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AB-ADAM,* Edward, Esq. (of Middleton Hall). A'BECKETT, Sir William, Knt. (cr. 1852).

Eldest son of the late Edward Hamlyn Adams, Eldest son of William A'Beckett, Esq., and brother Esq., who was M.P. for co. Carmarthen 1833-4; of the late G. A. A'Beckett, Esq. ; 6. 1806; m. 1st has resumed the ancient orthography of the family 1833 Emily, dau. of E. Hayley, Esq. (she d. 1842); name ; is a magistrate for co. Carmarthen.-Mid- 2nd 1849 Matilda, dau. of E. Hayley, Esq. Educated dleton Hall, near Llandilo, Carmarthenshire. at Westminster ; called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn

1829; was Chief Justice and Judge of the Admiralty ABBOTT, Sir Frederick, Knt., C.B. (cr. 1854). Court of Victoria 1852-7 ; was previously Solicitor Third son of the late Henry H. A. Abbott, Esq. ;

and Attorney-General of N. South Wales, and b. 1805; m. 1835 Frances, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Cox,

resident Judge at Port Phillip. Author of the R.A. (and widow of Lieut.-Col. Hubert De Burgh).

Universal Biography, &c.-Reform Club, S.W. Educated at Addiscombe ; entered the Bengal Engineers 1822 ; served in the Burmese war 1824-6, ABERCORN (Marquis of), James Hamilton, K.G.

P.O. (cr. 1790). and in the first campaign against the Sikhs ; has received medals for Ava and Sobraon ; was Superin

Elder son of the late Viscount Hamilton, by Har. tendent Engineer of the North-Western Provinces riet, dau. of the late Hon. John Douglas, and of Bengal 1841-7; became a Major-General on re- grandson of the 1st Marquis ; b. 1811 ; 8. 1818 ; tired list 1858 ; has been Governor of the Military

m. 1832 Louisa Jane, dau. of the 6th Duke of BedCollege, Addiscombe, since 1851.- United Service

ford, K.G. Educated at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; is Lord Club, S.W.; Addiscombe, near Croydon, S.

Lieut. and Custos Rotulorum of co. Donegal, a

Dep. Lieut. for co. Tyrone, and Colonel Donegal ABDY, Sir William, Bart. (cr. 1641).

Militia ; is a Governor of Harrow School; late

Groom of Stole to the Prince Consort. Patronage Only son of the late Sir William Abdy, Bart.,

2 livings.—Baron's Court, near Newtown-Stewart, Capt. R.N., by dau. of James Gordon, Esq., of

co. Tyrone ; Carlton Club, S.W.; Chesterfield Moor Place, Herts ; 6. 1779 ; 8. as 7th Bart. 1803 ;

House, South Audley Street, W. m. 1806 Anne, dau. of 1st Marq. Wellesley, K.G., Heir, his son Viscount Hamilton, 6. 1838 ; divorced 1816. This family is of Essex extraction, educated at Harrow and Ch. Ch., Oxford. and was formerly seated 'at Felix Hall in that county.-Chobham Place, near Chertsey, Surrey ; | ABERCROMBY (Lord), George Ralph AberUnion Club, S.W.; 20B Hill Street, w.

cromby (cr. 1801).

Eldest son of the late Lord, by Louisa, dau. of the ABDY, Sir Thomas Neville, Bart. (cr. 1849).

late Hon. John Hay Forbes; 6.1838; s. as 4th Lord Only son of the late Anthony Abdy, Esq., Capt. 1852; m. 1858 Julia Janet Georgiana, dau, of Visct. R.N., by Grace, dau. of Admiral Sir Thos. Rich ; Duncan. Educated at Eton. Represents a younger 6. 1810; m. 1841 Harriet, dau. of Rowland Alston, branch of the clan Abercromby. This Peerage Esq. of Pishiobury, Herts. Educated at St. was originally conferred on the widow of the gal. John's Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1833) ; is a magis- lant General Sir Ralph Abercromby, who fell in trate for Essex ; was M.P. for Lyme Regis 1847- Egypt.-Tullibody, near Alloa, co. Clackmannan; 52. Patronage 1 living. Is descended through Ferntower, near Crieff, Perthshire; Airthrie his grandmother from a common ancestor with Sir Castle, near Stirling, N.B. W. Abdy, Bart.-Albyns, near Romford, Essex. Heir Pres., his brother John, Ensign Rifle Bri. Heir, his son William Neville, b. 1844,

gade ; b. 1841.

