The letters of Horace Walpole [ed. by J. Wright].

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To George Montagu Esq Aug 23 Death of Lady Barbara Mon
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Sept 3 Thanks for letters
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Sept 14 Salutary effects of
To John Chute Esq Oct 3 French manners Their authors
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Oct 13 Attack of the gout
To Thomas Brand Esq Oct 19 Laughing out of fashion
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Nov 21 Recovery from a
To the Hon H S Conway Nov 29 Teadrinking Dissuades
To the Hon H S Conway Dec 5 The Dauphin French poli
To George Montagu Esq Jan 5 Robin Hood reformé
To the Rev Mr Cole Jan 18 Severity of the weather Cathe
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey Feb 3 Madame de Geoffrins
To George Montagu Esq Feb 4 Madame Roland Marriages
To George Montagu Esq March 12 Colman and Garrick
To the same April 8 Further particulars of the insurrection
To the Right Hon Lady Hervey June 28 Madame du Deffands
To David Hume Esq July 26 Quarrel between David Hume
To George Montagu Esq Oct 5 Recovery Tired to death
To Sir David Dalrymple Lord Hailes Nov 5 Thanks for
To George Montagu Esq Dec 12 Politics Ministerial nego
To Sir David Dalrymple Jan 17 Advice on sending a young
To the same Feb 26 Historic Doubts Guthries answer
To the Rev Mr Cole April 16 Rouss rolls of the Earls
To the Earl of Strafford June 25 Wilkes and Number 45
To George Montagu Esq Aug 13 Arrival of the King of Den
To the Earl of Strafford Oct 10 Health and sickness Quiet
To the same April 15 Temperance the best physician Easy
To George Montagu Esq July 14 Reversion of Walpoles place
To the same Nov 20 Mr Benthams History of Ely Cathe
To the same Dec 29 Change in the French ministry Overthrow
To the Earl of Strafford June 20 Intended visit to Paris
To the Hon H S Conway Aug 11 Reflections on the death
To the Rev Mr Cole Sept 10 Thanks for some particulars
To the Hon H S Conway January 7 Effects of an explosion
To the Rev Mr Cole July 7 King Edwards letters Portrait
To the same On the rapacity of a gentleman who had thinned
To the Rev William Mason March 2 Thanks for submitting
To the Rev Mr Cole Aug 15 Account of his antiquarian
To the same Sept 7 On the Generals visit to the mines
To the Rev Mr Cole Oct 11 Elections His nephews mental
To the Countess of Ailesbury Nov 7 Domestic news Marriages
Deffand Opera The Bastardella Death of Lord Holland
To the same Dec 31 Bibliothèque du Roi Abbé Barthe
To the Hon H S Conway Jan 22 Debate in the House of Lords
To the same June 5 Genealogical inquiries Blomefields Nor
To the Countess of Ailesbury Aug 17 Journey to Paris
nion of our dispute with America
To the Rev Mr Cole Dec 10 English version of Grays Latin
To Thomas Astle Esq Dec 19 On the attainder of eorge
To the same Feb 14 Panegyric on the first volume of the
To the same June 11 Vexations and disappointments of
To the same Aug 19 Inquiries after Dr Kenrick Prescot
To the Rev Mr Cole June 3 Patriots and politics Dr Frank

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Page 5 - In the evening I sat down and began to write, without knowing, in the least, what I intended to say, or relate. The work grew on my hands, and I grew fond of it.
Page 407 - Roman vase dressed with pink ribbons and myrtles receives the poetry, which is drawn out every festival; six judges of these Olympic games retire and select the brightest compositions, which the respective successful acknowledge, kneel to Mrs. Calliope Miller, kiss her fair hand, and are crowned by it with myrtle, with — I don't know what.
Page 161 - They have boys and girls with charming voices, that sing hymns, in parts, to Scotch ballad tunes ; but indeed so long, that one would think they were already in eternity, and knew how much time they had before them.
Page 123 - The generality of the men, and more than the generality, are dull and empty. They have taken up gravity, thinking it was philosophy and English, and so have acquired nothing in the room of their natural levity and cheerfulness.
Page 162 - Except a few from curiosity, and some honourable women, the congregation was very mean. There was a Scotch Countess of Buchan *, who is carrying a pure rosy vulgar face to heaven, and who asked Miss Rich, if that was the author of the poets. I believe she meant me and the Noble Authors.
Page 403 - The Antiquities of Furness ; or an Account of the Royal Abbey of St. Mary, in the vale of Nightshade, near Dalton, in Furness.
Page 327 - I congratulate you on the late victory of our dear mamma, the Church of England. She had, last Thursday (Feb. 6) 71 rebellious sons, who pretended to set aside her will, on account of insanity; but 217 worthy champions, headed by Lord North, Burke, Hans Stanley, Charles Fox, Godfrey Clarke, &c., supported the validity of it with infinite humour.
Page 197 - These odes are marked by glittering accumulations of ungraceful ornaments; they strike, rather than please; the images are magnified by affectation; the language is laboured into harshness. The mind of the writer seems to work with unnatural violence. "Double, double, toil and trouble.
Page 110 - Mr. Hume carries this letter and Rousseau to England. I wish the former may not repent having engaged with the latter, who contradicts and quarrels with all mankind, in order to obtain their admiration. I think both his means and his end below such a genius. If I had talents like his, I should despise •any suffrage below my own standard, and should blush to owe any part of my fame to singularities and affectations. But great parts seem like high towers erected on high mountains, the more exposed...
Page 162 - Wesley is a lean elderly man, fresh-coloured, his hair smoothly combed, but with a soupfon of curl at the ends. Wondrous clean, but as evidently an actor as Garrick. He spoke his sermon, but so fast, and with so little accent, that I am sure he has often uttered it, for it was like a lesson. There were parts and eloquence in it ; but towards the end he exalted his voice, and acted very ugly enthusiasm ; decried learning, and told stories, like Latimer, of the fool of his college, who said,

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