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This indirect and direct language is also troubling

where the list is a specialty list.

If you rent a golf video

club list or the sailing club video tape list, you can make a fairly safe assumption as to the character of the video tape rented. The effect of this legislation will to prohibit the use of these lists unless the affirmative consent of the customer

is obtained, which is tantamount to a prohibition on the disclosure of such lists. Therefore, under the proposed

legislation, a general list may be rented but a specialty list may not. We do not see the privacy interest in renting the name of customers and their general interest as long as they have been given the opportunity through alternative consent to stop disclosure of their names in the first place.

Finally, we are extremely concerned with the

requirement in the House bill which requires a person to check

a "yes" box and return it to the direct marketing company

before his or her name may appear on a list.

Direct marketing

. companies are doing just products and/or

services to consumers.

Any card or notice which is to be

filled out by a potential customer is very carefully designed

to promote sales. Studies have shown that non-sales related

information significantly decreases response.

This argument was made to the Privacy Commission some

ten years ago and they too agreed that the direct marketing


is very diverse and what may work in one context may

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not work in another.

Therefore, the Privacy Commission

recommended flexibility in how notice and opportunity are given. Requiring a box, is we believe, an unnecessarily specific requirement to be assured that a customer has been given adequate notice. We have attached many examples of mail

preference notices and we believe that the variety of approaches demonstrated by those notices should be continued.

We also believe that our industry is the beneficiary of

the First Amendment and the developing commercial free speech

doctrines of the U.S. Constitution.

We will not detail those

arguments now, but simply state our interest for the record.

We continue to support the efforts of these Committees

in connection with privacy and look forward to your continued work. Thank you for the opportunity to testify on these

important issues.

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Disability Insurance
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Another rider deserving consideration is the so-called option to purchase. As its name implies, it gives you the right (but not the obligation) to buy more Insurance in the future, usually in specified amounts at specified intervals, regardless of changes in your health. The price is usually based on your age at the time of each additional purchase.

Cost-of-living riders may also have appeal for some buyers. These adjust your benefits according to some measure of inflation, often the Consumer Price Inder. There is usually a limit to the adjustments, both per year (such as 5 percent a year) and in total (such as a 100 percent maximum increase in coverage). Benefits may be adjusted automatically each year either from the time the policy is purchased or from the time you are disabled. The Ratings indicate a few policies that bave some type of cost-of-living increase built into the basic policy. Recommendations

CU's Ratings are a basic framework for your own comparison-shopping but are not a substitute for it, for several reasons. Premium rates will vary, depending on your age and the underwriting (risk) class to which you're assigned. CU's data were gathered several months ago, and some rates may have changed since then. Most importantly, new policies, some of them innovative and attractive, continue to come onto the market.

Of the 27 policies CU examined, our clear preference goes to the Guardian NC75-A. Its provisions uniformly met CU's criteria for top ranking, and while it was more expensive than many policies, its good features outweighed the cost differences, by our measures.

People for whom cost is most important should consider the fifth-ranked Connecticut Mutual NC-83, which did well on CU's quality measures and was Wow average in estimated cost.

Pople for whom cost is not an object may wapt to give serious consideration to the Maschusetts Mutual DP 186, or one of the Missachusetts Mutual policies not included in this project. The DP 186 rated as his as the Guardian NC75-A in posewability and definition of disability, and some of the other Massachusetts Mutual policies incorporate as standard features many of the riders we consider useful


MARCH 1983


Consumer Reports

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Direct Marketing Association





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