ABERCROMBY, Sir George Samuel, Bart. (cr. | ABINGDON (Earl of), Montagu Bertie (cr. 1682). 1636),

Eldest son of 5th Earl, by Emily, dau, of the late Eldest son of the late Sir Robert Abercromby, General Hon. Thomas Gage ; b. 1808 ; s. 1854 ; m. Bart., by Elizabeth Stevenson, dau. of Samuel 1835 Elizabeth Lavinia, dau. of George Granville Douglas, Esq., of Netherlaw, N.B. ; b. 1824 ; 8. as Harcourt, Esq., of Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon (she 6th Bart. 1855; m. 1849 Agnes Georgiana, 2nd dau. d. 1858). Educated at Eton and Trinity Coll., of 3rd Lord Kilmaine. Educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (M.A. 1829); is Lord Lieutenant and Cambridge (M.A. 1849); is a Magistrate and Dep. Custos Rotulorum of Berks and High Steward of Lieut. for cos. Banff and Kirkcudbright, and Chief Oxford ; was M.P. for Oxfordshire 1832-52; for of the clan of Abercromby, of which Lords Aber- Abingdon 1852-54. Patronage 4 livings.-Wytham cromby and Dunfermline are members.--Forglen Abbey, near Oxford ; 18, Grosvenor Street, W. House, near Turriff, co. Banff; Fermoy, co. Cork ; Heir, his son Lord Norreys, b. 1836 ; m. 1858 Carlton Club, S.W.

Caroline, dau. of C. Towneley, Esq., of Towneley ; Heir, his son Robert John, b. 1850.

educated at Eton. ABERCROMBY, Dowager Lady.

ABINGDON, Dowager Countess of. Louisa Penuel, dau. of Lord Medwyn (a Scottish

Frederica Augusta, 7th dau. of Vice-Admiral Judge of Session); m. 1832 George Ralph, 3rd

Lord Mark Robert Ker and Charlotte Countess Lord Abercroniby, who i. 1852.-Airthrie, near

of Antrim ; m. 1841, as 2nd wife, Montague, 5th Stirling, N.B.

Earl of Abingdon, who died 1854,-7, Somers

Place, Hyde Park Square, W. ABERCROMBY, Dowager Lady.

ABINGER (Lord), Robert Campbell Scarlett Elizabeth, only child of the late Samuel Douglas, (cr. 1835). Esq., of Netherlaw and Castle Douglas, N.B. ;

Eldest son of the 1st Lord, by his 1st wife Louisa m. 1816 Sir R. Abercromby, Bart., of Forglen, who Henrietta, dau. of the late Peter Campbell, Esq., d. 1855.46, Albemarle Street, W.

of Kilmory, co. Argyll ; b. 1794 ; s. 1844 ; m. 1824

Sarah, dau. of George Smith, Esq., late Chief Justice ABERDEEN (Earl of), George Hamilton Gor- of the Mauritius. Educated at Trinity Coll., Camdon, K.G., K.T., P.C., F.R.S. (cr. 1682).

bridge (B.A. 1815); was M.P. for Norwich 1835Eldest son of the late Lord Haddo, by Charlotte, dau.

38; for Horsham 1841-44. The 1st Lord was of W. Baird, Esq.; b. 1784 ; s. his grandfather as

Chief Baron of the Exchequer 1834-44.-Abinger 4th Earl 1802 ; m. 1st 1805 Katharine Elizabeth, Hall, near Dorking, Surrey ; Carlton Club, S.W. dau. of 1st Marquis of Abercorn; 2nd 1815 Harriet,

Heir, his son William Frederick, Captain Scots dau. of Hon. John Douglas and widow of Visct.

