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Mar. 17, 1841-Harrison ... Condition of finances and revenue.
Aug. 18, 1856--- Pierce ..... Failure of appropriations for Army.
Apr. 15, 1861-Lincoln .... Insurrection in certain Southern States.

27th... 1st.. May 31, 1841 Sept. 13, 1811 106 days.. .....
34th ...! 2nd. Aug. 21, 1856 Aug. 30, 1856 10 days ........
37th ... 1st July 4, 1861 Aug. 6, 1861 34 days ......
40th ... 1st. Mar. 4,1867 Dec. 2, 1867 +56 days .. tJan. 22, 1867
41st.... 1st. Mar. 4, 1869 Apr. 10, 1869 37 days .. 'tJan. 22. 1867
42nd ... 1st. Mar. 4, 1871 Apr. 20, 1871 47 days .. +Jan. 22, 1867
45th ...1st.. Oct. 15, 1877 Dec. 3, 1877 50 days ....

Ist. Mar. 18, 1879 July 1, 1879 106 days ..

May 5, 1877—Hayes....... Failure of appropriation for Army.
Mar. 4, 1879—Hayes....... Failure of appropriations for legislative, ex-

ecutive, and judicial, and Army expenses.
June 30, 1893—Cleveland.. Condition of finances.

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* The first session of the Fortieth Congress adjourned twice (by concurrent resolution) from March 30, 1867, to July 3, 1867, and from July 20, 1867, to Norember 21, 1867.

Repealed April 20, 1871 (17 Stat., p. 12)







Officer, and nature of the report.

By what au


Section or page.

When expected to

be made.


A detailed statement of the manner in Rev. Statutes . sec. 193. Annually. which the contingent fund for his De- Stats. L., v. 18. p. 96 At the beginning partinent, and for the bureau and offi.

of each regular cers therein, has been expended, giving

the names of every person to whom any
portion thereof has been paid; and if
for anything furnished, the quantity
and price; and if for any service ren.
dered, the nature of such service, and
the time employed, and the particular
occasion or cause, in brief, that ren-
dered such service necessary; and the
amount of all former appropriations, in
each case on hand either in the Treas.
ury or in the hands of any disbursing
officer or agent; and he shall require of
the disbursing officers, acting under his
direction or authority, the return of pre-
cise and analytical statements and re-
ceipts for all the money which may have
been, from time to time, during the next

preceding year, expended by them.
A report of the names of the clerks and Rev. Statutes . sec. 194 Annually,
other persons that have been employed
in his Department and the officers there.
of, stating the time that each clerk or
other person was actually employed and
thesums paid to each; also whether they
have been usefully employed; whether
the services of any of them can be dig.

List of reports to be made to Congress by public officers-Continued.

Officer, and nature of the report.

| By what au. | Section | When expected to
thority. or page.

be made.



pensed with without detriment to the public service, and whether the remova! of any individuals and the appointment of others in their stead is required for the better dispatch of business.

NOTE.-The heads of Departments in communicating estimates of expenditures and appropriations to Congress, or to any of the committees thereof, shall specify, as nearly as may be convenient, the sources from which such estimates are derived and the calculations upon which they are founded, and shall discriminate between such estimates as are conjectural in their character and such as are framed upon actual information and applications from disbursing officers. They shall also give references to any law or treaty by which the proposed expenditures are, respectively, authorized, specifying the date of each and the volume and page of the Stat. utes at Large or of the Revised Statutes, as the case may be, and the section of the act in which the authority is to be found.

Whenever the head of a Department, being about to submit to Congress the annual estimates of expenditures required for the coming year, finds that the usual items of such estimates vary materially in amount from the appropriation ordinarily asked for the object named, and especially from the appropriation granted for the same ob. jects for the preceding year, and whenever new items not theretofore usual are introduced into such estimates for any year, he shall accompany the estimates by minute and full explanations of all such variations and new items, showing the reasons and grounds upon which the amounts are re. quired, and the different items added.

The head of each Department in submit. ting to Congress his estimates of expenditures required in his Department during the year then approaching shall designate not only the amount required to be appro. priated for the next fiscal year, but also the amount of the outstanding appropriation, if there be any, which will probably be re. quired for each particular item of expend. iture. Except when a different time is expressly Rev. Statutes . sec. 195

prescribed by law the various annual reports required to be submitted to Con. gress by the heads of Departments shall be made at the commencement of each regular session and shall embrace the transactions of the preceding year. A detailed statement required of expendi. Stats. L., v. 19. p. 306

tures for contingent expenses in any Department or bureau of the Govern. ment for the preceding fiscal year.

