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Speaker elected.

Mar. 19, 1860.

members list of

Mar. 13, 1822.

To make week.

1. The Clerk shall, at the commencement of the Presides au first session of each Congress, call the members to of session, untii order, proceed to call the roll of members by States Jan. 27, 1880. in alphabetical order, and, pending the election of a Speaker or Speaker pro tempore, preserve order and decorum, and decide all questions of order, subject to appeal by any member.

2. He shall make, and cause to be printed and Shall mail to delivered to each member, or mailed to his address, official reports. at the commencement of every regular session of Congress, a list of the reports which it is the duty of any officer or Department to make to Congress, referring to the act or resolution and page of the volume of the laws or journal in which it may be contained, and placing under the name of each officer the list of reports required of him to be made; also make a weekly statement of the resolutions ly statements of and bills upon the Speaker's table, accompanied Speaker's talle. with a brief reference to the orders and proceed. Apr. 21, 1836. ings of the House upon each, and the dates of such orders and proceedings, which statement shall be printed.

3. He shall note all questions of order, with the Notesquestions decisions thereon, the record of which shall be nal. printed as an appendix to the Journal of each session; and complete, as soon after the close of the session as possible, the printing and distribu. Distributes tion to Members and Delegates of the Journal of bers and State the House, together with an accurate and complete June 18, 1832. index; retain in the library at his office, for the use of the members and officers of the House, and not Nov, 13, 1794 to be withdrawn therefrom, two copies of all the books and printed documents deposited there; send, at the end of each session, a printed copy of the Journal thereof to the executive and to each

of order in Jour.

Dec. 23, 1811.

Distributes Journal to mem


Houre library.
Dec. 22, 1826.

documents to members

Attests bill write, etc.

Jan. 27, 1880.

tracts for House

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branch of the legislature of every State and Ter.

ritory; preserve for and deliver or mail to each Mails bound Member and Delegate an extra copy, in good bind.

ing, of all documents printed by order of either Feb. 9, 1831.

House of the Congress to which he belonged; at$. test and affix the seal of the House to all writs,

warrants, and subpænas issued by order of the

House; certify to the passage of all bills and joint Makes con- resolutions; make or approve all contracts, barof Representa gains, or agreements relative to furnishing any "Jan30. 1846. matter or thing, or for the performance of any

labor for the House of Representatives, in pursu

ance of law or order of the House; keep full and Keeps accounts accurate accounts of the disbursements out of the and members' contingent fund of the House; keep the stationery

Jan. 27, 1880. accounts of Members and Delegates, and pay them Pays salaries to as provided by law. He shall pay to the officers ployés., 1892 and employés of the House of Representatives, on

the last day of each month, the amount of their salaries that shall be due them; and when the last day of the month falls on Sunday he shall pay them on the day next preceding.


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To maintain order.

ess of House.

sin 1. It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms

to attend the House during its sittings, to maintain order under the direction of the Speaker, and,

pending the election of a Speaker or Speaker pro Executes proc- tempore, under the direction of the Clerk, execute Apr. 14, 1789. the commands of the House, and all processes is

sued by authority thereof, directed to him by the Pays salary Speaker; keep the accounts for the pay and milemembers. .eze age of Members and Delegates, and pay them as

provided by law.

2. The symbol of his office shall be the mace, which shall be borne by him while enforcing order on the floor.

Apr. 4, 1838

The mace.
Apr. 14. 1789.



Jan. 27, 1880.

of House before,



Doorkeeper. 1. The Doorkeeper shall enforce strictly the Duties and rerules relating to the privileges of the Hall and be Mar. , 1838. responsible to the House for the official conduct of " his employés.

2. At the commencement and close of each ses. To take invension of Congress he shall take an inventory of all property. the furniture, books, and other public property in

Mar. 2, 1865. the several committee and other rooms under his charge, and report the same to the House, which report shall be referred to the Committee on ACcounts, to ascertain and determine the amount for which he shall be held liable for missing articles.

3. He shall allow no person to enter the room To clear floor over the Hall of the House during its sittings; and during, and after fifteen minutes before the hour for the meeting of Jan 27, 1880.

, Feb. 14, 1890. the House each day he shall see that the floor is cleared of all persons, except those privileged to remain, and kept so until ten minutes after adjournment.

RULE VI. The Postinaster shall superintend the post-office Postmaster

shall keep House kept in the Capitol for the accommodation of Rep-post-office and resentatives, Delegates, and officers of the House, CA and be held responsible for the prompt and safe delivery of their mail.