Fusilier Guards; b. 1826.
Hamilton (son of the 1st Marquis of Abercorn, ABINGER, Dowager Lady.
K.G.); sits in the House of Lords as Visct. Gor.
don, U.K. (cr. 1814). Educated at Harrow and St.

Elizabeth, dau. of L. S. Steere, Esq., of Jayes, John's Coll., Cambridge (M.A. 1804); is Lord

Surrey; m. 1st 18- Rev. H. J. Ridley, of Ockley, Lieut. of co. Aberdeen and Ranger of Greenwich

Surrey ; 2nd 1843 James, 1st Lord Abinger, who Park; was formerly Minister at Vienna ; Secre

d. 1814.--West Cliff House, Brighton ; 30, Nor. tary of State for Foreign Affairs 1828-30 and

folk Street, W. 1841-46 ; for the Colonies 1834-35; First Lord of ABNEY, Wm. Wotton, Esq. (of Measham Hall). the Treasury 1852-5. Is descended from a common ancestor with the Marquis of Huntly.-Haddo

Eldest son of the late William Wotton Abney, House, Aberdeen, N.B. ; Ranger's Lodge, Black- Esq., Capt. Royal Horse Guards Blue, by Elizaheath, Kent; Carlton and Athenæum Clubs, S.W.;

beth, dau. of William Richardson, Esq., of Fulford 7, Argyll Street, W.

House, York ; b. 1807 ; s. 1827 ; m. 1828 Helen Heir, his son Lord Haddo, M.P. for co. Aberdeen ; John Sinclair, eldest dau. of James Buchanan, Esq., b. 1814; m. 1840 Mary, sister of 10th Earl of Had. of Craigend Castle, co. Dumbarton, and grand-dau. dington.

of the 12th Earl of Caithness. Is a magistrate for

cos. Derby and Leicester, and a Dep. Lieut, for co. ABERGAVENNY (Earl of), Rev. William Nevill

Derby (High Sheriff 1847). This family were

seated at Abney-in-the-Peak about the time of the (cr. 1784).

Conquest. Sir Edward Abney, a well-known Fourth son of the 2nd Earl, by Mary, dau. of the Judge, and his younger brother, Sir Thomas Abney, late John Robinson, Esq., of Wyke House, Middle- Lord Mayor of and M.P. for London, and both of sex; b. 1792 ; s. 1845; m. 1824 Caroline, dau. of the Willesley, in the county of Derby, were of this late Ralph Leeke, Esq., of Longford Hall, co. ancient family.-Measham Hall, near Atherstone. Salop. Educated at Magdalen Coll., Cambridge (M.A. 1816); is in Holy Orders; was formerly ABNEY-HASTINGS. Rector of Birling and Vicar of Frant, Kent. Patron

(See Hastings.) age 18 livings. Eridge Castle, near Tunbridge Wells ; Carlton Club, s. W.; 58, Portland Place, W. | ACKERS, Geo. Holland, Esq. (of Moreton Hall).

Heir, his son Visct. Nevill, 6. 1826 ; m. 1848 Only son of the late G. Ackers, Esq., of Moreton Caroline, dau. of Sir J. V. B. Johnstone, Bart. ; Hall, co. Chester, by Harriott Dell, dau. of H. Hut. educated at Eton ; late Capt. W. Kent Yeomanry, ton, Esq., of Lincoln; b. 1812 ; s. 1836 ; m. 1838 formerly Capt. 2nd Life Guards,

Harriott Susan, 2nd dau. of H. W. Hutton, Esq., of Beverley. Educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., 8. his brother 1855; m. 1815 Mary Elizabeth CathaOxford; is Major Queen's Own Royal Yeomanry rine, only dau. of Abraham Gibbs, Esq. Entered (Staffordshire) ; was in the Royal Horse Guards the army 1803 ; became a Lieut.-General 1850, Blue 1832-7; High Sheriff of Cheshire 1852 ; Col. 41st Foot 1848 ; is a Magistrate for co. Stafelected Commodore of the Royal Victoria Yacht ford.---Amington Hall, near Tamworth, StaffordSquadron 1850.-Moreton Hall, near Congleton, shire; United Service Club, S.W. Cheshire ; Arthur's and Boodle's Clubs, S.W.

