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ers; appointment

admission of to

OFFICIAL AND OTHER REPORTERS. 1. The appointment and removal, for cause, of Official report. the official reporters of the House, including stenog- and remoral of,

by Speaker. raphers of committees, and the manner of the ese. "Jan. 13, 1874. cution of their duties, shall be vested in the Speaker.

2. Stenographers and reporters, other than the Pressreporters ; official reporters of the House, wishing to take floor and reportdown the debates and proceedings, may be admit- Sept. 6, 1893. ted by the Speaker to the reporters' gallery over the Speaker's chair, and to the hall in the rear thereof under such regulations as he may, from time to time, prescribe; and he may assign seats on the floor to a representative of both the Associated and the United Press associations, and may admit to the privileges of the floor an assistant to each or such representatives.


ers' gallery.

Sept. 6, 1893.
Dec. 3, 1857.

and mileage.

PAY OF WITNESSES. The rule for paying witnesses subpænaed to ap- Witness feo pear before the House, or either of its committees, May 21, 1872. shall be as follows: For each day a witness shall attend, the sum of two dollars; for each mile he shall travel in coming to or going from the place of examination, the sum of five cents each way; but nothing shall be paid for traveling when the witness has been summoned at the place of trial.



Clork of the

1. The clerks of the several committees of the Clerks of com.

mittees must deHouse shall, within three days after the final ad- liver papers to journment of a Congress, deliver to the Clerk of House at final

adjournment of the House all bills, joint resolutions, petitions, and con other papers referred to the committee, together with all evidence taken by such committee under

Mar, 2, 1880.

the files.

Dec. 18, 18

may loan papers


the order of the House during the said Congress, and not reported to the House; and in the event of the failure or neglect of any clerk of a committee to comply with this rule, the Clerk of the House shall, within three days thereafter, tako into his keeping all such papers and testimony.


WITHDRAWAL OF PAPERS. Papers, how No memorial or other paper presented to the

House shall be withdrawn from its files without its leave, and if withdrawn therefrom, certified copies thereof shall be left in the office of the

Clerk; but when an act may pass for the settleWhen Clerk ment of a claim, the Clerk is authorized to trans. to Department mit to the officer charged with the settlement Feb. 27, 1880. thereof the papers on file in his office relating to

such claim, or may loan temporarily to any officer or Bureau of the Executive Departments any papers on file in his office relating to any matter pending before such officer or Bureau, taking proper receipt therefor.


BALLOT. On ballot, ma. In all other cases of ballot than for committees, elect. -- a majority of the votes given shall be necessary Apr. 7. 1789. “ Sept. 15, 1837. to an election, and where there shall not be such a

majority on the first ballot, the ballots shall be repeated until a majority be obtained; and in all balloting blanks shall be rejected and not taken into the count in enumeration of votes or reported by the tellers.


MESSAGES. Passage and ap Messages received from the Senate and the Presproval of bills en tered in Journal ident of the United States, giving notice of bills Mar. 15, 1867. passed or approved, shall be entered in the Journal

and published in the Record of that day's proceed. ings.

jority required to

and in Record.






dressed to the

Estimates of appropriations, and all other com. All Executive munications from the Executive Departments, in-shall bo ad tended for the consideration of any committees of Speaker.

Mar. 15, 1867. the House, shall be addressed to the Speaker, and by him submitted to the House for reference.



employés shall

claims against

No person shall be an officer of the House, or con- Officers and tinue in its employment, who shall be an agent for not be agents in the prosecution of any claim against the Govern- the Government.

Mar. 8, 1842. ment, or be interested in such claim otherwise than as an original claimant; and it shall be the duty of the Committee on Accounts to inquire into and report to the House any violation of this rule.



House, when not

The ruies of parliamentary practice comprised Je fferson's in Jefferson's Manual shall govern the House in ern procedure of all cases to which they are applicable and in which inconsistent they are not inconsistent with the standing rules rules.

Sept. 15, 1837. and orders of the House and joint rules of the Senate and House of Representatives.

with standing

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There shall be printed 500 copies of each bill 500 copies of

public bills and of a public nature, of which 25 shall be deposited 100 of private in the office of the Clerk of the House, 100 copies harbor bills to be shall be delivered to the Senate document room,


and the remainder shall be deposited in the document room of the House for the use of Members; and there shall be printed 100 copies of each pri

vate bill and bills relating to rivers and harbors, How distrib. of which 25 copies shall be delivered to the Senate uted.

document room, and the remainder shall be de. posited in the document room of the House for the use of Members. Motions to print additional numbers of any bill, report, resolution, or other public

document shall be referred to the Committee on Estimates of Printing; and the report of the committee thereon fore reprinting shall be accompanied by an estimate of the probaDec. 21, 1887. ble cost thereof. Unless ordered by the House no

bill, resolution, or other proposition reported by a committee shall be reprinted unless the same be placed upon the Calendar.

cost required be






First SESSION, Fifty-Third Congress.


A smaller number than a quorum may be authorized to compel the attendance of absent Members, in such manner and under such penalties as the House may provide.-Const., 1, 5, 8.

Every Member shall be present within the Hall of the House during its sittings, unless excused or necessarily prevented.Rule VIII, clause 1.

In the absence of a quorum, fifteen Members, including the Speaker, if there is one, shall be authorized to compel the at tendance of absent Members, and in all calls of the House the names of the Members shall be called by the Clerk, and the absentees noted; the doors shall then be closed, and those for whom no sufficient excuse is made may, by order of a najority of those present, be sent for and arrested, wherever they may be found, by officers to be appointed by the Sergeant-at Arms for that purpose, and their attendance secured; and the House shall determine upon what condition they shall be discharged. Members who voluntarily appear shall, unless the House otherwise direct, be immediately admitted to the Hall of the House, and they shall report their names to the Clerk to be entered upon the Journal as present.-Rule IV, clause 3.

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