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WITHAM, the Rev. Thomas (of Lartington Downes, Esq., R.A. Educated at St. Paul's Coll., Hall, Yorkshire).

Prior Park, Bath; is a Magistrate for SusOnly surviving son of the late Henry Witham

This family is a branch of the Wrights of (formerly Silvertop), Esq., of Minster Acres (who

Kelvedon, Essex.—Burton Park, near Petworth, assumed the name of Witham), by Elizabeth, dau.

Sussex ; Norton Hall, near Fakenham, Norfolk. and heir of the late William Witham, Esq., of Cliffe Hall, co. York; b. 1806 ; s. his brother George WYBERG, William, Esq. (of Clifton Hall, 1847. Educated at Stonyhurst Coll. ; is a Magis- Westmoreland). trate for co. Durham, and a Priest in Holy Orders of the Church of Rome.-Lartington Hall, near

Eldest son of the late Thomas Wyberg, Esq., J.P., Barnard Castle.

of Isell Hall and Clifton Hall, some time Clerk of Heir Pres., his nephew Henry Silvertop, Esq., of

the Peace for the W. Riding of Yorkshire, by Minster Acres (whom see).

Isabella, dau. of J. Hartley, Esq. (she d. 1827), and elder brother of Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bart. ; 6.

178-; 8. 1827.- Clifton Hall, near Penrith. WOLCOTT," John Marwood, Esq. (of Knowle House).

WYNNE,* Brownlow Wynne, Esq. (of Gar. Son of the late - Wolcott, Esq. ; b. 1814. Edu- thewin). cated at Oriel Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1836); is a Son of the late — Wynne, Esq., of Garthewin; b. Magistrate for Devon.-Knowle House, Salcombe, 18–. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple near Sidmouth, Devon.

1841 ; is a Magistrate for co. Denbigh.—Gartie

win, near Abergele, Denbighshire. WOLFE, the Rev. William Birch. (of Wood Hall).

YATES,* John Ashton, Esq. (of Dingle Head), Second but eldest surviving son of the late Rev.

Son of the late Rev. J. Yates, of Liverpool ; b. Richard Birch, Rector of North Farmbridge, Essex,

178–; m. 18— a dau, of the late Rev. Dr. Lorett, by the sister of the Rev. Sir Henry Bate-Dudley,

and formerly a Merchant in Liverpool ; mas M.P. Bart., of Willingham House, co. Cambridge, Pre- for co. Carlow 1837-41.-Reform Club, S.W. ; 33, bendary of Ely ; 6. 1800. Educated at St. Cathe- Bryanston Square, W. rine's Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1823, M.A. 1824). Is Rector of Hardwicke, co. Cambridge, and Patron YELVERTON, Commodore Hastings Reginald, and Lord of the Manor of Arkesden, in Essex. C.B. The Rev. H. Birch-Wolfe assumed the additional surname of Wolfe, 1859, on succeeding to the pro

Son of the late Joseph J. Henry, Esq., of Straffan perty of his brother, the late Richard Birch-Wolfe,

House, co. Kildare, by Lady Emily Elizabeth FitzEsq., of Wood Hall, D.L. and J.P.--Wood Hall,

Gerald, dau. of the late Duke of Leinster ; b. 1808; near Saffron Walden, Essex.

m. 1845 Barbara, Baroness Grey de Ruthyn, widow of George, 2nd Marquis of Hastings, who d. 1858 ;

assumed the name of Yelverton 1819 ; entered the WOOD,* Nicholas Price, Esq. (of Bignall Hill). Royal Navy 1823; bas commanded H.M.'s ships Son of the late Wood, Esq. ; b. 18—. Is a

Salamander, Styx, Devastation, Queen, Arrogant, Magistrate for co. Stafford. - Bignall Hill, near

Brunswick, and Conqueror, and is now Commodore Burslein, Staffordshire.

and Comptroller-General of the Coast-Guard ; is a Magistrate for South Hampshire, and a Naval

A.D.C. to the Queen.-United Service Club, S.W.; WOOD,* Willoughby, Esq. (Of Thoresby).