Heir, his son Charles Henry Wyndham Ashe, Heir, his dau. Georgiana Harriott, m. 1858 Sir C. B.A., of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, and late M.P. W. Shakerley, Bart. (whom see).

for Wilton ; 6. 1819 ; m. 1854 Emily, eldest dau, of

H. Currie, Esq., of West Horseley, Surrey. ACKERS, James, Esq. (of Heath House).

Son of the late J. Ackers, Esq.; 6. 1811 ; m. 1833 ACTON, Sir John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Mary Anne, dau. of B. Williams, Esq. Educated

Bart. (cr. 1644), at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (LL.B. 1836); is a

Only son of the late Sir F. R. E. Acton, Bart., by Magistrate for co. Hereford ; was M.P. for Lud- Marie Louise, only dau. of the Duke of Dalberg low 1841-7.-Heath House, Leintwardine, near

(who m. 2nd in 1840 the 2nd Earl Granville, K.G.); Ludlow; Oxford and Cambridge Club, S.W.

b. 1834 ; 8. as 8th Bart. 1837. Educated at St.

Mary's Coll., Oscott; is a Magistrate and Dep. ACLAND, Sir Thomas Dyke, Bart. (cr. 1644). Lieut. for co. Salop; elected M.P. for Carlow 1859; Eldest son of the late Sir Thomas Dyke Acland,

is patron of 1 living. The 6th Baronet was Prime Bart., by Henrietta Anne, only dau. of the late Sir

Minister to the King of Naples.--Aldenham, near R. Hoare, Bart. ; 6. 1787 ; s. as 10th Bart. 1794 ;

Bridgenorth, Shropshire ; Brookes' Club, S.W. ; m. 1808 Lydia Elizabeth, dau. of H. Hoare, Esq.

16, Bruton Street, W. (she d. 1856). Educated at Harrow and Ch. Ch.,

Heir Pres., his cousin Charles, b. 1786 ; m. 1817 Oxford (B.A. 1808 ; created D.C.L. 1831); is a

Zoe Marie, dau, of the Count d'Albon (cl.). Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for Devon ; was M.P. for Devon 1812-3i, and for N. Devon 1837-57. ACTON, Edward Farrer, Esq. (of Gatacre Park). Patronage 7 livings. — Killerton, near Exeter ; Eldest son of the late E. A. Acton, Esq., by Holnicote, near Minehead; Atheneum Club, S.W. Frances Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. J. G. Spurgeon;

Heir, his son Thomas Dyke, late Fellow of All b. 1805 ; 8. 1822 ; m.1832 Mary Anne, youngest dau. Souls Coll., Oxford ; M.P. for W. Somerset 1837-47; of Rev. H. Suckling, Rector of Barsham, Suffolk. b. 1809; m. 1st 1841 Mary, dau, of Sir C. Mordaunt, Educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (B.C.L. 1828); Bart. (she d. 1851); 2nd 1856 Mary, dau. of the is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for cos. Salop and late John Erskine, Esq.

Stafford, and a Major in the Shropshire Militia ;

descended from the 2nd son of Sir Edward Acton, ACLAND, Sir Peregrine Palmer Fuller-Palmer, 1st Bart., of Aldenham, who settled at Gatacre Park Bart. (cr. 1818).

temp. Charles II.-Gatacre Park, near Bridgenorth, Eldest son of the late Sir Thomas Palmer Acland, Shropshire; Oxford aud Cambridge Club, S.W. Bart., by Elizabeth, dau. of the late John Rose

Heir, bis son Edward William Frederick, Capt. Fuller, Esq., of Rosehill, Sussex ; b. 1789; 8.

76th Foot; b. 1834 ; m. 1855 Helen Maria, dau. of 1831 ; m. 1825 Fanny, dau. of W. Leader, Esq., of

W. P. Ranney, Esq., of St. John's, N. Brunswick. Putney, Surrey (she d. 1844). Is a Dep. Lieut. ACTON, Joseph, Esq. (of Wigan). for Somerset. Assumed the additional names of Fuller and Palmer in 1834. Patronage 1 living.

