Frewen, of Brickwall House.

The Manor House.

Head, of Modreeny House,
Frewen, of Coghurst Hall.
Treherne, of Gate House.

Herbert, of New Inn,
Frewen, of Northiam.
Tupper, of Fuze Hill.

Holmes, of St. David's.
Fullerton, of Slindon Cottage. Vane, of Battle Abbey.

Lalor, of Cregg.
Gage, of Firle Place.
Wallace, of Worthing.

Langley, of Knockanure.
Gaisford, of Offington.

Watson, of Sudeley Lodge. Lanigan, of Richmond. Gibbs, of Maze Hill.

Weekes, of Hampton Lodge. Lee, of Barna. Gibson, of Sandgate Lodge. West, of Buckhurst Park.

Lenigan, of Castle Fogerty. Goldsmid, of Wick House. Wilson, of Searles.

Lidwill, of Dromard. Goring, of Highden.

Wolstenholme, of Holly Hill. Lloyd, of Lisheen.
Goring, of Wiston.

Wright-Biddulph, of Burton Park. Lloyd, of Lloydsborough.
Griffia · Stonestreet, of Halton Wyndham, of Rogate Lodge. Maher, of Turtulla.
Yaldwyn, of Blackdown.

Mansergh, of Greenane House. Hamilton, of Iping Hall.

Marshall, of Barronecourt. Hankey, of Balcombe Place.

SUTHERLANDSHIRE. Hansler, of Field Place.

Massy, of Kingswell House.

Minchin, of Rathclough.
Harcourt, of Buxted Park.
Sutherland, Duke of.

Minnitt, of Anaghbeg.
Hasler, of Aldingbourne and Bark- | Dempster, of Skibo Castle,

Moore, of Barne.


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