12, Spring Gardens, S.W. Eldest son of the late - Wood, Esq., of Thoresby, by Jane, only dau. of the late Sir John Thorold, YORKE," John, Esq. (of Bewerley Hall). Bart., of Syston Park, co. Lincoln ; b. 181-,-

Son of the late — Yorke, Esq. ; b. 1827 ; 8. 1847. Thoresby, near Alford, Lincolnshire.

Is a Magistrate for the W. Riding of Yorkshire.

Bewerley Hall, near Ripon ; Halton Place, near WOODS,* George, Esq. (of Milverton).

Skipton, Yorkshire.
Son of the late Woods, Esq.; b. 17–. Is a
Magistrate for co. Dublin, -- Misverton, near Bal-YORKE," Simon, Esq. (of Erthig).
briggan, co. Dublin,

Eldest son of the late Simon Yorke, Esq., of

Erthig, M.P. ; b. 18—; m. 1846 Victoria Mary WRIGHT-BIDDULPH, Anthony John, Esq.

Louisa, dau. of Major-General the Hon. Sir Ed. (of Burton Park).

ward Cust. Is a Magistrate for co. Denbigh.

Erthig, near Wrexham, Denbighshire. Only son of the late Anthony G. Wright, Esq. (who assumed the additional name of Biddulph on succeeding to the estates of the late John Biddulph, YOUNG,* Allen Allicocke, Esq. (of Orlingbury). Esq., of Biddulph), by Catherine, dau, of the late Son of the late Young, Esq. Educated at MagSimon Scrope, Esq., of Danby Hall, co. York ; b. dalen Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1830, M.A. 1833). 1830 ; 3. 1847 ; m. 1854 Sarah Anne, dau. of J. Is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Northampton. - Orlingbury, near Wellingborough, North- | YOUNG,* George Frederick, Esq. amptonshire.

Eldest son of the late Vice-Admiral William Heir, his son Allen Allicocke, b. 1834 ; entered

Young ; b. 17 — ; m. 1814 Mary, youngest dau, of the Army 1853, became Lieut. 73rd foot 1854. the late John Abbot, Esq., of Canterbury. Is

a Magistrate for Middlesex, and Dep. Lieut. for YOUNG, George, Esq. (of Culdaff House).

the Tower Hamlets ; is a Shipowner and a MerEldest son of the late - Young, Esq., of Culdaff chant in the City; was M.P. for Tynemouth House. Is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. 1831-8, for Scarborough 1851-2.- Redhill Lodge, Donegal. — Culdaff House, near Carndonagh, co. near Reigate, Surrey ; Gresham and City Clubs, Donegal.

E.C. ; 27, Gracechurch Street, E.C.


BLACKER, St. John, Esq. (of Elm Park). CREASY, Sir Edward Shepherd, Knt. (cr. 1860).

Eldest son of the late Rev. Dr. Saml. Blacker, of Elm Son of Edward H. Creasy, Esq., of Brighton; Park, and Prebenary of Mullabrack, by Elizabeth, b. 1812; m. 1846 Mary, dau. of G. Cottam, dau, of Thomas Douglas, Esq., of Grace Hall, co. Esq., C.E. Educated at Eton and King's Coll., Down; b. 1822 ; s. 1849; m. 1855 Elizabeth, dau. Cambridge (B.A. 1835, M.A. 1838); called to the of Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur, of Kilrusb, Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1837, and went the Home co. Clare, and grand-dau. of the 2nd Earl of Nor- Circuit; appointed Chief Justice of Ceylon 1860. Is bury. Is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. author of the “Fifteen Decisive Battles of the Kerry. This family is a branch of the Blackers of World,” “Memoirs of Eminent Etonians,” “TextCarrick Blacker (whom see).--Elm Park, near book of the English Constitution," &c. ; late ProArmagh, Ballylongford, co. Kerry; Kildare-Street fessor of History in the University of London. Club, Dublin.

--Colombo, Ceylon. Heir, his son Maxwell Vandeleur, 6. 1859.

DRINKWATER, Thomas, Esq.(of Irwell House, BLACKER, William, Esq. (of Castle Martin).