Son of the late J. Acton, Esq. ; b. 1803. Is a Represents a younger branch of the family of Sir Magistrate for co. Lancaster; was Mayor of Wigan T. D. Acland, Bart., of Killerton. - Fairfield, uear

1839-40 and 1853-4; M.P. for Wigan 1854-7 ; was Bridgewater, Somerset.

formerly a Solicitor in practice in that borough. Heir Pres., his half-brother Thomas, 6. 1819.

-The Hall, Wigan.

ACTON,* Thomas, Esq. (of West Aston). A'COURT-HOLMES, Hon. William Henry Ashe.

Eldest son of the late Col. Wm. Acton (who was Elder son of the 1st Lord Heytesbury (whom see) ;

M.P. for co. Wicklow 1841-8, and High Sheriff of 6. 1809; m. 1833 Elizabeth, dau. of Sir L. W.

that co. in 1820), by Mary, dau. of Thomas Walker, Holmes, Bart., whose name he has assumed. Edu

Esq., Master in Chancery, Ireland ; b. 181-; 8. cated at Eton and St. John's Coll., Cambridge 1854. Is a Magistrate for co. Wicklow.-West (M.A. 1831); is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for

Aston, near Rathdrum, co. Wicklow. Isle of Wight and for Wilts and Hants; was M.P.

Heir Pres., his brother William. for the Isle of Wight 1837-47.-Westover, near Newport, Isle of Wight; Carlton and Travellers' ACTON, William Joseph, Esq. (of Wolverton). Clubs, s.w.

Only son of the late William Acton, Esq., by Anne Heir, his son William Leonard, 6. 1835.

Constantia, dau. of - Davies, Esq.; 6.1803; 8. 1814 ;

m. 1833 Mary, widow of William Trafford, Esq. A'COURT-REPINGTON, Lieutenant-General Educated at St. Mary's Coll., Oscott; is a Magis

Charles Ashe, C.B. (of Amington Hall). trate for co. Worcester. This family is of Saxon Youngest son of the late Sir W. P. A'Court, many origin, and has been seated in Worcestershire since years M.P. for Heytesbury, by Letitia, dau. of the the times anterior to the Norman Conquest.-Wol. late H. Wyndham, Esq., of the College, Salisbury, verton, near Pershore, Worcestershire. and brother of the 1st Lord Heytesbury ; b. 1785; Heir, his son William Robert, 6. 1835.

ACWORTH, Nathaniel Brindley, Esq. (of the 1798; m. 1806 Amelia Sophia Leonora, 2nd dau. Hook),

of Lieut.-Col. B. Adair, R.M. Educated at DunThird son of the late William Acworth, Esq.; b. gannon and Trinity Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1797); 1805 ; m. 1846 Anna Diana, dau. of the Very called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1801 ; formerly Rev. Francis Close, D.D., Dean of Carlisle, Called a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Antrim (High to the Chancery Bar 1844 ; is a Magistrate for Sheriff 1801). This family is descended from a Herts and Middlesex ; late Registrar of the Su- common ancestor with the Adairs of Ballymena ; preme Court at Madras. This family was formerly Capt. James Adair, of Kilhilt, co. Wigton, N.B., from Yorkshire.--The Hook, Northaw, near Bar- being the first who settled at Loughanmore, temp. net, Herts ; Oriental Club, W.

James I.-Loughanmore, Parkgate, near Belfast. Heir, his son Francis William, 6. 1847.

Heir, his son Charles, late Capt. 33rd Foot; b.

1807. ADAIR, Sir Robert Shafto, Bart. (cr. 1838).

Eldest son of the late William Adair, Esq. (who d. ADAM, William Patrick, Esq. (of Blair Adam). 1844), by Camilla, dau. and heiress of the late Ro. bert Shafto, Esq., of Benwell, Northumberland;

Eldest son of the late Admiral Sir C. Adam, K.C.B. b. 1786 ; m. 1st 1810 Elizabeth Maria, dau. of the

(many years M.P. for cos. Clackmannan and Kin. Rev. James Strode (she d. 1853); 2nd 1854 Jane

ross), by Elizabeth, dau. of P. Brydone, Esq., F.R.S.; Ann, dau, of the Rev. T. Clarkson, Vicar of Hinx.