RULE VII. The Chaplain shall attend at the commencement Chaplain.

. Jan 27, 1880. of each day's sitting of the House and open the same with prayer.


OF THE MEMBERS. 1. Every member shall be present within the Hall of the House during its sittings, unless excused or sittings of Ilouse necessarily prevented; and shall vote on each ques. swer ' present." tion put, unless he has a direct personal or pecun

eliver mails. Apr. 4, 1838. Jan. 27, 1880.


Shall attend sittiugs of House quired to vote.




Jan. 29, 1880.


When not re. iary interest in the event of such question; and A pr. 7 and 17, on a roll call, should he not vote, he shall answer Apr. 17, 1894. “present."

2. Pairs shall be announced by the Clerk, after bat once on same the completion of the second roll call, from a writ

ten list furnished him, and signed by the Member making the statement to the Clerk, which list shall be published in the Record as a part of the proceedings, immediately following the names of those not voting: Provided, That pairs shall be announced but once during the same legislative day.


QUESTIONS OF PRIVILEGE. Questions of Questions of privilege shall be, first, those affectprivilege.

ing the rights of the House collectively, its safety, dignity, and the integrity of its proceedings; second, the rights, reputation, and conduct of Mem

bers individually in their representative capacity Procedence only; and shall have precedence of all other ques

tions, except motions to fix the day to which the House shall adjourn, to adjourn, and for a recess.


OF COMMITTEES. Appointment 1. Unless otherwise specially ordered by the of standing com House, the Speaker shall appoint, at the comJan. 13, 1790. mencement of each Congress, the following stand

ing committees, viz: Apr. 13, 1789. On Elections, to consist of fifteen members. Jan. 7, 1802. On Ways and Means, to consist of seventeen

members. Mar. 2, 1865. On Appropriations, to consist of seventeen mem


On the Judiciary, to consist of seventeen mem

bers. Mar. 2, 1865. On Banking and Currency, to consist of seven

teen members. Jan. 21, 1864. On Coinage, Weights, and Measures, to consist

of seventeen members.

over other ques tions.

Jan. 29, 1880.

and membership


June 3, 1813.

On Interstate and Foreign Commerce, to consist Dec. 16, 1891. of seventeen members. *

On Rivers and Harbors, to consist of seventeen Dec. 19, 1883. members.

On the Merchant Marine and Fisheries, to con- Dec. 21, 1887. sist of thirteen members.

On Agriculture, to consist of seventeen members. May 3, 1820. On Foreign Affairs, to consist of fifteen members. Mar. 13, 1822.

On Military Affairs, to consist of fifteen mem- Mar. 13, 1822. bers.

On Naval Affairs, to consist of fifteen members. Mar. 13, 1822.

On the Post-Office and Post-Roads, to consist of Nov. 9. 1808. fifteen members.

On the Public Lands, to consist of fifteen mem- . Dec. 17, 1805. bers.

On Indian Affairs, to consist of fifteen members. Dec. 18, 1821. On the Territories, to consist of thirteen members. Dec. 13, 1825.

On Railways and Canals, to consist of thirteen Apr. 9, 1869. members.

On Manufactures, to consist of eleven members. Dec. 8, 1819. Ou Mines and Mining, to consist of thirteen mem- Dec. 19, 1865. bers.

On Public Buildings and Grounds, to consist of Mar. 10, 1871. fifteen members.

On Pacific Railroads, to consist of fifteen mem- Mar. 2, 1865. bers.

On Levees and Improvement of the Mississippi Dec. 10, 1875. River, to consist of thirteen members.

On Education, to consist of thirteen members. Mar. 21, 1867. On Labor, to consist of thirteen members. Dec. 19, 1883. On the Militia, to consist of thirteen members. Dec. 10, 1835. On Patents, to consist of thirteen members. Sept. 15, 1837.

On Invalid Pensions, to consist of fifteen mem- Jan. 10, 1831. bers.

On Pensions, to consist of thirteen members.f Feb. 11, 1880. On Claims, to consist of fifteen members. Nov. 13, 1794. On War Claims, to consist of thirteen members. Dec. 2, 1873.

On Private Land Claims, to consist of thirteen Apr. 29, 1816. members.

* Successor to Committee on Commerce, created December 14, 1795. † Successor to Committee on Revolutionary Pensions, created December 9, 1825.

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