Lancashire). Eldest son of the late Thomas Samuel Blacker,

Eldest son of the late Peter Drinkwater, Esq., of Esq., by Frances, dau. of Thomas A. Forde, Esq.,

Irwell House ; b. 17—; m. 18— Sarah, dau. of of Seaforde, co. Down; b. 1845 ; s. 1858. This

N. Hyde, Esq., of Ardwick. Is a Magistrate and family is a branch the Blackers of Carrick

Dep. Lieut. for co. Lancaster.—Irwell House, near Blacker (whom ste).-Castle Martin, near New

Manchester ; 15, Royal Crescent, Bath. bridge, co. Kildare.

Heirs, his daughters, Fanny, m. 18— Captain

James Fitzmaurice Scott, of Comeston, co. KincarCORNISH, Mrs. Honor (of Marazion).

dine, and Harriet Julia, m. 18— the Rev. Henry Eldest dau. of the late Francis Cole, Esq., of Mara- Mildred Birch, Rector of Prestwich, near Manzion, Post-Captain R.N., by Honor Keir, dau. of chester.

Keir, Esq., of Balcairn, co. Perth, N.B. ; m. 1808 (the late) William Cornish, Esq., of Mara- FAWKES, Francis Hawksworth, Esq. (of zion, D.L. and J.P. for co. Cornwall. This family

Farnley). is of ancient origin, and has been settled for centu

Eldest son of the late Walter Ramsden Fawkes, ries in Marazion. · Marazion, near Penzance, Cornwall.

Esq., of Farnley (who was some time M.P. for the

W. Riding of Yorkshire), by a dau. of John VerCOWPER (Earl), Francis Thomas De Grey non, Esq., of Clontarf Castle, co. Dublin ; 6. 18—; Cowper (cr. 1718).

m. 1825 Elizabeth Anne, only dau. of the late Hon. Eldest son of the 6th Earl, by Anne, dau. of

and Rev. Pierce Butler, and grand-dau. of Henry Thomas, late Earl De Grey; b. 1834 ; 8. 1856.

Thomas, 2nd Earl of Carrick. Is representative Educated at Harrow; is a Dep. Lieut. for Kent

of the ancient family of Hawksworth of Hawksand a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, and

worth, co. York. The Fawkes' descend from FalLieutenant Yorkshire Hussars ; Patron of 2 livings.

casius de Farneley, temp. Henry III. — Farnley - Panshanger, near Hertford ; 17, Curzon Street,

and Hawksworth, near Otley, Yorkshire. W.

Heir Pres., his brother Henry Frederick, 6. 1836 ; GARTH,* Thomas Colleton, Esq. (of Haines educated at Harrow and Ch. Ch., Oxford; is a

Hill). Dep. Lieut. for Kent, and Captain 1st Hertford- Only son of the late Captain Garth, R.N., of shire Rifle Volunteers.

Haines Hill, by a dau. of General Maitland; b. 1822. Educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford Esq., whose pame he assumed by Royal license ; (B.A. 1844, M.A. 1847); is a Magistrate and b. 1813 ; 8. 185–. Educated at Trinity Coll., CamDep. Lieut. for Berks.-Haines Hill, near Twy. bridge (B.A. 1835, M.A. 1839); is a Magistrate ford, Berks.

for Berks and Essex, and Patron of 1 living.--Hall Heirs Pres., his sisters.

Place, near Henley-on-Thames ; Stanstead Mount

fitchet, near Bishop's Stortford, Essex. GOFF, Capt. Thomas William (of Oakport).

Eldest son of the Rev. Thomas Goff, by Anne, dau. STANDISH, Pery, Esq. (of Scaleby Castle). of the late Rear - Admiral Caulfeild; 1. 1829. Second son of the late Rowland Standish, Esq., of Educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; late Cap- Scaleby Castle and Farley Hill, by Lucy, dau. of tain 7th Dragoon Guards ; was High Sheriff of co. Edmund, 1st Earl of Limerick ; b. 1820 ; 8. 1845; Roscommon 1839; elected M.P. for co. Roscom- m. 1850 Caroline, dau. of Samuel Clogstoun, Esq. mon 1859, unseated on petition 1860.-Oak port, Is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for Cumberland near Boyle, co. Roscommon; Arthur's and Army -Scaleby Castle, Cumberland ; Farley Hill, near and Navy Clubs, S.W.