6.1823; m. 1856 Emily, eldest dau. of Gen. Wyllie, ton, co. Cambridge ; is a Magistrate for Suffolk

C.B. Educated at Rugby and Trinity Coll., Cam(High Sheriff 1846).- Flixton Hall, near Harle

bridge (B.A. 1847); called to the Bar at the Inner ston, Suffolk ; Farm Lodge, Ballymena, co. An.

Temple 1850 ; is a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for trim ; 20A, St. James's Square, S.W.

co. Kinross ; elected M.P. for cos. Clackmannan Heir, his son Robert Alexander Shafto, late

and Kinross 1859; was Secretary to Lord ElphinM.P. for Cambridge ; b. 1811; m. 1836 Theodosia,

stone at Bombay 1853-8.-Blair Adam, near Kindau, of Gen, the Hon. Robert Meade.

ross, N.B.; Brookes' Club, S.W. ADAIR, Alexander William, Esq. (of Heather- ADAMS, Hon. Mrs. (of Thorpe). ton Park),

Mary Anne, dau. of the late Hon. Wm. Cockayne, Eldest son of Alexander Adair, Esq., by Harriet of Rushton Hall

, co. Northampton, and niece and Eliza, dau. of the late G. Atkinson, Esq., of Lee, co-heiress of Borlase, 6th and last Visct. Cullen ; and nephew of Sir R. S. Adair, 1st Bart. ; b. 1829. m. 1811 Wm. Adams, Esq., LL.D., Advocate in Educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1852, Doctors' Commons, a descendant of the ancient M.A. 1856); appointed Ensign and Lieut. Cold- family of Adams of Loneston (and formerly of stream Guards 1855, and Lieut, and Captain 1859; Peterchurch) co. Pembroke, who died a Magistrate for Somerset ; has received the Thorpe, near Chertsey, Surrey. English and Turkish medals for the siege and fall Heir, her son William Cockayne, 6. 1813; Rector of Sebastopol.- Heatherton Park, near Taunton, of Dummer, Hants. Somerset; Guards' Club, S.W.

ADAMS, Lady (of Temple Hill).
ADAIR, George, Esq. (of Bellegrove).
Eldest son of the late John Adair, Esq., of Rath,

Mary Anne, dau. of the late Sir W. Elford, Bart. Queen's co., by Rebecca, dau. of George Maquay,

(ext.) ; m. 1821 (as 2nd wife) Gen. Sir George Esq., of Dublin; b. 1784 ; s. 1809; m. 1822 Eliza

Pownoll Adams, K.C.H., who d. 1856.— Temple beth, dau, of Very Rev. Thomas Trench, Dean of

Hill, East Budleigh, near Exmouth, Devon. Kildare. Educated at Rathmines and Trinity Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1803); is a Magistrate and Dep. ADAMS, Lady (of Anstey Hall). Lieut. for Queen's co. (High Sheriff 1822). This Katharine, dau, of Rev. Thomas Coker Adams ; family traces its descent from Thomas Fitz-Gerald, m. 1843 her cousin Major-Gen. H. W. Adams, C.B., 6th Earl of Desmond.-Bellegrove, near Bally. who was killed in the Crimea, 1854 ; was raised by brittas, Queen's co. ; Loughmore Castle, co. Tip- royal warrant to the rank of the wife of a K.C.B., perary ; Glenveagh, co. Donegal.

to which honour he was intended to have been Heir, his son John George, a Magistrate for cos. raised in 1855.-Anstey Hall, near Warwick. Tipperary and Donegal ; b. 1823.

ADAMS, John, Esq. (of Hollyland). ADAIR, Hugh Edward, Esq., M.P.

