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Comprehensive information on all Federal grant programs is included in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, a looseleaf publication revised annually. The catalog may be ordered from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

Telephone numbers in all government agencies change regularly. If the number cited below does not reach the correct agency or division, try Washington information, (202) 555-1212, and ask for the information telephone number of the agency responsible for the program in which you are interested.

The following list includes Federal grant programs other than the NHPRC which are known to provide support for projects relating to archives and manuscripts. Applicants should contact these programs directly for guidelines and application materials. Although the list does not cover all possible sources of funding, it will lead to likely sources of assistance for projects relating to archives, manuscripts, and other documentary materials.

National Endowment for the Humanities 1) Division of General Programs, Humanities Projects in Libraries and Archives 2) Division of Research, Reference Materials Program--Access, or

3) Office of Preservation

old Post Office Building 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20506

National Science Foundation
History and Philosophy of Science Program

Washington, DC 20550

Inquiries about other NEH or NSF programs should be directed to the
Public Affairs Office of the respective agency.

Institute of Museum Services

old Post Office Building 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20506

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Educational Research and Improvement
Office of Libraries and Learning Resources

Washington, DC 20202-1630

The organizations listed below offer numerous publications and training programs of interest to prospective project directors and staff.

American Association for State and Local History
172 Second Avenue North, Suite 102

Nashville, TN 37201

American Association of Museums

1225 I Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20005

American Society for Information Science
1424 16th Street, N.W., Suite 404

Washington, DC 20036

Association for Information and Image Management

1100 Wayne Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910

Association of Records Managers and Administrators

4200 Somerset Drive, Suite 215

Prairie Village, KS 66208

National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators

Executive Secretariat

New York State Archives
10A 75 Cultural Education Center

Albany, NY 12230

Society of American Archivists
600 South Federal, Suite 504

Chicago, IL 60605

The following organization offers additional services and information for for libraries and information science programs.

American Library Association

Washington Office
110 Maryland Avenue, N.E.

Washington, DC 20002

Telephone Directory

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National Historical Publications and Records Commission...(202) 523-5386 American Association for State and Local History

(615) 255-2971 American Association of Museums.

(202) 289-1818 American Library Association (Washington Office).

(202) 547-4440 American Society for Information Science....

(202) 462-1000 Association for Information and Image Management.

(301) 587-8202 Association of Records Managers and Administrators.... (800) 422-2762 Dept. of Education Library Programs...

(202) 357-6315 Institute of Museum Services..

(202) 786-0539 Natl. Assn. of Govt. Archives and Records Administrators..(518) 473-8037 NEH Access Program.......

(202) 786-0358 NEH Preservation Office..

(202) 786-0570 NEH Public Affairs Office...

(202) 786-0443 NSF History and Philosophy of Science Program.

(202) 357-9677 NSF Public Affairs Office..

(202) 357-9498 Society of American Archivists..

(312) 922-0140


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