Reading, Berks. MAITLAND,* William Fuller, Esq. (of Park TYRCONNEL, Countess of. Place, Berks).

Sarah, only child of the late Robert Crowe, Ex4, Eldest son of the late Ebenezer Fuller Maitland, of Kiplin, co. York; m. 1817 John Delaval, 4th Esq., of Hall Place (who was a Magistrate and and last Earl of Tyrconnel, who d. 1853.—Kiplin Dep. Lieut. for Berks), by a dau, of - Fuller,

Park, near Catterick, Yorkshire.





ABERDEENSHIRE. Seton, of Pitmedden.

Casement, of Ballee House.
Jluntly, Marquis of,
Skene, of Rubislaw Den.

Casement, of Invermore.
Aberdeen, Earl of.

Thompson, of Pitmedden House. Charley, of Finaghy House and Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of. Thomson, of Banchory House.

Erroll, Earl of.
Turner, of Menie.

Charley, of Seymour Hill.
Fife, Earl of.

Urquhart, of Meldrum and Byth. Chichester, of Chichester Lodge. Kintore, Earl of.

Cordner, of Derramore. Forbes, Lord.


Cowan, of Lodge House.
Saltoun, Lord.
Boston, Lord.

Crawford, of Crawfordsburn.
Bruce, of Scotstown.

Dalway, of Bella Hill.
Dinorben, Lady.
C'lark, of Bark Hall.

Davison, of Belfast Abbey.
Briscoe, of Holyhead.
Duff, of Hatton Castle.

Dobbs, of Castle Dobbs.
Bulkeley, of Baron's Hall.
Duff, of Fetteresso.
Griffith, of Pencraig.

Fulton, of Braidujle.
Flphinstone, of Logie Elpbinstone.

Hassard, of Parkmore.
Hughes, of Brynddu.
Farquharson, of Invercauld.
Hughes, of Plas Coch.

Higginson, of Lisburn.
Ferguson, of Kinmundy.

Higginson, of Tudor Hall.
Hughes, of Plas-yn-Llangoed.
Ferguson, of Pitfour.

Hutchinson, of Stranocum House.
Jones, of Treiorwerth,
Forbes, of Pitsligo.
Forbes, of Craigrever and Fintray. Mealy, of Perfeddgocd.
Lewis, of Henllys.

Jones, of Moneyglass.

Lecky, of Bushmills.
Forbes, of Newe.

Legge, of Malone House.
Forbes-Leith, of Whitehaugh.
Meyrick, of Bodorgan.

Leslie, of Leslie Hill.
Owen, of Gadlys.
Forbes-Mitchell, of Thainston.

Lyons, of Old Park.
Paget, of Plîs Llanfair.
Fordyce, of Brucklay Castle.
Fraser, of Castle Fraser and Inver- Prichard, of Dinam.

Macartney, of Lissanoure.
Paget, of Plasnewydd.

McClure, of Belmont.
Pritchard, of Trescawen,

McDonnell, of Glengariff.
Gordon, of Cairnbulg and Countes-
Sparrow, of Gwyndy.

McGilldowny, of Clare Park. wells.

McNaghten, of Dundarave.
Gordon, of Haddo House.
Stanley, of Penrhos.

McNeile, of Parkmount.
Gordon, of Fyvie Castle.
Williams, of Craig-y-don.

Montgomery, of Benvarden.
Gordon, of Cluny and Buckie House.

Moore, of Moore Fort. Gordon - Cuming - Skene, of Park


O'Hara, of Crebilly.
Donegall, Marquis of.

O'Hara, of O'Hara Brook.
Grant, of Monymusk.

Londonderry, Marchioness of. O'Neill, of Shanes Castle.
Hay, of Leith Hall.
Antrim, Earl of.