Eldest son of the late John Adams, Esq., by Sophia, Second son of Sir R. S. Adair, Bart. ; b. 1815.

dau. of the late Ven. Archdeacon Holcombe ; Educated at Harrow and St. John's Coll., Oxford

b. 1796 ; s. his grandfather 1833; m. 1828 Anne, (B.A. 1839, M.A. 1843). A Barrister-at-Law

eldest dau, of Henry Gibbons, Esq., of Oswestry, (called 1844); has been M.P. for Ipswich since

co. Salop. Educated at Brasenose Coll., Oxford; is a 1847.-Flixton Hall, near Harleston, Suffolk ; Ori

Magistrate for co. Pembroke (High Sheriff 1837). ental and Travellers' Clubs, S.W.

This family was formerly of Buckspool, and Pater,

or Patrick Church, co. Pembroke, where they ADAIR, Thos. Benjamin, Esq. (of Loughanmore).

have been landowners since the end of the 14th Eldest son of the late Charles Adair, Esq., by century.--Hollyland, near Pembroke. Millicent, dau, of H. C. Ellis, Esq., of Straid, co. Heir, his son John Alexander Philips, Capt. Antrim, and Prospect, Carrickfergus; b. 1776 ; 8. R.A.; 6.1831.

ADAMS, John Hervey, Esq. (of Northlands). ADAMS, William Dacres, Esq. (of Bowdon).

Eldest son of late Very Rev. Samuel Adams (Dean Eldest son of the late William Adams, Esq. (who of Cashel), of Northlands, co. Cavan, by Frances, was M.P. for Totnes in five successive Parliaments), youngest dau. of Capt. John Hervey, of Killane by Anna Maria, dau. of Richard Dacres, Esq., of Castle, co. Wexford ; b. 1818; 8. 1856; m. 1846 Leatherhead, Surrey, and brother of the late General Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Ambrose Going, Esq., of Sir G. P. Adams, K.C.B.; b. 1775 ; s. 1811 ; Ballyphilip, co. Tipperary. Educated at Trinity m. 1804 Elizabeth, dau. of M. W. Mayow, Esq., Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1841); called to the Irish Bar of Sydenham, Kent. Was formerly Private Secrein 1842 ; is a Magistrate for cos. Cavan and Mona. tary to the Right Hon. William Pitt, and a Comghan (High Sheriff 1854). This family are de- missioner of Woods, Forests, and Land Revenue.scended from the old Scottish house of Adam, and Bowdon, near Totnes, Devon. enjoy the freedom of Drogheda, for the services of Heir, his eldest surviving son Dacres, Vicar of their maternal ancestor General Scurlogh Williams. Bampton, Oxon, and a Magistrate for that co.; -Northlands, near Carrickmacroy, co. Cavan. b. 1806 ; m. 1832 Anna Maria, dau, of B. Fulford, Heir, bis son Samuel Allen, b. 1847.

Esq., of Fulford, Devon. ADAMS, Richard Wallis Goold, Esq. (of James. | ADAMS, William Henry, Esq. brook).

Second son of the late Thomas Adams, Esq., of Eldest son of the late Michael Goold Adams, Esq., Normancross, Hunts, by Anna Maria, dau. of W. of Jamesbrook, co. Cork, by Martha, 2nd dau. of Farr, Esq., of Romsey, Hants; b. 1809 ; m. 1832 Simon White, Esq., of Bantry House, Cork, Anne, dau, of late T. Walford, Esq. Called to the and sister of the 1st Earl of Bantry; b. 1802; m. Bar at the Middle Temple 1843; appointed Re1852 Mary Sarah, eldest dau. of the late Sir Wil- corder of Derby 1858, Attorney-General at Hong liam Wrixon Becher, Bart. Educated at Trinity Kong 1859; is Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for co. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1823); is a Magistrate for co. Lincoln ; was M.P. for Boston 1857-9.—Boston, Cork.-Jamesbrook, near Cloyne, co. Cork.

Lincolnshire ; Carlton and National Clubs, S.W. Heir, his son William Richard, 6. 1853.