Beginning of the session.

List of reports to be made to Congress by public officers-Continued.

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In their annual


A statement showing in detail the number Stats. L., v. 2
of buildings rented for the use of their
respective Departments or the subordi.
nate bureaus or offices thereof in the city
of Washington, the annual rental, paid
for and cost of heating and lighting
each, the appropriations from which said
expenses are respectively paid, and also
to submit estimates, specifically, for the
rental and other expenses of such of said
buildings as may be necessary for the
use of the Government.
A report of the condition and character of Stats. L., v. 25. p.
any papers which are not needed or use-
ful in the transaction of the current busi-
ness of their Departments, and the
amount of the proceeds from the sale of
such papers deemed useless.
The number of employés in each bureau Sess. Laws, I p.
and office and the salaries of each who 1st, 51st.
are below a fair standard of efficiency.

672 No time specified.

268 | In their annual



The Chief of Engineers shall, as Superin Rev. Statntes . sec. 1812 To accompany the tendent of Public Buildings and Grounds,

annual message and as Superintendent of the Washing.

of the President. ton Aqueduct, annually submit the fol. following reports to the Secretary of

"Var: First. A report of his operations from the

preceding year, with an account of the manner in which all appropriations for public buildings and grounds have been applied, including a statement of the number of public lots sold or remaining unsold each year, of the condition of the public buildings and grounds, and of the measures necessary to be taken for the care and preservation of all public prop

erty under his charge. Second. A report of the condition, progress,

repairs, casualties, and expenditures of the Washington Aqueduct and other

public works under his charge. Annual report of the Civil Service Com- Stats. L., v. 22. p. 404 | Annually. mission, showin its own action, the rules and regulations and the exceptions thereto in force, the practical effects thereof, and any suggestions it may approve for the more effectual accomplishment of the purposes of the civil-service act. A report by the commission authorized to Stats. L., v.24. p. 490 No time specified.

investigate the books, accounts, and methods of railroads which have received

aid from the United States. A report by the commission authorized by Stats. L., v. 25. p. 603 No time specified. section 6 of the act for settling controversies and differences between railroad companies and other common carriers and their employés.

List of reports to be made to Congress by public officers—Continued.

Officer, and nature of the report.

By what au:


Section When expected to or page. be made.



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A detailed account of expenditures for sur. Stats. L., v. 27. p.

vey of boundary line between the United States and Mexico. A report as to the propriety of continuing Stats. L., v. 28. p. the Bureau of American Republica, or if any obligation exists upon the part of the United States requiring the continu. ance thereof.

418 Next session.


A statement containing an abstract of all Rev. Statutes J sec. 207 | Within ten days the returns made to him, pursuant to

after the comlaw, by the collectors of the different

mencement of ports, of the seamen registered by them,

each regular sestogether with an account of such im

pressments and detentions as shall ap-
pear by the protests of the masters to
have taken place.
A statement, in a compendioas form, of Rev. Statutes. sec. 207 Annually.
all such changes and modification in
the commercial systems of other nations,
whether by treaties, duties on imports
and exports, or other regulations, as
shall have been communicated to the
Department, including all commercial
information contained in the official
publications of other governments which
he shall deem sufficiently important.
A synopsis of so much of the information Rev. Statutes . sec. 207 Annually.
which may have been communicated to
him by diplomatic and consular otficers
during the preceding year as he may
deem valuable for public information,
specifying the names of any consuls or
commercial agents who may have been
remiss in transmitting commercial in-

A full list of all consular officers .......... Rev. Statutes. sec. 208 Annually
A report of any rates or tariffs of fees to Rev. Statutes . sec. 208 Annually.
be received by diplomatic or consular
officers which may have been prescribed
by the President during the year pre-
A statement of such fees as may have been Rev. Statutes . sec. 208 Annually.
collected, accounted for, and reported by
the various diplomatic and consular offi.

cers during the preceding year,
A statement of the list of passengers arriv. Rev. Statutes. sec. 208 Annually.

ing in the United States from foreign
places, returned to him quarter-yearly
by the collectors of customs.
A statement of the names of any consular Rev. Statutes . sec. 208 ! Annually.
officers, not citizens of the United States,
to whom salaries have been paid, during
the year preceding, together with the
circumstances under which they were

NOTE.-Theannual statement of expendi. tures from the contingent fund, required to be made by the Secretary of State, must include all the contingent expenses of foreign intercourse and of all the missions | abroad, except such expenditures as are settled up in the certificate of the Presi. dent.

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