Owens, of Holestone,
Irvine, of Drum.
Massareene, Viscount.

Pakenham, of Longford Lodge.
Johnston, of Hilltown.
Templetown, Lord.

Patrick, of Dunminning.
Kinloch, of Park.
Adair, of Farm Lodge.

Poe, of Ben Neagh.
Leith, of Freefield.
Adair, of Loughamore.

Richardson, of Lambeg.
Leslie, of Warthill.
Alexander, of Portglemone.

Richardson, of Lisburn.
Leslie, of Fetternear House. Bateson, of Belvoir Park.

Rowan, of Mount Davys.
Lindsay, of Dunecht House. Bateson, of Killoquin.

Smyth, of Lisburn.
Lumsden, of Cushpie.
Batt, of Purdysburn.

Thomson, of Castleton.
Lumsden, of Pitcaple.

Battersby, of Carrickfergus. Turnly, of Druinnasole.
Mackenzie, of Glack.
Battersby, of Oakfield.

Verner, of Lilliput.
MTier, of Durris,
Binney, of Bangor Glebe.

Verner, of Verner's Bridge.
Nicol, of Ballogie.

Blakiston-Houston, of Orangefield. Verner, of Windsor. Paton, of Grandholme.

Bland, of Abbeyville.
Pollard-Urquhart, of Craigston. Bond, of The Argory.

Ranısay, of Barra.
Boyd, of Drummawillen.

Argyll, Duke of.
Russell, of Aden House.

Burleigh, of Carrickferguz. Callander, of Ardkinglas Lodge, seton, of Mounie. Bushell, of Strandtown.

Cameron, of Fassifern House.

Campbell, of Aird's House.
Campbell, of Ardebattan Priory.
Campbell, of Barbreck House.
Campbell, of Barcaldine Castle.
Campbell, of Dunmore.
Campbell, of Dunstaffnage.
Campbell, of Inveraw.
Campbell, of Kildalloig.

, of Ormidale.
Campbell, of Sonachan and Oban.
Ewing, of Lismore Lodge.
Fife, of Gortanloisk.
Fletcher, of Dunan's House.
Hamilton, of Minard Castle.
Hunter, of Hafton.
Lamont, of Knockdow.
Macalister, of Glenbarr Abbey.
Macdonald, of Inckenneth.
McDougall, of Dunolly Castle.
McDougall, of Gallanach,
Mackay, of Bighouse.
Machlachlan, of Machlachlan.
Maclaine, of Lochbuy.
Maclean, of Ardgour.
M'Neill, of Colonsay.
Macquarie, of Jarvisfield.
Malcolm, of Calltonmor.
Morrison, of Islay.
Orde, of Kilmory.
Riddell, of Strontian.
Stewart, of Stronvar House.
Uppleby, of Airdishaig.

Armagh, Archbishop of.
Charlemont, Earl of.
Gosford, Earl of.
Lurgan, Lord.
Armstrong, of Killylea.
Atkinson, of Crowhill.
Blacker, of Carrick Blacker.
Blacker, of Elm Park.
Bond, of Bondville.
Bond, of The Argory.
Caulfeild, of Hockley.
Chambre, of Hawthorn Hill.
Close, of Drumbanagher.
Cross, of Dartan.
De Salis, of Tanderagee.
Dobbin, of Armagh.
Douglas, of Mountain Lodge.
Foxall, of Kilcavy Castle.
Harden, of Harrybrook.
Harris, of Ashfort.
Hutchinson, of Ballyrath.
Kirk, of Annevale.
M'Clintock, of Fellowes Hall.
M'Clintock, of Millmount.
Molyneux, of Castle Dillon.
Obré, of Clantilew.
Richardson, of Rich Hill.
Ryan, of Knocklyon.
St. George, of Wood Park.
Stronge, of Tynan Abbey.
Synnot, of Ballymoyer House.
Tenison, of Port Nelligan.
Woodhouse, of Portadown.


Gordon, of Cairnfield.
Ailsa, Marquis of.

Gordon-Duff, of Park and Drum

Bute, Marquis of.

Grant-Duff, of Eden.
Hastings, Marquis of.
Eglinton, Earl of.