Heir, his son William Henry, b. 1834 ; m. 1855

Susanna Rebecca, dau. of Rev. Dr. James, Vicar of ADAMS, Samuel Hamilton Goold, Esq. (of Salis- Llanwnog, co. Montgomery.

bury). Youngest son of the late Michael Goold Adams, ADDERLEY, Right Hon. Charles Bowyer (of Esq., by Martha, dau. of Richard White, Esq., of

Hams Hall). Bantry, co. Cork ; b. 1815 ; m. 1st 1847 Fanny, dau. Elder son of the late Charles Clement Adderley, of Col. Bernard, of Castle Bernard, King's co. ; 2nd Esq., of Hams Hall, co. Warwick, by Anna Maria, 1852 Fanny, dau. of the Very Rev. Dr. De Burgh, dau. of the late Sir E. C. Hartopp, Bart., of Dean of Cloyne. Educated at Trinity Coll., Dublin ; Freathby, co. Leicester; b. 1814 ; 8. his great-uncle appointed Ensign 10th Foot 1837, retired 1842 ; is 1826; m. 1842 Julia Anne Eliza, eldest dau. of a Magistrate for co. Tipperary.--Salisbury, near 1st Lord Leigh. Educated at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; is Clonmel, co. Tipperary.

a Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for cos. Warwick and

Stafford, and has been M.P. for N. Staffordshire ADAMS, Thomas Travers, Esq. (of Ahavagur- since 1841 ; was President of the Board of Health, rah).

and Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Eldest son of the late Wm. Adams, Esq., of Cork

Education 1858-9.-Hams Hall, Minworth, Birand Abavagurrah, by Jane, dau. of John Travers,

mingham; Carlton Club, S.W.;35, Eaton Place, S.W. Esq., of Cork ; 6. 1790 ; 8. 1846; m. 1822 Hannah, Feir, bis son Charles Leigh, b. 1846. 2nd dau, of Capt. Evans, of Tipperary; is a Magistrate for cos. Limerick, Cork, and Tipperary. This ADDERLEY, Ralph Thomas, Esq. (of Barlaston). family is of Scottish descent. —Ahavagurrah, near Eldest son of the late Ralph_Adderley, Esq., of Ballinlauders, co. Limerick.

Coton Hall, co. Stafford, by Rosamond, dau. and Heir Pres., his brother George, 6. 1809.

co-heir of William Mills, Esq., of Barlaston Hall,

co. Stafford ; b. 1826 ; s. 1851 ; m. 1859 Maria ADAMS, Rev. William.

Catharine Wilhelmina, dau. of Peter Broughton, Only son of the late William Adams, Esq., by

Esq. Educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford; is a Ande, dau. of James Daniel, Esq., of Colchester ;

Magistrate and Dep. Lieut. for Staffordshire ; forb. 1806 ; m. 1838 Catherine Anna, dau. of William merly Captain of the

Queen's Own Royal StaffordSibley, Esq., of Wellingborough, co. Northampton

shire Yeomanry. — Barlaston Hall, near Stone,

ter. (she d. 3. p. 1854). Educated at Queen's Coll., Cam

Staffordshire; Coton Hall, near Uttox bridge (B.A. 1829, M.A. 1832); appointed 1841 Rector of Throcking, of which he is also Patron ; ADDINGTON, Right Hon. Henry Unwin. is a Magistrate for Herts, and Chairman of the Second son of the late Right Hon. J. H. Addington, Bench of Special and Petty Sessions for the divi. M.P. (who d. 1818), by Mary, dau, and heiress of sion of Buntingford ; descended from Rev. Simon H. Unwin, Esq., and nephew of 1st Lord SidAdams, of Morton Pinżney, and Rector of Aston- mouth; b. 1790; m. 1836 Eleanor Ande, eldest le-Walls, co. Northampton, 1678, the elder branch dau. of the late T. G. Bucknall-Estcourt, Esq., of whose descendants are now settled at Anstey many years M.P. for Oxford University. Educated Hall, co. Warwick (whom see). --Throcking Rec- at Winchester Coll. ; entered the Foreign Office tory, near Buntingford, Herts; National Club, S.W. 1807 ; was Secretary of Legation at Berlin April

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