Harvey, of Carnousie.
Glasgow, Earl of.

Innes, of Edengight House.
Orkney, Earl of.

Ogilvie, of Carnousie.
Alexander, of Ballochmyle.

Steuart, of Auchlunkart House.
Baird, of Cambusdoon.
Baird, of Rosemount.

Blair, of Blair.

Bedford, Duke of.
Blair, of Blairquban Castle.

Cowper, Countess.
Boswell, of Auchinlek.

De Grey, Earl.
Boyle, of Shewalton.

Ongley, Lord.
Brisbane, of Brisbane.

St. John, Lord.
Brown, of Waterhaughs.

Wensleydale, Lord.
Buchanan, of Barskimming. Adey, of The Cell.
Burnett, of Gadgirth.

Astell, of Everton House,
Campbell, of Craigie.

Barnard, of Kempston.
, of Fairfield House.

Barnard, of Cople House.
Campbell, of Treesbank House.

Barnett, of Stratton Park.
Cathcart, of Auchendrane Houso.

Brandreth, of Houghton House.
Cathcart, of Craigengillan.

Burgoyne, of Sutton Park.
Cathcart, of Killochan Castle.

Cooper, of Toddington Manor.
Craufuird, of Grange.

Crawley, of Stockwood.
Craufurd, of Crosbie Castle.

Foster, of St. Andrew's,
Cuninghame, of Corsehill.

Gambier, of Sharnbrook.
Cuninghame, of Lainshaw.

Gibbard, of Sbarnbrook House.
Cuninghame, of Logan.

Gilpin, of Hockliffe Grange. Cunninghame, of Thorntoun House. Goodall, of Bromhan Vicarage. Dalrymple, of Bargany.

Green, of Felaiersbam Grange.
Dunlop, of Dunlop.

Harvey, of Ickwellbury.
Elwon, of Alton Albany Park. Higgins, of Turvey House,
Fairlie, of Coodbam.

Higgins, of Picts Hill.
Fairlie, of Fairlie House.

Inglis, of Milton Bryant.
Fergusson, of Kilkerran.

Leigh, of Looton Hoo Park.
Glasgow, of Montgreenau House. Littledale, of Kempstone Grange.
Hamilton, of Cairn Hill.

Macnamara, of Cheverells.
Hamilton, of Sundrum.

Musgrave, of Shillington Manor.
Houison-Craufurd, of Craufurdland. Ongley, of Old Warden.
Hunter, of Bonoyton.

Orlebar, of Hinwick House.
Hunter, of Hunter.

Osborn, of Chicksands Priory. Kennedy, of Dalquharran Castle Osborn, of Campton Manor. and Dunure.

Paddon, of Thralesend,
M‘Adam, of Ballochmorrie.

Palmer, of Clifton Lodge.
M'Alester, of Kennox House, Chief Payne, of Blunham House.
of Clan Allaster,

Pearse, of Harlington.
McKerrell, of Hill House.

Polhill-Turner, of Howbury Hall.
Menteth, of Closeburn.

Pym, of The Hasells.
Miller, of Barskimming.

Raynsford, of Henlow Grange.
Mure, of Caldwell.

Smith, of Aspley House.
Neill, of Barnweill and Swindridge- Stuart, of Aldenham Abbey.

Stuart, of Kempston.
Oswald, of Auchincruive.

Thynne, of Haynes Park.
Patrick, of Waterside.

Trevor, of Tingreth House.
Shaw, of The Lodge.

Turner, of Battlesden Park.
Shedden, of Berth.

Wade-Gery, of Bushmead Priory.
Tait, of Milrig House.

Whitbread, of Cardington,
Warner, of Ardeer.

Whitbread, of Southill.
Wason, of Corwar.

Williamson, of Kempston Manor.

Fife, Earl of.

Downshire, Marquis of.
Seafield, Earl of.

Abingdon, Earl of.
Abercromby, of Forglen House. Carnarvon, Earl of.

, of Troup. Craven, Earl of.
Gordon, of Letterfourie.

Radnor, Earl of.

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